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Texas Momma Whore Ch. 03

by Wildfire427©

So here I am, kneeling between my son’s, no, my Master’s outstretched legs. I’m licking his cock clean from him having just ass fucked me while he talks to his sister, my daughter, about me as if I weren’t even there.

“So how was she,” Stacy asks Isaac.

“Not bad. She’s one hot fucking whore. No matter what I did to her she just loved it,” my new Master tells my daughter.

“It was fun watching you fuck her ass. I told you the way she was. I used to listen to her and Dad all the time. You were still little, but I would get up and listen and sometimes watch,” she tells her brother. “Did you know that whore? Did you know your sweet precious daughter would sneak downstairs and watch Daddy use you? Watch him humiliate you in front of his friends and then let them take turns with you? Answer me. Did you know I knew?" she asks, already knowing full well what a whore her Mother really is.

I pull my mouth off Isaac’s cock to answer. “No, I didn’t know you knew.”

“No, Mistress Stacy, I didn’t know you knew I was a fucking slut whore,” she corrects.

“No, Mistress Stacy, I didn’t know you knew I was a fucking slut whore,” I dutifully reply.

“Well shit’s gonna change around here now. Ain’t that right little bro?”

“Fucking A it is,” Isaac replies.

For starters, let’s see what we have to work with. Stand up whore and face me,” my daughter, my Mistress commands.

I move to my feet and stand before her, humiliated to have her see me in this way. Such a drastic change from just this morning when she was my sweet girl, who I would do anything for. But in a way, I guess that is still true.

“Put your hands behind your head and spread your legs. Good little whore. You like being called that, don’t you? Isn’t that what Daddy called you, his little whore?” my daughter wants to know.

“Yes, Mistress. Your Father did call me his little whore. And yes, I do love it.”

“Well you are a fucking mess. You got Isaac’s cum all over you. Your face and hair and tits are covered with dry cum,” Stacy says while inspecting me. She shoves her hand between my legs finding my pussy still wet from Isaac’s earlier fucking and my own orgasm. “Your front whore hole is still dripping, too. Turn around, bitch.”

I do as I am told keeping my arms behind my head and spreading my legs back once I turn around.

“Bend over and spread your ass,” Stacy orders.

I comply and feel her shove two fingers up my butt without warning. She moves them in and out a bit and then pulls them back out leaving me gasping for air. She grabs my hair, pulls me back up, and then bends me slightly back at the waist.

“As I expected, after watching Isaac unload in your ass, it’s nasty too. Clean my fingers, slut,” she orders shoving her fingers into my mouth without waiting to see if I open it. I lick and suck her fingers together and then she gives them to me one at a time to clean before releasing me so I can stand up straight.

“Follow me. You need to get cleaned up. I’m not gonna play with a filthy whore covered and filled with my brother’s cum.”

I follow her to my bathroom and she motions for me to climb into the shower.

“You’ve got five minutes to get yourself clean,” she says turning only the cold water on.

The water feels like it is chilled with ice as it starts running over my warm skin. I grab the soap and quickly begin to scrub my body. I ask and am giving permission to take the shower down to rinse my well fucked holes and then wash my hair, even stopping to wonder whether I should bother with a cream rinse anymore. As soon as my hair is rinsed, the water is shut off.

“Get out and go sit on the sink,” Stacy tells me.

I reach for a towel and she tells me not to worry about it, that I can clean up whatever mess is make in the morning. I climb up on the sink and she has me pull my legs back so my heels are resting on the counter. Just then Isaac walks in.

“Hang on a second,” he says.

He moves to stand in front of me and aims a digital camera at my pussy, snapping several pictures.

“You going to stay and watch?” Stacy asks him.

“No, but call me when you are done,” he says.

“Now just to make this a bit more fun, I want you to play with your tits while I get rid of all this nasty cunt hair. The first one is free. From now on you are not to have any hair on your body below your neck. Understand?”

“Yes, Mistress Stacy. I understand,” I reply as I move my hands to my breasts.

