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Dawn of the Succubi Ch. 03

by bt127©

She fucked one and sucked the other one. Ben heard another sound and looked to his right to see Mother Superior knocking on one of the priests' doors. She was wearing her new habit.

"Come in." he said and she slowly opened the door. Ben peaked in behind her.

"Good morning, Father Kemp. I thought we could pray together." the succubus said in her sexy, seductive voice.

But it was obvious that it wouldn't work on this one. He grabbed his cross and shoved it in her face. "Back! Back, dark demon! I said back!"

Reverend Mother took the tip of the cross into her mouth. Father Kemp let go of it shocked. She shoved the long end up into her pussy, moaning. "See, Father Kemp, God loves me anyway. Especially my pussy."

He pulled a gun out of a drawer. "I said back!"

"Please, Father Kemp, I need the type of religious union that only a cock and cunt can have." her words had an effect on him as his dick grew even harder and she advanced on him.

Bang! He shot her in the chest. She stumbled back, but there was no blood. Her small wound quickly disappeared. The bullet left nothing but a hole in her black nylon netting over her demon tits.

"Impossible...." the shocked priest said.

Ben didn't even notice the demon until she was in front of him.

"Nothing is impossible anymore, Father Kemp." said the demon succubus, Midaja. She was a full-fledged demon. Midaja was naked with her wings, fangs, claws, horns, and tail all out in the open, but even so, Ben wanted to fuck her. She grabbed Ben and kissed him hungrily. "It's been too long, Master. Welcome back." Midaja jumped the priest and knocked his gun away. "You need a little more cum, Reverend Mother. Ben, please make a deposit."

Reverend Mother simply bent over and waited for her master. With her ass already exposed, he wasted no time. Ben fucked the nun not for the first time. Midaja restrained Father Kemp by force fucking him, but only enough to keep him hard. Ben came inside Mother Superior's pussy, then she moved to the priest.

Midaja dismouted him and he ran to the corner, trying to think of an escape.

"Don't you want to fuck me, Father Kemp." said Reverend Mother.

"I would die. I would lose my soul forever, and be condemed to a hell inside of you." he answered, fully aware of the consequences.

"But it would be worth it, wouldn't it? Fucking me, for your soul. My pussy is something you can't have in Heaven. Look at my cunt..."

she spread her habit splits even more wide open to further expose her cum-leaking pussy. "....don't you want that to be your seed running down my legs?"

The priest was entranced. His cock was at full attention.

Midaja whispered in Ben's ear, "Look, Master, your sperm has given her more power over him."

Reverend Mother laid her back down on the floor and spread her legs, her cunt facing the priest, enticing him. "Now, come fuck me, Father Kemp."

As if hypnotized, he crawled to the nun and entered her slowly. But then began to fuck her in the missionary position with reckless abandon.

"How does my cunt feel, Father Kemp?" the Reverend Mother asked, smiling, knowing the answer. He moaned in response, and she let out a wicked laugh. Midaja took her master's penis into her mouth and sucked him off. Ben came in her fang filled mouth.

"You're going to cum, Father Kemp. You're going to deposit your seed in my pussy, and give me your soul. You're going to damn yourself forever, and you're going to love it." said a smiling Mother Superior. Father Kemp did just that, emptying his nuts and his soul into the succubus. She pushed his lifeless body off of her and laughed in triumph.

Reverend Mother stood up, letting the priest's and Ben's cream drip down her legs to the floor, and walked over to Ben. She kissed him, "Thank you, Master."

The door opened, Jan and the schoolgirl walked in. Jan was only wearing the white part of her headdress and it was bunched up, cum leaked from her pussy and from her lips and tits. The girl had her suspenders down, and her ass and pussy were dripping.

"We're finished with the others, Master." Jan said to Ben. He was shocked. They were doing all this for him. But he couldn't help but be hard while looking at the realigious slut succubi. But Midaja could sense his hesitation in giving his approval. He had just allowed the slaying of several good men.

"Excellent." said Midaja, trying to wipe Ben's mind clear of the guilt.

Jan moved to Reverend Mother and kissed her, giving her a taste of the alter boys cum. The schoolgirl licked and sucked all over Jan's chest, tasting their sperm as well. Jan moved down to her knees and ran her tongue up Mother Superior's legs, drinking Father Kemp's semen that was dripping from her cunt. Then she shoved her demon tongue into her sperm-full snatch. The schoolgirl kneeled in front of her master, Ben, and sucked his dick. Midaja kissed her master then laughed in triumph.

