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Jessica's Naked Mother Ch. 02

by mjkames2013©

Jessica got up early the next morning, finding herself wide awake nearly an hour before she normally got up. She was mostly surprised by this as she usually struggled to feel awake, but now her eyes were wide open as she stared at her ceiling. She rolled over in bed and realized that she had gone to bed naked. With cool sheets brushing against every contour of her body, she felt sexy and daring. She had never slept in the nude before and it was stance to think that she had been naked all night long. She ran her hands up her legs and tummy onto her round, perky breasts, squeezing them and feeling wonderfully alive.

The night before had left her feeling mortified. She had had the most wonderful and intense orgasm of her life, but had in no small part reached that point by touching her mother's bare and surprisingly wet pussy with her toe. Sure it had been an accident, and she hadn't realized that her mom Candice was letting her rub her bare foot all over Candice's large breasts. Jessica squeezed her own bare breasts, eliciting another wonderful surge of pleasure across her body. Jessica realized she must have fell asleep while contemplating what both the comments her mother had made about being touched, and her own masturbating, meant to their relationship.

While Jessica had felt dizzy with doubts and fears and concerns the night before, this morning she felt alive and refreshed. She'd never woken up so alive and ready for the day, and decided even before getting out of bed that she herself would sleep naked from here on out. Throwing back the sheets Jessica stood up and went over to her mirror. For several minutes she stood in front of it, admiring her own nakedness, running her hands over her two firm breasts and then down her flat tummy and over to her full, shapely ass. She smiled, giving herself devilish and seductive looks. Noticing the window in the reflection of the mirror, she turned around and stared at it, wondering if she had the nerve to look out it in her current state. Her pulse raced for a few seconds before she chickened out, deciding she would settle for something less daring.

Jessica knew that she was being silly, even ridiculous, and that she would probably regret doing it later, but the idea of being provocative was too much to resist. But what to do? She opened her underwear drawer and found the skimpiest thong she owned, a black lacy thing she hadn't even worn and had received as a gag gift. It fit very tightly, just barely covering her bare pussy and sliding deeply between her round ass cheeks. Running her finger over her barely covered snatch she licked her lips seductively, making herself giggle and get a little thrill. Watching herself squeeze her tits gave Jessica another little jolt of excitement, and part of her wanted to go out into the house dressed only in this tiny thong, but it was not yet to be. She knew she was going to have to be satisfied with the thought of going out topless, since self doubt was also jostling in her brain for decision making. She found herself envying her mother's daring.

A few minutes later Jessica stepped shyly out into the hallway, looking both nervously and excitedly to see if her mother was up yet. She had settled on wearing a pair of cotton panties that were a little tight and a spagetti strap tank top that was very low cut and would let her breasts be easily visible if she leaned over. She had had several moments of doubt and then daring, putting on an outfit then stripping it off again. At one point she had put on jeans, a t-shirt and a large sweater on top of underwear and a bra, then thinking about how her mom was brave enough to get naked and so she could be too, making her pull it all off and even open her bedroom door completely naked. She had frozen though, and after a moment swiftly shut the door. Her outfit seemed to find something of a median, since she was showing off her long athletic legs and could be as daring as she wanted to be with her breasts.

Jessica walked down the hallway and into the kitchen. Her mother was getting a bowl of cereal ready, her back facing Jessica, and as was now normal, completely naked. Jessica stopped, looking from Candice's bare back down over her round, shapely ass and to her long legs. Jessica stared at her mother's ass, smiling as she noticed how they both had well defined cheeks and a great round shape. Jessica reached behind her and quickly squeezed her own ass, wondering if Candice's ass would feel firmer. Jessica also noticed with a certain satisfaction that, as her mother bent over to put the milk away, her ass being even more prominently on display, that she felt only a warm enjoyment of the sight, and not an underlying discomfort. She found herself deciding that this indicated only a healthy appreciation of her mother's body and not an indication of anything, unusual, as the doubtful parts of her mind warned.

Just at the last second before her mom turned around, Jessica hopped up on the counter, so when the nude Candice turned around she found her daughter smiling playfully, her long smooth legs bare with only a thin layer of pink cotton covering her crotch. Jessica watched her mom's eyes go directly there as her mouth fell open, giving Jessica an unexpected but well appreciated rush of excitement. She found herself spreading her legs open a little more, if nothing but to show her mom that she noticed where her eyes went.

"Hey Jessica!" Candice said after another moment, looking up at her daughter with a bright and excited smile. She reached back and absently put the bowl of cereal down, her eyes not leaving her daughter's body. "Did you forget your pants honey?" Candice asked in a nervous voice.

