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Surprise Threesome

by ValhallaValkyrie©

I'm mad at you. I don't get to see you much, I'm here for one day, and you're letting the bitch you've been fucking come over. "She can see you anytime," I pout, "Promise me this isn't a plan to get me to have a threesome with you." I'm feeling shy, I'm just not sure I'd enjoy it, it's intimidating and sometimes I can get a little jealous. You give me a big hug, kiss my cheek and promise.

Holly gets here and, not wanting to be a jerk, I act very pleasantly toward her. We hang out and smoke. Eventually the three of us watch a movie on your futon and you fall asleep about halfway through. Holly and I watch the rest of the movie and she's eyeing me as if wondering when I'm going to leave. The movie ends and I lean up to turn off the light, say good night to her and turn onto my side. As soon as I do, you wrap your arm around me and snuggle up close. I smile and relax, falling asleep, your warm, strong body a comfort.

A few hours later I wake, you're nudging me and calling my name quietly. I'm a little disoriented, still mostly asleep I ask, "Are you OK? What's wrong?" As I roll over to face you, my sleep addled mind putting everything back together, I realize I hear slurping sounds. You're on your back and Holly is between your legs, going to town on your cock. I look up at you and shake my head, still groggy. "Come here," you say.

I'm still not sure I'm up for this, I'm too shy, "No baby, please, I'm too tired... I can't, please, not now... let me sleep." But you're pulling me to you, positioning me next to you with my head resting on your chest so we're both looking down, watching her swallow your big dick. She looks up for a second and then closes her eyes, turning her head from side to side as she moves down your length.

Your arm is wrapped around me, holding me close. You know what you're doing. Your hand moves slowly up the middle of my back, fingers brushing, tickling me, it drives me crazy, my hips flex back involuntarily. Up and down your hand travels and I sigh against you. The hand moves to cup my breast, fingers caressing my nipple gently as it hardens and then rolling it between your fingers. All this while we watch your cock disappear into her mouth over and over. Your other hand takes hold of my chin and tips my head up to meet your eyes. I look into them, wide eyes pleading and shake my head a little, "You promised," I whisper, trying to look upset, feeling slightly distracted.

"I know," you respond and stroke my cheek with your thumb, "I didn't plan it, I just woke up and couldn't help but want both of you," you brush my hair out of my face and behind my ear, "Come here, kiss me." With your hand on the back of my head, you lean down and I reach up, my breasts are pressed against your side as our lips meet. You kiss me hungrily, aggressively and I respond, holding your head to me. Your other hand grabs my ass, holding me tight to you, your pinky finger slips between my legs. That small move pushes me over the edge, I'm all in, I need to have you. Plus, I'm hotter than she is, that's important to me.

This must be so hot for you, making out with one girl while another is sucking your cock, she's doing a good job by the sound of it, you like it loud and sloppy. What does it feel like to have two girls here to do your bidding, their attention set on pleasing you? You pull away, taking my hand off the back of your head, hold it in yours and kiss it then suck on one of my fingers. I sag against you. You take it out of your mouth you grin, knowing you have me, that I'll do anything for you now.

"Go help her," you instruct as you nod in Holly's direction. I bite my lip, reach up for another kiss to help me muster a little courage and crawl down the bed, shy again. She looks over at me, pulls her head off your cock and smiles, while moving over. I smile back and get beside her, each of us now facing you, straddling one of your legs. She holds your cock at the base and offers it to me. I look up at you as I open my mouth and take the head into it, sucking hard, swirling my tongue around it, wanting to do a better job than her. You are angled up on some pillows watching us with your hands behind your head, that sexy half smile on your face. She's massaging your balls while I suck on your cock, she keeps holding the base while I swallow more of you, as I come up I let you slip out of my mouth and she takes a turn. I take hold of your cock for her, keeping my fingers in a firm ring at the base. I wonder if she's feeling competitive too, she's little more animated now. As we take turns gobbling your cock, I reach under her hand and use a knuckle to put at little pressure on your taint. Your leg bends up and I grind against it.

"Take out your tits." you command. I sit up and pull them out over my shirt and bra then lean down to take you into my mouth again. She sits up and takes off her shirt. I have huge tits, hers are small but not bad. I give Holly another turn on your cock. You reach down and pull hard on one of my nipples.

"Doesn't Claire have great tits?" you ask her. Your cock is already back in her mouth so all she can do is nod while she watches you abuse them. After a few slaps you give us new instructions, "Claire, wrap these around my cock. Holly, grab the flashlight and come lie next to me." She moves to the base of the bed and picks up a big black Maglite.