Stacy takes some scissors and trims my bush down and then applies shaving cream. I start to tease my nipples; pinching and pulling on them as I watch her carefully shave away my pubic hair. My daughter uses one hand to manipulate my pussy lips as she is shaving and combined with me self-pleasuring my tits, I let out a moan.

“You liking this, whore? Your nipples are all hard and I can smell your cunt heating up. You getting turned on by your daughter shaving your cunt, whore?” she asks.

“Oh, yes Mistress Stacy. I love it. I love feeling you touch me like that.”

“Isaac! I’m just about done!” Stacy yells out the door.

Isaac comes back in with the camera and Stacy carefully wipes away all traces of the shaving cream. Isaac again moves between my legs and snaps several pictures. Before and after shots he tells me.

“Do one for me,” Stacy tells him. To me, “Reach down and spread your cunt open. I want a shot of how wet you got from having your daughter shaving your pussy.”

I do as I am told and Isaac takes a few more pictures. Stacy tells me to finger my pussy and he takes pictures of that and of me being made to lick my pussy juice off my fingers. Stacy then leads me back to the living room.

Isaac is sitting on the sofa, still naked, and Stacy moves to stand in the center of the room.

“Come over here and undress me whore. And make sure you take good care of my clothes. You fold them neatly and set them on the chair,” Mistress Stacy instructs.

I move to her and unbutton her blouse, taking great care to fold it neatly and placing it on the chair. She holds her foot out and I remove her shoes and then remove her jeans, leaving her standing in just a black bra and panty set.

“So Isaac, I was just wondering,” Stacy says looking at Isaac, “have you ever thought about fucking me?”

“Damn right I have.”

She looks at Isaac’s growing cock before speaking again. “Is knowing you are about to see your big sister naked making you hard, little brother?”

“Yeah it is.”

I couldn’t believe it. After all the fucking and sucking I had done for Isaac, here he was getting hard yet again. I then remembered how much staying power my own husband had when we were first married as teenagers. It was nothing for him to cum five or six times in a matter of three hours. Even in his thirties before he died, he could still go for three loads in less than two hours.

“Okay, whore. Time for you to finish so this stud can see what else he’s been missing out on.”

I remove Stacy’s bra and watch with a bit of jealousy, as her tits don’t even sag without the support.

“What do you think, little bro? Not quite as big as the whore’s, but I’ve never got any complaints.”

“And you won’t get any from me,” Isaac offers his cock now fully hard and swaying a bit.

Stacy looks at me. “On your knees whore. Take my panties off with your teeth. And don’t stretch or tear the material. These are one of my favorite pair of panties.”

I move to my knees and feel a tremble run through me as I move my mouth closer to my daughter’s skin. I slip my tongue out to move the elastic and then bite the material gently with my teeth. I tug a bit but have to perform the same action on the other side so as not to over stretch the material. It takes me a solid five minutes to finally get the panties to the bottom of her legs. On the way, I noticed that my daughter’s pussy was shaved as bare as mine now was. I also could smell the aroma of her arousal. Stacy bends over and picks up the panties, then holds them to her face and sniffs.

“Guess I got a little excited too. Well since they are already dirty,” she says before running the panties up between her legs and into the slit of her pussy, soaking up her own flowing cream.

“They will have to be washed now and I don’t want them with my nicely folded clean clothes, so where to put them,” she says looking around the room. “Oh I know.” She stops and looks at me kneeling on the floor. “Open up whore,” she says as she pushes her soaked panties into my mouth. She looks at me with my mouth full of her pussy soaked panties and lets out an evil little giggle.

Stacy moves over in front of her brother. She looks down at his cock, which from what I can tell is a thick seven inches. She shocks Isaac and me when she reachs down and takes it in her hands.

“Fuck, bro. If I knew you had this,” she says pumping her brother’s cock, “I wouldn’t have had to put up with a bunch of crappy dinners and shitty movies just to get fucked.”

Stacy lets go of Isaac’s cock and climbs on his lap straddling his legs. I watch as his cock slips into the crack of her ass cheeks. She offers a nipple to Isaac’s mouth, which he greedily sucks on. Then to further my surprise she lowers her head and shares a very passionate kiss with her brother. She lifts up and offers the other nipple to her brother and turns her head to me.

