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Crossing the Line Ch. 02

by mercianknight©

Chapter 2: The Massage

Alissa, or Ali as she likes to be called, is a modern day enigma, a person hard to understand or explain, inscrutable and definitely mysterious. The public image is one of propriety. At 41 years of age she has been married to her husband, James, for 20 wonderful years and remains as devoted to him now as she ever was. Ali is also the doting mother to her 10 year old daughter and, having given up working full time several years ago, gives her time freely to the school PTA and occasionally coaches for the schools junior lunch-time tennis programme. Despite working part-time as a massage therapist, she runs her household with the efficiency of a drill sergeant-major and yet still manages to convey a welcoming, hospitable ambiance about her home for her visitors. Make no mistake, James, who is 15 years her senior, may be the man of the house and the bread-winner, but Ali rules the roost and the bedroom.

And herein lies the enigma. Ali is, by any definition of the word, stunning. At a lithe 5 foot 4 inches she carries her 125 pounds with cat-like suppleness, the envy of her peers thanks to an active lifestyle. Whilst most women tend to shorten their hair as they age in a vain attempt to allude to youth, Ali can still hold her full, blonde, shoulder-length locks with the confidence and looks of a woman barely touching 30. A strict skin regimen holds back the ravages of time and gives her slightly almond shaped face a youthful appearance, complemented by alert, sparkling emerald green eyes and well rounded sensuous lips. Her penchant for form fitting clothes, above the knee skirts, and high heeled shoes, accentuate her shapely legs, and attract the lustful stares of any male who happens to cross her path. In effect, Ali is a tease. She knows it, loves it, and uses it to full effect to keep the passion in her marriage on the boil. No-one, not even Ali, can figure out why she is such a tease.

James works very hard. As anyone can attest, the long hours and mental strains of our higher profile white-collar jobs are as sapping of mind and body as any manual labour could ever be. Worse still, shuffling paper and juggling numbers never built up a bicep nor gave any man a six pack to be proud of. Whilst James would confess he could probably do better at keeping in shape, truth was, at nearly 57 years of age, he no longer had any inclination to do so, preferring instead to rush straight home from work to be with his family. James realized a couple of years ago that he could no longer keep up with Ali’s sexual needs. The rigors of work, the pleasures of playing with their inquisitive, energetic daughter, and dealing with a wife still in her sexual prime were all factors adding to his stress and reduced libido.

At night, in the sanctity of their bedroom, Ali would do her best to ease James’ stress. Naked, she would work her hands over his still handsome 6 foot frame, coaxing appreciative sighs from him as she massaged his worries away. She genuinely enjoyed giving James his rubs and would often regale James with tales of her PTA duties, or, to get him aroused, share with him her flirtatious exploits with unknown persons she had met in on-line chat rooms. Both of them got a thrill from Ali’s tales and subsequent fantasies, however, she kept the less pleasant encounters to herself for fear of upsetting James. Even on-line Ali had standards and it had taken time for her to build a ‘safe’ circle of friends.

Invariably, as James lay on the bed, face down, enjoying Ali’s ability to work the stresses of the day out of his body, she would be sat, straddled across his back, working the oils up into his back, up through his broad shoulders and back down again. It would always be intensely erotic for her and she would think how much better it would be to give all massages this way, rather than standing to the side or at the top or bottom of the client. She always focused on James’ back and enjoyed the motion of her body as she rubbed her sex over his lower back, always seeking to give herself pleasure and hopefully arouse her man.

