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Maggie Becomes My Whore Ch. 01

by ProfessorM©

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a true story about an event that occurred around 2008. Just a few details and names have been changed to protect everyone's anonymity.


Ch. 1: Maggie and her Boss

I met my wife, Maggie, while I was in graduate school. I was her TA for a class and it was hard not to notice her right away. With long blond hair, intelligent green eyes, and an underwear model's athletic but curvy frame, she immediately stood out from the crowd.

A lot of people talk a big game about banging their students, and it definitely happens on every campus, but I was more cautious. Getting caught means getting kicked out and, possibly, ending your career before it starts, so I usually just pushed those thoughts aside and tried to be as professional as a red-blooded heterosexual male can be while staring at 19-year old tits and ass all day long.

My wife had other plans. She told me later she was immediately attracted to me. I'm a decent looking, intelligent guy who likes to work out. I'm not built like a Greek god but I get my share of attention. It helped her plan that she was a real go-getter and was always interested in talking about the class. The guys who I shared an office with loved being around when she popped in to talk about the latest reading, usually dressed in something sexy that showed off her fantastic body. Over the course of the term I discovered that she was very intelligent, highly motivated, 12 years younger than me, and a "good girl" from a nice family.

When the term was over and my grades were submitted, she surprised me by asking me out.

When Maggie showed up at my door, I was blown away. She had always looked good in class but the skin-tight mini dress she chose for our first date didn't leave much to the imagination. At 5'11", her legs were really long and sexy, and I could tell through the thin, tight dress that her stomach was not just flat but well-toned, which is an incredible turn on for me. Her tits were perfect for her frame, shapely B-cups, and her ass looked amazing in the thin material of the dress. "You look great!" I told her, like an idiot.

"Thanks," she laughed and gave me a hug. It was the first time we had touched, and I tried not to get hard while I felt her press against me as I held her toned waist.

Maggie didn't seem to want the date to end and after dinner and the play, we went to coffee, then sat in my truck and talked late into the night. Finally I kissed her goodnight and she melted into me. I had never been kissed with so much pure desire; she kissed me like she might never see me again after the night ended.

My hands roamed her body, over her tits, down to feel her flat, tight stomach and waist, and finally to her thighs, which spread for my hand. She moaned around my tongue in her mouth as my finger worked past her thong and gently spread her pussy lips. I couldn't believe how wet she was and how tight her pussy felt around my fingers.

"Do you want to come inside?" I asked her. She just nodded and bit her lip.

When I got her in the door, she attacked me, grabbing the back of my head while she kissed me, sucking my tongue and moaning while my hands explored her body. I hiked up her dress and felt her ass in my hands for the first time, spreading her cheeks apart while dropping one hand down to feel her pussy. She moaned and I turned her around so I could look at her ass in her thong while I finger fucked her from behind.

My cock was hard as a rock and ready and to explode. I couldn't believe I had this tight little 19-year old ass in front of me. I knelt down and ate her pussy from behind, pulling her thong aside and spreading her perfect ass apart while she bent forward, her hands on a bookcase. She tasted incredible as I ran my tongue up and down her drooling lips and circled her little clit. Just as an experiment, I slapped her on the ass. Not too hard, but hard enough to get her attention. "Oh God!" she exclaimed. Her voice was choked and wavering, and her thighs were wet and shaking as she spread her legs farther apart for me.

I stood up and unzipped her dress, leaving her standing there in her heels and thong, legs spread, up against a book case in my little apartment. She hadn't made a move to take off my pants, so I unzipped them now and my erect cock sprang up as my pants and boxers dropped to the floor. She reached behind her to feel my cock and let out a little appreciative gasp. I'm not porn-star huge, but at a full 8 inches I know I'm bigger than the average bear and thicker, too. She turned around to look into my eyes while she stroked my cock, her lips parted and wet. I lined up behind her and fumbled for the condom I had taken from my pocket a few seconds before.

"Wait! Wait..." she said.

"What is it? Are you okay?" I asked.

"I just... I don't want to be a cliché, you know?"

I laughed, "You mean like fucking your TA?"