"Take off your clothes." you tell her. She strips quickly and then crawls up the bed to you, you move over to make room and she hands you the flashlight. Once you are settled I move between your legs and position myself with my tits on either side of your cock, it's wet and shiny from our combined saliva. I push my tits together and begin to jerk you off with them, licking your cock head every time it pokes out from my cleavage.

You're upper body is turned, resting on your elbow as you have her maneuver into a spot that works, she's propped up on pillows with her legs spread and angled toward you. Reaching over, you slip a finger into her cunt. Her pussy lips are spread wide, they're glistening and you immediately add two more fingers. You finger her for a minute, adding a 4th then remove your hand and present it to me, I lick her juices off it.

You pick up the flashlight and spit on it then place it at the entrance of her pussy. It's huge. 18" long and something like 6" around. She looks a little apprehensive but you don't pay any attention and she doesn't move to stop you. You slowly begin to work it into her. I go back to sucking your cock so I can watch the big black shaft disappear between her pussy lips, pulling at them.

You look down, see me watching with your cock down my throat and shoot me a smile. "Ride me." I give you one last good suck and stand up to pull my undies down, kicking them off. I slip up the bed, get on top of you, my knees on either side of your hips and line your cock up. I'm dripping wet, I can't wait to get you inside me. When I sink down on your fat cock I squeeze my eyes shut and let out a gasp, then flex the walls of my pussy around you. I'm packed full, it's my favorite feeling, this first stroke. I open my eyes and meet yours, then begin to ride you, hand on my knees, my hips moving back, then up and around and back down again, moving slowly, gently, knowing you have other things to concentrate on. Holly has been watching us, the flashlight paused with only a few inches inside.

You turn back to her and start to push the flashlight in more forcefully, not caring, just wanting to fuck her with it. She lets out a yelp and backs up a little, involuntarily. You grab her leg to hold her still and really get going, pumping her with it, just the first five or six inches at first but continually driving more and more into her until she has to be taking between 8 and 9 inches, you are pounding it into her, your other hand on her abdomen, pushing down. She's yelling, a mix of pain and pleasure, she tries to grab hold of it, to slow it down or stop it but you swat her hand away and keep slamming it into her.

I know you love this, stretching out a pussy with foreign objects, we've tried but you aren't patient enough with me and I can't take the bigger objects like bottles without a lot of work, a lot of time. I can see why you like fucking her and I'm glad you can get that somewhere. I'm still riding you slowly, steadily moving my hips at about half the speed or less that you are fucking her with. I'm staring transfixed at the giant black shaft disappearing into her cunt. She tries to grab your hand but you slap it away again. Her chest heaving, her eyes closed.

All of a sudden she cries out and a torrent of liquid squirts around the flashlight, you pull it out of her. Still pushing down on her abdomen you turn to look at me as she squirts again. Liquid sprays out like she's a fucking fire hose. My mouth is hanging open, I've never seen that before. You love it and you're laughing at the expression on my face. "I want to get you to do that sometime," you say with a smirk. I'm speechless and just nod my head, still looking I realize you'd put a towel down in preparation, it's soaked through. You push the flashlight back inside her and she begins to protest but you tell her to just leave it like that for a minute and watch us.

You lie flat, put your hands on my hips and flex your pelvic muscles, I feel your cock jump inside me and realize I'd stopped moving. I'd just been sitting on your cock, watching, my pussy contracting with excitement at what I'd just seen. I lean down and begin to ride you in earnest, you take a nipple into your mouth and bite it, I let out a moan and start moving faster. I'm so hot after watching you with her.

You reach a hand up, wrapping it around my throat, "Choke yourself," you growl. I lean into your hand, putting pressure on my windpipe, making it hard to breath while we continue to fuck. After a minute you stop me, "Hop off." The pressure released, I take a couple of gulps of air and reluctantly climb off your cock. I move to the side, next to Holly, she's relaxing and playing with her clit while watching us, the big black Maglite still halfway up her cunt. You get up and motion for me to take your place. I lie down with my legs spread. You lift my legs to your shoulders and thrust your cock inside me again.

"Yes," I moan, "fuck me, harder, please." I get what I ask for, my body shakes with every impact, you wrap your arms around my legs and lean in to choke me as you continue to slam your cock into my cunt. I grip your arms, I don't mind being choked but I want to be sure I can let you know when it's too much. I wrap my legs around you, pulling up to meet your thrusts.