They were all forced to dress, after a quick orgy, for church was about to begin. The people started to make their way into the church. Ben met up with his scantily dressed succubi family. The sat down, a few rows from the front. The church was full, and the only priest left, Father Kruger, began the congregation. Luckily the convent ran a very mature and boring congregation, so there were no children or kids in the church. The succubi were free to do what they wanted with the church folk.

The priest began to notice the amount of slutty looking women in there and the lack of priests and alter boys. The smell of sex began to fill the room. Ben's Mother unzipped his fly and stroked her son to full length while in the middle of the holy man's speech. As many other succubi did the same. Father Kruger could sense that something was very wrong, he had heard of succubi invasions.

Ben's mom dropped her head into his lap, sucking his cock. The other demons followed her lead. Moaning and slurping sounds filled the church. Mom swallowed her son's load then sat on his still hard prick, fucking him. She eyed Father Kruger, while gulping down the last drops of her son's sperm. He was nearly hypnotized by the demon's eyes. The smell, sight and sound of sex had everyone in the church entranced. Father Kruger finaly stopped speaking, he was to shocked to say or do anything. Sisters mounted and sat on their brothers' cocks. Daughters sucked and fucked their fathers. Mothers rode their sons' hard pricks. No one other than Ben had cum yet.

Father Kruger felt someone's hand grab his cock through his robe. He jumped back in fright as Mother Superior crawled out from under the podium, in her new habit. The nun succubi ripped their habit covers off to expose their new ones. Some had nothing on underneath, some had stockings and some had lingerie. Kruger ran towards the center aisle, but was grabbed by two nuns and turned towards the Reverend Mother.

The succubus nun stood at the podium and spoke, "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a new age. An age full of lust, taboo, sin, incest, and fucking beyond your wildest dreams. Although, you will all die and lose your souls, you will do it while fucking a loved one. Perhaps your daughter, your son, your sibling or grandparent is fucking you right now. Well enjoy your final moments of freedom, for the rest of eternity will be spent in the belly of a succubus. Let the new age begin."

The succubi made the remaining woman into one of them, and then proceded to fuck and suck the rest of the men in the church of their souls. Father Kruger screamed in horror.

Mother Superior stepped out from behind the podium and made her way down the steps. She spread the open 'v' of the split in front of her cunt, and held it open as she walked slowly and seductively down towards the priest.

"What's the matter, Father Kruger? Don't you want to be a part of the new age?" the Reverend Mother got to the last steps and stopped. The nuns holding Kruger pushed his head down, towards her pussy. "Don't you wanna taste it, Father Kruger? My pussy yearns for your tongue. Can you smell that, Father? That's Father Kemp's cum. I fucked him of his soul. Now lick me." she laid down on the steps and spread her legs invitingly to the priest. The nuns pushed him down to the lips of her pussy. His body resisted, but his tongue reached out.

Father Kruger's tongue made contact with the succubi's cunt lips and tasted the sweet necter of her demon juices. The priest had to have more, he dove into her. Her hand pushed his head into her vagina harder. The nuns let go and went to help make demons and fuck for mens' souls. Once Reverend Mother thought he had enough she pulled him up. His eyes were glazed over, they began to fill with white clouds. Mother Superior smiled, knowing that the test had worked. He quickly mounted his new master and came inside her. Giving the nun his soul, and now his body.

"Stand up!" she ordered. The drone did as he was comanded. She stood, letting his cum run down her legs to the church steps, and snapped her fingers in front of his face. He blinked and the clouds went away. "Now, Slave, are you ready to serve us?"

"Yes, Master." the priest said.

Ben had witnessed everything. The succubi was now finished with everyone. All the females were made and a few men had been made into souless slaves as well, while the rest were completely drained.

Jennifer was now rocking on her brother's cock and explained, "You see, Bro, your cum enables us to do things thats never been possible. Your sperm helps us evolve. Immunities to holy things and weapons wasn't all you granted us. Now, when a succubus with enough of your cum, has a man drink her pussy juice, it preserves his body with a brain for us to control. And they still empty their souls into us. Best of all, they still have working cocks and balls full of cum. Once we've taken over everything, we need someone to fuck."

Ben was shocked at this new development. Then he shot more of his semen into his big sister.

After Ben and the drones had satisfied the succubi, and they made sure that Ben had given them a sufficient amount of his sperm, they had Ben and his family stay at the convent. They were sending the drone, Father Kruger, to tell the Catholic church about the succubi at the convent. The Catholic church would send a task force of holy warriors to kill the demons and end the invasion. Ben's family and many of the nuns would be there first to stop them, for they had the most of Ben's cum.

Written by: bt127

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