"No mom," Jessica said with a giggle. "I just woke up this morning and felt like, well," she paused, wondering how to sum up all of the feelings she had been having. "I guess I just wanted to be a little more daring, you know, like you," she added with a little smirk. She had been looking down, and realized only after a brief moment of silence that she was staring directly at her mother's large naked breasts. She wondered for a moment if this was going to make her mother read more into what she said than she meant, and when she looked up she saw that Candice was looking at her with a strange smile that made Jessica feel anxious for a moment. She felt even more anxious when Candice stepped forward, right between Jessica's legs so her breasts were less than a foot from Jessica's, and then put one hand on each of Jessica's bare legs.

"Well I think you are very daring, my dear, because these legs of yours are very beautiful," she said, running her hands up Jessica's legs from just above her knees to very high on her bare thighs. Candice's fingers were within inches of her daughter's panties, and Jessica breathed out nervously.

"Mom, Jessica began, putting her hands on her mother's and moving them off her legs. Candice interlocked her fingers with her daughters, and looked into Jessica's deep brown eyes in a strange way.

"Yes my darling?" Candice's voice was soft and soothing but had a knowing edge to it.

"I- I-" Jessica began. Then she said in a silly voice, "You can look, but you can't touch!" Both women giggled.

"Ok sweetie," Candice said with an approving smile. "I'm sorry. Can I give you a hug?" Her voice sounded innocent, and Jessica giggled and nodded her head. Candice put her arms around her lovingly, holding her in what felt was just for comfort, which made Jessica relax. She squeezed her mother tightly, her hands pressing into her mother's smooth bare back, feeling her own loosely covered breasts press tightly against her mother's naked chest, and even noticed a strangely calming pressure against her crotch from her mother's firm tummy. She watched her mother turn away and take the cereal into the dining room, and let out a long sigh.

As she sat at the table across from Candice, who was eating while looking at her phone, Jessica wondered what had just happened. She didn't dare admit to herself what to any observer would describe it as, and also refused to speculate on what her true feelings were. All that happened was a good morning hug, Jessica decided with the same fervor she had when deciding that staring at her mother's nakedness purposefully was a legitimate way to get used to her body. Jessica rapidly built a hedge of defense in her mind, noting that it was perfectly normal for a daughter to wish to be like her mother and that any good mother would of course hug her daughter. Any counter argument to this notion, namely that most daughters were not trying to be naked like their mothers, or that their mother was hugging them while completely naked, was ignored and tossed away. Jessica breezed over this, and after only a few minutes felt a certain air of superiority, by saying to herself that she and Candice were special people, not part of your every day run of the mill society. They could do things that other people would not do if they wanted and this made them better than the rest, even if she did not allow herself to think of what it was they might do.

Breakfast went on as normal, and they had a lengthy conversation about a few celebrities they both liked to follow. They were chatting happily when Candice accidentally knocked over a bowl of grapes, which scattered on the floor underneath the table.

"Damn it," Candice said in an annoyed voice with a huff. "Now I have no grapes to eat and I have to pick them all up."

"It's ok mom, I'll get them," Jessica said quickly, putting her napkin down and sliding under the table.

Jessica picked up a few grapes, then looked up and found herself looking directly between her mother's wide open legs and at her bare pussy. Being on her hands and knees her face was at most two feet away, so close that she could see that her lips were shiny. Her mother was horny, Jessica realized, noticing the faint smell of pussy. She felt like she should move or something, but she felt like Candice's wet vagina was like a magnet on her eyes. Emotionally she found that she was feeling a sense of warmth and calm. As if knowing her daughter was watching, Candice slid down a little in her chair, her body moving just an inch forward toward Jessica's waiting eyes. Jessica still didn't move, her brain reeling excitedly at the thought that her mother was letting her stare at her bare pussy, even giving her a better show. Jessica also found herself wondering why she wasn't feeling any need to look away, or discomfort that her mom was obviously giving her a show. Because now she watched with wide and excited eyes as her mom slid one hand down her tummy, her fingers sliding between her wet folds with a nervous shake.

Jessica knew her mom had to be both extremely excited and extremely nervous, because her hand and leg was shaking as she slowly rubbed up and down her bare pussy. Jessica silently let her eyes bore onto Candice's glissining folds as few fingers separated her lips and pressed into her clit. Jessica continued to watch, her body reeling with confusion. She didn't want to make her mother think that this show was not worth watching but rather help Candice feel just as every bit sexy that she was. Jessica feared that coming up right away would only disappoint her mother. She also felt a sense of pride that she and her mom were hip enough to be this real in front of one another. Countering this was a deep sense that watching from only a matter of inches away her mother pleasuring herself was not ok, that it was wrong, even sick. Added to this was a strange feeling of disconnect, that she recognized that something was wrong but could not really feel its weight. Lastly, and most intensely ignored, was a growing excitement, her body purring with pleasure as she took in the smell of lust and looked at what was both extremely taboo, incredibly erotic and satisfyingly pleasurable to watch. All of these feelings and thoughts and sensations coursed through Jessica and only changed when Candice's entire body began to shake, her fingers plunging in and out of her wet pussy and her breaths becoming rapid and shallow. Her mother had just masturbated in front of her, had what was clearly an intense orgasm, and she had watched the whole thing from only a few inches away.

