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Motherly Massage

by standingstones©

I took training in massage therapy and was doing a good business working out of my own house. My Mom said she was always tight in her back. I tried repeatedly to have her come over to my house and let me work on her, but she always told me no. I guess one day it got too much for her and she rang me up.

"I can't take it anymore Ben, I think I need that massage."

I told her to come over after all my customers had left for the day. Sure enough Mom arrived fifteen minutes after my last client had left. I have to explain that my Mom is quite hot looking. She is just in her mid-forties and she keeps herself up. I invited her in and led her back to my massage table. I gave her a wrap to put on and I told her to undress. My Mom gave me a weird look as I left the room so she could get ready.

I came back five minutes later and my Mom was on her stomach with the wrap around her body.

"Don't get worried," I said, "I am going to loosen your towel."

I reached up and pull the towel down to her waist. The wrap was basically covering her bottom and some of her legs. I lightly applied some oil to my hands and I started to work on my Mom's tight back muscles.

"Damn, I should have let you do this a long time ago," my Mom said to me.

I could tell that my mother was getting turned on somewhat. She was spreading her thighs and the towel was riding up her ass cheeks. I was getting turned on as well. It isn't everyday you see your nude mother lying on a table before you. I couldn't resist. I put my one hand on the inside of her thigh and massaged it. I heard my Mom let out a low moan. I figured I might as well be daring. I moved my hand closer to her pussy.

"Whatever you are doing is turning on this old lady," my Mom told me.

I took that to be a good sign. My fingers crept up to her pussy and I ran a digit across your folds.

"Oh my God Ben!"

I couldn't make myself stop now. I moved my whole hand across her wet pussy. My Mom spread her legs even further apart. I could tell my mother was shaved down. I couldn't feel any pussy hairs around her slit. I could also feel my dick stirring in my jeans.

"How are you feeling?" I asked her.

"You are getting me so turned on," she told me.

I did something I probably shouldn't have done. I used one hand to start undressing. I managed to pull my shirt and pants off. Then I got off my undies. I don't think my mother even knew I was nude now. She was in her own little world. I had to make the move. I climbed up on the table and over top of my mother in one swift motion. My Mom now took notice of what I was doing.

"Oh my God Ben, what are you doing?"

I was doing something I should have done a long time ago. I got on top of my mother and spread her legs wide. I took hold of my dick and I slid it across my mother's ass crack. To my surprise she began to moan and sigh. I burrowed deeper down with my cock and I slipped my mushroom in past her folds. My Mom's body stiffened, but she didn't tell me to remove my cock. I began to enter my Mom's pussy. I couldn't believe what I was doing. I was feeding my cock into my Mom's wet hole.

"Oh fuck," she cried out. "You are making me crazy."

I had to have my Mom. That's all there was to it. I was pumping deep into her starving pussy now. She couldn't fool me. She wanted and needed cock, my cock. My Mom was pushing back against me now. You could say I was pile driving her pussy from behind. Damn, her pussy felt so good and tight. Mom was squeezing me with her muscles as I filled her tunnel with cock. I knew how wild this was. I was using my Mom and she was getting into it.

After some minutes of this I pulled out and flipped my Mom onto her back. I lifted her legs up and I pushed my cock in one more time. I fed her all seven inches of my rod. Fuck, did she scream. There was no denying she needed sex from her son. I drove in deep, my balls were slapping against Mom's bottom. She placed her hands on my hips and I ground my erect dick into her greedy pussy.

I fucked her up to the point of where I felt myself getting close. I just couldn't make myself pull out. I drove into her pussy as deep as I could and I let go. I showered my Mom's pussy with my white seed. Mom's body stiffened as she felt me unloading. She didn't tell me to stop. Instead she took all my steamy cream with her pussy. I gave her multiple loads and then I slid my cock in the whole way and held it there.

I think that is when my mother had most of her orgasms. Her pussy just went into contortions and she milked me totally dry. I fell onto my Mom and I kissed her mouth using my tongue.

"That was one hell of a massage," she said to me.

I finally pulled out and my Mom gathered up her towel. She went into the bathroom and got cleaned up. When she came back she let her wrap fall to the floor. She stood there naked and gave me a kiss on the lips. Mom got dressed and I showed her to the door.

"It looks like I will need a massage on a regular basis," she told me.

I smiled and told her anytime she needed one to contact me. I am now on my couch reviewing what happened between me and my Mom. My cock is growing in my pants. I know I will need to fuck my mother again in the very near future.

Written by: standingstones

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