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An Aunt In His Pants

by libidinal©

Julie was going to be nice and aggressive with Danny, and, strangely, Danny was beginning to enjoy it!

"Oh yeah!" Pam squealed from behind her nephew. "He's going to love getting fucked up the ass by a hot stud like you, Joey."

Then Danny felt that familiar tongue of his aunt's burrowing into his crack. She went through the ritual, licking him thoroughly, then slapping some lube in there and opening him up with a couple of fingers.

"You're going to love this ass, Joey," Pam said. "This tight male ass!"

"I'll bet I am," Julie growled, fucking his mouth with her cock. "Yeah, keep sucking it,' cause soon its gonna be buried up your faggot butt!" she howled. Julie obviously loved this role, the 'top,' the aggressive stud fucking a kinky 'husband's' ass right in front of his 'wife'.

"Okay, I think he's all ready for you now," Pam said as Julie got behind Danny.

"Shit! Will you look at that!" Julie said as Pam held her nephew's buttocks open to show her his heavily greased asshole.

"Looks good, huh?" Pam said. "Good enough to fuck!"

"Sure as shit does!" Julie said, panting with excitement.

As Pam kept holding him open, he looked over his shoulder to see Julie kneeling right behind him, then felt her wedge her cock into his crack, working the tip right against his hole.

"Slide it in, fuck that ass!" Pam urged. Danny could now see that this was as exciting a fantasy for his aunt as it was for her lover, to see him get screwed in the butt by Julie.

Julie's strap-on cock was a good deal thicker than Pam's vibrating dildo and Danny had do some deep breathing to relax his muscles down there. It was twisted, it was weird, it was the sort of thing that if you asked him a few weeks ago he'd have sworn he'd never do. But now, he had to admit, the whole thing was really turning him on.

"How do you like it?" Julie hissed, grabbing his hair to turn his head so he was looking back at her. "How do you like getting your queer ass screwed by a real stud?"

In Julie's fantasy, Danny was the queer, the faggot, while she was the 'top' stud doing him the favor of letting him suck 'his' cock and take it up the ass. That way she could rationalize not having anything to do with his cock. To a strict, seemingly orthodox dyke like Julie, cock, as alluring as it sometimes could be, was strictly off limits.

"He loves it!" Pam said, massaging her nephew's buttocks as her dyke lover -- her 'stud' -- slammed it inside him.

Now his aunt brought herself right in front of Danny's face, spread her legs wide, and fed Danny her pussy while Julie kept fucking him, fucking her nephew.

"You do love it, Danny, don't you?" You love having a thick one buried in your butt, huh?" his aunt asked him. He remembered the look on her face when she confessed how much she'd get off seeing him fucked by a man or fucking a man. His mouth buried in her snatch, he could hardly answer her question. So she lifted his chin.

"Don't you?"

"Yeah, I love it," he acknowledged.

"Love what?" she asked, wanting to hear him say it.

"Getting my ass fucked."


"By Joey."

"Yeah, by that hung stud," Pam said. "Hear that Joey, Danny loves that big dick of yours in his butt."

"Well, he should," Julie hissed.

"I want you to fuck me now, Danny," Pam panted. "I want you to fuck me while Joey keeps screwing your asshole."

Now Pam laid flat on the bed, flexing her legs, spreading them wide.

"Come down here and screw me, Danny," she urged as Julie pulled out of him and let him get between his aunt's legs. Then Julie, not missing a beat, got behind him and worked that dick of hers back up his ass.

"This is great!" Pam hissed, staring into her nephew's eyes as she felt his thickness fill her pussy. "You fucking me like this while you're getting fucked yourself."

She reached around to run her fingers along the rim of her nephew's dilated asshole, where it was being plugged up by Julie's hard rubber cock.

"Shit, this is so hot!" Pam said. "Fuck him, Joey, fuck him!"

"I am fucking him," Julie said from behind Danny. "I'm fucking the shit out his sorry queer ass!"

They kept on like this for a long while, getting into a nice, smooth, steady rhythm, Danny's cock inside Pam's cunt, Julie's inside his asshole.

"Let's try something else now," Pam said, ever eager to invent new variations, thrilled by the whole scene. Now she pushed her nephew off her, as Julie held on to his hips, keeping it buried in his ass.

Then Pam slapped some grease between her own buns, quickly lubing herself up, then got up on her elbows and knees, alongside Danny, aunt and nephew, on their knees, next to each other.

"Screw my ass now, stud," she said, looking back at Julie.

Julie now pulled out of Danny and got behind his aunt, quickly burying it inside her as she groaned.

