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Kim Lazenby's Resumé Ch. 02

by PrimalRoots©

Some of the pairs lightly kissed while others practiced light make out sessions. Valerie bit her lip, looking as though she wished to join one of the pairs. It seemed that she was especially impressed with Eva and Caitlyn, who held each other intimately as they kissed. Helena had her eyes on Jillian and Julia; although Jillian seemed apathetic, she zealously returned Julia's open-mouthed kisses, but no sign of tongue came through. I personally found myself unable to take my eyes off of Hannah and Nicki. Hannah was very tall, and her breasts were not very large, but something about her figure made me wet, and the fullness of Nicki's breasts accompanied by her luscious legs only added on to the flow.

"Come on bitches, show me what you've really got!" Helena yelled. The girls each put more force into their kissing, none truly getting into the moment like we'd wished. Valerie watched on, subtly caressing her labia and allowing her nipples to grow erect.

The weak-willed Truth-or-Dare type kissing came to an end five minutes later when Helena became fed up with the lack of effort and I had finally uttered the first words the girls heard from me: "Is that it?"

Helena liked my initiative and decided to take some of her own in a way that would (for lack of a better term) seal the deal of my subordination to her.

"Kim's right, you bitches don't know how to treat each other. Valerie, go stick your tongue down Caitlyn's throat," Helena ordered. Valerie nearly ran across the room to Caitlyn and grabbed the back of her neck, swiftly engaging in a heavy make out session that left all the other girls inspired, but unmotivated. Caitlyn did not return the favor in full recompense, and there began my personal initiation.

Helena stopped Valerie from her attack and addressed the pledges as well as me, giving a wink to suggest that her words from the night before would now come into play. "That's it, you all need to learn a lesson. Kim and I will show you what it means to be comfortable with your sorority sisters."

She took a step towards me, leaning up slightly and gently planting her lips on mine in extreme intimacy and seduction. I felt everything in that one kiss: lust, greed, love, passion, happiness, jealousy, anger, but most of all I desired more. The kiss lasted for only a few seconds, and then Helena's sweet, intoxicating, addictive lips left mine. It was my first kiss.

She pulled away from me to make sure I would comply with her plan. After a look into her smoldering eyes, taking in the passion and subtle romantic undertones of the moment, I nodded, and forcefully pulled her to me and kissed her furiously and frantically, attaching my right hand to her small but proportional ass, grabbing a handful of her pitch hair with my left hand, and feeling the desire and arousal of every masturbation session in the last six months.

I hardly noticed when Helena started unbuttoning my baby blue shirt. I was too busy enjoying the feeling of her leg wrapped around mine as she nearly jumped onto me. She opened my shirt completely and reached around to start unhooking my bra as I zealously bit her lip. I heard a moan escape her throat as I pulled her against me in just the right way that my thigh rubbed against her crotch through the thin layer of her leggings.

My shirt came off so that my bra could follow, and soon I was topless as seventeen naked girls watched me swap saliva with an Italian goddess. When our tongues met, we had begun to sink to the floor, Helena making sure that I laid on my back. She laid on top of me, pinching my nipples as our tongues flicked past each other. I put both of my hands to her playful ass, kneading it as I saw fit.

At last, Helena broke the kissing streak to become more acquainted with the rest of my body. I finally felt perfectly feminine as she kissed down my neck, across my collarbone, and to my breasts, where she massaged and kissed generously. I opened my eyes to see all the girls frozen in stare with excitement and awe.

"Don't just stand there, bitches, follow our lead," I ordered, giving the illusion that Helena wasn't the only one calling the shots. I moaned freely, and noticed that Valerie had pinned Caitlyn to the wall. That was enough to put the prude into her place and get her to react the way we wanted. One way or another, each pair succeeded at engaging in legitimate lesbian love.

Eva simply stood up against the wall, no partner to her, and began masturbating at the sight of eighteen girls vigorously molesting each other. Helena became so occupied with my breasts that I had to remind her of the task at hand with a tap to her head. She smiled, giggled, and stood up with me to the sight of each pair of girls on the floor; some grinding on each other, some kissing, and some feeling every inch of each other.

