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The Bachelorette Party

by blaster666©

Jason Moore stood in front of the bathroom mirror and looked at the reflection staring back at him. Condensation on the glass made it difficult to really see himself, but that didn't matter. In his mind he knew what was looking back at him. A freak of nature. That is how Jason thought of himself. At 6 foot 4 inches tall with a lean muscular physique, short black hair and piercing blue eyes, one would think that he would be overjoyed with his looks. But it was not his physical appearance that bothered him. It was the size of his cock. It was huge. When it was fully aroused it stood out at 10 ½ inches long and was fairly thick. The size of his manhood had been a source of embarrassment since the beginning of high school. He had been teased in the locker rooms and found it very difficult to maintain a relationship with females, once they discovered the size of it. All of his relationships had failed because none of his female friends wanted to try and take his manhood. Not more than once anyway.

He shook himself out of his thoughts and proceeded to finish what he was doing. He shaved, brushed his teeth, combed his hair and headed for the bedroom to get dressed. It was almost time for him to leave for work.

Because of the size of his penis he found that he could make very good money working as a male stripper. Since he was in his last year of college he was sure he would not be doing this much longer. He worked at a club downtown on the weekends and took an occasional gig at private parties. He enjoyed the private parties best, because they were the most fun. Women were less inhibited in the privacy of their own homes. They also tipped a lot better. The club he worked for made the bookings for the private ones and took a small fee for arranging them. It was a private one that he was heading to now. Because he did not want to be recognized, his gimmick was to wear a clown outfit. This worked great since his face and hair were covered with clown makeup. He also put on shaded contact lenses to change the color of his eyes. He had been doing this for close to three years now. The clown outfit put off most of his clients at first, but once things got started and they saw the size of his equipment, everything worked out just fine. When he was ready, he made sure he had the address and headed out the door. The one he was going to today was a bachelorette party which was always fun.

The address turned out to be a large ranch- style house that sat back from the road a short distance. Unfortunately, there do not seem to be ample parking, so Jason was forced to park half a block away. There must have been about 15 cars parked in the driveway and on the street. Grabbing his portable CD player and a small bag of balloons he made his way to the house. He was positive that he was at the right address. The closer he got to the house he could hear loud laughter and music coming from inside. It was 7 PM and he was right on time. He rang the doorbell.

Several minutes passed before the door opened and Jason got his first shock of the night. Standing there looking up at him was his aunt Carol. Jason's jaw dropped and he felt kind of lightheaded as he stared back at her. Aunt Carol stood there staring up at him with a puzzled expression on her face, before asking if she could help him. That was when Jason realized that she did not know who he was because of the clown makeup. Snapping out of his startled state he handed her a business card from the club. She took one look at it and a big smile crossed her lips.

"You're a clown. I thought we ordered a stripper," she said.

"I am exactly what you ordered," Jason replied softly.

"Well, in that case please come in. We have a whole bunch of horny women in here waiting for some real good entertainment." Carol laughed.

As he followed his aunt Carol down the hall he could not help but admire her shapely ass. She was wearing a pale blue summer dress that barely reached mid thigh. Jason could not help comparing his aunt Carol to his own mom. Except for aunt Carol's red hair, she was the spitting image of his own mother. She was about 5'4" tall and probably weighed no more than 130 pounds. He could see that her legs and ass were toned just like his mom's. He also knew that she was 47 years old. He knew this because she was two years younger than his mom. He estimated that her breast were about a 36D. He also knew that she had never gotten married nor had any children.

When they got to the front room he could see there were about 15 middle-aged women. Some were standing and others were sitting, but all of them were definitely intoxicated. As soon as he walked into the room all of the laughter stopped. He could feel 15 pairs of eyes staring at him. Someone shouted " Holy shit! Who ordered a giant clown?" With that remark, everyone in the room busted out laughing. With a smile on her full lips, aunt Carol shouted, "The entertainment has arrived girls!" This was met with more laughter and snide comments. Jason asked Carol who the party was for. She pointed to a small Asian woman sitting on the couch. Carol told him that her name was Suzy Nakamura.

Jason found a place to plug in his CD player and then went into the dining room and grabbed a chair and placed it in the center of the living room. He walked over to Suzy Nakamura and held his hands out to her. She just sat there staring at him for the longest time before taking his hands and letting him guide her over to the chair. Everyone in the room just watched, wondering what was going to happen. He then went over and hit the play button on the CD player and grabbed a couple balloons out of his bag. Calliope music started playing as he walked over and stood in front of Suzy. He then started blowing up one of the balloons. After he had more than one balloon inflated he started making balloon animals. This really got the crowd laughing. Suzy just sat there in stunned silence wondering what the hell was going on. Wasn't this supposed to be her bachelorette party she wondered?