She laughed, too. "No, I mean, like, it's our first date. You know... Maybe we can just slow down."

I tried to be rational even as I was rubbing the tip of my cock on her soaking wet pussy. "Yeah, that's okay," I said. "There's lots of other things we can do." She turned around and stroked my cock while we kissed. I bent to suck each of her nipples and she groaned and ran her fingers through my hair. "Just out of curiosity," I said quietly, "How many people have you been with?"

She wavered a moment. "Well, technically, none. I've had a few boyfriends and we've fooled around, but never intercourse. How about you?"

I hesitated, then decided to be honest. "Quite a few, I guess. But I've had checkups and blood tests, though, so you should feel safe. I know I'm clean. But it's been awhile since I've been with anyone."

"Well," she said in a low voice, almost like a purr, "You'll have to teach me what I need to know..."

My balls were ready to explode. I took her to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed. She rolled me over and slowly licked and sucked my cock. "Your cock tastes so fucking good," she moaned. She couldn't get more than half into her mouth, so I told her to pump it while she sucked the tip. Her mouth looked beautiful with a thick cock in it. "Just tell me what you want, I'll do anything you tell me to do," she gasped.

I groaned, feeling her wet mouth, imagining what it was going to be like to take her virgin pussy if I got the chance. That sent me over the edge, and I erupted in her mouth, shooting a thick stream down her throat. She made a surprised sound and pulled her mouth off of me, rubbing my spurting cock on her chin and cheeks, looking up at me with lustful green eyes while my come covered half her face.

Maggie wasn't kidding around. She loved authority figures, and it turned her on that I had been her TA and that I was older. She was a willing student for any sexual need I could think of. I didn't have a fetish for virgins, but it definitely turned me on to have a chance to corrupt this good girl and turn her into my little slut, especially because she seemed to love every minute of it.

She couldn't get enough of my big dick, and once we started having sex she had to have it every day. I downloaded porn movies that we watched together while we fucked or she sucked me off, and I sent her emails with nasty pictures attached that I found online. She was really turned on by pornography and she especially loved anything with a DP, a woman sucking two cocks, or gang bangs. She wasn't very bi-curious, but she loved cock, and it turned her on to imagine getting fucked by more than one guy at the same time.

We dated for two years and got married after graduation. I got a job at a college in a small town and we continued to explore our fantasies together. Most of the women in the area who weren't college girls were a little older and "schlubby" so Maggie really stuck out around town. At work in the office where she landed a job she was like a beautiful creature from another world.

We made frequent trips to a larger nearby city and with our new salaries we bought her lots of sexy clothes for work. Even though she was the associate director of her department, she liked to dress the part of a sexy secretary, with silk button down blouses, tight pencil skirts, and stockings and heels. With her push up bra and garters underneath, she looked sexy as hell and attracted a lot of attention at the office.

Maggie and I continued to fantasize about what it would be like for her to be DP'd or gang-banged, and she loved the idea of becoming a total slut. We often watched porn together about office sluts who fucked men or groups of men at work. I loved how turned on her fantasies made her, and I wondered if she'd be willing to take the next step if the opportunity ever presented itself.

One night, about a year later, Maggie was sucking my cock on the couch when she pulled it out of her mouth and said, "I think there are a few guys at work who want to fuck me."

How could I be surprised? But I was intrigued by where this might be going, so I replied, "Oh really? Like who?"

She stroked my cock and bobbed her head up and down on the tip briefly. "Randy and Alan," she sighed, before taking me deep into her mouth.

I breathed out, getting more turned on. Randy, whose wife treated him like shit in front of everyone, was her immediate boss and the director of her department. Alan was the company president who was known for making inappropriate comments that were always just short of sexual harassment.

Both men must have been in their late 30's and they probably loved having a nubile 22-year-old strutting around the office in heels and a silk blouse. Given how much my wife liked older men and authority figures, I guess it made sense. I watched my wife's perfect mouth move up and down my shaft before asking, "How do you know?"

