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Black Cock Party

by MarkLazer©

I am going to skip ahead during the same time frame that I stayed with Bob and share with you the wild evening I had at a party that Bob and I attended. Bob had been an athlete and even though he was now in his late twenties, somehow he had friends that were current athletes. He was pretty popular and was invited to a lot of parties. This particular party was huge and there were tons of people. The house was full of guys of all races and many hot girls as well. The music was pumping while everyone was dancing in the living room, hallway, and the kitchen. People were smoking and drinking and everyone was having a great time.

I talked to Nick for a little while and saw Freddie, Steve and a couple more of his black friends. One of their friends was "Dante" who played on the basketball team (Not his real name because I want to protect is identity). He was the starting center on the basketball team, listed 6'10 and just a huge man. The other two black guys were very short. I would guess one to be about 5'9 and the other about 5'5.There were a couple of black girls hanging out with them as well. They were dressed in skin tight, short dresses with high heels. Their hair was all done up, makeup on, and they were smoking hot.

I was catching a great buzz and while I was in the bathroom taking a piss, I heard a faint knock on the door.

I yelled, "Occupied."

I then heard a voice whisper from the crack in the door say, "Hey, let me in man. I want to talk to ya for minute."

I was stunned but curious so I opened the door and the short black man, darted in before I knew what was happening.

"Hey, what's up man? I'm Freddy but my posse calls me Freeze. Listen, before you trip out that I'm in here, I wanted to ask you something?" Freddy said. "My partners Steve and Nick told me that you hang with this dude named Bob and they say you do certain things for him and I wanted to see if maybe I could get in on some of that action? It has been a long while for me and I haven't nutted in forever. "

"Are you serious?" I asked very shocked and a bit taken back. Obviously it had spread around that I was sucking Bob's cock to pay my rent.

"Damn straight." replied Freddy.

It was kind of seedy and erotic. At that time, I had sucked off a few black guys and I really enjoyed it so I said, "Well..... Maybe. What did you have in mind? Why don't you hit on one of those fine women out there?"

"I would, but I heard you handle dick with the best of em and it is tough to find a woman who will use their mouth on, well, how can I put this, someone who is well endowed. Most bitches are just lazy and don't want to put in the time." said Freddy.

"You mean to tell me that you are that well-endowed?" I asked. "Bullshit, you're what... 5'5, 5'6?"

Freddy was very short but he had disproportionately long arms and legs for his short body. Sometimes guys built like that are very well endowed, but seeing, was in fact, believing.

Freddy pulled down his jeans and out plopped a monster of a dick. It looked like it was photo shopped on him. Here was this little guy about 6 inches shorter than me with this huge hog and it was about half hard. He flopped it around with his hand.

"You thought I was fuckin lying to ya." Freddy said. "I got almost a foot of sausage here."

It was hard to say exactly how long it was when he finally got fully hard but it had to be at least 10 inches.

He continued, "You think you could love on it till I nut?"

Seeing that black snake I became very horny and I replied, "Ok, I will help you out but where did you have in mind?"

"It's been so long since I blasted, it shouldn't take no time, so let's just stay in here," Freddie answered.

Freddy's jeans were bunched around his ankles and he shuffled over to the bathtub. He sat down on the edge of the tub and I got on my knees and started playing with his cock. I also leaned down and started kissing and licking his head as I played with him. His dick instantly stood straight up in the air. I pulled back to look at this sight and take it all in.

This little guy, with a little body, had this majestic long fat cock that stood straight up in the air and next to his own chin. Freddy absolutely could suck his own dick without any trouble whatsoever if he wanted. What did he need me for, I wondered?

Along with being very long, Freddy's cock was more brown than black with a small head compared to his girth. It looked like he had freckles all around the rim and a huge, I mean, huge vein running along the bottom of the shaft. It stuck up long and proud. I wrapped both hands around Freddy's monster and started stroking him up and down and I put my mouth on it. I licked on the head and while I jerked. I then wrapped my lips around this dick and started sucking.

Freddy started moaning, "Damn, you ARE good. The rumor was right on. You know how to handle a large dick."

