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Diary of Iraqi Call Girl London Ch. 01

by Scheherazade88©

Shit....this suit is very tight, I am going to have serious chaffing and quite possibly red marks across my body. Why did I have to eat pizza at lunch? I have clearly put on a few pounds. Alright... fine, tomorrow I will join the gym and try and lose a few pounds. After all a girl in my position cannot afford to get fat. My auntie Suha is large as a whale and look at her, in her fifties and still single; I am not ending up like that. I want to be a modern, cultured woman, who is strong, independent and successful. I will have a career, two children in private schools and a loving and supportive husband, who will bring me breakfast in bed every Sunday! Right, both my feet are in the pants legs and I think I am ready to zip myself up, here goes nothing, pulling up now and making a lot of noise...but.... Yes, it's all the way up. Well, that is the hard part done, and I must say I do look very good. There is a little bit of cellulite at the front but that's okay, I have learned that men can't see cellulite, and it's not the same thing as fat. My butt does stick out, but the Al-Hosseini women are known for their round butts and curves, but paradoxically we are always slim. With the exception of Auntie Suha, but she is only half Al-Hosseini, so what do you expect? Besides this client, who I will call John A, requested a girl with a bubble butt like mine, and for $1,000 an hour he can have whatever he wants.

Okay, now that I am in the black latex cat suit, I need to slide into my latex high heel boots. I am 5'4"and what I love about these heels is how much taller I get by wearing them. In them, I am at least 5'8"and being a taller girl is cool. It makes me feel powerful, and power is sexy. My feet have trouble breathing in them, and they are a bitch to walk in! I can't tell you how many times I would trip over myself while trying to walk in them. I have injured my ankles by wearing them, but it's okay now; I have gotten use to them, and I like strutting my stuff in them.

Anyway, time to apply makeup, for something like this I need dark eye-shadow and long eye-lashes. They should look great on me, but I must be careful not to off-set my big green eyes. The secret to all well-done makeup is to bring out bring out your natural features and not to disguise or replace them. My skin is very fair and white, so I will need to make my cheeks red and my lipstick should also be red, as John A requested it. Luckily, I straightened my hair already this will save me time but now I must tie my dark blondish hair back and put on the latex cat mask. Wow, I must say I do look like Michelle Pfeiffer, albeit an exotic-looking Iraqi Michelle Pfeiffer, but like the Hollywood actress nonetheless.

I hope John A likes it; I do have a selection of other outfits; which my other customers seem to like. But everyone has their own particulars, I have a few Jewish clients, one who is into latex and the other who is not, but they both insist I dress like a Nazi SS officer and dominate them. Because of this I have a 'slutiffied' and feminised SS outfit and a Latex SS-outfit- I also speak pretty good German and can put on a convincing German accent. I can also do French, American and, of course, Arabic. I sometimes think my talents are wasted here and I should do theatre instead.

Okay, quick equipment check. I open my bag: black whip? Check; silver metallic dildo? Check; big vibrator and black 9 inch strap-on? Check; lubricant? Check, ball-gag? Check; handcuffs? Check; other hand restraints? Check, flavoured condoms including cherry? Check; rape alarm? Check; wet-wipes? Check. Okay, let's just slide on latex gloves and let's get this show on the road. It's an art what I do, and I love doing it. I walk out of the bathroom and there he is, in his suit on the floor bowing down to me, which pleases me very much.

John A says, "I am your slave, and I am not worthy of you Mistress Soraya. Please accept my submission to you."

In case you are wondering, my name is Soraya and I am enjoying John A's submission to me. In real life, he is a hedge fund manager. He earns a killing every year and has a spoilt wife and two really spoilt kids. However, she doesn't give him what he wants sexually, so he comes to me for a good time, not that I am complaining.

The money I get for this enables me to pay for university and to live comfortably and financially independent of my parents. I do not come from a poor family; on the contrary, my father is a highly successful doctor and virologist and heads the Center for Viral and Disease studies unit at Imperial College London. He, like many Iraqis first came to England in the late 1970's to study, which was paid for by the Iraqi government. Iraq was an up-and-coming country back then and the Iraqi government wanted the country to have the best scientists and so people like my father we sent abroad to study. After he finished his studies he went back to Iraq and found a country ravaged by the Iran-Iraq war and his younger brother Hassan had been killed near Kermanshah in Iran. He had joined the Iraqi army, despite the fact we are Shia, and died defending our homeland-but it wasn't all hopeless at first- my father was adamant he would stay and build his country

