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Unwanted Guest Ch. 03

by Nextstar©

Author's Note: This story deals with adult theme. This depicts sexual relationship between father-in-law and daughter-in-law. It is a pure fantasy, not related to anyone living or dead in anyway. If you are mature enough to enjoy such adult theme then please read it and also provide your valuable feedback. If your moral conscious doesn't allow you to enjoy such stories then please don't waste your time here. There are other stories for your taste here. Thank you.


Betty lay on her bed lost in her thoughts. She had finished all the domestic chores. It was ten minutes past twelve. Events of morning were flashing through her mind. Again and again, she was thinking how her father-in-law first shown her his dick, and then forced her to sit in his lap. It was shameless act from his part; something he should have never done. It had disturbed her.

Just then she heard the voice of Tom Kolvig: "where are you lazybones."

She had left the door unlocked so that she didn't have to face him when he came. Perhaps he had just entered into the house and was searching for her. She stayed glued to her bed; she had no intention to face him.

After a minute she heard footsteps outside her room. Her heart started pounding. She looked at the door latch; it was securely latched.

He knocked on the door.

"Yes!" she said.

"Open the door," he said.

"I am taking rest. Please go to your room."

"Open the door damn it," he shouted.

She shook to the core. She didn't want to open the door. But he kept knocking.

Finally, in anger, she rushed to the door, opened it quickly, and said, "What do you want?"

"I want your pussy," Tom Kolvig said.

She looked at him with wide eyes. She couldn't believe what she heard.

"I-I beg your pardon," she stuttered.

"I said, I want your pussy."

Her throat went dry. How shamelessly he had spoken such statement without any regard to decency. He was her father-in-law after all.

"Go to hell," she said, trying to shut the door but couldn't; he was holding it tightly.

"This is not the way to talk to your father-in-law," he said.

"First learn how to talk to your daughter-in-law then question my behavior."

"Look I am very desperate right now. You have to help me here."

"I can't help you."

"Listen to me," he said grabbing her arms, pushing her into the room away from the door. "While walking through the market I saw many beautiful women with nice tits and sexy ass. I wanted to fuck them. I wanted to penetrate their pink holes. But I couldn't seduce anyone. They took me as old man and didn't respond favorably to my flirt. Now I am so desperate that I cannot wait. You are my last hope. You have to give me your pussy."

Her heart started pounding hard. His dirty words were stirring some strange feelings inside her. "Let go of me."

"Please this is a request. Do something for me," he whispered into her ears.

"I-I can't do it. Leave me."

He put his burning lips on hers. She was not expecting this. Though she quickly turned her face away, he still got away with nice kiss. But he again succeeded in putting his lips upon her tender lips and started sucking them wildly. She struggled fiercely but this time she couldn't force his face away nor she could turn her own face; he was holding her face tightly. When she started liking his wild kiss she had no idea. Her struggle had stopped and he was kissing her passionately, chewing each lip between his. Her breathing was uneven.

When she regained her consciousness she again pushed him away and shouted, "What are you doing, stop it."

"I can't stop. I badly need a pussy."

"You are an animal," she said in a disrespectful tone.

He laughed and placed his lips on hers again, holding her face tightly into his hands. She couldn't push him away; she wanted to but couldn't. She had never been kissed like this. He was hurting her lips but still she had surrendered before him.

When her father-in-law got away from her lips on his own she said meekly, "Please get out immediately."

"I am not going anywhere till I get your pussy," he declared and started removing his clothes.

She panicked. "What are you doing, stop it," she said, her voice shaking.

But he didn't listen and within a minute he was totally naked in front of her. She couldn't keep her eyes away from his body. He was indeed animal. He had thick black hair all over his body. He looked like beer. His big dick dangled obscenely between his legs. She felt the disturbance in her breathing as her eyes examined his mammoth cock.

"This will not stop till I stick this dick into your cunt. Remove your clothes and get ready for me."

"I will not let you do this," she said, her eyes on his dick, wondering how she would accommodate this giant if he really stuck it into her.

"You will...of course you will. I know you are dying to take in your cunt," he said, walking toward her, his dick jumping with his movement.

"T-there is no such thing," she said, stepping back.

"You can't lie to me. Your eyes are exposing your desire for this cock," he said shaking his dick obscenely.

"It is not true," she said quickly.

Reaching close to her he caught her hand and guided it to his cock. "Hold it."

She resisted, tried to pull her hand away but he held her hand tightly and placed it on his dick. Waves of thrill travelled through her when she felt the hardness of his organ against her hand. "Please don't do this."

"I am going to release your hand. I want you to keep your hand on my dick," he said and released her hand.

She pulled her hand quickly.

"What are you doing lazybones? Can't you hold this poor dick and give it some relief."

"I can't," she said moving backward, stopping when she hit the wall.

He walked to her confidently, grabbed her hand, and again placed it on his dick. "Of course you can."

This time she let her hand stay on his giant. Her fingers were trembling as if she was holding a fire.

"Good girl," he said. "Play with it?"

She looked at his organ. Big purple head was glistening with excitement. She ran her index finger across the head. He jolted with joy.

"Oh God, what did you do?" he said.