"Oh shit! Do I ever love that!" Pam howled.

By now Danny knew that his aunt seemed to love just about any kind of sex, but there was nothing she seemed to love more than being fucked up the ass. Loving it as much as she did is one reason she no doubt had so strongly urged him to try it himself.

Meanwhile, Julie, the horny little dyke, was in heaven, going back and forth now, fucking Danny's ass, then his aunt's as, down on elbows and knees, the two of them stuck out their bottoms for her pleasure, for 'Joey's' pleasure.

"You two sluts love it up the ass, don't you?" Julie growled.

"Uh huh!" Pam enthused. "But now I want something else, I want one up each hole."

Again, they shifted positions. Pam had Danny get on his back, then straddled him, impaling herself on his rigid, awesomely big cock, looking back at Julie.

"Okay, stud," she said to Julie, reaching back to spread her buttocks. "I think you know what to do with that dick of yours.”

Julie got behind her now as Pam started breathing hard, looking into her nephew's eyes. When she winced and started to groan he knew Julie had driven her cock up his aunt's ass, the same cock that just been buried up his. And he knew it, too, because he could easily feel the hard shaft entering his aunt's rectum, separated from his in her cunt only by a thin sheath of muscle. He knew that sensation well from other experiences doing this. Except all those other times the cock on the other end was real, attached to another man, rather than rubber and attached by a strap to a dyke yearning to have a cock of her own.

His aunt's face was screwed up in an expression of delirious passion. And looking over her shoulder at Julie, Danny could see that the 'stud' was having a real blast, having reamed out both aunt and nephew's assholes with 'his' rigid rubber cock.

Now the sweat started pouring down Pam's forehead as she groaned and panted.

"This is too fucking much!" she hissed as her eyes rolled in their sockets and then she went stiff and silent for a moment before exploding in a shriek that stunned both her nephew and her lover. Pam had cum, had cum in a big, big way!

Afterwards Danny and Julie both pulled their cocks out of Pam's two holes as she collapsed on the bed to get back her wind and some of her strength. But Danny's dick was as stiff as ever and Julie looked like she was still raring to go, holding on to her rubber penis, stroking it like it was actually her own. She knew she was a young dyke, but right now she felt like a young stud, a young stud equally eager to sock it a hot older woman and her much younger husband. This was her fantasy. And the biggest part of it was that she had a cock and was using it, not on a woman this time -- she'd used rubber cocks and other sorts of toys and dildos on women more times than she could count -- but on a stud now. She blocked out the part of her which had always said that, as a dyke, she shouldn't have anything whatsoever to do with males, sexually speaking. No, now she was 'Joey,' not Julie. And as Joey she hankered to do it to a guy. That same part of her which made her a committed dyke, the homosexual in her, now had Julie redefining herself as a young male suddenly interested in boy-boy sex.

Pam was gazing at her lover carefully, trying to read her thoughts, the limits of her willingness. She knew that Julie was feisty and willful, and could be pretty dominant and aggressive when she wished, as she had just shown. But Pam also knew that, deep down, Julie yearned to please Pam, wanted to follow the older woman's direction, tend to her needs. Pam knew all that, and now was about to make use of that knowledge and see if she could sway her lover to explore sexual terrain never explored before.

To begin, she took hold of her nephew's massive cock again.

"Mmmmmmh, is this beautiful or what?" she said, turning to Julie. "Ain't it, Joey?"

Julie didn't say anything.

"Ain't it?" Pam repeated insistently

"I guess," Julie said, staring at it.

"Don't you feel like having some of it now too?" Pam asked seductively.

"I don't think so."

"Oh come on," Pam playfully chided. "I know you love this cock. I see how you stare at it, eat it up with your eyes."

"C'mon, Pam, you know I–“ she stammered, unable to go on.

"Know what?" Pam interrupted as Julie looked pained.

"You know," Julie squirmed, careful not to say it.

"You're supposed to be a stud today, a faggot," Pam said, reminding her, putting it into words.

"I know--"

"Well faggots suck cocks, right?"

Julie blushed, the situation excruciating for her. She was in a real bind and she knew it. She didn't want to protest that she was dyke and couldn't have anything to do with a cock, because that would blow the whole fantasy. But she was a dyke and taking a guy's cock in her mouth was a big, big step for her. A step that could change her view of herself forever. A step she really didn't feel she wanted nor was ready to take. Or did she? That possibility also snuck up on her, gnawed at her, challenged her.

