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by TryAnything©

Finally it was over, everyone having cum and spent themselves. The boys staggered back, leaving room for their sisters to slide off of the now diminishing cocks that had just recently filled their young pussies. They lay on their backs, their legs spread showing their red swollen pussies dribbling cum. The two women looked at each other and smiled, then leaned forward until they were nestled between the thighs of the two girls, lowering their faces to their cum-filled pussies to suck them clean.

"Boys, suck them clean," one of the women said, raising her head momentarily from Jill's pussy before diving back in to suck her clean.

The two brothers looked at each other and shrugged, dropping to their knees next to the two men. They each leaned over and grasped one of the slippery cocks, feeling that even in their now diminished states that they were heavy. They each leaned over and sucked a cock into their mouth, tasting the combined juices of their sisters' pussies. They sucked until they were sure the cocks were clean, releasing newly hard cocks as they licked their lips and sat up on their knees.

"You boys get on your hands and knees now," one of the women said. "Go on," she said when she saw them hesitate.

Slowly they complied, their asses pointing at the others.

"Girls, lay under them and suck on their cocks," she continued to direct. "That's it," she said when everyone was in position.

The two boys were enjoying their sisters sucking on them and were unprepared for the sensation of a wet tongue licking their balls. They quickly accustomed themselves to the sensation as their sisters continued to suck their cocks. They both jumped when the tongues lathing their balls moved up to slide across their assholes. Slowly they accustomed themselves to the sensation as the tongues slid from their balls to their assholes and back again. Then the tongues strayed to their assholes and didn't leave, tracing wet circles and gently probing at their openings.

"Okay, now you two can fuck us in the ass," the woman tonguing Bill's ass said. "You girls suck their assholes after they've managed to stuff their cocks into our asses."

They quickly shuffled around, the two women kneeling in front of the two boys, kneeling down so that their asses were sticking up into the air, nice targets. The boys maneuvered behind them, rubbing their cocks in their pussies to get them wet before pressing against their asses, slowly sliding their rigid cocks in until they were flat up against their asses. Their sisters knelt behind them and they both felt their velvety tongues slithering between their cheeks searching out their assholes as they slowly began to pump themselves in and out of the women's asses.

They had been fucking their asses for a couple of minutes when the two girls stopped sucking on their assholes. They felt strong hands grip them and hold them pressed deeply into the asses in front of them. Then they felt a probing at their asses and they suddenly knew what was about to happen.

Looking over their shoulders they saw the two men kneeling behind them, their cocks in their hands pressing them between their ass cheeks. Bill groaned as he felt the cock pressing against his asshole slowly stretch him until he knew that the head of it was nestled in his ass. Glancing over at his brother he saw that Bob's eyes were shut and he knew that he too had a cock pressing up his ass. Slowly the cocks pressed into the two boys, finally completely disappearing into their asses, filling them completely, their cocks stuffed into the asses of the two women in front of them.

As if directed by a conductor, the four of them began to slowly pump in and out, the four cocks sliding in and out of the asses holding them. The boys were amazed at the sensation of a cock sliding in and out of their asses, but they were also distracted by the sensation of the two asses in front of them gripping their cock tightly as they fucked them. For almost 15 minutes they all fucked until finally they began to cum, one by one, filling the ass in front of them, not stopping and falling over until they had all finished emptying their balls into each other.

The two girls found towels and gently cleaned everyone up while they lay there recovering, still shocked by what had just transpired. Then they too sat down, watching and waiting, knowing that there had to be something coming. And they were right. One of the women sighed and sat up, sitting cross-legged, her pussy spread open for all to see.

"Well, I know you're wondering what's going on, so now's the time to tell you. I'm Alice, your mother. This is John," she said, putting her hand on the man closest to her. "That makes that Ann and he's Jim," she said, a smile on her face. "I'm your mother. You came out of my body. The only thing is, we really don't know whether John or Jim is your father. It could be either one of them."

The twins stared at her like she was crazy, hardly believing what they were hearing.

"We all started dating when we were in high school," Alice continued. "It was like it was meant to be. We were the only sets of twins in our school and it just seemed natural. When we were in the 10th grade Ann and I decided that it was time to lose our virginity. So one day we managed to have the house alone long enough after school before our parents got home to get John and Jim to fuck us. Together. At the same time. We always did everything together. And then the two guys decided to trade places and they both fucked us again. And we realized that we really couldn't tell each other apart. I mean, Ann and I have the same personality. John and Jim have the same personality. And we're all identical twins, just like the four of you.

"So over the years we just treated our relationship like a single relationship. It's just that there was four of us. It didn't matter who was with who, we were the same. Then in college I found out that I was pregnant. We had no idea which one was the father and it didn't really matter. John and Jim drew straws and John got the short straw and we got married and Jim and Ann got married. They both wanted to marry me, but it was the only fair way to decide it. Since that time we've freely switched partners, sometimes living with one, sometimes with the other. It doesn't matter to us as long as we're all together.

"You mean you sent us to Ann's so she could, could, could corrupt us?" Jill asked with a laugh.

"To see if your inclinations were like ours," Alice replied with a smile. "Ann and I have been lovers since we were 12."

"You're kidding!" Bob exclaimed.

"No," Alice smiled at her son.

"So, we've been living with you and dad at the house, and sometimes you guys would visit each other or something?" Joan asked.

"Sort of," Alice replied. "Sometimes it was Ann living at the house, sometimes me. Sometimes it was John, sometimes Jim. None of you ever knew the difference."

"And at your house?" Bill asked Ann.

"I was there the first week, your mother the second week."

"You mean the whole time we were complaining about how square you were, you were fucking and sucking the four of us?" Joan asked.

"That's right," Alice told her with a laugh. "It was all I could do not to burst out laughing sometimes."

"So now what?" Jill asked her.

"What do you mean?"

"What are we going to do now?"

"Well, me, I'm going to see if I can't find three cocks to fill me all at once. I seem to remember you expressing some desires in that regard yourself."

"No, no, I don't mean that," Jill laughed, "though I can't wait to try it too. I mean what's going to happen with our lives now?"

"That's entirely up to you. This cabin is for all of us. Anyone can come here any time. Just like our homes have been except this is closer for everyone. You're free to live in either place with whoever happens to be there. We'll see how that works and then take it from there."

"Wow, this is going to be one super family," Bob said with a smile.

Written by: TryAnything

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