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Mother & Son Celebrate Christmas Ch. 01

by SusanJillParker©

Warning: The Pretend Game is just a game of pretend. DO NOT PLAY THE PRETEND GAME AT HOME without professional supervision.

No characters in this story are underage. Mother is 49-years-old and her son is 28-years-old.


Alone with her bad self, Janice plays The Pretend Game.

"Merry Christmas to me," said Janice getting herself ready for sex instead of getting herself ready for bed.

Excited with the sexual anticipation of finally about to have sex with her son, Jerry, for the first time, she couldn't believe that their mother and son relationship had become an incestuous one. Readying herself for the arrival of her son in her bedroom, instead of removing her makeup at this late hour of the night, she reapplied it. While imagining puckering up to kiss her son, she puckered up to her reflection in the mirror to perfectly coat her lips with bright, red lipstick. Lipstick on his dipstick, as if hoping to brand her son with her motherly watermark, she couldn't wait to leave a red ring around his cock.

Naked before slipping into her sexy nightgown, thinking of herself as a mature version of Lady Godiva, she looked at herself in her full length mirror. Turning one way to turn the other, she stared at her big boobs, her toned, flat stomach, and her blonde, trimmed pussy before turning to stare at her still shapely ass. Comparatively speaking for a woman her age, albeit a bit biased because it was her body, she didn't look bad for a 49-year-old woman. Easily, if she thought to herself that she could pass for ten years younger. When most women her age are obese, married, divorced, done with men, and done with flirting with and teasing the opposite sex, reenergized, not yet done with sex, perhaps her last hurrah, she was just beginning with her new lover, her son, Jerry.

She brushed and fixed her long, beautiful, blonde hair just the way her son likes it, long and loosely flowing down her back as if a golden waterfall cascading down a sunshine filled cliff. While putting her hair in place, she imagined her son running his big, strong hands through her hair while she sucked his cock. Humping her mouth and fucking her face, she always wanted to know what it would feel like to take him in her mouth to suck him. Imagining his hands all over her naked body, she could nearly feel him putting a gentle hand to the back of her blonde, pretty head while she took him deeper and stroked him faster. When most women her age cut their hair short and with some women looking more like men than they look like women, glad she that she only trimmed her hair, she loved her long, lush hair. She dabbed some perfume, her favorite scent, Guerlain's Shalimar, on her neck, on her breasts, on the crock of her arm, and behind her knee.

After years of teasing him by flashing him bits and pieces of her shapely body and after years of lusting over one another, tonight was the night. Tired of invading her thoughts by allowing what other people thought of them in coming together for sex, albeit still secretly forbidden, incestuous sex, tonight was the night they'd be woman and man instead of mother and son. Tired of playing The Pretend Game alone, tired of being lonely and sexually frustrated, she was tired of pretending that she was having sex with her son while masturbating herself. Being that he was finally agreeable to making her sexual fantasy their reality, at last he was ready to make her erotic fantasy come true. While masturbating herself and with mind over matter, Janice had thought long and hard about having sex with her son, Jerry, to make her sexual dream her erotic reality. Only she never really thought her having sex with her son would ever happen, especially after he left her and abandoned her to marry her clone, Cynthia.

With all things coming full circle, this was it. She couldn't believe their sexual union was going to finally happen. No more pretenses. No more lies. No more flirting and teasing filled with suggestive innuendoes. This was really it. Tonight was the night.

Something she always wanted to say but something she never said because confessing her lust was against her better judgment for fear of ruining their mother and son relationship, she had already told her son that she wanted him and wanted to make love to him. Nervous before confessing her sexual desire for him, his eager look of sexual anticipation revealed that he was just as excited with the thoughts of having sex with his mother as she was aroused by the thoughts of having sex with her son. If only he knew how much she thought of touching him, stroking him, and sucking him before fucking him, he'd think his mother was a nasty, incestuous whore. Yet, unable to control her naughty thoughts and her lustful passion for her son, Janice never wanted any man in the way that she now wants Jerry.

