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My Cousin First

by Itascan©

I was shy and, in my teens, didn't have a girlfriend. The one girl with whom I socialized was my cousin, Cheryl, who was two years younger than I, although she was a big girl, tall for her age. Her adult brother, Dick, is 6' 5". Our families lived within a few miles. My parents often visited her parents. Cheryl and I would play.

In high school, Cheryl became "boy crazy," her mother complained. Cheryl was blonde, rather pretty, 5' 9" with B cup breasts and long legs. In her senior year, she got pregnant, and the boy married her. Her husband soon decamped for Alaska. Cheryl got a job in my town and continued to live with her parents. After her baby was born, her parents took care of it while she was at work and when she wanted a night out.

Cheryl had lost her innocence and far surpassed me in sexual experience.

That summer, after my graduation from college, we spent a lot of time together, going to drive-in movies, playing tennis, and going to her uncle's bar to drink and dance. Cheryl tried to interest her girlfriend and me in each other, but that did not work out.

Once, I arrived at her parents' home while Cheryl was nursing her baby. She wore a loose blouse with a low neckline and no bra. I watched her milk-swollen tit until her baby released the nipple. I marveled that the sucked nipple was stimulated to extend an inch long. Her breasts were bigger now. Our eyes met. Cheryl covered her tit and put the baby into its crib. She returned with a bra on under a less revealing blouse.

Cheryl's brother is 14 years older and married. His wife's family owns the only cabin on a secluded northern Minnesota lake. I'd been there with him, and we never saw anybody else on the lake. Cheryl's uncle on her mother's side of the family decided to take his daughter and her to stay at the lake for a few days. Cheryl invited me along, so she wouldn't be bored. She was closer to me than to her other cousin, so the uncle and daughter took one canoe, and Cheryl and I took another.

The lake is about 2 ½ miles long and half a mile wide. We were nearly at opposite ends. Usually, on a lake I'd be fishing, but I wanted to concentrate on my favorite sport. Cheryl wore a bikini, and I a shirt and pair of shorts. She began rubbing lotion on her body and asked, "Would you do my back?"

I was delighted and excited to run my hands over her bare back, which gave me a raging erection. I reached around to rub lotion on her belly. She exclaimed, "I already did my front!"

"Let me do your legs! Turn around."

She turned to face me, saying, "I already did my legs," and displaying them. Then, she saw the bulge in my shorts.

"My god, how did that happen, just from rubbing lotion on my back?"

I nodded.

"You really need a girlfriend!"

"Meanwhile, please give me the pleasure of rubbing lotion on your legs! It won't hurt you."

"You mean let you feel me up! You're nasty!"

I reached for her left ankle and began caressing it. She just glared at me, while I caressed her leg up to her knee.

"You want sex with me! That's incest!"

Should I start with her other leg from the ankle and give up the territory I'd reached, or keep moving to her left thigh? I stroked past her left knee, gaining her lower thigh. Her oiled, already tan skin glistened in the sun. I hoped I was sending a signal to her cunt.

"Alright, that's far enough!" She shook her leg from my hands.

I grasped her right ankle. Her glare had changed to a pout. She let me caress her right leg past her knee.

"How long has it been since you've had sex, or have you ever had a girl?"

"How long has it been for you, Cheryl?"

"Not since my ex-husband left! You're trying to get me excited; you think I'm sex-starved!"

My hands were now halfway up her right thigh. She sighed.

"Just don't touch my pussy!"

I caressed all of the way up her right thigh, just short of her womanhood.

Cheryl's breasts certainly looked larger, the effects of pregnancy, I guessed. They had outgrown her bikini.

"Let me see your breasts!"

"You already had a look! That's enough."

"Oh, when you were nursing? You looked sensual, and your breast was beautiful!"

"They're bigger now, with the milk. I'll have to squeeze some out every day we're here, since I can't nurse."

"Let me watch! Let me help!"

"Here in the open? No!"

"We can paddle to shore. There's a spot with a grassy bank."

We paddled to the shore. The grass was shaded by overarching trees. Cheryl had a blanket under her on the seat of the canoe, so she spread it out to sit on.

"My boobs are so swollen they ache!"