Helena reluctantly brought the activity to an end. "That's good. Now it's time for the real challenge for today. That's right bitches, that was just the warm up. We wanted to give you a fair chance, that's all. We're nice that way. Get back into your lines. Valerie, for now just stand in Kim's line."

Helena began undressing herself completely. I took the hint and unzipped my jeans, removing my white cotton panties (now thoroughly soaked) with them in a swift motion. For the first time, I stood completely exposed to people. That fact did not strike me until later that day, for I was too occupied in watching Helena teasingly remove each article of clothing. Perhaps it was my imagination, but it looked like the world's most subtle striptease.

I couldn't tear my eyes away from her Greek-like figure: perky breasts topped off with small and erect pink nipples, a perfectly even skin tone unmarked by tan-lines, an alluring scent coming from her natural being, and not a single hair anywhere but her head. So small, yet so remarkably full, I thought.

I didn't even snap out of my trance until after Helena gave her next command. "Kim and I are like your big sisters, and you have to treat us extra special, so she and I will decide who leaves based on who licks pussy the best. Kim?"

At last, I stopped staring at her to face Whitney, the weak looking mini-girl. I didn't want to look like I had no control over the situation, so I gave her a sultry look and returned to the floor, leaning against the back wall, and spreading my legs wide for her. I became conscious of my pubic hair, and decided that I would shave it to be more like Helena.

"What are you waiting for?" I spat at Whitney.

"You're all going to be licking both our pussies for a minute," Helena instructed. "So let's get started."

I didn't know how I'd keep track of a minute, so I just left it to Helena. I watched the equally frail Bailey kneel before Helena, preparing for cunnilingus simultaneously with Whitney. The second I felt the well-salivated pressure jolt my body through my sex, I entered heaven. Whitney became the first person to touch me, and I told myself to never forget it. Now I wish I'd forgotten completely, but amnesia had not blessed me as of yet.

I moaned liberally, but Helena seemed unimpressed with the oral sex she was receiving from Bailey. I thought perhaps that it was a mistake, but behind that thought was a hidden realization that she knew exactly what was good. I fell in love with Whitney's tongue, but I anticipated better work.

I was right; everyone was better than Whitney. Nicki had a long tongue that could just barely penetrate my hole, Francesca left no centimeter of my labia untouched, Julia put the perfect amount of pressure into it, Emily lapped my juices with incredible speed, Nessa hummed on my vagina eliciting hard moans from me, Ivana successfully revealed my clitoris, and Caitlyn kept a finger inside of me while she played with my clit.

It was hard to tell what Helena was thinking, but occasionally I would catch her gasping or grabbing her girls' hair, curling her toes. It wasn't long before I found out what had impressed her.

Hannah had the insight to twist her finger inside of me while her tongue circled my clit, teasing it. Bailey did not impress, as I expected. No better than Whitney. Alexis, however, looked so natural on my pussy, and her sheer beauty made the experience extremely erotic. Jillian, who I believed to be too apathetic for any great effort, surprised me with a level of sluttiness I couldn't have imagined. Not only did she lick and finger me, she liked dirty talking. Something we did set her off, because she started spouting her true feelings: "You taste so good, sister. I love your pussy..."

The stout Taylor was a step down from Jillian, but I could tell she was no stranger to pussylicking. Haleigh did not impress either. I guessed it was her first time. The supermodel, Elena, made all her movements gracefully as if she were under close watch by judges. Eva made a similar impression - exaggerated, desperate.

The real stand out was Valerie, as expected. I don't know what it was - by the time she reached me I thought I'd seen it all. But when her glorious smile faded beneath my vulva, I felt more pleasure than I myself or any of the girls gave me. She held my thighs, buried her face into me, and struck me with a great surprise - my first real orgasm.

I thought I'd given myself a real orgasm from masturbating, but feeling this remarkable, astounding, literally breathtaking tremor consume my mind, I knew this was the first one. As much as I've changed since then, I will never forget that first orgasm, nor will I wish to, albeit reluctantly.

Her minute was up. All the girls had given their performances. Helena and I exchanged a few words, my mind hardly focused. Even so, it was just enough to make our decision.

"Some of you are naturals at pussylicking. That's a good sign of true sluttiness. Some of you still need some practice. But one of you is beyond our help. Whitney, get the fuck out."

