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Blind Date

by Julien©

Kim couldn’t believe she was doing this. Her heart was racing fast. She was tempted to go back downstairs and lock the back door, and curtail the fantasy for now. Despite her trepidation, she had done everything as planned – leaving the back door closed, but unlocked. She had left the back porch light off, and the backyard gate slightly ajar. It had all been arranged as they agreed upon. Every detail. But now...she was having second thoughts as fear griped her. "What was I thinking?" she wondered to herself, heart pounding. The fear was there, but so was the excitement. There was something else inside her heart tugging for the encounter to go as planned. Something that wanted this, even hungered for this. "Am I crazy?" she thought. "Am I that totally depraved?" As she applied her makeup, she couldn't believe she might actually go through with this.

She had started talking about her fantasy with Dave months ago. Dave was a co-worker that she had befriended. He was handsome and a few years older, and had always been sweet to Kim. He had graciously helped her several times at the office when she was new and clueless. Unfortunately, he was married, so she had never considered him as boyfriend material. Sure, she had fantasized about him a few times, even picturing his face and body when she masturbated occasionally. And she had a reoccurring dream where sometime she would look in her lover’s face, and instead of being the usual nondescript face, Dave’s handsome face would appear. But she had never dared allow Dave to know how she truly felt.

Then came Dave’s separation and subsequent divorce. They had ended up going to lunch over the weeks, he talking about his failing relationship and she offering helpful advice and being someone he could talk to. She was able to give him a woman's perspective. The months passed, they talked about many things, and eventually got around to the differences between men and women, relationships, and even sex. More and more frequently, the talk turned to sex and their secret fantasies, and as they grew closer they found that they could share more and more. Kim couldn’t believe some of the things she had eventually told Dave, like her summer camp relationship when she was 16, when her girlfriend at camp had touched her sex. Or about the relationship she had with an old boyfriend, who liked to videotape her as she masturbated. But as she and Dave got closer and continued their frequent lunch talks, they covered lots of ground. Many times, Kim found herself getting wet as they shared more and more intimately.

Finally, she had been able to share her deepest, most secret fantasy…the one that always got her immediately wet whenever she thought about it. She often fantasized about being assaulted by a stranger, tied down and raped. She had even written several stories about just this fantasy – always changing the details and the circumstances. Many times when she masturbated the fantasy would revolve around being held down and raped. The idea of being made to do wicked things by a stranger turned her on immensely. Initially, she had been afraid Dave might think she was weird or depraved for having this fantasy. It took a long time before she could finally admit it to him. His reaction, to her delight, was the opposite of her fears. In fact, he had a similar fantasy of being the rapist.

Dave had latched on to her fantasy and had started to hatch a scenario whereupon she could live out her fantasy. If it had been anyone else, she would have said rejected it immediately, but she had come to trust Dave, and really started to fantasize about the two of them making love at some point. Going to this extreme, actually acting out the fantasy, was way out of her normal comfort zone, but Kim had become fixated on the idea once Dave proposed it. They went to great lengths to plan the event, and the more she thought about it the more irresistible the idea became. She became obsessed with the idea. But she was also extremely nervous. She knew Dave well as her co-worker, but this would be knowing him on a whole new level.

As she sat at her mirror in her bedroom, her heart was pounding and her mouth seemed dry. She was finishing her makeup, her hand shaking slightly, feeling warm and clean from her shower. The silk from her sexy teddy made her feel and look especially alluring tonight. She could feel her sex was already dripping in anticipation. She wondered again if it was too late to lock the back door…

* * * * *

Dave waited in his parked car for 15 minutes, the engine and lights shut off. Then, he looked at his watch, and then left his car, trying to stroll casually up the sidewalk. His heart was racing, and his breath was short from the excitement. He looked nervously around the empty streets. The night was pitch black and moonless, but each house on the block had a glowing streetlight illuminating the yards. His cock was swollen hard already, and his mind played out again and again the secret plan he and Kim had worked out. He couldn’t believe he was actually going through with Kim’s fantasy – a fantasy that had also become his own. The more he thought about Kim, and raping her, the harder his cock became and the faster his heart seemed to beat. As they had talked about it and planned it, he also had become fixated on the fantasy. And now they were finally going through with it. Now he would finally be fucking her. His cock throbbed at the thought.

