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Mixed Emotions Ch. 10

by Scorpius1945©

"Yes, darling, it certainly is, and you can stay forever. I'll reserve my decision about Trudi till later."

"OK, see you soon honey."

"Bye." And he was gone.

Dana burst into tears, sobs racked her body. She stepped outside herself and looked at herself, figuratively of course, and saw that she was being stupid. She and Todd had agreed to a polyamorous relationship in which others were invited as sexual partners. She herself had fucked her parents during the week. She was a grown woman, not a child. Why was she behaving like a spoilt brat? The answer was plain when she figuratively stepped back into herself – she loved Todd too much to share him. But she also realised it wasn't her choice whether or not he made love to Trudi or to her; it was his choice who he loved, whether he loved, when he loved and how he loved. Not hers. All she could do was to love him. This powerlessness over the outcome was causing her pain.

She dried her eyes, and went in search of Marcie, who she found making some cool drinks in the kitchen.

"I thought you might be out here sometime soon," she said, handing Dana a cool lemonade, "I was making these before going for a swim. Wanna come too?"

Dana put her arms around her Mom. "Oh, Mom, I'm being silly again. I love Todd so much that I wonder if I even can share him with anyone. He phoned a few minutes ago and I lost it. However, he and Trudi will be arriving about 3.15 so I know I just have to wait till then and see what happens from there. I know all the theories about human relationships from psych papers, but I'm having great difficulties applying them to myself."

"Well, I guess you'll just have to wait and see what happens. Much of what happens in a relationship is not up to you. All you can do is be the best you can and allow others to be the best they can. And whatever happens is perfectly OK, it was meant to happen that way and there is no need for recriminations, regrets, guilt or anything like that. Always act and think your highest and best, and let the rest happen."

"Yes, I know all that, Mom, you've told me before. But I've never found it so hard to apply as I do now."

"Come outside with me and have a swim. A bit of exercise and fresh air might clear your head."

The two women went out to the pool and stripped off what few clothes they wore. Dana dived in and swam powerfully, covering the short lengths quickly before turning. Marcie watched from her recliner, pleased that Dana was taking her energy out on the water instead of another person. After about 20 lengths Dana climbed out of the pool, panting from her exertions, dried off and lay down.

"That feels lots better," she said.

"Good, now just rest for a while until they arrive."

"I just want to get a few things straight," said Dana, "Tonight I want to introduce Trudi to the Dungeon. I want to do something similar to what you did with Todd during his introduction. I want to burn Trudi's clit out."

"You want to what?" asked Marcie, sitting up. "You can't do that!"

"No, not really, I just want to simulate it so that she thinks for a short time that I have and that she is clitless and unable to cum again."

"Oh," replied a relieved Marcie. "That sounds like fun. What do you need and how can I help?"

They discussed what Dana had planned for a while and Marcie promised to have the equipment ready. They also agreed that Todd wouldn't know anything about it and that he should also think it to be real, for a while anyway.

The doorbell went soon enough and Dana was off like a rocket, forgetting she was stark naked, to answer the door. She threw herself at Todd, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him frantically. Todd staggered back a step.

"Wow, what a welcome!" he exclaimed, "I love you too."

"Oh sweetheart, I have so missed you during this week. It's been so lonely without you."

"Yes, darling, I've missed you too," replied Todd between kisses.

Dana looked over his shoulder at Trudi.

"Hi," she said, "You must be Trudi. I'm Dana."

"Yes, I kind of figured out that you must be Dana and yes, I am Trudi."

After a few more kisses and cuddles for Todd, Dana came down to earth again and realised she was the hostess and was being remiss in her duties. She released Todd and stepped back. It was only then she remembered she was naked.

"Excuse my undress," she said to Trudi, "I was by the pool and this is normal wear for poolside. Please come in."

Dana escorted Todd and Trudi into the house and shut the door. She led them to her old room first.

"This is your room, Trudi."

Trudi stepped in, noting the ensuite and bed, and asked, "Where does Todd sleep?"

"He sleeps with me in my room down the hall," replied Dana.


"I'll be back in a few minutes," said Dana to Trudi as she led Todd down the hallway to her larger room.

