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Little Miss Perfect Ch. 02

by Shysquirter©

Paul was in the kitchen making a pitcher of margaritas. He had already made some fresh guacamole and ceviche. They were sitting on a big tray that he was to take out to the girls by the pool. His head was swimming. He had just gotten an amazing blow job by his sister's friend. That part he was ok with. The part that was scrambling his brains was the fact that his sister was there watching the whole time. His little sister who he used to push on the swing set was standing in the same room as he came buckets down her friend's throat.

To make matters worse she had taken pictures of the act, and threatened to take them to the cops if he didn't do whatever she said for a whole week. That was less than ten minutes ago. They then left him standing with a dripping dick, and went outside to sun themselves by the pool. As they left they called their menu requests to him over their shoulders.

What was going on here? How did he get into this mess? Well I guess he knew how he got into this mess, but he never could have imagined this scenario taking place. He couldn't believe that his sister was a part of this mess. At least this would all be over in a week. Although the blowjob part he wouldn't mind continuing. And perhaps slipping his big dick into that cute redhead would be pretty awesome as well, but would his sister have to watch it all? That would be weird. Thinking about that cute redhead started to get his cock hard again. Or was it the thought of his innocent little sister watching him fuck her that was getting him hard. Either way Paul had to postpone taking the girls their tray of snacks and drinks. He needed his hard-on to subside a bit.

Outside the girls were giggling about their conquest.

"Did you see how thick he was Sarah? I felt like my jaws were going to come unhinged trying to squeeze him into my mouth. And fuck, he just kept cumming and cumming in my mouth, I thought I would choke!"

Sarah leaned over to Sally and kissed her deeply. She explored the deep recesses of Sally's mouth with her tongue searching for her brother's taste, but all she tasted was Sally.

"You are so fucking hot Sally. Watching you take my brother's big cock in your tiny mouth was so sexy. Damn you're good girl. I don't think I could have taken as much as you did. Feel how wet it's got me."

Sarah grabbed Sally's hand and slipped it into her bikini bottoms.

"You are drenched girl. I will have to take care of you later. Or maybe I will just tease you some more with that brother of yours."

"Don't you dare! It drove me nuts to see all the fun you were having; although, I can't wait to see him stretch out that little pussy of yours. Maybe I will be licking your clit when that happens."

They were interrupted by Paul bringing out a tray of snacks and margaritas.

"Here you go ladies. I hope these snacks are to your liking." Paul was trying to make the best of a strange situation. He had accepted the fact that he was to do his sister's bidding for a week. When he came out of the house he saw two gorgeous young women sunbathing topless. Despite one of them being his sister, he figured he could have some fun this week with the other. Speaking of his sister, were her tits always so big? It was as if he was seeing them for the first time. Her bronze skin ended at the last third of her large breasts . She must have been wearing some skimpy bikinis lately, and you could tell that she hadn't sunbathed topless much, if at all.

Her breasts were nothing short of perfect. They had to be a big C cup Paul figured, but they were so perky. They just stood out straight from her athletic frame. The contrast of her bronze skin to the milky white breast stirred lust in Paul. Her pink areolas that were about the size of half dollars were capped with dark red nipples that seemed much too big for even her large breasts. Paul shook his head trying to get the prurient thoughts of his sister out of his head.

Sarah had seen him looking at her breasts, and it made her smile. He was finally beginning to see her as the sexual being that she was.

"Yeah food and drinks." The girls yelled in unison. They attacked the snacks.

"Pour us a drink please." Sally asked.

"Of course madam." Joe played along. Seeing Sally's cute little body practically naked was getting him hard again. Her bathing suit bottom could not have been any skimpier, and he could swear he could see a darker shade of pink where her pussy would be.

"You only brought out two glasses silly. We are not going to drink by ourselves. Go get yourself a glass too." His sister teased him.

"Look Sarah that big dick of his is waking up again!"

Sarah glanced down at the front of her brother's shorts and could see the outline of his big cock pressing against the thin fabric of his shorts. Having two hot girls staring at his groin caused Paul's cock to grow further.

"That has to be uncomfortable. Let's make him take off those shorts while he serves us. Then we can check out his cute little ass as he walks around." Sally suggested.

