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Texas Momma Whore Ch. 01

by Wildfire427©

My name is Dawn and I live in Texas. I was married to a wonderful man until he died three years ago. That left me to raise a son and a daughter by myself. It also left me virtually alone for the first time in my adult life.

My children have always been everything to me. I always tell them that I will do whatever they want. It is left over from the way I took care of my husband. I had always been submissive to him and would do whatever he wanted in an effort to please him. And I must admit that along the way I did enjoy myself too. I just never realized how much I missed sex. Actually, what I missed was being a slut whore and serving the needs of another.

So after three years I was beginning to deepen in a state of sexual withdrawal induced depression. It was on one particular night that I was sitting on the sofa, attempting to drown my sorrows with alcohol. I had assumed I was alone since my son was supposed to be out on a date and it was still early and my daughter was still at work.

“Oh how I wish I could go back in time and do it all over again. I miss being used and abused. Being a plaything. What I would give to have my hair pulled tight and my mouth led to a cock that will fuck my face. To have all my wholes filled at one time. To be spanked while I lick cum out of another girl. I miss it so much.”

I sat and cried softly, mumbling incoherently about how lousy a fuck I must be and how I wanted there to be someway to fill my needs.

“Mom, are you okay?”

I thought I was alone. Isaac was supposed to be on a date and it was still early. But there he stood in front of me, with loving concern on his face.

“Yeah, I’m just fucking great. Another wasted date and I get to go to bed with GI Joe (that’s my name for my plastic man that I keep in the nightstand).”

“Is there anything I can do to help?” he asks.

“I only wish you could but I don’t think you would understand.”

“Try me, maybe I will.”

“I miss sex. Actually I miss sex the way it was with your Dad,” I explain.

“You always seemed to be happy. I know from what I’ve seen on the Internet that what y’all did wasn’t exactly normal,” he offers.

“No maybe not normal to some, but very normal and enjoyable to us. When you get married, you need to find the right kind of woman. The kind that will do whatever you want. One that will take care of all of your needs, wants, desires, and fantasies.”

“I don’t think that kind of woman exists anymore, at least not that I’ve seen.”

I tell my son with a devilish grin, “Then you aren’t looking in the right place.”

He moves off the chair and sits over by me on the sofa. I’m caught off guard trying to set the beer bottle on the table without it falling over. I feel a hand entwine in my hair and my face is forced into my son’s lap. I can feel the bulge in his pants, throbbing through the material.

“Take my cock out and suck it.”

“Isaac I’m your mother!”

I never expected what would happen next. It was a memory right out of my first few months of marriage to Isaac’s Dad. The hand holding my hair twists my head up and around and the other hand slaps me across the face.

“Whore, I said suck my cock. Now do it or you will regret not pleasing me.”

I almost came at that moment. My hands went to Isaac’s pants and started to work on freeing his hard cock. His hand maintained pressure on my head holding my hair tight enough to cause some pain. Isaac lifted his hips to allow me to pull his pants and underwear down and then I saw it. My own son’s cock. I just stared for a few moments at it. Savoring the thoughts of what it will do to me.

“Oh Isaac you are even bigger than your Dad, and he was big,” I inform him.

“Good. Then I will be able to sleep tonight knowing my cock has been places in your body that he never dreamed of. Now suck my cock you fucking slut whore,” he commanded.

And suck I did. I found myself almost in tears I was so happy to have my mouth stuffed so full of my son’s cock. I actually had to remember how to deep throat like my husband had taught me so many years before. None of the guys I had dated since were anywhere near as well hung. I tried to take my time working my lips up and down the shaft. I wanted to try to stick my tongue out and lick my son’s balls but there was too much meat in my mouth.

I moved until I was kneeling on the floor before my son. Both of his hands were now in my hair working me up and down, fucking my mouth with his cock.

“Let’s see those tits slut. Rip that fucking blouse off and let me see what you’ve been hiding from me.”

With my mouth still being filled, I reach down and pull at my blouse ripping the buttons off and pushing the material back onto my shoulders. Isaac reaches down and plays with my tits leaving me to work on his cock unguided. He moves softly, cupping and holding each one. Then his hands become more urgent. Mauling my breasts, finding my hard nipples and pinching and pulling on them. I can’t resist and let a moan escape my throat, which my son feels through his cock.

“You like that bitch?” he asks.

“Mmmm Hmmm,” I respond with my mouth full.

“I’m going to enjoy playing with these too. Bet you’ll love it when I titty fuck you and cum all over your slutty face, won’t you?”

“Mmmm Hmmm.”

“Tell you what. From now on, you are my slut whore. You will do what I say and keep me happy. And if you don’t, you will be punished. Now stand up and get that blouse all the way off and then let’s see what I have to play with under that slutty skirt.”

I pull my mouth from Isaac’s cock trailing a bit of spit as I disengage. I stand before him and finish removing my blouse giving him a full view of my 38D tits. I reach around, unzip my skirt, and let it fall to the floor. I then clasp my hands behind my back.