"Here's our new room, sweetheart. Isn't it great? I love the huge bed we've got."

"Darling, it's beautiful," replied Todd, "But wasn't Trudi going to sleep with us in our polyamory relationship? I thought that was the whole idea."

"I'm picking that Trudi will be a nine day wonder, as they say. She'll be gone in a few days I suspect, leaving you and me here where we belong – together."


Dana started kissing Todd and stripping his clothes off.

"What's the story? Do you want that we make love right now?"

"Of course," she replied, "Or have you been drained by Trudi?"

Todd felt his cock rising to the occasion and went along with Dana's plan. Within a few seconds it seemed he was on his back on the bed and Dana was sitting on him, his cock firmly planted inside her cunt, rocking backwards and forwards and, unbelievably in such a short time, approaching her orgasm. Todd also felt his cock stirring and those pre-orgasmic feelings arrived. He thrust deeper, slowing Dana down a little to prolong the pleasure. He noticed Trudi, now naked, appear in the doorway, take in the situation at a glance, and walk quietly over until she was behind Dana and straddling Todd's legs. She reached around and started rolling Dana's nipples with her finger. Dana opened her eyes, surprised to feel arms reaching around her, and lay back against Trudi's breasts. Under the increased stimuli she rapidly approached her orgasm and came hard while Todd continued to thrust as he spurted his cum against her cervix. Together the three of them came down from their highs and relaxed on the bed. Dana turned to Trudi, placed an arm around her and sobbed against her breasts.

"I'm sorry," she sobbed. "I've been a real bitch to you. I wanted Todd for myself and hoped that you'd just go after a few days. That was really unkind of me. Thank you for your participation in our love making. It was wonderful."

Dana gave Trudi a kiss, fondled her nipples and reached down to caress her pussy.

"Oooh, it's so hairy," she said, "Mine was like that until a couple of weeks ago."

"Well, I haven't really had the opportunity to shave mine." She reached down to feel Dana's pussy. "Yours feels so wonderfully soft and smooth. Maybe I will get mine shaved too."

"Mine was waxed. Quite painful, but I'm finding that I like sexual pain."

"Hmmm, I wonder if I'll get to like it too? Todd mentioned the Dungeon. I'm really looking forward to seeing and trying it out."

"That's scheduled for tonight," said Dana. "Meantime, let's all go out to the pool."

They all walked out to the pool, naked as they were, and Todd introduced Trudi to Marcie. They chatted and refreshed themselves with lemonade and then Todd and Trudi went to the pool for a swim.

"So, all went well organising both Trudi and Todd into your room?" asked Marcie.

"I put Trudi in my old room," replied Dana, "So I could have Todd to myself."

"You what!!??" asked Marcie, sitting upright. "That was not what we arranged. If you're going to have a polyamorous relationship then you will all sleep together in the one room. Otherwise you can go back to your room and Todd and Trudi can go back to their student hostel."

Dana hung her head. "I took Todd down to my room and we made love. Part way through it Trudi came in and she simply knelt behind me and reached around to roll my nipples. It felt wonderful and I came very hard and very quickly. I then apologised to Trudi and so everything seems to be OK now. I haven't arranged for her to move into our room yet though, but will do so later this afternoon."

"Your behaviour is not acceptable. We do not treat visitors like that. So you must be punished for your actions." Dana hung her head again, awaiting her sentence, knowing that it would have something to do with the punishments that she was supposed to administer to Todd and Trudi tomorrow night in the Dungeon. "So tomorrow night when you were due to punish Todd and Trudi, you will still punish them but the punishment you give to Trudi, she will also give to you. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Mom."

"Good. So when Todd and Trudi are out of the pool I will explain what is happening to them so that we all have everything straight."

Dana looked over at the pool and noticed that Todd and Trudi were cuddling together, Todd having his back to the pool wall and Trudi facing him with her legs splayed around his hips, exactly the same position that Dana had been in while Todd was fucking her in the pool. In spite of herself and her recent lovemaking, a flash of jealousy passed through Dana. She really would need to control those emotions, she thought. She watched as the lovers gently moved together, Trudi with her eyes closed, as they both approached their orgasms and she could tell by when they tensed up that they both came at the same time. It seemed that Todd had an endless supply of cum, thought Dana, which is great because he will need it. After a few more minutes they parted, swam a little then climbed out of the pool and came over to Marcie and Dana.

