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The New Parishioner

by thecryptkeeper©

"Uh, ah, it's so big," Melissa moaned, finally taking all of him inside her. "Ooh, it feels so good. I love your big black cock inside me, Reggie."

"Oh, I know, baby, and you're so tight. That's incredible — you feel amazing. Keep moving. Oh, yea, just like that."

"Ooh, ooh, you're making me cum, Reggie."

She lay on top of him with her chest flat against his and they kissed. He kept one hand on her narrow waist; his other went between her butt cheeks and rubbed her sweet, little asshole as she humped him.

His long, fat cock sliding in and out against her wet, silky lips created pleasure so intense the only thing that mattered was getting more of it. The past, present and future vanished; only their heavy breathing and the velocity between them existed.

"Oh, I'm going to cum, baby!"

"Oh, oh, ooh, Reggie. It's okay. Cum inside me."

"Oh, yea, that feels good," he groaned flooding Melissa's pussy. "Oh, baby, you're beautiful."

Her hips slowed to a stop, and she lied languidly on top of him stroking his muscular chest with her hand, their time together dwindling like his erection.

However his erections always returned and Melissa failed to realize that like them, so would he.


He was finally gone. After their morning sex, he spent the day helping her clean and left that afternoon.

The affair with Reggie — the dreadfully sinful acts he forced her to perform with him countless times until she became complaisant — was over, relegated to the past after three long weeks of Hell.

Unfortunately, part of Melissa grew to find Hell with Reggie appealing. Her blue eyes looked like they contained tiny sparks as they reflected the dimming flames from the fireplace she silently watched while the room became darker.

The fire needed tending, but her eyelids, mimicking the dying flames, fell lower and she remained languorously on the sofa. Melissa thought the damage with Kelly Ward was repairable and she could explain it innocently to Bill if necessary.

She grew colder. Melissa disliked being alone in this drab house in the middle of nowhere. Did she actually miss Reggie? She wondered how she could possibly have feelings for a black man who raped her repeatedly.

She found herself getting wet musing about his big black cock and quickly put the sinful thoughts out of her mind. Bill would be back in the morning and she would finally return to a normal Christian life.

But there would be other trips for Bill to go on. Melissa remained on the couch and drifted off to sleep. For now at least, Reggie only returned in her dreams.

Written by: thecryptkeeper

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Category: NonConsent/Reluctance Stories