I just hummed the phrase "uh huh" as I was now sucking his dick. I could taste the precum he was leaking and I continued to suck his anaconda all the while my two hands were fisting him.

Just then, the bathroom door busted open and I could hear the music louder. I could hear a startled female voice say, "OH MY GOD! I am so sorry." She then started giggling and said, "You two should lock the door."

I thought, "Shit" to myself as I forgot to lock the door. Now with an audience, it just added to my arousal so I didn't stop; I just kept sucking and whacking this magnificent black cock.

"Get the fuck out," Freddy said. "Can't a brotha get his dick sucked around here without being bothered?"

I heard a second female voice follow the first one in the bathroom, "What is going on?"

The first voice was laughing when she replied, "This black guy is getting a blowjob from a white guy."

The second woman said, "Are you serious? I wanna see this."

I heard the door open further and heard the second woman add, "Damn girl! That white boy knows how to suck a dick!"

The first female voice then said, "He is better than we are."

The second voice replied, "Speak for yourself. I get no complaint from my men."

I kept on sucking and beating Freddy off while the girls watched, giggled and commented.

Freddy ordered, "Bitches, either get the fuck out or close the door."

One of the girls said, "I ain't leavin. I don't want to miss this."

I heard the door close and I could hear both girls still in the bathroom with us.

"Does that feel good baby?" One of the girls asked Freddy.

Freddy was breathing shallow at that point and stuttered, "Fuck yea it does!"

The other girls said, "You go boy." She then took a step and slapped Freddy a high five. Of course I couldn't see it but only hear it.

I would only stop sucking for a few seconds to lick the shaft periodically. I would then go back to sucking Freddy's dong. My saliva was now running down this pole making it very lubed up for my added hand job or should I say hands job. I really wish I could completely swallow this dick but it was just too big. Having my audience really motivated me and I was rock hard in my own pants.

"I'm fixin to nut," moaned Freddy. "Don't you fuckin stop. Stay on that mother fucker," he added in a grunting tone.

I could hear the girls encouraging me as they took turns giving directions, "Suck that dick! Yea white boy, suck that black cock! Make him cum real good for ya! We wanna see you swallow that shit. All that shit."

Freddy had his hands beside himself on the edge of the bathtub. He arched his back and started grunting very loudly, "AUGH SHIT!!!"

Just as first shot of spunk blasted from Freddy's dick, I could feel one of the girls pushing down on the back of my head so I could not pull off during his orgasm. That first shot slapped the back of my throat very hard. Freddy continued to shoot his large load into my mouth. I kept jerking him as he came so he could finish real hard from the same stroke that took him over the edge. When a guy cums, I try to never change my rhythm so he can cum harder and finish strong. Freddy's ass was sliding around on the tub's edge but the combination of my grip on his throbbing dick and one of the girls holding my head, there was no way this black dick was going to slip out of my mouth during his ejaculation.

Freddy finally finished cumming. It seemed like he shot his wad for about thirty seconds. I pulled off Freddy and I knew he was telling the truth about how he hadn't cum in a long time. His cum was plentiful and very thick. My mouth was very full.

The girls were saying, "What are you waiting for? Swallow it. You worked for it now gulp it down!"

I took a deep breath and swallowed. The sperm didn't want to go down very easy because of all the clumps but I kept working it down with multiple swallows and hocks.

"My pussy is soaking wet," said one of the girls.

"No doubt. That was one of the hottest things I've ever seen," said the other one.

The first girl added, "Could you guys get out of here now? We did come in here for a reason."

I wiped the corners of my mouth and walked out first to get a beer so I could wash the cum down.

The party continued and about an hour later, I could see all the black guys talking together and pointing toward me. I knew my cock sucking skills were the topic of that conversation. When I give a guy a blowjob, I like to jerk off and I hadn't been able to do it yet so I was still quite horny. I would have to say I'd be lying if I didn't admit to thinking about big man Dante's dong.

Freddie called me over to their group. I went over and he said, "Mark, my boy Dante here wants to get in on some action. You down?"

