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Kim Lazenby's Resumé Ch. 02

by PrimalRoots©

I left before she returned, and without a word to Mrs. Bucciarelli. I was off to New York City.


At the end of Spring Break, Helena confronted me. She'd tried to call me on the phone, but I never picked up. Much of my vacation had been spent in tears, near mental breakdown, and she wouldn't know for weeks. So she innocently tried to console me.

"Kimmy, I know-"

"It's Kim," I interjected.

"Kim... I know you're disappointed, but please, my future depends on this experiment. I've got a thesis all written up and I can present it when I get to grad school, I could even get my doctorate for this. Can you just stick it out until the end of the school year? It's not so far off."

"Sure thing, Helena. Anything for you, Helena," I replied coldly, scathingly, and sarcastically.

She looked sad. I could tell that maybe there was some remorse, but Sarah's words just echoed through my head too much to believe that any of the emotion was true. She used me to get ahead. She ruined me. I had to rebuild.

"I'm sorry," she tried.

"It's too late for you," I said ominously. "I'll stick it out. But you'll regret the day we met."

She must not have believed me. She didn't take any of the precautions she should have. She must have plenty of regrets now.

I forgot to mention that when 2006 came around I started to get into movies a little more, although my love for music did not dwindle. I caught up on horror movies, enjoying old and new alike. Prom Night, Black Christmas, Showgirls, The Exorcist, they all terrified me, and I loved the rush. There was one brand new movie from the previous Halloween that I particularly enjoyed for its graphic depiction of torture and ultimatum.


A few days after the school year ended and I managed to pull the grades I wanted in all my classes, I made nice with Helena.

"Let's just take a trip. Right now, let's go, not even tell anybody," I suggested, acting excited and revitalized.

"Listen, Kim-" she started.

"I'm not trying to get you to fall in love with me. I promise. The sorority thing is over, it's going to be a normal, averagely slutty sorority that neither of us are going to be part of any longer. So to commemorate the success of your experiment and as a show of good faith I want to take you on an exciting trip to New York. Don't even bother packing your bags; we're going to have a great weekend where we do as we please, no planning ahead and no worries at all. Let's just go!"

As it turns out, she had a knack for adventure beyond betrayal and deceit. We started driving away thirty minutes later, leaving our phones in the house. She'd fallen for my ruse.

When we arrived in the city, I took her to The Bronx, a part she'd never expected to see. It was a dark morning, about 2:00 a.m. I parked the car on a one-way street just a block away from a shoddy looking deli. When I got out of the car, she got out with me, albeit reluctant.

"Kim, are you sure we should be here at this time of night?" she asked nervously.

"What are you afraid of? Being kidnapped?"

"Well to be honest, yes I am."

I locked the car doors. "You're such a smart girl, Helena. I wish you didn't have to waste your intelligence on trying to overcome me."

"Kim, what's going on?"

"I told you you'd regret the day you met me."

Five men jumped out from the shadows, covering Helena's mouth and grabbing her tiny body. Together we marched into one of the buildings, tying her hands and ankles together along the way. We took her to the basement and threw her into a hard wooden chair. There was no point in covering her mouth. Nobody would hear.

"What the fuck is this? Who are these people?"

"These are some friends I sold you to. They're looking for pretty girls like you to use, and I offered to deliver you for a very low price."

"Oh my god... KIM! PLEASE NO!! LET ME GO, LET ME GO!!"

I got close to her and clearly displayed my dominance over her. "Ask me how much I sold you for."

"Kim, please, you can't-," a smack across the face shut her up. "How much did you sell me for?"

"Six dollars and fifty-four cents. That's how much I had to pay for the lunch we got the day we met when you didn't have any money on you."


"These fine men are going to fuck you. Then they're going to take you far away from here, maybe to Kansas, maybe to Tennessee, who knows? You'll be far away from cities, but men and women desperate for sex will travel any distance to have fun with every one of your holes, and you will like it, and you will beg for more," I delivered sinisterly.

Remember how I said I'd become a fan of a certain horror movie. Well, that movie was Saw. I had to take away some of the level of seriousness, at least for myself. So I took my money, walked up the stairs, and grabbed the door. Kim took one last look into my eyes, communicating the ultimate regret, remorse, pain, suffering, fear... that I so desired to see in her.

I slammed the door after the final words I said to her, never to see her again, never to be humiliated at the level she'd inflicted me with. I looked at her with the new true happiness I would crave for years and still do now. Sex and love no longer made me happy. Pain did. The pain of others. Helena made me who I am today, and for that I must thank her. But only spiritually.

I looked at her and spoke one last time.

"Game Over."

Written by: PrimalRoots

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