He approached Kim’s house and noted that her bedroom window light was on. He imagined her in her bedroom, wearing a sexy teddy, getting ready for bed. The rest of the house was relatively dark. He was dressed all in black – black boots, black denim jeans, a black leather jacket. Underneath the jacket, he wore a black t-shirt. He wore tight black leather gloves on his hands for the full effect. He worried that a nosy neighbor might see him and call the police. This would be hard to explain, he thought nervously. He slipped around the back of the house, letting himself in through the unlocked gate. As he approached the back door to the kitchen, he wondered if Kim had gone through with the plan – if she had really left open the back door. That would be the signal that she hadn’t chickened out – that she wanted to go through with it – one of the details that they had agreed on. Locked meant she had changed her mind, that she couldn't go through with it. Unlocked meant…I'm waiting for you…

As his hand clasped the doorknob, his heart pounded. He felt like a dark, foreboding stranger about commit a terrible and exciting deed. He was the menacing rapist, all dressed in black and stealthily breaking into the back door of Kim’s house. In reality, he would never dream of hurting Kim in any way, or any woman for that matter. But he was caught up in the fantasy, his swollen cock pulsating with desire. His heart raced as he slowly turned the knob – the door opened!

Heart pounding, Dave pushed his way inside and entered Kim’s kitchen, quietly closing the door behind him. Her kitchen was dark, but a nightlight on the oven gave off a small glow. Once in the kitchen, he out the black ski mask he had brought with him over his head, positioning the eyeholes and mouth hole over his face. With his gloved fingers, he felt in his pocket for the police handcuffs and length of rope. He had everything ready, and was feeling the part of the rapist. He couldn't wait to see Kim, he couldn't wait to overpower her.

He moved through the house looking for the stairs to the second floor. Kim's cat rose from the sofa in the living room and scurried off into the darkness. Quietly, he ascended the stairs and saw a crack of light emanating from the partially closed door of Kim’s bedroom. He took the handcuffs from his pocket and held them clenched in one gloved fist. He moved carefully, quietly to the door and peered through the crack inside the lit bedroom. Kim was seated at her dresser, facing a mirror, her back to the door, carefully combing out her long brown hair. She was wearing a skimpy white teddy, and nothing else. He could see the smooth white skin of her shoulders in the lamplight, and he felt himself crave to touch her soft flesh. He could smell the scent of her perfume mixed with the soap from her shower drifting through the slightly open door.

Suddenly, he pushed open her bedroom door and entered the room. Kim immediately saw his black menacing figure in her mirror and whirled around on her chair to face him with a gasp.

“What the hell –“ she cried out, her eyes were big and scared. Her hands instinctively flew to cover her breasts. "Who are you?"

“Shut the fuck up, bitch!” Dave growled through the ski mask, approaching her. “You keep you mouth shut and nothing will happen to you!”

“How dare you? What are you doing here?” Kim shrieked, looking alarmed and frightened and helpless. Despite her arms covering herself, Dave could see the outline of one of her breasts pushing against the thin material of her teddy. And his eyes momentarily glanced down her long smooth bare legs.

“I’m going to fuck you, bitch. You’re going to be my slut. And if you cooperate fully, I won't hurt you.” Dave said gruffly through the ski mask. He reached down in a flash and grabbed her right wrist. Kim could feel his warm strong hand on her wrist.

"No, please!" she said twisting her arm in a vain attempt to free herself. "What are you doing? I have money! Take whatever you want! Please! Stop! You're hurting me!"

Kin was trying to speak fast, to stay calm, to try and be persuasive. She was surprised that tears had immediately sprung to the corners of her eyes the minute he had touched her. But the masked intruder was strong, and his gloved hands felt like vices around her arms as he fought with her and wrestled her over to her bed.

She was white and her heart was pounding in fear and excitement. “No, no!” she kept shrieking. “You can’t do this! My husband will be home any minute!” She tried to twist and pull her wrist away from his tight grasp but he held her firm. The minute he pushed her onto the bed, the minute her teddy-clad butt his the mattress, she tried to stand and pull away from him with renewed strength, frantically jerking her body, trying to wrench free.