Dana couldn't help herself. "That looked like fun," she said to them both.

"Oh, yes, it was," replied Trudi, "you should try it sometime." She gave Dana a large smile and a wink.

When they were all seated Marcie told them about arrangements.

"Trudi, Dana told me what happened just after you arrived. I do wish to also apologise to you; that is not the way that we normally treat visitors here. I've made that very clear to Dana and she will be punished but we'll talk about that later. So, to lay it on the line, as far as I am concerned all people living in this household are participating in a polyamorous relationship. Trudi, your introduction to this polyamory group will take place tonight in the Dungeon. That means that anyone can make love with anyone else without seeking specific permission and without there being any punishments involved. Obviously, mutual consent will still be required, but knowing everyone here I don't see that as a limiting factor. Do any of you have any objections to this?"

The three young adults all agreed that was fine.

"Right. So the bedroom for you three is the room that Dana and Todd made love in when you came home. Trudi, you may move your belongings there whenever you wish this afternoon. Now the other thing that Greg and I have agreed is that this relationship is permanent for as long as anyone wants it to be. That means that anyone is free to leave at any time but if they choose not to, that is fine. So Todd and Trudi, welcome home. We'll discuss the matter of payment of board and costs for food, etc. at another time.

"Trudi, you have probably heard about our Dungeon and the playtimes we have there. Tonight is your turn to be introduced to it. That should be fun for everyone. Then tomorrow night both Todd and Trudi need to be punished because when you both started sleeping together this past week you, Trudi, were not part of the polyamory agreement and therefore need to be punished before you can join the group officially, while you, Todd, were part of the agreement so need to be punished for making love with someone outside the agreement. As the other party involved, Dana will be doing the punishment. However, Dana was very impolite to you this afternoon Trudi, so in addition to her punishing you, you also get to punish her. So whatever she does to you during your punishment session tomorrow night, you can then do to her tomorrow night as well. So it should be a wonderful night in the Dungeon tomorrow. Are there any questions?"

"Marcie," Trudi asked, "I fully understand how Dana felt and I don't want to hurt her by punishing her. Do I really have to punish her?"

Marcie had wondered how Trudi would take the concept of punishing someone else. She appeared to be very gentle and kind, not a Domme personality at all. Maybe that would change when she had a bit of Dungeon experience. After all, she was amazed how much of a pain slut Dana had become in such a short time.

"Yes, you do. Remember that the punishment is for fun and nothing that is done is permanent. To start with there was no penetration of skin but we have changed that to allow shallow penetration. Certainly nothing is done that will leave permanent marks or scars. So just be a bit relaxed about it, learn as you go, and you might be very surprised how you and your body respond to the so-called punishment. Most punishment results in the person receiving the punishment cumming hard, so that's the payoff."

"OK, that sorts that out a bit more. I'll be interested to see how it goes."

"Great. Now to give you some more guidelines about both polyamory and the Dungeon."

Marcie proceeded to tell Todd and Trudi about the modified rules so they would know what was expected of them, what they could and couldn't do and the safety aspects of play, especially the safe words.

"Remember that the safe word can only be used when there is danger of serious injury. If it is used at other times then there will be a punishment. There is one activity which has become the standard activity for female induction into the group which so far has required the safe word each time it has been used. You'll experience this tonight, Trudi, so remember that the safe word is there if you need it."

Trudi was a little fearful on hearing that, wondering what she was getting herself into. However, she regarded herself as adventurous and game to try anything, and Marcie seemed to be caring and loving of everyone, so bring it on. Maybe the challenge would be to do the activity without using the safe word.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of Greg coming out from the house, stark naked like everyone else. Marcie introduced him to Trudi, who he greeted with a smile, admiring her tall, muscular body and wondering how long before he would feel her wrapped around his cock. He dived into the pool to hide his rapidly rising erection, but not before his condition was noticed by Marcie.