I'm still getting a little bit of air but there's a black spot or two in my vision and I push at your arms. I really need more air now but you hold on tight, I push at your arms again, you hold for another few seconds then let go and slap me across the face. I love it and reach up to pull you in for a kiss. I'm practically folded in half with your tongue in my mouth and your cock in my cunt. As I'm trying to catch my breath you slow to a stop. Holly has been rubbing her clit, watching us, the flashlight still inserted.

"Keep that in you and come eat Claire out." you order. You slowly pull out of me and move off the bed, she moves to take your place awkwardly, one hand holding the flashlight inside of her. You change your mind as she nears the end of the bed and guide her head to your cock, she licks around the head, tasting me and begins to take you into her mouth, your hands rest on her head, eyes closed, enjoying her blow job. I'm still on my back, my legs spread, I start to play with myself as I watch her pleasure you. I love watching you when we have sex, seeing it from an outside perspective is so new, it really excites me.

You open your eyes and see me rubbing my clit, watching you. Your face says "I told you so," and I know you planned this whole thing from the start. You push Holly off of you and tell her to eat me out again. The flashlight sill up her cunt, she kneels between my legs. You push her head down into my crotch and she begins to lick my clit. I've never been eaten out by a girl before.

She starts off cautiously, her tongue moving over my clit, slowly. I play with my own nipples and she pushes two fingers into me, curling them forward as she pulls them out, it feels amazing. I reach down and push her head into me, she's licking, sucking and nibbling at my clit, pumping her fingers in and out of my wet cunt. I look up at you watching her work on me, her ass is in the air, you move behind her, the flashlight sticking out at you. You take hold of it with one hand and hold it still, the slight movements she's making while licking and fingering my pussy causing her to fuck herself on it.

Your other hand starts rubbing each of her ass cheeks in turn. All of a sudden your hand comes down hard, slapping her ass. She gasps into my cunt. You reach across your arm holding the flashlight and slap the other cheek. Striking up a rhythm you slap each cheek over and over, maybe 10 times per. Her ass turns red from the onslaught. When you finish you rub each cheek again then, in almost the same motion, you pull the flashlight out of her and slam your cock in its place.

She rocks forward, her faced stuffed in my pussy as you begin to fuck her. You love that feeling, I'm not sure what it is, maybe a pussy all stretched out contracting around your cock, maybe you're imagining sloppy seconds, whatever it is, I can see your fingers digging into her ass as you pull her toward you when hammering forward. I have both of my hands on her head now, fingers wrapped in her long hair and I'm grinding my pussy against her face, she's got three fingers inside me and I'm going to cum soon. I look up at you standing behind her, screwing her with abandon, shirt off, muscles flexing, you look like fucking god. I mouth "I love you."

You smirk down at me, make a particularly violent thrust forward and whisper "Love you, too," This drives me over the edge, watching you say that to me while pounding your cock into another girl. It's so dirty and it makes me feel like we're using her, she's our little fuck toy here to pleasure us. I start to cum and thrash my head from side to side, lifting my ass in the air and holding her face to my cunt as my body jerks against her. She keeps sucking on my clit, finger inside me, As I come down, I relax, letting go of her head, my legs hang to the sides and, in a kind of daze, I watch you fuck her.

She continues to lick my cunt, licking up my juices but reaches back to play with her own clit. After a few more strokes you step back, jerking yourself. "Get on your knees." you tell us. We hop off the bed and kneel down on the floor in front of you with our mouths open and tongues out, waiting for your cum. I love to watch you cum, to know that I had a part in bringing you to that pleasure point, to watch the proof fly from your beautiful cock.

You've lasted for so long tonight, I can't imagine how it feels to see these two girls kneeling in front of you waiting for your cum. A couple of strokes later you groan and start spraying it on us, jet after jet flies out and it hits my face and tits and then hers. When you finish you collapse on the bed and tell us to clean each other up, you watch as we wipe the cum off ourselves and feed it to each other, then we kiss, each tongue covered in your cum, hers covered in mine.

When we're done you point at your dick, she's closer and moves over to clean it off, gently licking, starting with your balls, tasting all of us on you. You look at me with her head in your lap and mouth, "Thank you." I smile and move next to you, you wrap your arm around me and I rest my head on your shoulder, we watch as she laps at your cock.

Written by: ValhallaValkyrie

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