Once satisfied with the work on his back she always looked forward to turning him over, planting herself across his mid-riff, and, teasingly, repeat the process on his chest, neck and shoulders. Even if this failed to get a response from his manhood, she knew that when she shifted down to his stomach and then down through to his thighs, she would manipulate James until his cock would came to life or, she would have to take him in her mouth. Some days were more difficult than others, but once James was hard she knew her man would stay hard until she had what she needed. She enjoyed bringing her man to a stiff erection and then raising herself above him so that she may slowly impale herself on his glorious rod. Once deep inside her she would resume rubbing his chest as she began to ride his cock and lose herself in whatever fantasy took her at that time. A threesome perhaps, or being taken in a dark alley by a stranger, or just making love with James in his office, they all worked. She would ride her man, controlling the pressures exerted on her sex, until she was ready to let go and feel her orgasm rip through and fulfill her need like no number of her fingers ever could. Only then could she look forward to a restful sleep.

Ali’s biggest problem, if you could call it that, was her spare time. With their daughter in 6th Grade and only working 3 days per week at “Jayne’s Health & Beauty Spa”, she would often find herself with hours to spare and nothing to do. It was during these free hours that she would find herself in front of the computer flirting outrageously in chat rooms or e-mail exchanges with men from half way across the world. Many an afternoon had found her well manicured fingers wandering down to her well trimmed, moist pussy and playing with herself, lost in her own world of fantasies, egged on by the sexual innuendos of her e-pals. The internet. A place where anyone can be whomsoever they wish, anonymously, and play out their deepest darkest fantasies with people one may never ever meet. Her fantasies were vivid and her masturbation sessions frequent, but, never did she ever feel the urge to stray, to be unfaithful.

It’s not like Ali had never had the opportunity to stray, she just did not want to. Even at the Spa the opportunities had been aplenty. She only worked at the Spa because she wanted to, not because she needed to. James was an excellent provider. Ali enjoyed keeping busy and enjoyed the comradery of the work place and networking with her female clients. As a rule, she declined male clients unless under exceptional circumstances. Ali had discovered long ago that, with her physical appeal, virtually all of men she gave massages to would become excessively aroused by her proximity and expert hands. It was bad enough that most of her female clients had, at one time or another, made a pass at her, she did not need the complication of a male entourage. Well, with one exception, Dan.

James was well aware of all of the happenings in Ali’s life and knew of Dan, a regional Manager for one of the High Street banks who came into town from time to time on inspection visits. Quite by accident he had become a client of Ali’s and, to be honest, Ali got a kick out of the on-going flirty relationship. Dan was close to Ali’s age, a bit older, and although he was good looking and in decent shape, it was his wit and deprecating manner that endeared him to Ali. Make no mistake, Dan was no saint and had confessed to Ali to having extra marital flings with more than one bored housewife client of the bank, however, Ali was not one of them.

Physically, Dan had no secrets from Ali. Indeed, on more than one occasion Dan’s manhood had become quite obvious as Ali’s hands rubbed soothing oils into his body. Never tempted, she had simply allowed herself to smile and sometimes offer to leave the room if he needed some ‘alone time’. Dan’s reaction would be to typically reply, “Don’t let this cum between us, Ali”, or, “How embarrassing, do you have anywhere I could put this for a while?” A real card.

So, all was well in Ali’s world until she had stumbled across an equally enigmatic man, Ryan, on the internet, and, after several weeks, and in the company of James, had met him for a wild night of threesome sex at a nearby hotel. That night, when she and James had crossed a line, had opened her eyes to the possibilities and whetted her appetite for more adventures. It had barely been a month since that episode and it had fired both her and James’ enthusiasm in the bedroom to the point where it seemed sex had never been better. She couldn’t get the images or the feelings of pure satisfaction out of her mind.

One morning as she prepared for work James shook her from another reverie by saying,”Doesn’t Dan come in for his fix today?”

“Huh? Pardon?”

“Dan, our friendly, lecherous banker. Doesn’t he have an appointment today?”

“Oh yes, I think he does. I’m not sure I’m in the mood for him today,” and even as she said it she looked down at her work uniform and thought how decidedly unfeminine it was.