"I have something that's so swollen it aches, too!"

"I'll bet! Turn your head so I can take my top off." I turned my head.

"If I let you see and touch my breasts, swear you won't get too excited and rape me!"

"I promise I won't!" I turned my head back to watch.

Cheryl reached behind her back and untied her top. Then, she held the cups to her breasts as the straps fell from her shoulders.

"This is crazy!"

"Please! It won't hurt you; it will relieve you."

Cheryl let her top fall into her lap, exposing her swollen tits, their nipples erect.

"That feels better!" She rubbed her tits and milk dribbled from her distended nipples.

"Do you mind if I release my swollen part, too?" I stood up and removed my shorts. I pulled my cock out of the opening in my boxer shorts. I also removed my shirt, hoping to feel her tits against my bare chest.

"Oh, you're so nasty, what you want to do to your cousin! See, I have so much milk that just giving them little squeeze makes a drop of milk ooze out."

I got down on my knees close to her. She squeezed her tits, squirting my chest with her milk, and giggled.

"Now you know how to do it!"

I took her tits in my hands and gently caressed them. I kissed them and took her left erect nipple into my mouth. I sucked her nipple and massaged milk from her tit. I was a bottle-fed baby and had been fascinated by women with milk in their tits. I'd never felt so intimate with another person.

"Hey, you're not my baby! Do you like mother's milk?"

"I was bottle-fed. I've never tried it before. Yes, it's sweet and sensual. How does it feel?"

"Well, it doesn't feel like nursing my son. It does feel sensual, sexy."

"Would you mind just holding my penis while I relieve you of your milk?"

She grasped my cock. "I'm not jacking you off! I suppose you'll want to jack off after playing with my tits."

I caressed her bare back with both hands before switching to her right tit.

"You're giving me shivers!"

I continued to caress and squeeze her left tit while I massaged and sucked her right one. Cheryl moaned and sighed.

"You act like you're making love to me!"

I kissed her lips and explained "We skipped over being kissing cousins."

"Are you a virgin?"

"Yes. You could do me a great favor!"

"That's incest!

I resumed sucking her milk until she said it was enough. I took her in my arms and kissed her. I felt her tongue against my lips. I'd never French kissed, but I responded with my tongue.

"Okay, you've got me excited. I guess neither of us wants to stop. You need to lose your virginity, and I seem to have the honor. I don't suppose you have a rubber."

"Where do think I'm keeping it?" I laughed.

"I'm not using any contraceptive. After I got pregnant, though, I read up and asked Ma when my fertile times were and when I would be safe. I should be safe now, for a few days."

"I don't want rubber between us. I think it would dull our pleasure."

"That's what my boyfriend said, famous last words! Men don't like them. I wish I'd been on the pill or used a diaphragm."

We stood and stripped naked. I embraced her, and the feeling of our naked bodies together was my biggest thrill yet. I ran my hands over her upper thighs and her back. I grabbed her ass and squeezed her buttocks; my hard cock pressed against her belly while we French kissed.

"Oh! I need to lie down; my knees feel weak!"

I examined the blonde curls of her Delta of Venus and caressed them. She grasped my hand and led it to the flower of her womanhood, urging me to unfold its petals. She told me where to find and rub her clitoris. I probed her cunt with my middle finger, exploring the way for my cock, and finger-fucked her.

"Yes, that's good!"

I smelled her sex, gave her open cunt a kiss, and darted my tongue inside to taste her nectar.

"You're learning fast! Even my ex didn't want to do that to me much. I suppose you're dying to put your cock into me, so go ahead!"

Cheryl raised her knees, spread her legs even wider, and grasped my cock to direct it at the proper angle for our improper act. I penetrated her moist and very receptive cunt. Being a large woman and having had a baby made her easy to enter. Still, it took several thrusts for us to accommodate each other until I possessed my dear, generous cousin. I lay down on her to savor our union, my first entry into paradise. I caressed her thighs and breasts and kissed her.

"You make love better than my ex! He just climbed on, fucked me hard for a few minutes, came, and rolled off!"

I reared up onto my knees, took Cheryl's luscious tits in my hands and fucked her slowly with long strokes, as deep as I could get into her. I was so excited that I knew I couldn't last long.