Dave grabbed both her wrists roughly with his strong hands and dragged her closer to him. As she cried out and struggled, he thrust her hard down on her queen-sized bed. He watched her breasts bounce as she fell back on the bed, and watched her firm buttocks move beneath the silk teddy as she quickly rolled over on the bed and tried to escape. In an instant, he pounced on her roughly, pressing his body tightly against hers. She struggled against him, but his weight and strength was too great. She knew he could feel her supple body as she struggled against him, that he could sense her breasts pushing against his chest with only the thin material of her teddy hiding her flesh from his eyes. She thought about using her knees against him, hitting him in the crotch as she struggled, but remembered that they had agreed she wouldn’t be allowed to do that. But she bit and scratched him as best she could, with no real effect. He pressed his body hard against her, and she could feel his erection press into her belly. As they grappled together, his pelvis ground into hers repeatedly, and she felt the warm glow of her sex throbbing from the struggle. His hips were against hers, and his hard cock was grinding into her abdomen and against her mons.

As she struggled against him, Dave managed to get the open handcuffs out from his denim pocket. They struggled wildly against each other – Kim trying to get free, and Dave continually forcing her down on the bed, trapping her beneath his body. She sensed the top of her teddy being pushed down during the struggle, revealing one and then both of her bare breasts as they moved against each other breathlessly. Dave focused on restraining her, as she screamed and kicked against her, his eyes seeing her bare breasts and hard little nipples, which encouraged him to fight even harder to subdue her. Finally, as Kim tired momentarily from the struggle, with one quick movement, Dave was able to clasp one end of the handcuffs around her right wrist, and attach the other end to the top bedpost. Hearing the click of metal into metal, first around her wrists and then around the bedpost, Kim immediately grabbed at her locked-down wrist, trying vainly to free herself. She quickly realized that she was locked and secured there against her will.

Dave rolled off her, and got off the bed. He stood at the side of the bed, looking through his ski mask at her bare breasts. As she kicked and fought, he took a length of rope from his pocket and moving to the other side of the bed, secured it tightly to the other top bedpost. As she flailed on the bed, Dave was finally able to grab her left wrist. He sat on her arm and carefully tied the rope to her left wrist. Then, he backed away, panting hard, as she kicked on the bed and tried to free herself to no avail. Both hands were tied securely above her head to the bedposts.

All the time, she cried and screamed, “No, no, no…let me go…don’t do this…” But Dave had done an excellent job. As he watched her he could see that she was securely tied to the bedposts, her arms spread wide over her head. She twisted and turned, very aware that her breasts were exposed and her nipples were hard as Dave watched her, resting on the corner of the bed, and drinking in the sight of her bare breasts. He could see her white flesh and the tan lines from her bikini. The teddy was rolled down to her fat belly, and her long legs were bare.

“All right, slut. I’m not going to hurt you. But only if you calm down. You need to stop fighting me. Do you understand?” Dave said, regaining his breath.

Hearing his voice, Kim stopped thrashing and looked at him. “What are you going to do to me?” Her face was flushed from the struggle and the knowledge that he could see her bare breasts plainly.

“I’m going to make you my personal slut for the night. I’m going to finger you, and fuck you and make you suck me off…and then I’ll let you go and I’ll leave…”

“No, please, mister…I have money…please just let me go…” Kim pleaded, her pussy getting wet at his words and her exposed nipples throbbing.

As Kim squirmed again, Dave grabbed the rolled down top of her thin teddy and yanked them harshly off her long legs. She could feel the teddy sliding off her body effortlessly and was surprised how easily they departed her kicking legs. She flushed again knowing that wasn’t wearing panties, and he was quickly able to see her neatly trimmed sex. She cried out again and blushed, trying desperately to keep her legs closed. But she knew he could see everything. Her bare breasts, tipped by her hard swollen nipples, were exposed to his view. Her sex and her puffy pussy lips were visible to his prying eyes. She was completely nude before the masked intruder. And the more she kicked and writhed on the bed, the more of her sex he could see.

