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Melissa Ruach Kaley Cuoco Blacked

by AWO4me©

Melissa was going to get married the next day , And she wanted to celebrate with her girlfriends. They went to a club, partied, And gossiped about how handsome and nice her fiancé was.

As the evening went on, Melissa and Kaley were the only ones still up for fun while her other friends had long since gone home. 6 Black men had been eyeing the hot, young blondes all night.

"Damn! Those bitches be fine as hell, Bro!" one said to the group

"I'd bang that shit all day!" Another said.

"I bet we could tonight" Another said winking at the group.

"What you got in mind?" Another said

"Shit! These girls drunk as hell; easy pick up. Follow me"

The six Black men went to clearly intoxicated and happy girls.

"Damn girls! You be looking fine as Hell!"

Normally, that sort of comment would have repulsed them, But being intoxicated impaired their judgement.

"Really? You think so?" Melissa said with a slur in her voice smiling.

"Damn! Both you bitches be fine!" Another said

Kaley giggled and smiled.

"How fine are we?" Kaley asked.

"I'd go to town with you girl! Both of you!"

"That's sad since my friend is getting married tomorrow" Kaley said jokingly.

"Oh? He good in bed?" One in the group said inching towards the girls

"Oh my?" Melissa blushed, "Well, it could be better" She said in a moment of honesty

The Black men laughed

"He a White boy?" One asked

"Yes, how did you know?" She looked curiously

The Black men laughed again even louder

"Just a guess." On in the group said, "What are you two up to?"

"Well, we were just heading home." Melissa said.

"Why not have some fun with us?"

Their fences being down due to alcohol both looked at each other

"Sure! Why not?" Kaley blurted out.

Melissa was surprised but didn't fight the idea; The thought intrigued her.

"Well, girls let's head out to my place"

As they walked out Kaley stumbled a bit which allowed a feel up of her tits by one of the Black men in the name of keeping her up. Kaley thanked him and no clue that was his intention.

They high heels didn't help, And she stumbled out again walking towards their cars.

They all sat together in his living room when they arrived. After some jokes, one of the Black men decided to get ballsy.

"Let me ask you ladies something. You ever been with a Black man?"

Both said No to them.

"You believe in the "Black guys are bigger thing?"

"Not sure about that" Kaley said, "Think that's just a myth".

"OH! How about we show them?" One of the Black men said winking at his buddies.

Each man unzipped and whipped out their massive Black cocks. Kaley and Melissa were shocked looking around the room.

Kaley, combined with alcohol and a sexual desire, took the Black guy's cock next to her in her hands amazed.

"My god! That's huge!" she blurted out.

"Why don't you make it bigger?" He said while pulling her head towards his cock.

Kaley never felt more impulse in her life. She didn't fight. She didn't argue. She placed his Black cock in her mouth and began sucking. He moaned and smiled at his buddies.

"What are you waiting for?" The Black guy next to Melissa said.

Melissa knew she was getting married the next day, she knew her fiancé would kill her if he knew she was with a Black man the night before, But her impulses drove her to submit to his demands. She placed her head down and began sucking his massive, Black cock. His moans made her feel more compelled to submit to him.

"Hell Bitch! They ain't the only ones here!" The other four Black walked to both of them. The firmness in his voice commanded obedience. Without struggle, they began sucking on jerking on all of the Black men.

"Let's see them White tits" One of the Black men said.

In their drunken stupor, they obeyed without hesitation. They removed their tops and bra revealing their MASSIVE White tits to all of the Black men.

"I'm gonna suck those bitches!"

"I'm joining" Another said laughing

Both of them bent down and sucked Melissa and Kaley's White tits while they kept sucking and jerking the others.

One by one, all of the Black men removed their clothing.

"Damn girls. We be naked why aren't you?"

The logic made sense in their drunkenness as they stumbled and giggled. They removed all of their clothing and slung it on the floor.

"These Bitches be fine as hell!" one said admiring every inch of both of their naked, White body as they stood for them to admire.

"Spin around slowly, Bitches" One of the Black men said

They did so which allowed the Black men to enjoy seeing every bit of their perfect body.

Melissa was self-aware but still continued. She saw all over her clothing on the ground and knew 6 Black men could see every inch of her body; An hour ago, she would never THINK that would happen, But this was different. She wasn't going to waste this chance.

"Get on your hands and knees, Bitch" One of them said.

Melissa obeyed-placing herself in the doggystyle position, she knew his Huge, Black cock would ruin her for her husband, But she didn't care. He positioned himself behind her and stuck his black cock inside. Even being as drunk as she was, she still felt immense pain as his huge, Black cock split her pussy. He grabbed her shoulders and fucked her like a jack hammer. One of the Black Men had his fill. He knelt down and demanded she open her mouth. He carefully jerked off and came in her mouth.

"Swallow it, Bitch." He said loudly.

She obeyed joyfully. His cum was so sweet she wanted to swallow it. He grabbed his clothes without saying a word and walked out of the room.

"Let me fuck those tits" One of the 5 left said to Kaley.

She submitted to him and squeezed her tits to let him enjoy fucking them. After a few strokes inside, he stuck his Black cock up to her face. Pushing his cock as far as he could, he demanded she lick the tip of his cock. She obeyed. Having his fill, he groaned and came all over her face; cum dripped down her forehead, face, and chin- with some in her hair. He also grabbed his clothing to walk out of the room.

"Let's give these bitches something to think about" One said while Kaley was wiping the cum off, "Bend over, Bitches".

They did, And the four Black men positioned themselves in front of the girl's mouth and ass. Two jammed their Black cock in their mouth and began to skull fuck them. The other two placed the tip of their cock to their asshole.

They began to force their Black cock inside their asshole. Both of the girls, mouth stuffed, began to grunt in pain but didn't complain. The Black men began to fuck them more harshly and spanked their ass just as hard.

"That's right, Bitch! Take that cock!" One of the Black men said.

They did for 15 minutes until two were ready to cum. They grunted, stuck their Black cock as far as they could, And came deeply inside their asshole. Both grabbed their clothing without saying a word and left. The Black men cumming created a sexual surge that made the girls cum in the best way they have in their have in their life.

The other two Black men ordered them to kneel on the ground. They obeyed; Jerking their huge, Black cocks they unloaded on the girls' face. Cum splattered every bit of their face and dripped on the ground.

On their knees, with cum dripping down their face and two Black men in front of them one harshly said,

"All right, Bitches. We done with you. Get the fuck out."

Cum dripping down their face, they dared not question them, grabbed their clothing as the two Black men had more of a chance to watch their naked white body-running out-, And left without a word. Both girls quickly got dressed outside did their best to wipe the cum off of their face and called a cab to leave.

One of the Black men said, "Sluts" as they left

"My goodness! I've never been treated like that!" Melissa said inside the cab.

"Do you feel bad?" Kaley responded.

Melissa looked into Kaley's eyes, "Oddly No. It seemed so natural to me. Like I deserved to be treated like that. I would never let my fiancé treat me like that, But with them it was okay."

Kaley's eyes opened wider, "I know right! It felt natural to be treated like that!"

The next day, Melissa was in her white, wedding dress; her large breasts fighting not to get out. She was listening and agreeing to her vows. She smiled not because she was happy being there. She knew her future husband would be wonderful but could never sexually please her the same way; But she also knew, what he didn't know wouldn't hurt him. She could always get Black cock on the side, so she wouldn't have to fake every orgasm like she always did with him.

Written by: AWO4me

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