* * * * *

Wearing her sexiest, slinkiest, and sheerest nightgown, the one that showed everything, even her freckles and birthmarks, with her nightgown spread out and perfectly shaped in place, she lay there posing for him on her bed. As if a Japanese concubine waiting for her man, she waited with great sexual anticipation in the way that she imagined Shakespeare's Cleopatra waited for her younger brother, Ptolemy, who she married before Marc Antony, to enter her sleeping chamber. Or, as if she was Marilyn Monroe incestuously sleeping with two brothers, while waiting for John Kennedy and/or Robert Kennedy to free themselves from politics to arrive for their illicit, sexual rendezvous, she felt just as wicked as Cleopatra or Marilyn Monroe must have felt having forbidden sex.

Feeling alive again for the first time in a very long time, with the death of her husband making her feel just as dead, she enjoyed playing the role of a MILF of a mother, turned desirable diva, turned incestuous vixen. With her sexy nightgown showing a lot of tit along with a lot of leg, she fluffed her pillows and made herself comfortable on the bed while acting as is she always looked as sexy as this. She couldn't wait to see his reaction to seeing so very much of her while posing and waiting for him to come to her.

This was it. The culmination of years of forbidden wanting, sexually teasing, and incestuous lusting has finally come to sexual fruition. This was finally going to happen. With tonight the night, she couldn't wait for her son to come to her bedroom to touch her, to feel her, to fondle her, to caress her, to lick her, and to take her. She couldn't wait for her son to make her his sexy bitch.

What should she do? How should she play her role? Should she struggle or should she submit? Should she pretend that he needs to force her or should she take the control, mount him, and rape him? Playing it all by ear, she'll have to wait and see how he behaves or doesn't behave for her to know if she needs to seduce him further.

The evening before Christmas Eve and two days before Christmas Day, this was the night that she was finally going to have sex with her twenty-eight-year-old son. Not believing that this would ever happen, a long time coming, it took him to marry and divorce, Cynthia, her clone for her to realize that he wanted her and for him to finally want his mother sexually. With nowhere else for him to go, he had returned home for the Christmas holidays and to live with her and be with her sexually forever, she hoped.

With her bedroom door wide open, she heard his bedroom door open and his footsteps coming down the hall.

"Come in Jerry. My door is open. My bedroom door is always open for you," she said giving him a sexy look when he appeared.

Inviting him in her bedroom, as shocked as she was sexually excited, she watched as he filled her doorway with his naked form. Naked. Her son was naked. She couldn't believe her son was naked. Yet, what else would her son wear to an incestuous liaison with his mother? Appropriately not dressed, wearing nothing was his perfect outfit of choice. Perhaps she should have been waiting for him naked too, but with her nightgown so sexy, so sheer, and so beautiful, she'd rather leave something to his imagination and something for him to discover of her later.

As if on her Honeymoon again with his father, David, unable to stop staring at his exposed prick, her heart skipped a beat and she involuntarily parted her lips to slowly lick them. It had been a long time, years, since she's had a prick in her horny hand, sucked a cock in her willing mouth, and felt a stiff penis part her wet pussy. In the way that she couldn't wait for him to touch her, feel her, fondle her, lick her, and fuck her, she couldn't wait to touch him, feel him, fondle him, suck him, and fuck him.

In the way that she was so very blatantly exposed while sexually attired in her virtually see-through, sexy nightgown, she couldn't believe that he was naked. The first time seeing his cock in a long time, since she caught him masturbating in his room years ago, she couldn't believe that he already had an erection as evidence of his sexual desire for her. As much as he looked like his father fully dressed, he looked even more like his father totally naked. As if tonight, her ghost from her past pleasantly haunted her, he stood there reincarnated as his Dad, David. The same build and the same height, Jerry had the same hard cock as did his father.

As if having an out of body experience, she watched him move to the side of her bed to move his cock close enough for her to take his erection in her hand. While staring up at him, with her hand trembling before touching him, she fondled the head of his stiff prick with her manicured fingers. Then, as if her hand was meant to be there, she wrapped her fingers around his penis to gently and slowly stroke him.

As agreed upon before he entered her room, there'd be no talking in the beginning so that he'd truly believe and could pretend that Janice was his look alike ex-wife, Cynthia, and not his mother. A telling sign that Jerry would go out of his way to find a woman who looked exactly like his mother to marry when he had the real thing already waiting for him at home, she was stunned the first time she met Cynthia. A cougar who took advantage of a son lusting over the forbidden love of his mother, the two women looked so much alike that they could have been sisters, identical twin sisters.