She nearly let a tear leak out of her eye. It was clear that she had tried her best, but the fact of the matter was that she was no slut. I felt less sorry for her than I did for the unfortunate three before her. She was so embarrassed that she left behind her panties.

"Three more challenges left," Helena announced. "Now that I know who's a real slut, I'll be addressing all of you as sluts instead of bitches. Call it a promotion. You have two more challenges today. That means four of you sluts will be out of here. So if you want to stay you'd better step it up. Understood, sluts?"

"Yes, sister," they mumbled.

"What was that?" I yelled at them.

"Yes, sisters!" They chirped, remembering their new roles.

Helena once again smiled at my initiative. "Good. Now each of you go find a good cock to bring back here. You have one hour."

They started getting dressed when I instructed, "Leave your underwear."

One by one they all left the house, only Helena and I remaining. She did not get dressed, so I followed her lead. We walked upstairs together and to her bedroom where we laid on the bed.

"That was something," Helena said, returning to her kind, bubbly personality. "You're not bad at this, Kim."

"I'm just following your lead," I humbly replied.

She moved on. "That Valerie is truly a slut. We'll have fun with her."

"What are you going to have the girls do when they get back?" I asked.

"Suck cock. What else?"

"I don't know."

"We might have to do it a bit ourselves."

"I'm ready for anything," I said with wanton exasperation.

We laid there in her bed, completely naked, never once consideration to combine our lust into a passionate lesbian display once again. Instead, she slid her hand across the sheets to grab mine. My heart fluttered.


We eventually got dressed just in time for the first girl - Valerie, of course - to walk through the door with a muscleman. All the girls arrived within ten minutes after Valerie. There were still fifteen to spare.

"Well done, ladies. You all grabbed a guy well before time was up. Hopefully you didn't play too desperately," she added, trying not to give away any signs of compassion. "Do you know what you're here for, guys?"

None of them knew the answer. They replied with blank stares, shrugs, and not a single guess. A few of them smiled, likely thinking to themselves how they'd like to fuck any of the women in the room. I noticed one in particular, one that Valerie had procured. I would come to learn that his name was Mike. He spiked his black hair and wore a tight black shirt, accentuating his muscles. I guessed in the moment that he'd done some construction work to get the money for college. It turned out I was right, but I digress.

Helena walked down the line of boys and girls, avoiding eye contact with the sluts. "You're here to help me train these sluts. Here's how it's gonna go down. They get to stand perfectly still while you have your way with them. There's no point in putting them on their knees, they don't get to move. You just touch them however you'd like. Ready sluts? Begin."

I had a strong suspicion that she was officially making things up as she went along. She knew that she'd be sexually torturing these girls, of course, but how was a matter of mood. Improvisation. I thought it was incredibly inventive. It only made me more attracted to her.

The men were smiling all the while during her explanation. When she indicated that they could start their teasing, they all stood in amazement. They must have thought it was too good to be true. One man played the fool and went first. When it turned out that there was no catch, no prank in the workings, they all went forward.

Some of the girls were once again naked in a matter of seconds. Hannah stood - shaking slightly, her plump lips quivering - completely nude, her exposed bush of pubic hair breathing open air. The boy who had undressed her was frightening her by standing directly behind her. She didn't know what would come next, but when he started to massage her, the trepidation faded from her body language. He was going to ease her into it.

Some of the girls were just as lucky: Julia, Alexis, Taylor, Francesca, Nessa, Elena, Caitlyn, and Jillian. The rest had an array of treatment, all of which were rough.

Eva's man did not immediately undress her. He walked around her a few times, running his hand across her collarbone and her neck. He circled around her until she felt safe, and then struck like a panther in the night. His right arm hooked around her hips, keeping her back locked to his front. His left hand slapped onto her breast over her tight spaghetti strap shirt. His mouth dropped to her neck, and placed its lips onto her warm skin. She whimpered at the sudden stimulation, and looked afraid of her assailant. Helena did not look pleased.

Emily's man had an interesting way to get around Helena's instruction. He undressed her except for her panties, a neon blue design, and pulled out an average erection, nothing to write home about. She stayed perfectly still, her eyes forward and almost unblinking. The man hooked the side of her panties around his cock and rubbed it against her hips that way. Her hands were interlocked in front of her crotch, looking like they were almost twitching towards the hard on rubbing against her.

