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Kinky Night in New Orleans Ch. 01

by HaydenBlake©

Jess's eyes were closed tightly. Her hands clinched in to fists and pulled against her restraints, which kept her securely fastened to the bed. She would have exclaimed in delight about how much she loved the thick cock currently slamming in and out of her wet pussy, if there wasn't a latex dildo fucking her mouth.

At this moment all she could think about was how she loved every moment of what was happening.

6 hours earlier

Matthew and Jess opened the door to their 14th floor hotel room, just off Bourbon St. It was Mardi gras so the streets below were already swarming with partygoers and tourists. Jess walked up to the window and looked down. Matt approached her from behind and kissed her neck.

MATT- "excited?"

JESS- "Yes."

MATT-"turn around"

Jess turns around and sees a black duffle bag on the bed.

MATT " that bag is filled with everything I'm going to use to fuck you tonight, and what you are going to wear while I'm giving it to you."


The excited quiver in her voice was obvious. Matt knew what his girl liked, and he liked giving it to her.

MATT "Good, your outfit for tonight is in the restroom, go get changed. Don't wear any underwear."

Jess smiles and walks into the bathroom. A beautiful black feather mask, lined with black gems, rested atop a small strapless dress. Jess stripped down naked and put the mask on first. She looked impressed with herself as she looked in the mirror. Her tan toned skin looked smooth as ever. She ran her hands down her body, and up her inner thigh, closing her eyes and imagining the night ahead as her fingers delicately brushed across her clit.

Her heart was beating faster and she was getting excited. Very excited.

She sat on the edge of the bathtub, and rolled on her long black stockings. Next she stepped in her dress. The tight latex squeezed against her soft skin as she pulled it up. Her breasts were pushed together, almost pouring out of the dress. She knew this was Matt's intention. She normally wouldn't dare wearing something so sexual out in public. But the mix of the air and the knowledge of Bourbon St's sexual freedom helped her gain the courage.

She buckled her high heels and admired herself again in the mirror. She looked hot, and she knew it.

She walked out to find Matt already Dressed. His black boots and tight black pants suited him well. On top, he wore a tight white shirt and a white masquerade mask.

MATT " You look really sexy."

JESS " Thank you."

Matt approached Jess and handed her a glass of red wine.

MATT "drink."

JESS "what is it?"

MATT " just a sweet red. Though it may have a tiny bit of MDMA."

Jess had never done this before. But they agreed before leaving they were going to leave their inhibitions at home. So she drank up.

MATT "turn around for me and put your hands on the bed"

Jess did as she was told. Matt looked at her. His eyes went from her nylon adorned legs, up to her tight ass which was barely hidden by her little latex dress. Matt knelt down behind her.

MATT "Close your eyes"

As the world around her went black, she felt his warm breath against her inner thigh. His lips pressed against her stockings, then went higher, and higher. Matt squeezed her ass and gave it a little slap. The smooth latex amplified the sound. He lifted her dress ever so slightly, and ran is tongue across the bottom of her ass cheek, then bit down. Jess let out a soft moan.

MATT "dressed like that it'd be hard for anyone to keep their hands off you, especially me."

JESS "that's the point, isn't it."

MATT " I guess you're right."

Jess stood up and faced Matt, they kiss, then Matt grabs her face.

MATT "I'm going to make you take it like a dirty little slut tonight."

JESS " I'll do whatever you want me too."

Matt reaches under her dress, running his hand up and down her pussy, slapping her clit gently.

MATT " Is my little slut already hungry for some cock?"

JESS "yes."

She responded with a whisper. Matt smiled then grabbed her by the hand as they exited the hotel room and headed toward all the action on Bourbon St.

As they walked down the packed street, they were reminded of sex everywhere. From the sex shops, to strip clubs, to drunken people walking around half naked, flashing people for beads, and hooking up in the middle of the street.