"At least hold it in your hand," Pam said, adopting a different approach, taking Julie's hand and wrapping it around Danny's shaft. For a moment everyone stopped breathing. Would Julie tear her hand away and bolt out of the room in shock and confusion? But she didn't. Instead, she held on to it; she didn't pull her hand away. That was a first, big step, Pam knew.

Though she now held his cock in her hand, Julie made sure to avert Danny's gaze while he, of course, was staring right at her, thrilled to have her fist wrapped around the girth of his penis.

"Doesn't it feel good, all thick and hard?" Pam asked her lover.

"Uh-- yeah," Julie mumbled, getting used to it.

Now Pam lowered her face to it and started to lick it while Julie held it in her hand.

"Mmmmmmmmh, yum," Pam purred. "Come down here and try licking it too."

"I-- I-- don't know--" Julie stuttered, panting nervously.

"Come on, try it," Pam urged gently but firmly, pushing Julie's head down towards it.

Julie's lips were now an inch from the surface of Danny's cock but she was still frozen in place. He too was nearly frozen, wondering what Julie would do, at what point she might finally balk.

"Kiss it, try kissing it," Pam urged.

Julie hesitated a moment and then kissed it, just a little peck, quickly pulling her face back.

"Very good," Pam said, leading the way. "Now try licking it a little, lick it like this."

Pam dragged her tongue over the smooth, bulbous knob, then pulled away.

"Now you do it," Pam said, pushing Julie's face down on it again.

This time Julie did lick it, and once she started, she closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and just kept on licking, like she had resolved to finally succumb to Pam's urging, licking it all over.

"Oh yeah, that's it!" Pam said excitedly, looking up at her nephew, the two sharing a victorious smile. "Look at it, Julie, it's ten inches long and thick, as thick as your wrist, and you're licking every inch... you dick-loving faggot!"

Julie was really going at it now, sliding her wet, slippery tongue all over it.

"Now lick the balls," Pam said, and Julie obliged, dragging her tongue down along the bumpy skin of his scrotum.

"I think you're ready to have a little more, Joey, aren't you. So open your lips, open them wide--" Pam urged as Julie opened them.

"Now take it in your mouth--"

And Julie did. Danny looked down at her, Julie's lips wrapped around his penis, and caught her glancing up at him. She blushed deeply when she saw he was looking down at her mouth stuffed with his dick, her dyke mouth eating it!

Pam, naturally, was watching all this intently.

"Good, Joey, good. Now just suck it, keep on sucking it," she urged Julie as she really went at it now, sucking his cock with the skill she no doubt picked up sucking rubber ones strapped to sluts like Pam.

"Look at you, Julie, look at you sucking that big cock, you dyke!" Pam hissed in her ear, wickedly breaking the fantasy for a moment, wanting to rub it in. For eventually she wished her lover to be able to accept the pleasures of a man's cock as a woman, not as a woman pretending to be a man.

"C'mon, Pam, I'm not Julie, I'm Joey. And I'm not a dyke, I'm a faggot And faggots love to suck cock, we live for cock, right? You said so yourself," she pleaded, wanting to keep the fantasy going her way. Faggot, dyke, it didn't matter to Danny. The point was that this foxy and seemingly committed lesbian who had been giving him such a hardon had finally decided to check out a new cuisine.

"Okay 'Joey', you faggot, you queer, suck that dick then like you mean it," Pam cackled, pushing Julie's head down on it harshly now, almost making her gag, as she forced her to take it in her mouth and down her throat.

"Just look at you go, you fuckin' cocksucker!" Pam said, "You fuckin' cocksucking faggot!"

Julie was going nuts, hearing Pam talk to her like that while her mouth was stuffed with Danny's cock.

"And there's something else you faggots like to eat, isn't there," Pam continued. "Hey Danny? Turn around and spread 'em wide for Joey."

Danny smirked at Julie as he turned around and lewdly held himself open, showing off the asshole Julie had just screwed. Julie stared straight ahead at the damage she had done as Pam watched her lover's reaction closely.

"Look at it!" Pam said, wiping off the residue of lubricating jelly, "That's what you did to Danny with your cock, now how about you let me and Danny see what you can do with your tongue."

"Oh God, Pam! You made me suck his cock. Now you want me to lick his ass too?" she groaned in protest. Or was it protest? From the tone of her voice it wasn't clear whether Julie was being hesitant, was still resisting, or if she wanted Pam to urge her on, to force her. Pam guessed it was the latter.

"Yeah, I want you to eat his ass. You faggots are supposed to like eating out each others' assholes?" Pam said. "So go on, do it!"