Silently in the dim, romantic, mood lighting of her bedroom, she watched his reaction to her fondling his cock while stroking his cock a little faster. A mother stroking her son's cock is as natural as a mother nursing her son to full recovery from a fever. A mother having sex with her son is as natural as a mother nurturing her son to become a better man and the man that he has become. Whether she strokes him, sucks him, or makes love to him, just as it's been for thousands of years in ancient times before and all throughout literature, there should be nothing forbidden about a mother giving sexual pleasure to her son.

The look of sexual excitement on his face, a stare that equaled her look of lustful, motherly passion, was nothing that she could have imagined. She couldn't believe that this was really, finally happening. Yet, with him standing before her naked and her practically naked with what she was wearing or not wearing, they were both ready for passionate and romantic incestuous love. Meant to be, there was no way that they could further deny their sexual attraction with mother and son love.

* * * * *

"Do you like having your cock in my hand?"

Breaking her agreed upon silence to ask her rhetorical question, she couldn't help herself from asking her erotic question of her son. Wanting to know, needing to hear him tell her, instead she settled for a nod of his head. Not expecting an obvious and/or detailed response, she looked up at him before continuing her incestuous rhetoric.

"Would you like for Mommy to suck you?" She looked from his cock to look up at him before looking down at his stiff prick to fondle it while stroking it. "I bet you can't wait to fuck me," she said. "I can't wait for you to make love to me."

She reached beside her to add another pillow behind her back. Now sitting more upright, she could see herself in the full length mirror that stood off to the side in front of her while she played with her son's cock. With her son standing beside her bed, she could see his cock in the mirror too.

"Bring your cock to my lips so that I may lick it before sucking it," she said looking up at him as if he was her deceased husband instead of her adult son.

In an instant, his erect prick was poised and stiffly ready by his mother's mouth for her to lick his cock before sucking his cock. In the way that she did with her husband so very long ago, the only man she truly loved, she flicked out her tongue while staring up at her son. Not pretending that her son was her husband, as was rules of The Game of Pretend that they agreed to play, she cheated by breaking the rules. Knowing full well that she was giving her son oral pleasure, she ran a slow tongue across the head of his engorged dick before moving her tongue all over his hard prick.

As if he was a human sausage or a firm, ripe banana, she licked her son before taking him in her mouth. She was sucking him now, really sucking him while gently cupping his testicles. He seemed to enjoy her hand cupping his balls while she sucked his hard cock. Her sexy dream come true, she couldn't believe she was sucking her son. A long time coming, no pun intended, and something that she's been wanting to do for years, she was finally blowing her son.

Knowing he'd enjoy seeing such a sight, she stared up at him with her big, blue eyes, while watching his reaction to her having his hard, hairy prick in her mouth. Stroking him while sucking him and while staring up at him, she was in sexual Heaven. Not wanting him to cum in her mouth, not yet anyway, she ejected his prick from her mouth with her tongue. Her turn for some sexual pleasure before sexually satisfying him, she raised her nightgown to her waist and spread her legs as if she was receiving him instead of delivering him. Having flashed him her pussy many times before with up nightgowns, this was the first time that she was giving him a close up inspection of his mother's cunt. She couldn't wait for him to touch her, finger her, and lick her where no son should ever touch, finger, and lick his mother.

Being the breast man that he is, like father like son, knowing that he'd want to have his wild, wicked way with her naked tits, she removed her nightgown to show her son her naked breasts. Truth be told, she exposed her breasts to him again for his sexual enjoyment as much as she did for her sexual pleasure too. Close up and hands on, he had already seen her naked breasts one time before. On of all days, his wedding day five years ago, he saw her tits when he opened her bedroom door unannounced without knocking and caught her standing there dressed in only her white, bikini panties.

When he saw her big breasts, her areolas, and her erect nipples, staring at her as if he had just won a new, Mustang GT in a lottery, his look of sexual arousal matched hers. Instead of leaving her bedroom with his apologies and closing her door behind him, he surprised her by stepping in her room to tickle her. With her always sexually teasing him, she couldn't believe that he was now sexually teasing her by physically tickling her.