The ‘uniforms’ at “Jayne’s” were a choice of functional poly-cotton blend, double-breasted jacket and matching pants with red piping around the collar and down the sides of the jacket and pants, or a matching dress in a similar style, double breasted with a slight flare from the waist. Both jacket and dress fastened up to the chin, the idea being to forgo sex appeal or fashion in favour of cleanliness and propriety. Of course, Ali had elected for the dress and then had it slightly altered to fit more comfortably and show that she had knees. The adjustments were subtle, yet very effective in giving what was basically off-the-rack work wear into something a lot classier and more expensive looking – but NOT sexy.

“Well,” continued James, “try to have a good day anyway. I’ve gotta scoot.” And with that he hustled their daughter out of the house, into the car and they were gone. Ali was not too long behind them as she cleaned up, locked up the house and then left for work.

The day just flew by for Ali, not least because she spent most of it day dreaming. She was completely surprised at the time when Dan showed up for his 2.30 massage. She scurried into the sound-proofed treatment room to check all her oils were in place, that new towels had been laid out and the incense burner topped up. She flicked through her CD’s and inserted Dan’s preferred choice of pan flute music and then dimmed the lights slightly as she stepped out to greet him.

“Welcome back Dan. It’s been a while,” she effused. Dan gave a slight nod, smiled and walked toward the treatment room with a slightly perplexed look in his eyes.

“Everything alright Ali”, asked Dan, genuinely concerned. “You look miles away.”

“I’m fine. Just, I dunno, day dreaming I guess.” She beamed a smile at Dan and, with a cheeky grin on her face, said, “Get your clothes off and get ready then.” Then she left the room.

Dan, as always, stripped, covered his manhood with the towel provided and lay, face down, on the treatment table. When Ali came in the banter was off key although the massage was, well better than normal. Ali’s hands had taken on a life of their own and seemed to home in on every knot in every muscle in his back, thighs and calves, but there seemed to be something else in her touch, an eroticism he had never felt before. Dan only thought he knew what was going on when he flipped over onto his back and he smiled inwardly at the anticipated banter.

Ali was miles away. Other than James, this man, Dan, was the only other man she gave a massage to and, in her pre-occupied state her ‘mind’ began giving James his massage. As she worked her hands over Dan’s body she began leaning into the table. Lost in her thoughts she would press her thighs together, lean her groin into the edge of the table and begin to work up her sex. She lost herself in her reverie and thought longingly back to the threesome she had had so recently and, although she had indicated for Dan to turn over, she had barely registered his movement. On auto-pilot, she drifted back to when she had been giving Ryan a blow-job even as James had her bent over the bonnet of their car, fucking her for all she was worth. She was getting so worked up, feeling the moisture build between her legs when she was jolted from her thoughts by a hand that had slid up her uniform and was now gently caressing her outer left thigh, almost touching her ass-cheek.

Eyes wide she looked at Dan in horror. “What do you think you are you doing?”

“But,…but, I thought…”, said a confused Dan, pulling his hand back and alternating his confused stare from Ali’s startled eyes to further down the treatment table. She followed his gaze and was stunned to see her right hand had enveloped his rigid cock and was masturbating it. When did this happen? Even as the image registered she did not stop what she was doing, totally entranced by it all. “Please, Ali, don’t stop. I have always wanted to know what it would be like with you.”

Dan returned his hand up her leg, past the hem of her dress, clasped her left butt cheek and gently, but firmly pulled her inward a little. It was as if that was all it took as Ali teetered over and without any prompting, brought her luscious lips down toward the helmet of Dan’s throbbing cock. In a smooth practiced motion Ali slipped the head and then the length of Dan’s cock into her mouth and began to greedily feed. Dan barely knew what to do as he reveled in the pleasure given by Ali’s mouth.

This was a dream come true for Dan, but he wanted it all. He wasn’t sure if this was all he was going to get, but he needed to see her naked. Needed to see if his fantasies were even close to being accurate. Needed, above all, to fuck her. He neither knew, nor cared how they had ended up in this situation, he just knew he was going to do what any other red-blooded male would do.