Suddenly the music shifted from Calliope to bump and grind. This got the women to hooting and hollering. Someone shouted, "Take it off!" There were a chorus of OH YEAH, and SHAKE IT BABY. With that Jason reached up around the neck of his outfit and pulled down sharply. The outfit parted effortlessly since it was only held on by Velcro. Underneath he had on what appeared to be black silk boxers. Jason stood in front of Suzy and started gyrating and swaying right near her face. All the women were going crazy and shouting encouragement at Suzy. Since Jason was so tall, his crotch was right in Suzy's face, but she didn't seem to mind at all. She sat there with her eyes glued to his crotch and her face was turning a nice shade of crimson. He turned around and thrust his ass toward her and told her to spank it. Hesitantly she reached out and gave him a slight smack on his ass. This really got the girls going, so she did it again, this time a little bit harder. All the women were laughing and drinking even faster than they had before. Turning back around, Jason reached down and took Suzy's hands. He placed them on the waistband of his silk boxers and told her to pull real hard. When Suzy did, the sides of the boxers parted and fell away, leaving Jason standing in front of her with only a bulging G-string on. The G-string had been modified so that his cock was in a tube-like extension. Even with the modification, it was clear to all that he was packing some hefty meat. It stuck out like a banana wrapped in cloth, and swung free from side to side.

All the laughter died suddenly. The women could not believe what they were looking at. Suzy's eyes were as big as saucers as she stared at his manhood, which was only an inch or so away from her face. Shouts of " OH MY GOD!!!" and "WOW" were whispered among the women. One woman stated, " that can't be real" while another said she wanted that.

Suzy was wearing a low cut top that showed off her ample bosom, so Jason leaned down and rubbed himself between her cleavage. This brought the noise level right back to where it had been, if not louder. Everyone was laughing and clapping, shouting for Suzy to get it. Jason placed his hands on Suzy's shoulders and continued to rub himself up and down between her breasts. Suzy reached behind him and cupped his buttocks, and then she pulled him in tighter to her chest. This brought a new round of cheers from all the women including aunt Carol. By now most of the women had gathered around the chair that Suzy was sitting in. Jason backed away and started making his way around the room. He made sure that he stopped at each woman and rubbed up against them. Every one of them would reach out and grab his ass or some would even grab his cock through the G- string. When he got to his aunt Carol he went behind her and started rubbing himself against her ass. He placed his hands on her shoulders and would rub up and down her butt crack. He was not sure but he could swear that he had heard a soft moan escape from her. Once he got back to Suzy he continued to dance in front of her. She reached out and grabbed his G-string and pulled. Once it was stretched out away from him, with no support to hold them in, his balls slid out the side. He did not try to put them back. Instead, he strattled Suzy's chair and brought his balls up against her chest. The feel of her skin on his naked sack felt great and judging by the change in her breathing, it was having an even larger effect on Suzy.

Before he could do anything else, someone behind him reached around and grabbed his covered cock. They started to stroke it through the material. Someone else was rubbing his ass cheeks. Suzy reached up and cupped his balls in her tiny hands and pulled them toward her. When she had them up high enough, she stuck her tongue out and started to lick them. The sensation of a warm wet tongue on his balls was fantastic and his cock started to enlarge. The person stroking it became aware of that and yanked the G- string away from his rapidly expanding penis. This caused the head to be right in Suzy's face. She stopped licking his balls, opened her mouth as wide as she could and wrapped her lips around the head. His cock was not so thick that she couldn't get it in her mouth. She had just the head in and started running her tongue all around it. Whoever was stroking his cock increased their grip and stroked a little faster. Looking around, Jason could see the lust in most of the women's eyes. He turned enough so he could see who was behind him. The person stroking him was his aunt Carol. She had a glazed look in her eyes and was breathing heavy. Meanwhile, Suzy had stop sucking his cock and was now just licking the head. Jason reached down and started squeezing Suzy's breast through her shirt. With one hand he reached back behind himself and felt Carol's thigh below the hemline of her dress. He started rubbing up and down in little circles on her outer thigh. He heard a gasp escape from her as soon as his hand had touched the silky smooth skin. She shifted to his right a ways, which allowed him to touch the inside of her thighs. He knew it was wrong to be touching his own aunt, but her skin was so hot and smooth that he was unwilling to stop.