Again, Julie hesitated. So Pam gently pushed her face into Danny's crack, Julie not resisting. Then Danny suddenly felt it, felt a wet tongue pressing against his sphincter, Julie's dyke tongue! He knew she'd had plenty of experience devouring his aunt's asshole, and probably countless other female ones. And it showed.

"That's it, eat it!" Pam howled. "Get it in there, fuck Danny's ass with your tongue, fuck it the way you fucked it with your big cock."

Danny and his aunt could hardly believe it. Julie, this trim little boyish dyke who had vowed she'd never make it with a guy, had just sucked Danny's cock and now was worming her tongue right up his asshole! Pam smiled to herself, figuring her young dyke lover would be remembering this day for a long, long time.

"Now let's have a look at your asshole, faggot," Pam said to Julie, pushing her away from her nephew and forcing her up on elbows and knees.

"Come on up here, Danny," Pam told her nephew.

"What are you going to do to me?" Julie asked anxiously, looking back at the two of them. She must've realized that there only was one left thing to do!

"You mean what is Danny going to do to you?" Pam said. "You know, Joey, he's going to do to you what guys do after they've gotten their dicks sucked and their butts eaten. Danny let you fuck his ass all you wanted, now I think you should let him fuck yours. After all, what's good for the goose is good for the gander, ain't it?" Pam said.

"Oh-- no--!" Julie gasped, staring at Danny's outrageously oversized cock, taking in its dimensions with her wide eyes. "I can't do that. I mean I sucked your cock, Danny, and licked your asshole and everything, and I admit I really came to like doing those things to you, I really did. But–“

"But what?" Pam said sharply.

"But fucking... that's different," Julie pleaded with Pam, knowing Pam probably had the final say here.

"C'mon, Joey, you're a horny stud with a hard cock. You've shown us how much you like to fuck a hot male ass with it. Now you need to get your male ass fucked too."

His aunt, Danny could see, was having the time of her life, living out so many of her depraved fantasies in this scene, really taking charge.

"Oh God--" Julie moaned. Oral sex, sucking and licking Danny, as difficult as it was to finally do all that, it was one thing. But to actually let herself get fucked, to let a man enter her body with his cock! Danny could see how a confirmed dyke like her could get into a cold sweat over something like that. And it wasn't the fact he was as big as he was either. Julie herself had boasted that one of the dildos she and his aunt used on each others' bottoms was almost as big as Danny's own cock. So Julie obviously had plenty experience having a big one stuffed up her rectum. No, the problem wasn't that it looked and felt like a cock, but that it was a cock, that it was attached to a man, not a strap. That was a whole new ball game for Julie.

Julie remained frozen as she pondered all this, and so Pam made the next move, lowering her face to Julie's trim little butt, pulling aside the dildo strap to expose her crack, and then licking her asshole.

"Danny?" she said to her nephew, after a minute. "Care to have a taste of this stud's butthole?"

Danny stared straight ahead at the dyke's trim, silky smooth buns, held open by his aunt, the cute, starry asshole slick and glossy from his aunt's saliva. He stared at that jewel-like cleft, and his mouth began to water. Of course, exposed like this, Julie's dildo strap had to be visible. But the balls below her buns were very convincing, they looked as real as her cock.

And that's where Pam wanted her nephew to begin now.

"Lick Joey's balls first, honey," Pam told him.

Julie looked back anxiously as Danny replaced his aunt's tongue with his own. She was panting audibly, nervous as hell to have a man behind her. Licking her rubber balls was fine, but now he actually had his tongue in her ass. She didn't back away from his tongue, though. She just closed her eyes tightly and concentrated on the sensations, on what she was actually allowing to be done to her. A man, a flesh-and-blood man was licking her ass, getting ready to fuck it!

Of course Danny would've loved to have licked Julie's pussy or chewed on those big, corky nipples of hers too. But she was a guy now, a faggot. He had already sucked her cock. So what was left now was the other male hot spot, her -- or should he say 'his' -- asshole.

"Okay, that's enough, honey," Pam said, tugging gently at her nephew after he took his sweet time feasting on Julie's bottom, "Let's get Joey ready for the main act now."

Pam squeezed a big dab of lubricating jelly right out of the tube and onto Julie's pretty, creased sphincter. Then another dab, and another, rubbing it all over, working some up inside her anal passage, forcing the jelly in deep with her fingers. True, Julie took it on a fairly regular basis back there from some good sized rubber cocks. But none quite matched Danny's. This was going to be Julie's first real cock, and Pam wanted to make sure she enjoyed it.

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