"N-nothing," she said.

"Do it again," he said.

Again she ran her finger across the crown of his cock and again he jolted with joy.

"Take it in your mouth," he said.

"I don't do that," she said politely. She hadn't even sucked jack's dick. She would never suck his father's.

He started moving his face close to her, trying to kiss her. She turned her head away. Her hand was still on his dick, feeling its texture and strength.

He turned her face with his hand and placed his lips on hers. Her breath became heavy. Removing her hand from his dick she pushed him away.

"I think it is enough. Please try to understand I can't do it. I love Jack."

He moved forward and embraced her tightly into his arms. She could feel his dick at her belly. Then he placed his lips on hers and started kissing her wildly. She was trying to push him away but he wasn't budging even an inch. After few seconds she stopped doing it, letting her hands stay on her sides. His wild kisses were raising waves of excitement within her.

When he got away she said meekly, "I am your daughter-in-law."

"I don't care who you are. I need your pussy," he said and again placed his lips on hers.

As he kissed her his hands were kneading the two globes of her buttocks. His fingers were trying to get into the tight valley between her ass cheeks. When he couldn't get access easily he parted them wide and started digging his finger into it. She started losing control.

After five minutes he got away from her and took her to the bed. Within a second she was below him and he was kissing her wildly. He was also trying to get her naked which she was resisting to her best. But slowly and slowly her clothes were disappearing from her body.

When she was finally naked she again made feeble attempt to escape but he caught her.

"You are not going anywhere before you give me your pussy," he said and threw her back on the bed below him.

Looking at her smooth pussy he said, "As I had expected it is best pussy I have ever seen. Years ago I had fucked a young girl of your age. She also had the similar pussy. I still remember her as the best girl I have ever fucked. But now you will become the best."

She blushed pink. "Please, I think we should not do it," she said trying to cover her pussy.

Tom Kolvig pushed her hands away and touched the pink hole of her cunt.

"It is wet and ready and still you don't want to do it. Why do you want to deny pleasure to this poor cunt?"

" are my father-in-law," she said.

Ignoring her words, he inserted his index finger into her slippery cunt and taking it out sucked it dry. "Umm...tasty cunt...I would love to fuck it."

She blushed deeply at this obscene gesture from her father-in-law.

Top kolvig took postion between her legs and holding his dick said, "Are you ready to take this."

"I-I don't know," she said, closing her eyes.

"You will know very soon."

He took hold of her legs and put them on his shoulders. Then holding his dick he searched for her pink heaven. Finding it he rubbed the purple head of his massive tool on the pink opening. She shivered with excitement and started craving for penetration but didn't expressed her desperation to him.

And then suddenly he pushed the crown of his cock into the small opening of her cunt.

She cried with pain. "Aaahhhhh..."

Inner folds of her cunt were resisting. But he had no intention to stop. He took deep breath and with a massive stroke pushed the full dimension of his manhood into her.

"Aaaahhhhh," she cried again. "Please wait a little, I am in pain."

He grinned lewdly and started pumping his dick in and out of her pussy mercilessly; not caring a least about her pain. After few seconds when pain subsided she started moaning with each thrust he gave into her, digging her fingernails into his back.

"I knew you are a slut," he said huskily.

"I am not slut. You have forced me into this."

"Your slippery pussy is saying otherwise."

"That doesn't mean that I am doing it willingly."

"Then why are you moaning," he said with a fierce stroke into her.

"Ahhhh," she moaned. "I hate you."

Tom Kolvig placed his lips on hers and started squeezing her boobs. Meanwhile thrust of his cock continued into her. It was going at such places into her cunt where her husband's dick had never gone before. She was feeling so good. Feeling of strong orgasm was developing into her. She was enjoying this moment very much. His mouth was giving pleasure to her boobs and his giant cock was giving pleasure to her pussy. It was special moment.

"Did Jack ever fuck you like this?" he said.

"No, and he don't have to. He is not an animal," she said rudely.

"I am sure you are enjoying this animal," he said while pushing his dick violently into her.

Intense wave of orgasm swept through her and she screamed loudly, "aaaahhhhh."

He raised his speed, his dick pumping in and out with great force. Again intense orgasm swept through her. Just then he growled like animal and started coming into her. She could feel his hot semen seeping into her tender pussy she felt throbbing of his cock.

When he had released everything into her he collapsed over her. His breathing was heavy, his body sweating. Her own breath was also hay wire. He felt quite heavy but she decided to stay still and relax.

Just then she heard footsteps outside her room. She panicked. She tried to push her father-in-law away but he didn't budge. Perhaps he had drifted into sleep.

She shook him violently. However it was too late. At the door was standing her brother William, watching them with confused eyes.

She pushed her father-in-law away and pulled sheet on her naked body, her whole body shaking.

Without a word William slipped out of the door. Quickly she wore her clothes, went to the door, and peeked out; William was sitting on the sofa in living room.

"What's your brother doing here?" Tom Kolvig said wearing his clothes.

"I-I don't know. What should I do? How would I justify this to him?"

"Leave that to me, just relax," Tom Kolvig said, his face expressionless.

To be continued

Written by: Nextstar

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