“Get over here whore. Kneel right behind me.”

Still gagged with her pussy juice soaked panties, I crawl over to them.

“Now be a good little whore and guide your son’s cock up his sister’s hot cunt,” she orders.

I take Isaac’s cock in my hand and it jumps at my touch. Stacy lifts up on her knees and I slide the head of his cock along her slit to lube him up a bit. When Stacy starts to lower herself, I hold Isaac’s cock still and watch fascinated as I see my son slide into his sister’s wet pussy. I let go of his cock and sit back on my heels.

She doesn’t move very fast, more of a slow sensual fuck. Isaac reaches up to fondle his sister’s tits. She moans and she starts to grind her hips against her brother.

“You know what I’m going to do for you little brother. I’m gonna cum all over that cock of yours.”

And she does. From my vantage point I can see the ring of her ass quiver as all the muscles in her lower body succumb to the pleasure of being fucked by her brother. She sits still for a moment, as if she is collecting her thoughts.

“I’ve got a great idea,” Stacy tells Isaac,” something I’ve always wanted to try.” She looks back at me. “Take those out of your mouth and lick Isaac’s balls. I want you to help him build up a nice big load of cum to shoot into me.”

I remove the panties, absentmindedly folding them before setting them on the floor, and move between Isaac’s legs. I find his balls and stick my tongue out to lick them. Then Stacy lifts up on his cock and slides back down. When she does, her butt pushes my face away. The loss of contact makes Isaac grunt as he starts clawing at his sister’s hips. She lifts and I again dive in to lick and again get moved away when she pushes back down. It happens again and I hear her giggling and know she is doing this on purpose.

“Okay whore, let’s try something else. You can lick my ass while I fuck Isaac.”

This time, as I slide my tongue up to her back hole, she lifts away from me. Then she lowers herself back onto Isaac’s hard cock and squirms while I tongue her sweet young ass. The next time she lifts up and back down fucking herself with her brothers cock for about ten thrusts before settling back to where I can resume my duties. It all finally got to be too much for her though.

“Okay, Bro. Time to fill me up. That whore keeps shoving her tongue halfway up my ass and I love the way your cock fills my hot cunt. I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you and the whore is gonna use her hands to milk your balls. Just make sure and tell me when you are ready to shoot, okay?”

“No problem, Sis. I’m already on the edge.”

Stacy begins really fucking Isaac’s cock. I have seen two people fucking up close, but never thought I would witness my own kids coupling. I move my hand and gently cup and squeeze Isaac’s balls. They are amazingly bloated even after all the other loads he has given up. His moans let me know I am touching him in just the right way.

“Almost there Stacy,” he grunts, “just a couple of more… Now, I’m gonna fucking cum now!”

Stacy slams back down hard and grinds her hips, working her clit over Isaac’s coarse pubic hair. I continue to milk Isaac’s balls and can feel the contractions as shot after shot erupts into his sister. I bend forward and take a chance, sticking my tongue back up Stacy’s ass.

“Oh you little fucking whore. That’s what I needed. Oh, fuck me, I’m cumming so hard,” she exclaims holding my face to her ass.

As I feel both of them begin to calm down, I move back and rest on my heels. Stacy lifts herself off Isaac’s cock, which is glistening with their combined juices. Isaac motions me over and I take his cock in my mouth and lick him clean, tasty the salty and tangy combination of a man and woman who have just cum together. When he is clean, I feel my hair being pulled to the side.

“You need to clean this mess up too, whore,” Stacy tells me guiding my face to her freshly fucked pussy.

I can see globs of Isaac’s cum oozing from her wet hole and I open my mouth and extend my tongue to start my clean up duties. I cover Stacy’s pussy with my mouth and suck, extracting even more of my son’s semen from her little fuck hole. The hands that were on the back of my head are moved and guide my hands up to my daughter’s breasts. I caress and tease her nipples and let my tongue slide up the length of her wet slit and over her clit. I can feel Stacy jerk as I make the initial contact.