He married my mother, who was from an old clerical family in Najaf, this was very important to him. Because hanging over his head is the fact his grandfather was born in Tabriz, Iran and he was an Azeri Turk with some Persian ancestry and with rumours of possible Kurdish ancestry. These are ancestries you don't want in Ba'athist, Arab nationalist Iraq, especially with a paranoid dictator like Saddam Hussein in-charge. I was born in the midst of war in Sadr City or Thawra District in Baghdad. We came to England when I was two and my older sister was four and have lived in an upper-middle class part of Surrey, where I attended an all girl private school and it was here that I developed my nice-middle class English accent. Boys were off-limits to me in-terms of dating, but I could have them as friends. Yes, I would describe my family as liberal, but my father would be stricter with me than my friends' fathers would be. He was not very religious, but he was very strict on Iraqi and Arab culture and my mother was stricter on religion, but she did not wear the Hijab or headscarf. I somehow turned out like this- of course they don't know about it- they think I have a part-time job and earn money legitimately. I think they would have a heart-attack is they could see me dressed like this.

I walk over to John A, "Haaaa... you're pathetic, a sad, dirty and poor excuse for a man. What makes you think you are worthy of me? Your wife is at home laughing at you- she is probably sucking a university student's dick and paying him with your salary. You are a stupid piece of shit".

John A, "Yes, Mistress."

And as I look at this pathetic soul laying before me, I say, "Shut up. Did your mistress give you permission to speak? I don't think so. You will only speak when spoken to slave."

There is music of classical seduction on in the background- I'd prefer if the whole hotel couldn't hear me taking advantage of my victim. They might think it is weird- and I am a very conscientious person- and I can't think of a weirder situation they could find me in!

John A: "No, Mistress, sorry Mistress."

He broke the no-talking rule and I have to punish him for that. "Again with the talking." I scream as I kick him once at the top of his head which was still on the floor because he was bowing. his head flies back and he sits in an upright position for the first time. He looks shocked, and his eyes widen; I can see he enjoyed that and was feeling aroused.

"That's better!" I bark. "Now, slave boy. Do you like your mistress's boots and heels?

John A looks a little apprehensive; I bet he is not use to being dictated like that. He then nods affirmatively and lets out, "Yes, I like them very much, Mistress."

But he says this in a quieter tone than his previously louder, more arrogant declarations. Good, this is a sign he is learning to accept my authority over him and he is resigned to the fact that his fate is in my hands. I seem to have this effect on men, even while I am at university in my everyday life, men bend over backwards to please me. I am nice to them, I gently tease and flirt with them and sometimes this is not even necessary to get them to do what I want. A simple smile is sometimes enough. I know I have many admirers and would-be-boyfriends- there is this one Anglo-Pakistani guy who is convinced I will be his if he helps me out with school work. But unknown to him, I already have a boyfriend, an English-Iraqi dental student, and he plans to marry me. Of course, like my parents, they think I am a virgin and don't know what I do.

"Good!! Now kiss and lick under my shoe and do not stop until I command you to stop."

John A: "Although, I am not worthy of your Mistress, I will do anything to please you."

I stick my foot in the air, and John A starts to kiss the bottom of my latex boot. He grunts as he does it. "Ahhh..Mistress, the smell of your boots and the taste are perfect. I am your slave."

I detect some arrogance and pleasure in his voice, and this will not do. So I spit twice on the back of his head and laugh, "Hahahaha, you stupid dumb fuck. You like that don't you? Thank your mistress for it!"

John A: "Thank you, Mistress."

It's good he is a little bit frightened of me, as he should be. It's like Machiavelli said, "It is better for a ruler to be feared than loved," and that is what I am to John- his ruler and his world. He now really begins to lick down the bottom of my boot- ooohhh that wet slippery tongue of his sliding down it.

"Okay, you worthless piece of shit, suck on my heel."

He relishes the chance and immediately begins to wrap his tongue around my heel- he first kisses it out of respect and then starts to lick.

"Come on, suck it like you would suck a cock!!" I bark at him.

He now sucks and swallows my heel like there is no tomorrow.

"Mmmhh... you like to suck cock, ha?" I tease him. "Come on, let me hear you say it, gay boy. 'I like to suck cock.'"

John A says very quietly, "I like to suck cock."

"What?? I can't hear you. Say it again, I..." and John stops and repeats, "I...," and then I say, "Like to...," and John repeats, "Like to..." "Suck cock." John: "Suck cock."

