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Miss Hairy Armpits 2003 Ch. 2

by belab©

<I have received several letters from readers and some of them had asked me to write about “Miss Hairy Armpits 2003”. Instead I replied to them to send entries, which would meet the criteria, which include (i) hairiness and (ii) some sex involved. Here are the ten best entries. I have edited some portions of the story.

It was the hottest day of the year and the sun was really beating down. I, of course had spent most of my teens beating my cock. I was in my early twenties and yet still a virgin. My time would come I knew but my cock was getting fed up with only my hand for company. As I walked on the hot tarmac coming from the opposite side was a lovely brunette. I sighed to myself I wish I could have her. She was gorgeous. Her brunette hair was shining, all pinned up with just a few soft, curling wisps dangling against her high cheekbones and long, slender neck. Her eyelashes were accentuated long and dark and the large diamond earrings added to her incredible femininity. Her low-cut white cotton blouse revealed the firm, cleavage of her large, firm breasts, barely concealing her nipples. She was wearing a white cotton blouse and jeans and just as the gap between us narrowed she lifted her arms to tie her hair into a knot. It was then that I swooned. From underneath her loose-sleeved cotton blouse I spied the blackest hairiest armpits ever. It was long curling and very thick and I stared at her unshaven underarms for what seemed like hours (though it might have been a few seconds) as I saw the glorious garden in her hairy armpits before she put her arms down.

Boy was I sweating as I turned around and like a crazy guy followed her. The heat had got to me but I had never seen such a bushy armpit before. My cock swelled in my pants as I relived the last few minutes. Her armpits were filled with wild bushy hair and it grew all over her buttery armpits. I have had a fetish for bushy armpits but this woman had to be the world champion. She turned around the block and entered an apartment as I quickly followed her. Was I getting lucky my Uncle Peter lived on the 5th floor and as I the elevator came I got in next to her. Her scent was alluring as I took in her sweet earthy body odor. Before I could press the button she pressed 5 too and I was too much of a daze to notice as she walked towards apartment 51 and pushed a key in and went in. I turned away and walked across towards the opposite side towards Uncle Peter’s apartment as the door shut behind me. Uncle Peter actually lived overseas and his flat was empty.

It was then that it hit me. That woman had entered Uncle Peter’s apartment. He lived in apartment 51. Had he come back? I was about to turn around and press the bell when I thought I would check with his colleague in apartment 38 whether he had left the duplicate key there as he normally did. As I rang the bell Rosie the maid in the apartment without saying a word handed me the key. I was really puzzled how come the strange hairy woman had a key to the apartment. I was going to find out as I ran up back to the 5th floor. I pushed the key in and was greeted by surprise. The bedroom door was open and I saw my jungle woman.

The sight that met her eyes took her breath away. Her tight jeans were open at her crotch and a jungle of jet-black hair grew in tufts at her open crotch. As she was in a bra her amazingly hairy armpits were visible. Thick jet-black luxuriant hair grew in bunches in her unshaven armpits right from near her nipples upwards nearly a foot. It was thickest at the center where it stuck out nearly six inches.

She was on her knees in front of a tall well-built man whose cock seemed about 11 inches long and thick as her forearm. I saw her starting to suck the man’s massive cock. "That's right Lois baby, suck that big hard cock! Make it throb in your pretty mouth! He said as she started sucking that monster cock sliding her mouth up and down it one moment, and then licking it all over like a giant lollipop.

My cock was about to burst as I watched Lois take his large cock in her hand and started stroking it. She then began kissing the head and licking the entire length of his shaft. After he began moaning, she opened her lips and started sucking his cock into her mouth. After she got it all in, she slowly backed off. I could see her saliva on his cock and knew she was getting ready to really blow this guy good. She began bobbing up and down on his cock while at the same time stroking his shaft with her hand.

My eyes were fixed at her underarms. The coarse black tufty hair which was like a thick curtain of hair in her unshaven armpits. In the sweltering heat droplets of sweat had gathered in her armpit forest and it looked that Lois can really suck a cock and this guy was enjoying it. My cock was in my hand and I was jacking it as the guy started moaning. Her lips were tightly wrapped around the shaft of his penis. Her head moved up releasing him so that she could lick across the pee slit before taking it back into her throat. Each down stroke ended with him fully enveloped by her warm mouth. Twice she stopped the fellatio to kiss the tip and shaft of his cock, whilst her hands squeezed his scrotum and gripped the slick shaft.

Her full lips closed around the shaft and began to slide up and down it. He reached down and held onto her head, controlling the timing as he fucked her face. The man pulled Lois off his dick and made her stand up. His hand went to her crotch, feeling her cum soaked hairy lips, and inserted two fingers. Her pussy hair was really bushy. I looked over at the man. His eyes were tight shut and he was moaning softly. I could see his tool throbbing as the hirsute Lois was sucking his cock dry. I could sense his impending climax as I heard him gasp and buck his hips up towards her. His cock was buried in her mouth to the hilt and he groaned loudly. My own cock was throbbing wildly. The woman’s fecund body was emanating a very sexy smell, as my cock was ready to burst. Her underarms were wet with sweat as the man bent down and kissed her underarm. It was such an erotic sight, as I had never seen a woman’s underarms kissed. I looked on in envy as the man licked the long tufty hair in her bushy armpits.

His cock was out of her mouth and I wished I could put my cock in her mouth. Where was Uncle Peter? Wasn’t this his apartment surely I had a right to fuck this woman. He continued to lick the hair in her unshaven furry armpits and then his body twitched as he started to cum. I watched Lois's throat muscles contract as she began to swallow the man’s seed. Her eyes closed in an expression of grateful lust as his emission poured out into her mouth.

I was ready to cum and with her unshaven armpits in my thought I closed my eyes and started spurting in the hallway. Though he had cum he was hard again and who wouldn’t be seeing such a hairy woman. He grasped his stiff manhood, and stepped closer. He positioned himself behind her. I saw the Lois’s eyes close as he slowly pushed his hips forward, that magnificent cock disappearing into her yielding flesh. Inch by slow, sensuous inch he entered her. And he began to thrust, long and slow strokes, his large shaft appearing then slowly sliding back into her. Lois would most certainly win any “hairy armpits” contests hands down or armpits up!!!

Written by: belab

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