Her palms started to sweat, and a tingle ran up her leg as she felt a breeze pass through her and caress her pussy. The MDMA was beginning to kick in. She was unexplainably happy, energetic, and carefree. Matt noticed this and used it to his advantage.

He grabbed her by the hand and lead her toward a dark club that was blasting deep electronic music. She closed her eyes as he guided her through the packed dance floor, every touch and contact she made with everything and everyone around her felt erotic and stimulating.

Matt positioned himself behind Jess and they started moving together to the overpowering music. As they both were coming up on their high they had their hands all over each other. Rubbing up and down, teasing, moving to the music.

Jess pushed her ass up against Matts cock, she could feel it getting hard through his pants. Matt reached around and gripped her inner thighs as they danced together. Jess reached behind her and grabbed Matt's head. Pulling him closer. Grinding on him harder. Every now and then the friction of dancing would cause her dress to ride up, and she'd have to pull it down.

They danced and danced, the heat of the club made them hot and sweaty.

Discretely Matt grabbed the back of Jess's upper thigh tightly. Rubbing his thumb on her inner thigh, going higher, and higher, until she felt it traveling up her skirt and running up her ass. She grabbed Matt's hand and put it under her short skirt, She was unsure at first, but when she noticed everyone around them minding their own business and getting just as dirty, she no longer cared.

Matt started rubbing her clit as they danced. Jess's pussy started getting wet. She turned to face him and they began making out. Jess's legs were shaking she wanted it bad, and it was very obvious. Matt leaned in, licked her earlobe and grabbed her ass.

MATT "Are you ready to get out of here?"

JESS "yes"

MATT "what do you want to do?"

JESS " I want you to dominate me like a dirty little whore."

MATT " how bad do you want it?"

JESS " I want your big cock to pound all my slutty little fuck holes."

Matt could tell she was rolling hard and wanted to take it, bad. He grabbed her by the hand and together they raced out of the club. They rushed through the crowded streets as if they were being chased. They get back to the hotel and wait patiently for the elevator. The doors open and they race inside and press the button for their floor.

As soon as the door closes Matt grabs Jess by the throat and pushes her up against the wall. He lifts her dress up above her waist, exposing her pussy. He kisses her and rubs her clit. Her pussy now soaking wet. Frantically Jess undoes Matt's pants.

JESS "I need your fucking cock inside me right now. Fuck your horny little slut right here"

She pulls out Matts cock which is already rock hard. She whips off his belt and tightens it around her own neck. Matt bends her over and slaps her ass. Eagerly she grabs his cock and forces it inside her. Matt gives it to her deep and hard like he knows she wants it, tightening on the belt.

The door opens on their floor and Matt pulls out, he leads her down the hall by the belt around her neck. Her dress, still up around her waist. They open the door and quickly race inside. Matt leads her in be his belt and throws her on the bed. In a frenzy he quickly pulls off her dress, shoes, and stockings.

She lay naked on the bed, legs spread. Begging to take it. Matt took off his shirt and got on top of her. He grabbed her wrists and began kissing up her stomach to her boobs. He ran is tongue in little circles around her hard nipples then began sucking, and biting them. He stopped and looked her in the eyes, he grabbed the belt and pulled her close.

MATT " does my little slut want to be dominated by my big cock?"

JESS " Yes!"

Matt slaps Jess's face then sticks his fingers in her mouth.

MATT "How much does my slut like taking cock."

JESS "mmm, I fucking love taking big cock inside me like a good little slut."

Hearing Jess talk like that made Matt's cock rock hard, throbbing, and ready.

Matt ordered Jess to take the duffle bag into the bathroom and change. Jess stood up and walked naked into the bathroom, surprised with how heavy the bag was. She opened it up, shaking with excitement. She pulled out long platform latex stockings, a ball-gag, a latex body harness, and a collar with the word slut on it. (quite appropriate for this particular night)


Written by: HaydenBlake

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