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Fucking my Daughter's Boyfriend

by kinki1©

My daughter's senior year of High School was very stormy. I'm sure that's true for most families, especially those with a single mom, like ours, but we had more than our share of ups and downs. I confess that I wasn't always the best mother, but I am sure I wasn't the worst, either. I have been itching to tell someone about the year, to hear if others think I was right or wrong.

My daughter Cathy and I are very close, and while I am sure she doesn't tell me everything, she does tell me about the major milestones in her life. She is a truly lovely girl, with long, natural blonde hair (mine is from a bottle), and is not only athletic, but extremely smart. She was on the soccer team and the softball team, while taking three AP classes. So it was no surprise that she was able to hook a very good looking boyfriend.

Kent was on the high school baseball team. He has dark hair, dark eyes, and a flashing smile. When I first met him, I was very happy for Cathy. He was also extremely polite. I have met his parents, they are still together, and they seem like a really lovely family.

The problem started one night when Cathy and I were watching a movie on TV. I admit, I was prying into her relationship with Kent. I think I was perfectly within my rights to find out if my 19 year old daughter was having sex, and if so, if they were using protection. Cathy avoided my questions for some time, but then she suddenly turned to me.

"Okay mom, if you must know, no, we are not having sex!" she snapped, rolling her eyes (which I hate).

"Well why on earth not?" I asked. Cathy was not a virgin, having slept with her previous boyfriend, Jeff.

"Never mind," Cathy answered.

"Why not?" I asked. "Don't you want to?"

"Yes, we both want to, but we can't!"

"You can't?" I was getting worried. Did Kent have some kind of disease? "No joking now, tell me why not!"

"Mo-om!" said Cathy, "it's none of your business!" She started to leave, but I stopped her.

"I'm serious, tell me! Does he have a disease?"

Cathy's eyebrows shot up, and I saw she was on the verge of laughing. "No mom! Should I tell you?"

"Yes! What's so funny?"

Now her face was getting red, and she motioned for me to come nearer. I leaned in, and, stifling laughter she whispered in my ear, "It's too big."

I let out a squeal, and we were both lying on the couch, laughing. "How big?" I asked.

"Really really big. He's like a horse!" We both broke out laughing again.

I was full of mixed emotions. First was relief, that it wasn't anything awful that was keeping Cathy from sleeping with Kent, and I also was thinking back to my days in college. Back in college, I was known for being quite the size queen! I had a boyfriend, Eric, who had a huge cock, and I became quite the little expert on deep-throating his monster. When we broke up, I found that I was much less satisfied with smaller cocks. Eric and I continued to have sex occasionally, even when we were both dating other people. He always said no one could suck his big thing like I could! I guess I was known around campus as a girl who would fuck almost any guy with a really big cock, and so I had plenty of what I liked!

So when Cathy told me her boyfriend had a big one, I was a little nostalgic, a little horny, and a little jealous. I also felt warm that my daughter was following in my footsteps, but if she couldn't take a big cock, maybe she wasn't. Still, she was only 19!

"So do you just give him blowjobs?" I asked Cathy.

"Mom!" She hid her face in her hands. Then she shook her head and whispered "It's too big!"

"Too big for a blowjob? What do you do?" She mimed giving a handjob to a big cock, and I threw a pillow at her. "Oh no! Poor Kent! That's all he gets?" We both dissolved into a fit of giggles.

I thought about telling her about my college exploits, but I held back, I'm not sure why. I have never told her about any of my sexual experiences, and I didn't feel I should. I thought about teaching her how to suck big cock, but I felt a little uncomfortable. I could always decide later, I thought.

"Let's get back to the movie," I suggested, "you can always tell me about the Human Horse later." She threw a pillow at me, and I whinnied.

I have to add here that I was always faithful to my husband when we were married, although his cock was very average in size. I was devastated enough emotionally when he left, two years ago, that I hadn't been in a relationship since then. So two years without any sex, plus twenty-two years without a big cock, left me squirming a bit in my seat.

The next few days I felt horny enough that I decided to go to the internet for a little fun. I think it is to my credit that at first I had no thought of stealing my daughter's boyfriend!

Internet dating was completely new to me. I would have had an easier time if I had been able to ask Cathy, but I felt shy about it. I finally did have to ask a friend, a fellow divorcee, who gave me a tip on which sites to go to for dates, which for sex, and which for something in between.