"Thank you, thank you, Cheryl! You're wonderful!" Feeling my orgasm approach, I fucked her harder and faster. When she opened her mouth to moan, I leaned forward and passionately French kissed her, fucking her mouth with my tongue while my cock pumped my sperm deep into her cunt, feeling the most exquisite orgasm of my life. I kept fucking, good to the last drop into her. Then, I lay down on her, keeping possession of her cunt. Nothing was going to uncouple me from her now that I finally had her.

"I'm sorry I couldn't last longer, but I was extremely excited about you."

"That's normal. You haven't pulled out, so I guess you're going to want seconds."


"Then, you'll last longer. I really felt like you were making love to me!"

"I can't help loving you for giving me the most wonderful experience of my life!"

"That's sweet! Just don't fall in love with me. It's just this one time. I suppose you'll be after me every day we're here, but we shouldn't keep doing this. I don't want you to get addicted to me. Oh. You're growing big again."

I fucked Cheryl for about 15 minutes. She went from moaning and sighing to whimpering and screaming, her hand over her mouth to stifle the sound. We were passionately mating, despite her cautioning. Then, I lay with her again, still possessing her.

"I overheard Mom say once that the dirtier sex feels the more fun it is. It sure feels dirty letting my cousin suck my milk and fuck me! You're going to do it to me again, aren't you? This is what happens when a guy goes without for a long time, I guess."

I fucked her again until we were sweating feverishly and she begged me to cum.

"Fuck me! Finish me off! Cum, dammit! What are you trying to do, impregnate me?"

Her sexy talk pushed me over the edge, and I drained my balls into my lusty cousin. When I dismounted, I saw my cream pie oozing from her freshly fucked cunt. She stood up, and my sperm ran down her thighs.

"Look at the mess you've made on me, and in me! Wipe that nasty smile off your face!" She waded into the water to rinse her cunt and thighs.

The next day, when we were alone in the canoe again, she let me rub lotion all over her body. I took my cock out to show her my reaction.

"You want to fuck me again! Do you think we're on our honeymoon, you pervert?"

"Aren't we having a lot more fun than we would have otherwise?"

"Do you expect me to keep putting out to you until you get a girlfriend who will?"

"As long as we're both unattached, why don't we enjoy each other?"

"By the time we get out of these woods and back to civilization, you'll be hooked on sex with me! I suppose every time we go to a movie, play tennis, go a bar, or even go fishing, you'll want to finish by fucking me."

"That would be a great climax to any of those activities," I replied.

I stroked her thighs until my hands pressed against her pussy. I reached into her bra to feel her tits; they were swollen with milk again. We returned ashore to our Garden of Eden for me to milk her.

"I didn't realize how sexy it would feel to have a man milk me with his hands and his mouth. You found a way to keep seducing me."

We made love just once this time, but I kept my cock in her until it shrunk out. We caressed and kissed lovingly.

The third day, Cheryl made no complaints. We sped to our haven. We quickly shed our clothes. Cheryl on her knees, held her breasts, and said,

"You make me feel sooo sexy! You want more of these?" She lifted her tits, tweaked her nipples, and squeezed, squirting her milk at me. I lunged for her and ravished her tits.

We satisfied each other's sexual hungers lustily and lovingly. We had become intimately loving cousins. We made love twice. I knew our affair would not last but felt that we would always have a special, ardent affection for each other.

Back home, our "dates" continued, but we knew that the climax of each one would be finding a secluded place to park and fuck.

In July, Cheryl's brother asked her to come to Ohio to type his doctoral thesis; he also wanted me to come to proofread his writing to make sure that it was in good English. We drove from Minnesota in Cheryl's car, taking turns at the wheel. The weather being warm to hot, Cheryl wore a halter top and short shorts. When she sat in the car, her shorts hiked up even further. I could hardly keep my hands off her thighs. When she put her hands on the wheel, I got a feel.

"Don't do that when I'm driving, or we'll end up in the ditch!"

I waited until we stopped for breaks at wayside rests to squeeze her tits and stroke her thighs. My cock wanted out of my pants. As night approached, we needed to stay somewhere to sleep.