Ali seemed lost in her own personal frenzy sucking on Dan’s cock and, given a couple more minutes he would have exploded in her mouth and the whole thing would have been over with. Probably. Dan struggled up through the pleasure onto his left elbow and with his right hand gently lifted Ali from his cock. With a look of pure determination, he gazed into Ali’s glazed eyes and said, “My turn, sweetheart.”

Dan quickly stood up in front of Ali and, without any resistance from her placed his hungry lips over hers and they kissed passionately and deeply. Ali’s lust met Dan’s hunger and neither could give a damn for the consequences. As quickly as he could, Dan undid the uniform dress, pushed it back over Ali’s shoulders and let it fall to the floor, marveling at her perfect form dressed, now in only her white bra, panties and, almost ridiculously, her white Crocs. He quickly removed her bra, caressed her still firm breasts and resumed kissing this beautiful woman.

They spun in a half circle as they kissed, enabling Dan to press Ali up against the treatment table. So much beauty, so little time, Dan hardly knew where to put his hands. He needed time. Ali still had a firm grip of his cock and he felt sure he would explode any minute. He took a half pace back, their lips parting, and he dropped down on one knee before the panting Ali. She leant back against the table as Dan takes her sodden panties by the waist band and pulls them down to the floor before thrusting his hungry mouth at her hot, dripping cunt.

She manages to adopt a standing-sitting position on the edge of the table that allows her to open her legs for Dan, to let this acquaintance eat her pussy, to feast on her juices and hopefully use her. She wants this so bad, but she does not know how it happened, how it could get to this. She is burning up with lust and she knows the only way to extinguish this kind of conflagration is to hose it down with his big thick cock. She thrusts into his face, willing Dan to go deeper, to fill her need.

Dan cannot remember the last time he so enjoyed eating a woman’s pussy. Ali is fairly gushing into his mouth, panting lustily, but he is aware enough to realise that his treatment time will be up soon and they may get discovered. He lifts his face up from Ali’s wonderfully swollen cunt and looks up into the eyes of a woman that is pleading to be fucked. No words, just a lustful needy look is all they exchange.

Dan stands up, takes his cock in hand and positions himself in front of Ali’s dripping love canal. She hates herself for repositioning her body to ensure that she is in the most receptive position for when he fills her with his cock. She’s ready, she wants it and she emits a deep low desperately needy moan when she finally feels the head of his cock part the lips of her pussy. Involuntarily, her hips move out to meet his and immediately they begin to slowly grind themselves against each other. They throw their arms around each other, embracing, kissing, grinding, fucking.

This is what Dan wanted. This is so much more than he could have expected. Their moans become grunts, the grinding becomes hard deep thrusts and they each know they are on the precipice. They rush, headlong, toward it.

When they cum, they both cum hard. The kind of hard orgasm that you get from forbidden, illicit sex, that you get from the knowledge that it may never happen again in this way. They grunt and thrust their way to orgasm, holding each other so tightly you would expect one of them to break, all the while their lips clamped over each others to minimise any sound from the screams aching to escape their lungs.

And then they were done. Panting, sweating, still holding each other. Reality creeping back into their lives. Dan speaks first. “Ali, I….I don’t know what to say. That was amazing.”

A million thoughts race through Ali’s mind and, shamefully, one of them includes thinking that “Yes, that was amazing”, but a thought she dare not utter. Instead she simply states, “You better get dressed,” and makes to do the same herself.

Both are able to regain some semblance of composure before they leave the treatment room but Ali is already wrestling with guilt and shame. Dan tries to engage in conversation, but Ali needs time, space and retreats to the staff room without saying goodbye.

When Ali emerges from the staff room Dan is gone, but he has already booked two appointments for next month. Ali immediately makes two decisions she will not like. Firstly, she will hand in her notice tomorrow, and secondly, this is the first secret she will ever keep from James.

Written by: mercianknight

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