I am totally engrossed in licking my daughter clean and if possible, licking her off. When I feel movement behind me, I assume it is Isaac. I should understand that as my own son, he would be just as horny all the time as I am, but it still makes me appreciate the efforts of a younger man.

“Where you gonna fuck her Isaac?” I hear Stacy ask her brother.

“I don’t know. I sure liked being up her ass. It’s so nice and tight. And I kinda like the thought of making our mother the whore take me that way,” he tells her.

“Do it then. Fuck the whore in the ass again. I loved watching you do that earlier.”

I feel Isaac slip his cock into my pussy for some lubrication and then reposition to my tight asshole. Before he pushes forward, Stacy stops him. She lifts my head from her crotch and I look at her face.

“Show us what a true whore you really are. Isaac is going to hold still where he is. I want to see you push back and take your son’s cock up your ass. Then you can finish licking my cunt,” she says pushing my head backwards as if to help me get Isaac’s cock up my ass.

It doesn’t take much effort on my part. Controlling the action, I know when to relax and allow the penetration. That and having been opened up back there earlier makes it even easier. I push, breathe, and soon feel my son’s ball sack against my pussy.

“That’s a good little whore. Now thank Master Isaac for sticking his cock in your ass. Then I want you to beg him to fuck you hard and to cum inside of you,” Stacy instructs.

“Thank you Master Isaac for putting your cock in my ass. Please fuck me hard and fast. I need to feel your big cock fucking my ass and filling me with your hot cum. Please Master, I beg you. Fuck my ass. Use it and me for your pleasure,” I chant in earnest.

Isaac does just that and as he fucks my ass hard, Stacy pulls my head back to her pussy. I’m fevered and work in a frenzy, licking and sucking her slit. I pinch her nipples a bit as I start to suck on her clit, flicking it in my mouth with my tongue.

“That’s it whore. Suck my clit. I want to give you the first taste of my cum. Fuck her hard Isaac. Make this whore make me cum. Slap her ass too,” Stacy instructs now directing the whole scene.

Isaac does as he is told. He fucks me hard and fast, slapping my ass with his bare hand. I struggle to keep my mouth affixed to Stacy’s clit and she helps by holding two handfuls of my hair pulling me into her. Both of them are calling me filthy, awful names. Names no other Mother would ever expect to be called by their own child. Bitch, cunt, cum slut, whore, cunt licker, ass fucked bitch… the list kept going. The more they talked, the hotter we all got.

I knew I would cum when Isaac pumped his cum up my ass and I wanted to get Stacy there too. As soon as I felt Isaac start to swell I went on the attack, pinching Stacy’s nipples and sucking her clit in unison. I also hummed as I sucked so she would feel the vibrations through her clit. Her hands worked the back of my head like she was fucking herself with my face, which she basically was. Then it was time. Isaac reacted first.

“Here it comes whore. Another load of my cum up your tight little Momma whore ass,” he tells me.

Then Stacy, “Oh me too little brother. The whore is making me cum sucking on my clit, oh fuck, oh, oh…”

Then me. I knew I shouldn’t. I knew I should have tried to hold back. But I couldn’t. All the night’s events built up. My son fucking my ass. My mouth sucking my daughter’s pussy off. I kept my mouth buried in Stacy’s slit and began whimpering. I knew Isaac, who was holding still deep in my ass would feel it too. I almost passed out. When I finally calmed down I felt Isaac slide out of me, and Stacy moved my head to the sofa.

In an unexpected moment, they both cuddled and hugged me. Stacy wiping my tears away as she placed soft kisses on my cheeks. Isaac was gently rubbing my back.

“You did good tonight,” my new Mistress tells me as she and my son lead me to my bedroom.

“For the first time I am very pleased with you. It’s time for you to go to bed now. Tomorrow will be another day. The first day as a slave whore to your son and daughter. You sleep well and we will talk more in the morning,” she tells me as I am tucked into the warm covers of my bed.

“By the way. You can expect a severe punishment session for cumming without permission,” Isaac informs me as he turns off the lights.

I fall asleep with a smile on my face, full of anticipation of what my new future will hold for me.

Written by: Wildfire427

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