With the strong smell of pussy filling her lungs and leaving the tiniest hint of a taste in her mouth, Jessica came back out from under the table, her body moist from sweat she hadn't realized she'd released, her brain filled with fog. Jessica's eyes fell on her naked mother, who was slowly opening her eyes and closing her mouth while moving her hand off of her large moist breast. Their eyes met, both looking to the other to say something, to decide how this would be acknowledged, if it was to be anything. Jessica leaned forward, releasing the grapes in her hands back into their bowl. She paused afterwards, not moving except to look up at her mother.

"Here's the grapes," she said quietly, watching her mother's face. Candice pulled her hand out from the table, her eyes looking away from her daughter's as she picked up a grape and slowly put it in her mouth, her lips sucking on her fingers as she pulled them out of her mouth. The same fingers, Jessica realized, that she'd just seen plunging into her pussy. Jessica stared with wide eyes at those fingers, feeling her chest swell with warmth at this action. Her chest, Jessica realized, that felt strangely cool outside and yet so warm inside. Then Jessica looked at her mothers eyes and saw they were looking straight in front of them, straight, Jessica realized, at her own breasts, which were hanging completely free and exposed in front of her mother, her loose top having fallen away from them. Jessica's eyes met her mother's eyes, and she smiled in a very sensual way.

"Thank you dear," Candice's voice cooed as she looked back at Jessica's breasts, which Jessica did not cover up. "They are delicious."

How she got back to her bedroom, Jessica was't sure. She had merely found herself having just locked the door and pulling her shirt off, tossing it hastily to the floor. She fell onto the bed, almost ripping her underwear off, which was now moist and smelling strongly of sex, and sliding her fingers into her wet folds. Her fingers slid effortlessly into herself as she let out a gasp and moan of pleasure. Jessica could hardly believe how quickly her body had been overwhelmed by intense waves of lust and desire and electric bliss. She was almost completely carnal, her body building in anticipation and warmth. She recognized, in the little bit of thought that was left in her otherwise purely carnal thoughts, that she was not letting herself go all the way, that she was keeping herself from thinking of something that would be both very wrong and yet very enjoyable. Under the table, Jessica pushed herself, under the table, and looking up. She forced her brain forward, ignoring a few last shots of hesitation or doubt. Her mother's wide open legs, naked and beautiful and inviting. So inviting, she thought, imagining that she had leaned forward. Jessica's hands moved faster and faster, her pulse racing and her breaths faster, as she imagined herself having inched closer, her mother's legs filling her peripheral vision while bare wet pussy filled her vision. Jessica laid on her bed while her face strained upward, her mouth opening, anticipating her mother's shaved bare pussy. In a moment of inspiration Jessica put her elbow over her mouth, imagining that she was pressing her face against her mother's naked sex, and licked.

It was like a damn broke and the pressure of a lake flowed out. Jessica's body went into an incredible and violent orgasm, all of her lust and thoughts and desires focusing solely on her mother's pussy, imagining herself plunging her tonguee deep inside her. Her body rode wave after wave of pleasure and lust, seeming to last for ages and ages. Slowly, Jessica felt the waters of lust subside. Slowly she felt her body coming back, her mind clearing. She moved her hand out from between her legs, let her body and mind relax. She couldn't help but smile at how lovely she felt, a natural high from an unnatural source. She knew that she would probably panic later, but right now she didn't care, didn't feel anything but satisfaction at having lusted after her mother.

Just then there was a knock at the door. Jessica wondered how loud she'd been as she sat up. Looking around for clothes that weren't there, Jessica simply crossed her legs and put one arm over her breasts with a happy shrug. "Come in!" she called with exuberance in her voice.

"Just leaving for work," Candice said as she opened the door. She was dressed smartly, looking both beautiful and professional in her matching blazer and skirt. Candice eyes widened as she took in the sight of her naked daughter, her eyes roaming over everything from her bare shoulders to her little toes. Looking back at her daughter's face, Candice found a satisfied smile on Jessica's lips and a playful gleam in her eyes.

"Have a nice day!" Jessica said playfully.

"Oh, I think I will. Want to stay home with me and watch a movie tonight?" Candice said casually, the air thick with the unspoken.

Jessica knew she'd already made plans for the night but her mind laughed at how easily those would be dismissed. "I would love to," she cooed.

"Then its a date!" Candice said, her eyes looking hard at her daughters.

"Count me in," Jessica replied, barely able to contain her excitement. She watched her door shut and knew it would be a night she'd never forget.

Written by: mjkames2013

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