"Good slave, very good. Honesty is very important," I say hypocritically.

I am perhaps the least honest person with my wild double life- not like my goody-two-shoes sister Hala. She thinks she is so perfect with her PhD. in microbiology and handsome Iraqi stock-broker fiancée. She has always been Daddy's favourite and could do no wrong. But unlike me, she has dark eyes and hair and so, amongst the Iraqis in London, I stand out more. Also, I study Politics and Middle East studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies and not science like her and my father. I am political and attend protests; she does not.

John resumes sucking my heel. He is getting good at it, and so I command him to lick the other heel. purr like a cat and begin to meow. I laugh evilly, but I am getting board and the Mistress is never board. I snap, "Enough!!" I pull my heel out forcefully and tease him.

"Bow at my feet again."

He complies. As his face is on the floor, I lean in and start gently to rub the back of his neck with my fingers entrapped in a cold latex glove. I then blow some air onto the back of his neck and kiss him once- my tongue sticks out and I begin to lick the back of his neck. He makes grunting noises "aaaahhh" to which I respond, "Silences," and hit him on the back. As I lick the back of his neck, I feel the need to go to the toilet and pee, "Perfect timing," I think to myself. I then stand upright and command him to sit up, which he does without a second thought. "Do you love me? And will you do anything for me? Please me in anyway?"

John A: "Yes Mistress, I will do anything to please you".

"Good. First, strip yourself down to your underwear and then sit upright again with your mouth open".

"Yes, Mistress."

"Quickly!" I bark.

He begins to throw off his expensive tailor-made suite and is stripped down to his underwear within seconds. He sits cross-legged on the floor, and I now stand over him and push my crotch into his face

"Kiss and lick my crotch."

He then begins to kiss the black latexed crotch area and then licks and bites it. I force myself onto his face, almost sitting on him. I quickly re-adjust my crotch position, I am not sitting on his face, but the front of my crotch is just above his mouth. I command him to lick and suck; he has trouble breathing, but I hold his head and push it onto my crotch.

"You can almost taste my pussy, ha? Do you like the taste of latex pussy?"

I let go of his head and let him answer, "Yes, Mistress".

I feel myself ready to pee, I command him to open his mouth and close his eyes, "Stick out your tongue, slave!"

He sticks his tongue out, and I begin to unzip my outfit. The great thing about this outfit is the zipper which goes from my pussy to the top of my ass- so I do not need to get out of the outfit. I unzip and begin to rub my free pussy, then I position myself and take aim. Oh, I feel the pee going through my system, and it's oozing out, suddenly a huge load of light yellow pee flies out and hits him in the eye- which irritates his eye and turns it red. But there is no time to feel sorry for him, I am now flowing like there is no tomorrow and the pee bounces all over him. Some of it goes down his mouth and throat and other bits of pee go down his chest.

What a spectacle! I love this job, and I am so glad that Maria the Italian and Francesca the Brazilian introduced me to it. They both study with me. They always have so much money. Both insisted that I take it up. Before I entered the world of escorting, I had minimal sexual experience; I had only ever performed blow jobs on four guys and had full sex with two of them (One of them was a professor, too!). I had always yearned for more sex and attention from men. Losing my virginity was not the memorable experience I'd hoped it would be. I lost it to a white English guy when I was 17. He was clumsy and kept on hurting me it was over in 15 minutes. I knew I wanted more from sex than that- I didn't want to be boring like my sister. I was apprehensive at first, but Maria and Francesca had their way of convincing me.

They would always talk about how gorgeous I am. They told me I could make a killing with my body and looks- plus it was lots of fun. I wanted money and sexual independence- I've always been artistic and adventurous and thought, "Why not?" This line of work has exposed me to a world I never knew existed, from high-end swinger parties to gangbangs. I have even had female clients who have confirmed that I am bisexual. Actually, I discovered with Maria and Francesca the sexy fun that can be had with women partners. We've enjoyed a lot of sandwich fun together.

I finished peeing. John was quite a sight- he looked very yellow- and was now licking himself clean. I need cleaning and so I order him to lick me clean of pee- which he did without a second thought. His tongue ran up and down my crotch and anus area. He began to swallow loudly and make sounds of refreshment as he did so, "aaaahhhh."

"You like that, slave, ha?"

John: "Yes, I do mistress. You taste so sweet and I am sure I am getting protein, nutrients and much needed vitamins from your pee. I have a thing for tasting what my mistress had for breakfast."