“Oh you are a naughty little whore aren’t you? You didn’t even bother to wear panties over that shaved little pussy of yours. Are you wet?” my son asks.


“Show me. Slide a finger in your cunt and pull it out and show me how wet you are,” he commands.

I bring my hand around and slip my middle finger into my pussy as deep as it will go. I stir it around for just a moment and then pull it out and hold it up for my son’s inspection.

“Very nice. Lick your finger clean.”

I open my mouth and stick my finger in and lick and suck my own juices off my finger.

“Now rub your nipples with your wet finger.”

I get my finger really wet and pull it from my mouth and use the finger to circle one and then the other hard nipple on my chest.

“Get on the floor bitch. It’s time for me to find some pussy that Daddy never had. Spread those legs nice and wide, my little whore.”

My son removes the rest of his clothes and moves between my legs. For a moment there is a bit of apprehension about my son fucking me. As I look down at his huge hard cock, all my resistance fades away. He moves until his cock head is hovering around my pussy. Isaac leans forward and takes a nipple in his mouth and sucks it hard and then bites it with his teeth. He treats my other nipple the same way before his face hovers over mine.

“Now my little Momma whore. Time for you to get fucked. Reach down and take your son’s cock and put it in your slutty little fuck hole.”

I take my son’s hard cock in my hand and move it to my wet slit. I slide it up and down a moment and then let him ease the head into me. I bite my lip and stifle a moan as I open up to him.

“Now get your legs over my shoulders slut. I want you to feel all of my cock the first time.”

As soon as my legs are up and over Isaac’s shoulders, he plunges deep into me. I have never been so filled so fast and my pussy quivers in orgasm. My mouth opens wide as I try to gasp for air, finally succeeding as he pulls almost all the way out and shoves back in again. This time I take notice of his hairy balls slapping against my ass with his thrust.

“You like that bitch? You like my cock fucking your hot cunt?”

“Oh yes. It feels great. I love the way your cock feels in me,” I answer.

He pulls out and shoves back in. “Do you like that?”


He does it again. “And that?”

“Oh, yes.”

“Now tell me what you want, what you need.”

“I need you to fuck me like the slut whore that I am. I need your hard cock deep in me, fucking me, making me cum for you. I need to feel your big balls slapping my ass with each stroke. I need to feel your cock swell big and then fill me with all of your hot cum. Come on baby, give it to me. Fuck your slutty momma whore!”

It must have been what he wanted to hear because he stared pounding into me. I knew I would be sore the next day but I didn’t care. I was getting the fucking of my lifetime from my son and enjoying every gut wrenching orgasiming moment of it.

“Time to cool down your fire bitch with my hot cum. You ready for it?” Isaac asks.

“Oh yes baby. Fill my slut hole with your cum,” I encourage.

His rhythm changes and he is on the verge of shooting. I can actually feel his cock swelling bigger inside of me. Then it starts. It feels like a cannon exploding inside of me. Mother and son both making animal noises as the first fuck completes.

After a few moments, Isaac slides from between my legs. I stay on the floor, unsure if I can even move. I quickly recover as I am commanded to move.

“Go get me a drink, whore. And then come back her and lick my cock and balls clean.”

“Yes, Master,” I respond surprising myself at my newfound energy.

I return with the bottle, kneel before my son, and immediately begin cleaning the juices from our coupling. I can feel my son’s cum dripping from my well fucked pussy and I determine myself to show him just what kind of slut I really am.

I work his balls with one hand and stroke his shaft with the other. My mouth sucks on about three or four inches, paying particular attention to the sensitive head. My efforts are rewarded when my son speaks to me.

“You are such a whore. Can’t get enough can you? You want a mouthful of my cum don’t you?” he asks.

I look into his eyes and never letting up on his cock nod up and down.

“Do it then. Suck my cock. Get a good first taste of it. Enjoy it. Cause you’ll be getting plenty more of it from now on.”

I am so happy that I am pleasing him that I begin to move my mouth as fast as I can over his cock. What’s not in my mouth I stroke at the same speed. I don’t want it to last. I want cum. I need cum. He doesn’t warn me, but years of experience tell me to get ready.

The first two shots land in the back of my throat. I pull back a bit to take more in my mouth and then jerk his cock as the rest spurts on my tits. I continue to stroke him until he pushes my hand away. I wait until I see him finally open his eyes and look at me.

As he looks at his cum covering his Mom’s face and tits, I open my mouth to show him I am still holding his cum there too. I tilt my head forward and hold my tits in my hands. I let my son’s cum dribble from my mouth over my tits. When most is gone, I stick my tongue out and guide my tits to my mouth and lick up all of his cum and swallow it for him.

“You don’t have to worry about your needs anymore. You belong to me now. You are my slut whore to do with as I please from now on.”

I curl up and lay my head on my son’s lap, still licking his cock and balls. I know in my heart that I will do anything to please him.

Written by: Wildfire427

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