"Well, I just know," she said, stroking my cock while she answered. "I always catch Alan looking at my tits, and he takes any opportunity he can to touch my arm or my back. He makes a lot of sexual comments when there aren't other people around, I think just to see how I will react. And I always catch Randy looking at my tits. He's not as forward as Alan is about it, but I just get a vibe off of him. Besides, with his wife, I'm sure he's horny as fuck."

"Ugh..." Her mouth was back on my cock. "What do you want to do about it?"

Maggie moaned around my cock before pulling it out. She looked up at me with her green eyes and heavy lids, rubbing my cock on her red lips. She looked like sex incarnate. "What do think I could do? Randy has to make a trip to [X] in a few weeks for a presentation. It's just a few hours away, but he's going to spend the night. I'm sure he could use my help..."

I thought about it for a minute, as much as a person can think about this sort of thing with a beautiful woman's lips wrapped around his cock. I certainly wasn't jealous. I've had my share of wild sexual experiences and was pretty open-minded. Randy was married with three kids, so he was probably a safe bet. Alan was also married with kids. He was an aggressive flirt, but it was hard to say how much action a guy that busy could get on the side.

I was the first and only guy Maggie had ever fucked, and I liked the idea of her getting to explore her sexuality a little. Who knows where that could lead? Besides, the thought of my sweet, sexy wife being the company bitch was starting to turn me on.

"We have to lay some ground rules," I said. "I don't want to move too fast. For right now, only blowjobs. And not only when he or they want it, but we get to decide and be in control of when and how this stuff goes down."

"Oh God! Okay, that sounds good." She moved her mouth up and down my thick shaft again. Her red lips were swollen, looking more bee-stung than usual. "I really want to be my boss's bitch, baby," she said quietly, while catching her breath. I pushed her head back down on my cock in reply, grabbing a handful of hair and pumping her face up and down. He mouth made obscene sucking noises on my cock as her left hand massaged my balls. She strained to take me as deep as possible. "Oh Jeeesuuuuuus!" I yelled, exploding in her mouth while she swallowed every drop.

Over the next few weeks, Maggie worked on Randy pretty hard. She unbuttoned an extra button in meetings with him, leaning in so he could get a good look at her tits. She always wore a sexy push up and tried to give him a good view of her cleavage any chance she had. She tried to stand and sit closer to him when she could, and on my advice tried to be as flirty as possible, touching his arm or knee when she could get away with it. She was sympathetic about his issues with his wife, and he even remarked to her about how little sex he got. When she volunteered to go help with the presentation, he gratefully accepted her offer.

The morning they left I helped Maggie pick out a little cardigan sweater that could cover her cleavage or her midriff, but not both, and a tight pencil skirt. Underneath she was wearing every man's wet dream: a black lace push up, thong, garter belt, and black stockings. She messaged me that morning from the office. "I think things are a go. When he saw me this morning he just shook his head and said I looked fantastic. I said, 'Can you handle it?' and he just said I might need to go home and change."

"Sounds like you made a good impression. Keep me posted on what goes down," I messaged back. "Good luck!"

A few hours later toward evening, I got another message: "Arrived at the hotel. We're checked in and going to go grab some dinner. His room is across the hall..."

The next few hours I tried to wait patiently but my head was spinning imagining what their conversation was like at dinner. It must have been pretty good, because I got another text: "He's down with everything. I'm heading next door to be my boss's little cocksucking whore."

A little while later my phone rang. Maggie seemed flushed and out of breath. "So, what happened?" I asked.

"Well, the whole time on the drive I could tell he was having a hard time because he kept looking over at me. I had the cardigan pulled down pretty low, so he could probably see the lace in the bra, and my skirt was bunched up a little in car, so he was really getting an eyeful. I even tried to spread my legs a little bit, but I didn't want to take it too far.

"We checked in and went to dinner. He kept prodding me, saying that I must have been pretty wild in college, which of course I wasn't, but all I said was, 'Oh, I had my fun.'

"Then I told him that we still liked to have fun, and that I had noticed that he didn't seem to be having any lately, and maybe I could do something about that for him if he was willing to do things our way. I think he almost choked on his beer. He said he'd be interested to hear more, so he paid and we left."

My cock was rock hard at this point, and I pulled it out and started stroking it.