Someone had pulled Suzy's shirt down over her large breast. Her nipples were rock hard and poking out from her quarter sized dark brown areoles. Jason took one of the nipples between his thumb and forefinger and started lightly twisting it. This got an immediate reaction from Suzy. She started to lick the head of Jason's cock with renewed vigor. Jason was fully hard now and he knew that if they continued to stroke and lick him, he would surely cum all over Suzy's tits. He started running his other hand up the inside of Carol's thighs, going higher and higher each time. He could tell that his hand was now up under aunt Carol's dress. She leaned forward and he felt her breast against his back. He could hear her breathing become more ragged the higher his hand went. What the hell, he thought, as he inched his hand up until it finally reached her panties. The heat coming off her pussy was incredible. He turned his hand palm up and started to press against her softness. She pressed back and spread her legs a little wider than they were. He could now get his fingers completely on her cunt. It took little effort to push the panty leg over and place his fingers directly on her very wet pussy. Using his middle finger he slid it up and down her slit, making sure to rub her clit with each stroke. After a short time of this he curled his finger and slid it up into her smoldering cunt. She was so wet that he was certain that everyone could hear the sloshing sound coming from her overheated pussy.

As Jason finger fucked aunt Carol and worked over Suzy's nipples he looked around the room to see what everyone else was doing. He was shocked to see that most of the women had taken their clothes off. There was a couple that was still dressed and staring at the goings on as if it were a movie that they couldn't escape from. The majority had paired off and were fondling each other or eating each other's cunts. One even had a double-headed dildo that she was using on two of the women while she sat on another's face having her pussy licked. Looking down, he saw that Suzy had removed her pants and was shoving three fingers deeply inside herself. She had stopped licking on his cock and her head was back with her eyes closed, a smile on her lips.

Jason could feel he was getting close. He removed his fingers from his aunt's wet pussy and spun around. He took her by the shoulders and turned her so she was facing away from him. He then pushed her toward the couch. When she was in front of it, he put his hand on her stomach and the other on her upper back and lightly pushed. She knew immediately what he wanted, so she bent over and rested her hands on the couch leaving her ass pointed right at him. Jason wasted no time in lifting her dress over her tight ass and yanking her panties down. Standing behind her, he had to bend down some, he lined his cock up with her slit and started rubbing it the full length of her. Her juices were dripping out all over his penis making it quite slick. Slowly he slid it between her hot cunt lips until he was at her entrance.

Carefully, he pushed until the head of his cock was inside her. The heat was almost unbearable, but oh so good. Aunt Carol started to wiggle her ass and pushed back at the same time. Another inch slid up her. She started making mewing sounds and continued to push backward on his hard shaft. After he had about six inches stuffed into her tight hole, he pulled it almost completely out then slowly pushed it back in. Each time he did this, he would push in a little further until he had about eight inches inside her. He wasn't sure whether it was the fact that he was fucking his aunt, or if it was because she didn't know it was her nephew, but he was harder than he had ever been before. It didn't really matter at the moment though. All he could think about was the sensations his cock was feeling. Slowly he picked up the pace until he was seesawing back and forth inside his aunt Carol's pussy. He could feel her cunt muscles quivering with each stroke gripping him tighter and tighter. He could also feel the tingling sensation coming from his balls letting him know that it was very close. Placing both his hands on her hips he started pistoning his cock into her harder and harder. He still made sure that he did not slam all of it into her though. He had no desire to inflict any pain on her.

"Oh shit. Oh shit. Fuck me!" she cried. "I'm cuuuuuuummmmming!!!!"

Jason could feel her cunt contracting around his cock and feel her juices shooting out of her pussy. He could no longer hold it in and was soon squirting stream after stream of spunk deep inside her. When she felt his hot cum splashing into her cunt she began to shake and felt the most intense orgasm overtake her. She felt light headed and just collapsed on the couch with his cock still buried up her drenched cunt. God that was the best orgasm she had ever experienced she thought. She knew then and there that she was going to get some more of this, even if it killed her.

When Carol had collapsed Jason went down with her, staying lodge firmly in her pussy. Now he rolled slowly off, pulling his deflating penis out of her with a sucking plop. A mixture of sperm and pussy cream came running out and dripped to the floor. What had got into him, he wondered? Now that it was over, he wasn't sure how he would ever be able to look his aunt in the face again. Guilt was starting to set in until it dawned on him that she didn't know it was him. She would only think it was a stripper from the club. With that realization the guilt started to evaporate.

Looking around the room Jason realized that most of the other women were either passed out are just lying around. Suzy was curled up in a ball on the other end of the couch. She still had a smile on her face. Well, I would say that this had been a total success thought Jason.

Jason gathered up his clothes and got dressed. As he was doing this Carol had stood up and smoothed her dress down. She went over and reached inside a purse and pulled out a white envelope, which she handed to Jason.

"Take this. You earned every penny of it," she said.

Jason did not bother to look in the envelope, instead he just bend down and kissed his aunt on the cheek. He took one last look around then headed to the door. As he stepped outside, he noticed two women coming up the walkway. His last shock of the day was when he realized that the two women coming his way were his mother and 21-year-old sister. He practically ran to his car before looking back. There on the front stoop his mother was staring back at him. There is no way that she could tell it was her son, he told himself as he drove off. Could she?

Written by: blaster666

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