I chose the latter, and I won't go into it in detail, but it was very disappointing. The guy was self-centered and boring, and he lied about the size of his cock. It was smaller than my husband's! I ended up giving him a blowjob, just to get rid of him, but I was so mad about him misleading me! I ignored his followup phone calls. The whole thing left me feeling hornier than ever.

That was the state I was in two days later, when Kent came over to swim in our pool. Cathy and Kent were in and out of the water. I was tanning and reading a magazine in a lounge chair. I was a little sleepy, so I put the magazine down. Somehow I ended up having a little daydream about Kent.

In my daydream he was leaning over me as I lay in the chair and we were kissing. The daydream went no further than that, but I was very conscious of his hard, muscular bare chest as he kissed me, and my thoughts were also on his big package in his bathing suit.

I snapped out of the daydream suddenly, because I became afraid that I might have a wet spot in the crotch of my bathing suit. I do get very wet when I am horny, although it usually doesn't leak unless I am rubbing my pussy. I was wearing a maroon one-piece, and I just had this sudden embarrassing vision of a big dark spot where my wetness might be soaking through. I decided the best way to handle it was to jump in the pool, which I did. I swam a lap and then climbed out. I was still horny, and very conscious of Kent's mostly naked body nearby.

"I'm going in," I told them, and I went in the house. I checked myself out in a mirror inside, and I looked fine, except my nipples were practically poking through the top of the suit. I went into my bedroom to change my clothes-- okay, and to masturbate. After a fairly unsatisfying session, I realized that I had somehow made up my mind that I was going to fuck my daughter's boyfriend. All I had to do was to come up with a plan.

That week I went to Walmart and bought two bathing suits, one for Kent and one for me. His was a loose, trunk style suit. For myself, I got a bikini with a bottom that was the right size and a top that was two sizes too small.

Cathy is better looking than me in almost every respect. She is a natural blonde with a beautiful face. She is thinner, stronger, and lovely in all ways. My only advantage over her is in the boob department. She is a b-cup, and I am double d. I figured a gal has got to use what she's got.

I took the suits home, carefully removed the lining, and even washed them a few times so they did not look new. The next Tuesday was going to be the day. Cathy was going to an outlet mall with her cousins and was likely to be there all day.

When the Tuesday dawned, I was all tingly. I carefully shaved my pussy. Anything to look a little younger! To tell the truth, I still wasn't sure if I was going to go through with it, but I kept up my preparations. Every step I took, I told myself I could always back out later.

Right before it was time for her to go, I stole Cathy's phone. It was easy to do, she was always leaving it everywhere. I turned it off and hid it in the linen closet.

Of course she had a fit looking for it. I helped her look-- "Where did you last see it?" I asked. Boy, that made her mad. I was outwardly calm, but inside I was thinking "The bitchier you are to me, the more likely I am to steal your boyfriend!" We tried calling her phone, but of course it did not work. Cathy's cousins arrived, and finally I told her 'Look, the phone is around somewhere, you'll find it when you get back." As planned, she reluctantly left without it.

I got to the phone and turned it on. I really felt like a spy or something! I went to her texts, and sure enough, Kent's texts came up first. I texted him "Come over."

In just a moment, he texted back "R u going 2 mall?"

I replied "???" Then he called, which I completely did not expect. I turned the phone off in a panic. For a few moments, I sat there, not knowing what to do. I turned the phone back on. Missed call, and another text, saying "Is yr mom there?"

I decided to wait. If he came, fine, and if not, I could try another day. I turned the phone off again and put it on the counter in Cathy's bathroom. I had just about convinced myself that it was a sign, I should not try to fuck my daughter's boyfriend, when the doorbell rang. I straightened my hair and opened the door.

"Why Kent, how nice to see you!" I said, acting a little surprised.

"Oh, hi Mrs. Anderson. Is Cathy here?" he said.

"No, she's gone off to the mall with her cousins."

"I thought she was, but she texted me," he said.

"Sometimes she is such a scatterbrain," I said. "She forgot she was meeting her cousins, and then she couldn't find her phone. But come in and let me give you something cold to drink."

"That's alright, I just better go." Oops! Not how I planned it!

"You come in for a minute, I insist. It's hot out there! Did you ride your bike over?"

"Uh, yes ma'am, but it's not so hot."

"It is, and I wont take no for an answer. Just for a minute. Besides, I have a teeny favor to ask you."