"Tickle, tickle, tickle," he said reaching out both of his horny hands to tickle her.

Daring not to move, pretending to be so helpless in his tickling assault, she wondered if he'd do more than just tickle her. Besides just staring, would he dare touch and feel her naked breasts? Would he dare finger her nipples? Then, answering her question, it happened.

Inadvertently and/or deliberately touching her breasts, feeling her breasts, and fondling her breasts while sliding his slow hands across her erect nipples on the pretense of reaching around her to tickle her ribs, she couldn't believe he saw and felt so much of her. Never has he dared grope her and/or feel her in such an inappropriately sexual way before. With her feigned protests, feeble defensive actions, and with her covering her nakedness with her hands and forearms, she did her best to stop him from sexually molesting her when, instead, she wished he'd do more to show his lust for her.

"Jerry. Don't. Don't you dare tickle me. Stop. No! Oh, my God, I'm so embarrassed that you're seeing and touching my tits. Jerry. Stop. This is wrong. With me being your mother and your bride ready to walk down the aisle, this is so very wrong."

Then, playing her role as the innocent mother being sexually assaulted by her aggressive son, when she wouldn't remove her hands and arms from revealing her naked breasts to his horny eyes, he gently but forcefully pulled her arms behind her back. Holding them there by her wrists with one hand, his other hand was all over her big tits. With her wanting him to touch and feel her anyway, so helplessly obedient to the sexual whims of her son, he paraded her to her full, length mirror so that he could see the reflection of her naked tits while he grabbed them. Touching her, feeling her, fondling her, and caressing her big boobs under the pretense of tickling her, never has anyone groped her in such a wicked way since her prom thirty years ago and since the days of drive-in movies with her horny, take no for an answer dates.

Now that he was touching her and feeling him, with him making his incestuous intentions known to her, she wished he'd call off the wedding. She wished he wouldn't marry that woman. She wished he'd stay with her and live happily forever after as man and woman instead of as mother and son. Only, just as he shocked her by having his wicked way with her tits, once she finished dressing in readiness for his wedding, he shocked her when he abruptly left her room, closed her door, and left her troubled, confused, sexually aroused, and sexually frustrated to marry Cynthia. Giving her hope by giving her mixed signals when he had his wicked way with his tits just before his wedding, how dare he do that to her?

That was five years ago. A lot has changed in five, long years without having her son in her life. With him no longer living with her, after being stolen from her by an imposter, an interloper, and a cougar, Janice sold her house and bought a condo. Twisting her somewhat mentally after losing her son to another woman, a woman her age and who looked exactly like her, living alone weighed her down with sadness and loneliness. She missed her son every day. Yet, now that he finally saw the light and divorced that bitch, with happy days here again, he's home again with his mother now.

* * * * *

"Touch me," she said taking him by the wrist to pull his hand to her pussy and to direct his fingers to her slit. "Feel how wet I am for you," she said looking up at him to see his reaction to touching his mother's pussy. "Yes, that's right. Go ahead. Don't be shy. Stick your finger inside of me. Rub my clit. Gently and not too hard. Slowly and not too fast," she said instructing him in how to pleasure her.

She looked at him while wondering what he was thinking. By evidence of his stiff, pulsating prick, she didn't have to wonder what he was thinking for long. Encouraged by the sight of his hard cock, she continued her sexual instruction.

"Now insert the tip of your finger inside me a little deeper and press down right here," she said holding his finger while pushing down on it as if she was teaching her son how to finger paint. "Wiggle your finger a little while moving it in and out as if you're humping me with your finger instead of your cock. Press here and push there," she said guiding his finger with her finger.

As if he was slowly inflating a mattress with his fingers instead of with his mouth, she closed her eyes and allowed the sexual pleasure to warm her, fill her, and consume her before exciting her. Not wanting to rush things, taking it slow with his fingers inside of her being enough for her for right now, especially with this their first intimate time together, albeit suddenly feeling more wicked, she couldn't wait to feel him inside of her. With Jerry standing beside her bed, she fondled and stroked his cock while he rubbed and fingered her pussy. Not knowing how long their mother and son sexual relationship would last but while there with her, she hoped that he'd want to take her sexually every day and every night.

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