"You heard her Paul. She says you have to take your shorts off, so take them off." Sarah told her brother.

Paul's mind was racing. This had escalated so quickly. One moment he was bringing his sister and her friend drinks and snacks, and now they were telling him to take off his shorts. Why were they doing this to him?

His thoughts were interrupted by his sister's friend commanding him again. "Take off your fuckin shorts Paul! I am bored and want to see that cock of yours again."

"But...but." Paul stammered and his eyes pointed at his sister.

"Don't worry about me Paul. I have already seen everything. If you can't handle taking your shorts off in front of me, you shouldn't have dropped your pants and masturbated while taking pictures of my under aged friend. You got caught, and now you must pay the price. You have to do what we say for the next week. Now take your shorts off so that Sally can enjoy the view."

And there it was. Paul was standing in front of two gorgeous topless young women, and they were asking him to get naked in front of them. The only problem was that one of them was his sister. And in actuality they weren't asking him to get naked, they were telling him to get naked. And he had to do everything they said for a week or they would go to the cops with pictures of him with his dick in the mouth of his sister's under aged friend. Or at least Paul thought she was under aged. In actuality she was eighteen and just pulling a fast one on him so she could use him to fulfill her voracious sexual appetite.

"Fuck it." Paul sighed. He hooked his thumbs in the waist band of his shorts and slowly pulled them down. He had to carefully maneuver around his cock which had grown to a rather impressive girth already. He had a bit of difficulty slipping his board shorts past his semi erect cock because its waistband was non-elastic. He could hear his sister's friend giggle as he struggled to get his shorts off. Finally he prevailed, and he flung his board shorts at the little giggling redhead.

"Happy?" He shrugged his shoulders at both girls.

He was an interesting sight to behold. His thin frame practically swayed in the breeze, and yet there was this thick powerful cock between his legs that looked like it belonged to someone else. Sarah felt moisture slip out of her pussy and run out the sides of her tiny bikini bottoms. She could have any boy or man she wanted, but there was something so exciting to see a forbidden cock before her. The only cock she couldn't have, her brother's cock. She could feel her nipples harden in the cool breeze. She was so turned on right now. Sally's voice woke her from her fog.

"You can't walk around with that hard cock between your legs. Take care of it in front of us. Show us how you were jerking off before. I will make it easier for you."

Without hesitation Sally reached the side of her bikini bottoms, grabbed the knot and undid them. The tiny piece of fabric fell aside revealing her tiny pink pussy. Her cleanly shaven pink lips stood out starkly from her pale skin. Her lips were engorged and invitingly opened. She was extremely turned on.

"Here, I will give you a show while you show us how you manage to jerk that big cock off." Sally's hand spread open her big lips showing the alluring pink tunnel within. Her soft lips flowed over her dainty fingers. Paul marveled at how large her pussy lips were.

Paul was beyond stunned. He kept his stair on the beautiful little cunt in front of him, and his hand instinctively went to his cock. He wrapped his long fingers around his now rigid cock and squeezed. A drop of pre-cum bubbled out of his tip. He dexterously rubbed the natural lubricant around his throbbing head. He focused on Sally who was now rubbing her wet pussy lips. They glistened in the sunshine.

"God they are so big." He thought. "I would love to suck them into my mouth."

He had completely forgottened that his sister was sitting right next to Sally. Paul tried hard to ignore his sister but now she crept into his thoughts. "What was she doing? Was she touching herself? Was she even looking at him?" He was too afraid to look. He stroked his cock powerfully, massaging out even more lubricant.

Sally had two hands on her pussy now. One was rubbing her clit vigorously, while the other had two fingers penetrating her little pussy. They slid in and out with ease. She was drenched, and her pink swollen lips stood out from her pale little fingers. His gaze travelled up her nubile body. Up her tight stomach with abs flexing with each breath, up to her little perky titties with hard nipple pointed at the sun. Finally he reached her face and the look on her pretty green eyes started to push him over the edge. She was staring at him longidly like a starving animal. The lust was dripping from her smile as she licked her lips. He stroked faster and faster. The lust in her eyes seemed to pull the cum from his balls.

"Look at his balls twitch! He is going to cum Sally! Cum all over her Paul! Drench her with your cum!"