Cheryl said a wayside rest would be cheapest. I reminded her that her mother told us to stop at a motel and that people weren't supposed to stay overnight at a wayside rest. She agreed that sharing a room would be cheaper. There were two single beds.

"Now you have your bed, and I have mine," she said sternly.

I used the bathroom first, because she would take longer. I stripped to my boxer shorts for bed and sat in a chair reading while I waited, with an erection, for her. Cheryl emerged in a shortie negligee, the skirt of which flared out to expose her long legs almost to her panties.

"Wearing this is probably a mistake, but I wanted to model my new nightie."

She twirled about, showing the matching panties. I stood, my cock slipping out of my shorts, and walked up to her. She held her hands out, saying, "Just keep your distance!"

I dropped to my knees at her feet, grabbed her ass and kissed the triangle of her bikini panties. She tried to push me away, but I grabbed her panties and stripped them to her ankles. She tried to reach the bed but her panties tripped her onto the bed. I was upon her in an instant, pulling her negligee down around her shoulders. Now, her legs were trapped by her panties and her arms by her negligee. She kicked her panties off and struggled to sit up. I pulled her negligee down to her waist and began kissing & sucking her tits.

"Stop it! You have to start leaving me alone! You can't fuck me at my brother's house! Mom and Dad will be there, too!"

"We're alone now!"

She continued to struggle. Although she was a big woman, my height, I was much stronger. Her resistance inflamed my lust. I held her arms down and used my knees to force her legs apart. She struggled until she tired out. I withdrew a hand to open her cunt and pressed the head of my cock against the inner lips. I penetrated her.

"This is rape!" she cried and lifted her free arm to push me off.

I pinned her arm down again and drove my cock into her to the hilt. She went limp in surrender. I fucked her hard and fast, making her moan and whimper.

"You like raping me, don't you? You fuck me like want to make a baby in me!"

Her talk made me fuck her harder and faster. Soon, I was pumping my sperm into her. I collapsed on her, keeping my cock in her.

Cheryl sighed, "I knew I shouldn't have worn this and flaunted it at you. You got even more excited when I resisted. I did, too. I've never been raped before; it was exciting with you."

"You've just been ravished, which you'd realize if you read any of those "bodice-ripper" romance novels women love."

"Really? I should read one."

"It wouldn't hurt you to read a book once in a while."

"But you want my body more than my mind." She teased. "Oh, you're getting hard again! I'm too tired from all of that driving and being raped!"

"I'll be gentle, so you can relax and enjoy it." We made leisurely love, caressing, kissing and fucking. I sucked her tits and still got some milk.

"Oh, my darling cousin!" I exulted.

She began to lift her hips to meet my loving thrusts.

"Please cum! I'm exhausted!" Then, Cheryl's lips curved into a sly smile.

"You want me to say something sexy? You like to fill me with your sperm. You want to fuck me and make me pregnant so you can milk me some more!"

That did it. I nearly died away in ecstacy.

The next morning, Cheryl tried to escape me, pleading that we needed an early start, but I wrestled her onto the bed and ravished her again.

"I hope that will satisfy you to leave me alone for the rest of the trip!" Cheryl scolded.

The first night at her brother Dick's house, Cheryl paraded about in that shortie negligee before going to bed. Her brother, mother and father scolded her: "You shouldn't go about like that in front of your cousin!" Dick's wife defended Cheryl. I was angry that she acted as if I weren't there, longing for her.

A favorite watering hole of Dick's featured a piano bar. Cheryl developed a crush on the middle-aged pianist. I was disgusted by her love-sick behavior. Dick and my uncle urged me to sample different drinks. I had six, on my way to brief oblivion. Her parents and brother tried to reason with her, but it was distance that worked.

After we helped Dick complete his dissertation, and the family attended his graduation at the end of summer school, Cheryl and I rode home with her parents. Her dad might have been a truck driver with his stolid ability to drive hundreds of miles at stretch. We went to Dick's home in Michigan, stayed overnight and drove back to Minnesota.

Cheryl began dating a dependable man ten years her senior. They married and had children.

I continued my sexual adventures in an affair with a promiscuous married woman while she was divorcing her husband.

Written by: Itascan

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