Ivana's man only took off her shorts and panties, leaving a pathetic image of a girl missing bottoms. He stuck a middle finger in her mouth, forcing her to wet it, and slowly stuck it into her asshole as she winced with great pain, her legs trembling and tears streaming down her face.

Nicki was a different story than the rest. Her man took none of her clothes off, he just reached into her panties and fingered her as she leaned back onto him with eyes closed and euphoria escaping her throat in form of pleasurable moans. He had to hold both of her wrists in one hand to keep her from violating her limitations.

Haleigh had a nearly emotionless reaction. Her man practically tortured her breasts, pulling and tugging on her nipples, slapping her breasts, kneading them forcefully, and biting them until dark teeth marks marred her otherwise perfect and well-tanned skin. It looked like she could take pain. But did she take pleasure in pleasing? Subservience didn't appear to be her forte.

Valerie, of course, did exactly what Helena wanted to see. She was the prodigal slut, after all. Mike gave her a soft treatment at first, assuring her that he wasn't all about himself. He let his hands slide across her body, not just in the erogenous areas, but also in more innocent places. The small of her back, her arms, even her cheeks. She smiled at his touch, for once a smile of contentedness instead of arousal. This went on until at last Valerie reverted to her normal self and gave a simple slutty giggle, indicating that Mike should get busy. He went through the motions of more intimate sex, slowly undressing her and giving her neck, her breasts, her thighs an oral act of appreciation. She sighed, she moaned, she smiled. Most importantly, when Mike stuck his tongue to her clit, she opened her eyes and looked directly to Helena. It must have had some effect, because Helena blushed ever so slightly for one fleeting moment.

The tragedy of the scene, however, was Bailey. So frail, so inexperienced, yet subject to the torment of an obviously emotionally-repressed rebel boy. He literally ripped her clothes off, leaving a ragged heap in front of her. His sex-drive was fed by the knowledge of fear in his partner, and he used Bailey's petite figure to his advantage. He scratched her, smacked her tits and ass, choked her momentarily. She panted and shook from what looked like shock, but was simply a breakdown. Even the adamant Helena had some heart, and stopped the test.

The men stepped back, and while some of the girls came down from their euphoria, Bailey and Ivana nearly collapsed in their shameful pain. Helena walked up to Bailey and gave her a very sweet kiss, not one of sarcasm, and not one to make a statement. She simply kissed her, and I felt the jealousy surge through me. "You can go," she murmured into her ear. Helena walked to Ivana and took her bottoms, giving them to Bailey. Valerie offered her shirt. Bailey was gone in a flash.

Ivana did not get the same treatment. Helena felt that she could have handled the treatment, so she was rudely told to leave, and did not get any spare clothes. She was forced to run across campus with her pussy exposed to the world. Luckily, she wasn't caught by any campus authority.

Helena started yet another explanation. "You two boys can go. Looks like you didn't get the right girls. As for the rest of you, congratulations, you get to stick around for the fourth test. Oh... I'm sorry, you two boys, come back. I almost forgot, we can still use you."

The two men came back inside, looking confused. I would have too if I hadn't gotten used to Helena's improvisational ways. I went through all the scenarios I could think of, and I was actually able to guess her plan.

"You all get to fuck one of us lucky girls," Helena said. "So let's mix it up. Pick a new partner, boys. And yes, Kim and I count."

Valerie looked disappointed when Mike left her, especially when he came to me. But lucky for her, she got an equally talented male to replace him. The pairings were nothing I can remember except that Caitlyn got the sadistic bastard that scarred Bailey.

In the moments when I was still observing the other girls, I noticed that Caitlyn had a knack for taking pain and loving it. In a matter of no time, the guy had his prick buried in her pussy, pulling on her hair and smacking her ass as he fucked her from behind. She moaned and begged for more, and I was amazed by her vigor. The other girls had a similar reaction to their partners, but some took a little time to even make a sound.

I don't remember anything about the other girls from that point. It became completely about me and Mike. It wasn't until he placed his hands on my shoulders that I realized exactly how turned on I was. Helena had said we would only be giving blowjobs, but now she'd decided to take it one step further by turning it into an orgy.

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