"When we got to the hotel, I messaged you and then went to his room. We laid down on the bed and he asked what I had in mind, but he didn't really wait for my answer because he reached over and started playing with my tits through the sweater."

"Did that feel good, baby, having your boss play with your tits in his hotel room?" I interrupted.

"Oh God, yes!" I could tell suddenly that she was also masturbating, playing with her pussy while she told me the story. "It made me feel like such a slut! He rubbed them while we talked, and reached into my sweater and pinched my nipples. It was really fucking hot. I couldn't help it baby, I reached down and started feeling his cock through his pants. I told him I would only suck him, and that you would know everything and have a say in what went down."

"Was he cool with that?" I asked.

"Yeah, he just nodded and pushed me onto my back and started rubbing my pussy. He was really excited when he saw the garter belt. He pulled my thong to one side and started playing with my pussy, then started finger fucking me really hard. I mean, really hard, with two and then with three fingers, like he was fucking me with his cock. He kept telling me how tight my pussy felt and worked his fingers deep, fast and hard, then slow.

"I got really wet and my pussy sounded so nasty and sloppy. I was playing with my tits with one hand and with the other I kept feeling his cock through his pants. Then all of the sudden out of the blue I came on his fingers really hard. When he pulled his hand away it was completely wet. Am I a bad slut for getting finger fucked by my boss?"

"Yeah, that's pretty fucking nasty, honey. But something tells me there's more."

"Yeah, well, when I came back down to Earth, I told him to get up and sit in the chair. I got up and stripped for him, really slow, until I was standing there in my little outfit, with the heels and everything. I turned around a little and showed him the whole thing and told him I had worn it just for him. I could tell he was insanely turned on.

"I slowly got down on my knees in front of him and pulled his pants off. His cock wasn't that big, unfortunately, but it was really fucking hard. I could fit the whole thing in my mouth.

"So I sucked him hard, looking up at him the whole time, trying to make sure he could see how bad of a whore I wanted to be for him. I tried to make as many nasty sucking sounds as I could. He wanted me to slow down because he didn't want to come yet, but I told him that you had trained me to suck cock for a long time, and I would just suck him off again.

"He seemed a little nervous, so I reached up and took his hands and put them on the back of my head so he could really fuck my mouth. That's when he came the first time. There was so much of it honey. I couldn't swallow it all. It dripped down my chin and all over my tits. I wiped my mouth off, then I kept playing with his cock and he got hard again after a little while.

"This time he grabbed the back of my head right away on his own and fucked my mouth for like twenty minutes. It was crazy. He's not as big as you, so I had his whole cock in my mouth. It was hitting the back of my throat while my nose was buried in his pubic hair. I wasn't quite gagging on it but pretty close. I tried to look up at him when I could, and I tried reaching down to play with my pussy and slap my own ass a few times, too. It was so dirty.

"He was fucking my mouth so hard that eventually I just held onto his legs and let him take my mouth. My pussy was so wet it was dripping down my thighs. He kept telling me what a whore I was, and how I was going to be his little cocksucker at the office. Then he came again, probably even more than before. This time I pulled it out and let him shoot it onto my face and tits. Oh God, baaaaabbbbbyyyyyyyyyyy..."

She was totally turned on now, masturbating and telling me her story, and suddenly exploded. I came too, hearing her so turned on, and shot a huge load into my hand.

After we had calmed down a little and cleaned up, we talked about it a little more before calling it a night. We basically agreed on one thing: As long as Randy was respectful of our marriage and followed our lead, and as long as I knew everything that went down, we could see where this would go. Both one of us could veto anything at any time, and if one of us decided to call it quits, then that was it.

The next day, it was getting late as they drove back when I got a message on my phone: "About 15 minutes away. Turn off the lights and wait by the laundry window." My heart was pounding but I did what she said. I waited by the little laundry room window, where I had a great view of the driveway close to the house.

In a few minutes, I saw Randy's truck pull up, maybe no more than 20 feet from the window. Maggie and Randy talked for a little bit. She was wearing another cute outfit: a plunging top that really showed off her cleavage and a pair of tight pants.

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