"Oh. Um, sure," he said, and came in.

"I'm going to make some lemonade, or do you want a coke? The favor is, can you take off the cover of our air unit? Sometimes there is a terrible smell, and I just want to make sure that nothing has died in there." I am proud of thinking this one up on the spur of the moment!

"Sure," he said. "Do you have a screwdriver?"

I made the lemonade and brought it out to him just as he was putting the cover back on. It was hot out, and he had sweated through his t-shirt. "There's nothing in there Mrs. Anderson," he said. "I don't know what was causing that smell."

"It was only once in a while," I said, handing him a big glass of lemonade. "Maybe I will have to call someone in. Now how about a quick swim?"

"I don't have a suit," he said.

"You know, I think there is an old suit here that Cathy's dad left, it should fit you. I wanted to go in for a swim, but I hate to swim when there is no one else home. Too dangerous. We'll have a little swim for about 15 minutes, and then I will let you go. Okay?"

"Sure," he said.

I went and got the two suits. "I found an old one of my own with it!" I said. "I haven't worn this one for years. I hope it still fits!" I gave him the men's suit, and we went off to change. I changed in my bedroom. It was hard to squeeze into the top, but it was worth it! My boobs completely bulged out on top. I looked like a complete slut. I checked out my crotch in the mirror, opening and closing my legs. Without the lining you could just make out the outline of my crack, but hopefully it would be clearer when the suit was wet.

I went down to the pool, and Kent's eyes bulged when he saw me. "Got him," I thought to myself. Out loud I said "This suit is way too small. I've really gotten fat since I used to wear it."

"Oh no, Mrs. Anderson! You aren't fat at all!" said Kent.

"Nice of you to say so! C'mon, I'll race you three laps!" We jumped in the pool and did a few laps. We climbed out laughing.

"You're a good swimmer!" Kent said to me.

"For an old lady?" I joked.

"Oh no, you're not an old lady!" he said. "You are a very good looking woman!"

"Thanks Kent," I laughed. "Of course, these slowed me down a little swimming!" I pushed my boobs together, making them bulge more than ever. I was sure he would not be looking at my eyes, so I felt free to check out his crotch. The wet bathing suit with no lining perfectly outlined his cock, which was getting hard. I swear it twitched when I squeezed my boobs. Cathy was not lying! That thing was a monster! "Kent, be a dear and get us a couple of towels, would you?"

"Nice ass!" I thought, as he walked away. I lay down in a chaise and pulled my bikini bottom up so there was a fold of it in my slit. I closed my eyes and lay back with my legs open and my arms over my head to make my boobs stick out. Kent came and stood beside me, looking, for a moment, and then he cleared his throat. I opened my eyes and he was holding one towel out and the other one in front of his crotch. How cute!

"Thanks, Kent," I said. I took the towel and put it under my butt, and held out my hand for the other one.

"Uhhh," he said.

"For my hair," I said. He handed me the towel, and I got quite an eyeful! He had a real hard-on, and it was seriously tenting out the front of his suit. "Why Kent!" I said, acting shocked. "Is that because of me?"

"Oh no," he said, blushing. He tried to push it down with his hand. "I'm sorry Mrs. Anderson, I just..."

"You really should be ashamed of yourself!" I said. Oops! He started to leave. "Kent!" I shouted, and he stopped. "Come here." He came back, with that big cock swaying in front of him. "Tell me the truth," I said. "If I wasn't Cathy's mother, would you want to fuck me?"

"Mrs. Anderson?"

I sighed. "You men are all alike. Anything with a pussy is fair game, isn't it?"

"Oh no, Mrs. Anderson, I don't think that!"

It was easy, with his hard cock tenting out the bathing suit so much, to put my hand up that leg and run a fingernail down the length of his huge monster. "You don't think so, but this guy seems to think so. Well, I guess a big fellow like this deserves a blow-job at least."

"Mrs. Anderson, I don't think Cathy would approve."

"Well, that's sweet of you to say, Kent, but I'm not going to tell her, are you?"

"No, ma'am, but... she doesn't want me even kissing another girl, let alone, um, fooling around with her mother!"

I looked up at him, and said "Have you ever been deep-throated before? I don't think so. Now, I'm just going to put this in my mouth, and if you want me to stop, just tell me so." I pulled his bathing suit down. What a beautiful cock he had! It was probably about ten inches long, fat, veiny, with a beautiful thick head. I put it in my mouth, and it was heavenly! In the old days, I would have slid it right down my throat, but I was out of practice. No gagging, but I had to work a bit until my face was pressing up against Kent's flat stomach.