After his swim, Greg joined the group and caught up with the news and the evening's programme. Soon afterwards they went inside to dress for dinner, Trudi moving her belongings into the guest suite to join Todd and Dana. Dana gave Trudi a hug.

"I'm sorry I treated you so badly this afternoon," she apologised again, "I was so jealous I wasn't thinking straight. However, I'm looking forward to you punishing me for it tomorrow night in the Dungeon."

"You're looking forward to being punished by me?" asked Trudi, not sure she was hearing straight. "I'm terrified every time I think of being punished there."

"Well, I've found out that I am a pain slut. I didn't know this before but when I am punished the pain is immediately transformed into erotic sexy feelings and heads straight for my clit. I come very easily by receiving punishment and feeling pain. I don't know whether this will happen with you but just know it is possible and when it happens it's awesome. Tonight I want to take the same introduction to the Dungeon again that I think Mom has in mind for you, but this time I am going to try very hard not to have to use the safe word. But make sure you use it if you need to, although you may not because you are taller than me and perhaps that will make a difference."

"OK," replied Trudi, "I'll see how it goes. I guess that you never know until it happens."

"Now tomorrow night when we punish each other, please do not let me do any damage to you. My mind can create all sorts of scenarios for punishing you which I know I would enjoy, but to you they may be traumatically horrific. If you find that happening, tell me quietly and I'll reduce the pain I'm inflicting."

"OK, thank you," replied Trudi with an inward shudder. She gave Dana another hug. "I do hope that we can grow to love each other like sisters. Thank you so much for sharing Todd with me. You just don't know how much it means to me to be in this relationship with you both. It's a dream come true."

"That's OK," replied Dana, hugging Trudi back, "It's awesome that you are so happy sharing Todd with me. And I'm sure that we'll have lots of fun together too," she added suggestively, rubbing her bare pussy against Trudi's mat of fur and feeling Trudi pushing back.

"Come on you two," said Todd, "Time for dinner. I'm sure there'll be plenty of time for talk and love tonight, assuming that you are both in a fit state to enjoy it after what I've been hearing of the planned activities."

After dinner had been cleared away they all made their way to the Dungeon. Trudi was amazed at the array of equipment there, the large bed, which Todd had already told her was where he and Dana had spent their first night, and the bars, ropes, chains and other restraint, raising and lowering equipment. Greg and Dana were also amazed.

"Mom, have you got a whole heap of other stuff?" asked Dana, noticing for the first time a complete gynaecological examination chair in the corner.

"Yes, I've been busy," replied Marcie, "The chair came from a friend who was replacing one, the other stuff I bought and some of it I designed. It was all installed yesterday as a surprise for this weekend."

"Wow, some surprise," commented Todd, imagining how some of the gear could work.

"So to start with as resident Domme of this Dungeon, I need to dress the part."

Marcie went to a wardrobe which contained sets of all types of Dungeon related clothing. Most of it was for women but there were also some items designed for men. Marcie selected two lace up corsets and held them against Dana and Trudi.

"Have you girls ever worn corsets before?"

Neither girl had.

"OK, I'll just get my outfit on then fit yours."

They all watched as Marcie transformed herself from wife and mother to a Domme, clad in black leather and lace. She selected a whip from another cupboard and teasingly swished it at the others.

"How do I look?"

Fearsome was the universal opinion, and certainly Marcie looked the part of a Domme in her domain, with a leather part bra exposing and supporting her nipples, her waist cinched tightly in a broad black leather belt with a large brass buckle. From the belt hung black suspenders holding her black lace stockings with seams straight down the backs of her calves. On her feet were black shoes with five inch heels. Also from the waist belt was a tight crotch strap that went down both sides of her pussy and back up the crack of her arse, pushing her naked pussy lips forward.

"Right, girls, let's see how tightly we can tie these corsets onto you. Greg, you can help with Dana and Todd, you can do Trudi. Remember that you need to pull them tight several times as the body accustoms itself to the pressure and redistributes its bulk."

Marcie showed Todd and Greg how to position the corsets and pull the laces in gradually at first before increasing the tension as the contraction started for real. They spent half an hour pulling them tighter by which time the girls were feeling very constricted and everyone was sweating from the exertions.

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