As she squirmed and kicked on the bed, her hands struggling against her binds, he sat down beside her and began to caress her breasts with hands covered by his tight leather gloves. He squeezed the smooth soft flesh of her breasts and began to pull and lightly squeeze her swollen nipples with his fingertips. She could feel the roughness of the leather gloves on her skin. His fingertips tugged and twisted her hard nipples, and it felt heavenly to her.

“Mmmmm…my slut feels very nice tonight…” the rapist said. “I’ll bet you’re getting very wet. I'll bet you just want me to spread your legs wide open and fuck your tight wet pussy with my hard cock, don't you slut?"”

As she struggled and writhed vainly to get away from him, she felt his mouth on her nipples. She could feel his warm wet tongue licking and sucking the very tips of her breasts and she could feel the material of the ski mask against her skin. She moaned against her will and could feel the sensation of his probing tongue all the way down to her moist sex. As if he knew what effect he was having on her squirming body, he moved his gloved hand down her ribcage. She could feel his probing leather fingers traveling down her belly to the cleft of her pussy. The more she struggled and tried to squirm away, the easier it was for his eyes to see her bare sex, and for his gloved fingers to find her wet opening. He moved his gloved hand over her mons and her small, trimmed bush of pubic hair, rubbing her sex in a circular motion. She felt him play his gloved fingers over her swollen pussy lips, she could feel the fingers against her hard clit, touching her and exploring her.

She suddenly felt him roughly penetrate her with the middle finger of his right hand, still encased in its black leather glove, and could tell he was looking down at her bare sex through his ski mask. She knew he would be able to feel how wet she was, how aroused she was by her struggle against him. She felt one, and then two fat fingers push into her pussy, penetrating her deeply. She cried out with the violation, and tried to resist pushing her pussy against the offending hand. She wanted to fuck that gloved finger, but she felt so ashamed and violated at the same time.

“That’s it, my little cum-slut… I’m fucking you with my fingers. You are so good and wet, aren't you?” the rapist growled. "Can you feel my finger fucking you, bitch? Can you feel me fucking your wet cunt? Can you feel me raping your pussy, slut?"

Kim felt his two gloved fingers sliding in and out of her slowly as she squirmed, and could feel his fingertips slid up to meet her aching clit with each stroke. She was moaning and squirming and pleading at the same time. His gloved fingers moved in and out of her sex, fucking her, probing ever deeper with each thrust into her. Against her will, she felt her hips move forward, move up as the fingers penetrated her. She felt her back arch and her legs part wider as he raped her pussy with his gloved fingers. Her hips moved back and forth as his evil fingers violated and raped her.

Suddenly, he removed the fingers and Kim moaned in frustration. She ached for those fingers and felt she had been just moments from a mind-shattering orgasm. She felt the fingers removed from her sex, and suddenly felt them on her lips. She could smell her scent and feel the wetness from her pussy on her face and lips as he pushed them against her. He forced his fingers into her mouth, and she resisted the urge to bite them, fearing what he might do.

“That’s it, slut – taste how wet your pussy is…I want you to taste you own cunt juice…” Dave was saying. He was painting her lips with his gloved fingertips, making her feel and taste her own sex. She felt humiliated and flushed again.

Not wanting to upset the dangerous intruder, Kim dutifully licked and sucked his gloved fingertips, feeling so naughty and bad that she was tasting her own pussy for him as he watched. She knew he could see her tongue licking up and down on his gloved fingers, sucking in her juices and tasting her own pussy. She was humiliated, but was so aroused, and wanted to do this for him so badly. She secretly had tasted herself before, of course, when she masturbated, but no one had ever known about it or seen it. For him to watch her suck her own juices, to eager lick his gloved fingers, was so naughty and humiliating to her. Her pussy throbbed.

After a few minutes, he forced his gloved hand into her sex again, and she struggled and writhed again as he finger fucked her. Finally exhausted, she lay back spent, while he forced his fingers in and out of her sex. “That's it, slut, just lay back and enjoy it. Spread open your legs wide. I want to see your open cunt as I finger fuck you," he taunted.

“Yes, sir, please,” Kim said through tears. “If you’ll please just let me go…”

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