I pulled off his cock, sucking and using my tongue as I moved back, so it came out of my mouth with a pop. I was about to ask him if he still wanted me to stop, but one look at his face told me. He was completely off in a different world, so I put my mouth back on his cock. This time, just as I got the whole thing down my throat, he started shooting, and shooting, and shooting. "Big comer," I thought, which I always find sexy. I sort of wished he was coming in my mouth so I could taste it, but it was going straight down my throat.

I pulled off his cock with another pop. "That wasn't so bad, was it?" I said. As he came out of his trance, I knew he was likely to start feeling guilty, especially if the horniness was gone, so I said "Kent, will you help me off with this bathing suit?" I guessed he would be willing to stay to see my boobs, and I think I was right.

He helped pull off the tops and the bottoms. My pussy was completely soaking, he could probably smell it. I held up my boobs to him and said "Please lick my titties." He immediately set to work licking and sucking on my nipples. I did enjoy it, but it was more for him than for me. I wanted to keep him with me until he was hard again. I needn't have worried. When I reached down for his cock, it was hard as a rock. Bless all eighteen year olds!

I lay back on the lounge chair and spread my legs. "Alright Kent, put it in me!" I demanded.

He leaned over me, so like my fantasy, and I took his cock to guide it into me. Just then, he hesitated. "Uh, Mrs. Anderson?"

"Yes, Kent?" His huge cock, hard and throbbing, was in my hand, just inches from my soaking pussy.

"Should we get protection?"

Bless his heart! They train them well in high school these days. "I don't have an std, and if you have been faithful to Cathy, you shouldn't either. I'm not going to get pregnant, if that is what you are asking. Now put it in me, but slowly! It's been a long time since I had a cock as big as yours."

In he slid, and it was heavenly! Exactly what I had been missing, for years, really. I love the feeling of being stretched! When he was about halfway in, he pushed a little too quickly. I winced. "Easy, take it slow," I said, but then I realized that he was coming again. A bit disappointing, but I wasn't through with him yet.

"Was that your first time, Kent?" I could see by his face that it was. I smiled wickedly. "So I took your cherry! Now you really can't tell Cathy!"

"No ma'am," he said.

Kent slid out of me. Despite having come just minutes before, it seemed that he had shot a pretty large load. His cock was still semi-hard, coated with juices, and beautiful. He stood up, I sat up, and began licking the monster clean. It was lovely to taste his come at last! I stood, and took him by the hand. I felt as if we had spent enough time in the sun. "Come with me," I commanded, and took him inside.

As we crossed the kitchen, I felt a glob of come drip out of my pussy and run down my leg. I was sure there was more where that came from. I remember thinking how lucky I was that it did not drip out in the living room, where we have shag carpeting!

In my bedroom, I sat on the edge of the bed and began to suck Kent's cock in earnest. I just love those big ones! He was still semi-erect, and he slid down my throat easily. I pulled off with a popping sound, put it back in my mouth and bobbed my head back and forth, at the same time licking the underside and twisting my hands around the base.

"Uhh, oh Mrs. Anderson, you suck cock so good," he groaned. I'm sure I was better than any of the young bitches who had sucked this monster before!

When he was nice and hard again, I got on my hands and knees on the edge of the bed. I reached back and spread my labia for him. "Stick it in, Kent!" I commanded. I'm sure he got a great view of his girlfriend's mother's cunt, pink and swollen and dripping with his creamy come. I felt like the world's biggest slut, but I was willing to be a slut for a cock like that.

He stuck it in, and this time it went all the way in. Holy shit it was good! Kent began fucking me like a pro, this time he lasted, it was so good! I was grunting and whimpering with every stroke. I might have been saying 'yes!' and I might have been saying 'fuck me!' I really can't remember. This was what I had been missing! I did have a big screaming orgasm, right before Kent shot his third load into me.

"Mrs. Anderson, are you okay?" he said, after he stopped panting.

I notice he wasn't so concerned about me until after he came, but all I said was "I'm fine, Kent. More than fine. I really enjoyed the fuck."

"Oh me too, Mrs. Anderson," he said.

"Yes I know. And now you'd better change and go home, so Cathy doesn't catch us."

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