It was his sister calling to him. His eye lids fell nearly shut as a wave of bliss passed over his entire body. It took all of Paul's control to take the shaft of his pulsating cock and aim it at Shelly's tits. His balls pulled tight against his shaft as a thick stream of his cum shot at Sally. He missed her tits and instead hit her square in the face just above her left eye into her fiery red hair. The second blast hit its mark, and the creamy white jizz matched her flesh almost perfectly.

The sight of this eruption was too much for Sally. She moaned and thrust three fingers into her cunt as her whole body shook with a powerful orgasm. His next three bursts of cum travelled lower and lower on her body until his last spurt hit just above her sopping cunt.

Paul's eyes had fallen shut at some point of his orgasm. His legs were so weak that he grabbed the back of another lounge chair for support. He slowly opened his eyes. He soaked in the view of this gorgeous, tiny redhead covered in his seed. Her eyes were closed. She had cum dripping from her hair down onto her face. One gob of cum hung off of her left nipple, and her crotch as a mess of both their juices.

His sister! He had forgotten that she was sitting just out of his view. He had a hard time turning his head to look at her, but he finally built up his courage and did so. Her long blonde hair had partially fallen over her face, and her skin looked a bit flushed. Her chest was heaving up and down with her rapid breaths and he could swear that the nipples at the ends of her large breasts were erect. He didn't want to stare at them but he could see in his peripheral vision that her uncannily large nipples were stiff.

His gaze fell towards her lustful eyes and was frozen there. She had such a sinister smile on her succulent lips, and the look in her eyes was something he had never seen before in his little sister. He stood there in front of her holding his now spent cock. He was slowly becoming flaccid again. Cum leaked from his cock head and strung down from it. The string of cum hung from his cock for a moment and then broke free and fell to the concrete. For whatever reason, maybe it was the endorphins from his orgasm, he was not embarrassed any more. He didn't try to hide his cock from his sister. Finally she broke the silence.

"Wow! That was amazing. You got a lot of cum built up in those balls brother. Now that we got that hard on taken care of, why don't you get that third glass, and we can enjoy that margarita before it gets warm. It looks like Sally could really use a drink."

They both glanced over at the little redhead and saw that she was still lost in orgasmic bliss. She stirred a bit at the mention of her name, but kept her eyes closed as she answered. One hand was slowly rubbing cum over her breasts, and the other was messaging her cunt again.

"I would love a drink now."

She continued to absent mindedly rubbing Paul's cum into her alabaster skin. Paul was dumbfounded. What choice did he have? He shrugged his shoulders, turned, and walked towards the house. His rounded ass swaying with the confidence he gained by make a gorgeous young woman cum just by watching him stroke his big cock. He still couldn't bring himself to look at his little sister's half naked body, but he figured that he would have to sooner or later. The girls were silent as he walked to the house and entered through the sliding glass door and grabbed a glass.

As soon as he entered the house Sarah bend over her little cum drench friend and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. Then she stroked the redheads face, smoothing her brother's cum back.

"That was so fucking hot. I can't wait to watch him fuck you."

"I don't know. That is one fucking big cock, but I will give it a try. How about you Sarah? When are you going to play with your brother?"

Instead of answering, Sarah slid down to her friends cum covered breast. She reached down with her salacious lips and waited a second inches from the nipple that was still held a glob of her brother's cum from its tip. She took the messy nipple in her mouth and reveled in the salty flavor of her brother mixed with the perfume of her friend's skin.

She slowly and deliberately went to the other nipple and gave it the same loving attention. As she sucked on her friend's nipples her hand travelled down and found Sally's hand. She put her hand over her friend's and helped her massage her cunt.

She then rose from the rock hard nipple she was sucking on and brought her lips to Sally's and kissed her passionately. She aggressively prodded the redhead's mouth with her tongue as she thrust three fingers into her friend's cunt.

Finally she relented her assault. She smoothed back Sally's hair lovingly and said with a devious smile, "Don't worry. I have this whole thing planned out. I will get that big cock of my brother's when I am good and ready. You just worry about your own pussy."

With that she slapped her friend's pussy playfully, yet hard enough that Sally gave out a bit of a yelp.

This was just beginning.

Written by: Shysquirter

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