He continues to lick which I enjoy very much- as his tongue violates me- I try not to cum too soon. John is not a bad-looking man, he is big, strong and Nordic looking, just as I like them. I know I should enjoy this because I will one day be married to an Iraqi man. And as he slurps and finishes cleaning me off he burps.

I push him back and zip up again. I command him to stand like a dog with his hands on the ground. He does so, and I pull out of my bag two items- a big 12 inch black staron dildo and a dog-collar. Before sticking the starp-on, I suck and lick the dildo. "Mmmmm... I love big black dick."

I spit on it and rub it in. I walk slowly over to John and I sit on his back. I place the dog-collar around his neck and pull on it to the choking point, and then I relieve the pressure, allowing him to breathe. I now command "Go," and pull on the leash and smack his tight ass. He starts moving around and I taunt and tease him, he moves like my horse. I am incredibly high on the power I posses over him, my little slave and I then plan what to do to him next. I ride him and discipline him along the way. I am a cruel mistress. And I am not done yet, we move around for ten-minutes and I then order him to stop near my bag. I then rummage through my bag, with him completely unaware of his fate, and I pull out a rubber ball gag and I force him to swallow it. He does so, and I tie it around his neck, nice and tight, just how I like it.

You might be wondering if I would allow someone to treat me like this, to which the answer is yes. Some of my clients like to dominate me and do things like this- it is all about what someone is willing to pay for. John the slave is now choking a little but not seriously enough to cause a medical emergency. And I order him to continue walking around and I laugh and insult him as he does it. This continues until I feel bored and then I order him to stop, by now he is withering down and looks tired. I then jump of his back and pull down his underwear- but before I do anything I kiss his butt and begin to lick his asshole. He can feel my juicy tongue on his anus and starts to grunt. He can't say anything on account of the ball gag in his mouth.

"Right, I am going to rip you open and turn you into a man whore."

I first allow my tongue to reach into his anus and then spit on my fingers and insert them into it. He groans some more. I finger him violently and then I stop and pull out lubricant from my bag and begin to stick it into his anus. Rubbing it gently and then lubbing up my strap-on, I take a big breathe and lick my lips. "Ready?" He grunts and I slowly insert the strap-on inch by inch and he screams louder and louder.

"Silence. I did not give you permission to scream." I push it in all the way. "There's a good boy." I start to hump his ass.

He screams, cries, and wails, but I don't care about his suffering. "Yeah, loving that, ha, slave." I now pound him and watch as his anus rips open and I see blood flying out. His ass checks go red as I pound him. My bitch, he is my bitch and I continue until I'm bored. I do get bored and feel like sucking some cock. I then stop and order John to his feet- but as he does, he shivers and has trouble standing. I shackle his hands together and decide to treat him- I get on my knees and look up at his big uncircumcised cock, my favourite kind. (My parents would disown me if they knew how I liked non-Muslim cock.) I then meow like a cat and look up at him with my big green eyes.

"This is the Muslims taking revenge on us after all we've done to them, ha?" John says.

Yes, this is my revenge against both cultures, I think to myself. I begin to tease and rub his foreskin and push it back with my latex glove- it is then I decide to remove it- so he can feel my hands. I stroke his cock and then I begin to kiss it, once, twice, three times. John is a big boy. My tongue comes out slowly and I close my eyes in anticipation for the taste- I feel my tongue making contact with his manhood- a wondrous and sensational feeling went through my body on contact. My nipples began to erect and my face began to flush, yes, I was aroused.

I licked under his foreskin and I began to swallow. He had some pre-cum oozing out and I quickly took care of it. I never waste a drop, and I swallow everything. From time to time, I would dangle some cum off my finger and open my mouth with my tongue out, waiting for it to drop. My refreshment I call it. I licked him up and down and spat on his cock and rubbed it in- I then proceeded to eat his balls. I bit away at it like there was no tomorrow and sucked away at them- I then commanded that he face fuck me. He put his handcuffed hands behind my head and pushed my head down onto his endowment. I swallowed him whole and yes, I deep throated him and swallowed everything that came out. I love sucking cock and providing relief. He then began making pelvic movements fucking my throat. He was good and liked taking revenge on his master- he eventually came down my throat and on my face a little bit, too. My eye shadow and mascara were running down my face and it looked like I was crying a little bit. Because of his big thick white cum, my face look liked a glazed doughnut; it was hot. I began smacking his penis- but as he had not opted for treatment B, which is where I discipline the penis and stick needles into it, I couldn't go further.

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