I was so excited and said while pointing, "Ok. Meet me in that bedroom in 5 minutes."

I walked away. I have to admit, I felt like I was in a dream thinking about Dante and his giant black dick. I went into my bedroom and prepared it to give Dante a blowjob to remember. I turned on a light and found out it was a dimmer, so I turned it down so that we could still see but the room was darkened.

I heard a faint knock and I told him to come in. Dante walked in and asked me if I was ready. I told him to take his pants off and sit down on the corner chair. He took off everything and was completely naked. Besides the tree trunk hanging between his legs, the second thing on my mind was how odd it seemed for him to get naked when I was going to give him a blowjob.

Dante asked, "I know you suck dick, but do you take dick?

The question surprised me but I answered, "Yea sometimes but never have I taken a cock like yours." And at that time, Bob's large member had been the biggest cock I had taken in my ass.

Dante said, "Well, there is a first time for everything. Now get over here on your knees and show my dick how much you want it. You get him real excited and I'm gonna put him in that tight ass of yours."

Dante sat down on the chair in the corner and I knelt down between his legs and started licking and sucking on him. His dick was massive as he became instantly hard. It was even bigger than Freddy's, but how could it not be with Dante's body build. I would guess his cock to be at least at 11 or 12 inches and slightly thicker than Freddy's. I vividly remember that Freddy's cock was smooth like glass whereas Dante's was more meaty and bulky.

I used both hands on him for a while, stroking up and down while licking his head. I sucked on him even longer. I even gave his huge balls a tongue bath as I jerked him. I was unsure if Dante was just talk and wanted me to give him a blowjob or if he really wanted to put that monster up my rectum.

He guided me off of him and went into the bathroom that was connected to this master bedroom. I heard the water running for a while and Dante came back out. He walked out and got on his knees on the bed.

"I want you to tongue me for a little while. I love when bitches do that. It gets me all worked up. I just got done gettin it cleaned up real good for ya," Dante ordered.

This bed was in the middle of the room so Dante was on the side where he was facing me and his ass was pointed to the bathroom. I walked around the bed and was face to face with Dante's black ass. Dante was so tall that when he was on his knees up on the bed, his ass was the same height as me standing next to him. I couldn't help but notice the smoothness of his asshole and even commented about it.

"You like that don't ya! I keep that shit smooth for the ladies. It's just one of my things," Dante said smugly. "Now get on in there."

I put my hands on his ass cheeks and spread them with my thumbs. I leaned in and placed my face inside his smooth crack. I could smell soap and cologne. I was thankful because it really was pleasant. I stuck my tongue out and started licking his asshole. I was sticking to my technique of licking around the bud for a while, flicking my tongue on it, and eventually putting my tongue inside. I always finish my rim jobs with a tongue fucking of the ass. I usually dart my tongue in and out trying to get it inside the asshole far as possible just as the man or women cums.

Dante had his ass in the air and his head on the bed while I rimmed his butthole when we heard a knock a knock at my door along with the doorknob rattle.

Dante raised his head up off the bed and yelled, "Who is it and what the fuck do you want?"

There was that female voice again from one of the girls in the bathroom earlier, "Can we come in? We just want to see what you guys are doing and maybe watch a little while."

Dante yelled again, "I'm getting my asshole licked! Get the hell out of here!"

"Please! Can we come in and watch. Brittney and I watched that guy blow Freeze earlier and it was so hot. Please let us come in and watch?!" replied the female voice.

"Damn," said Dante as he crawled across the bed to open the door. "Hang on a second. Don't you go anywhere," he ordered me.

Dante unlocked the door and slung it open. "Can you bitches leave us alone? We got business to attend to."

I heard a girl giggle and gasp at the same time, "Oh my God! Look at the size of your cock!"

As Dante was talking to these girls in the doorway, his monster cock was sticking straight up in the air and bounced with each step. It looked like a horse just finished mounting another horse.

Another girl chimed in who was probably Brittney, "We watched this guy blow Freeze earlier in the restroom. It was so hot. Linda and I just about creamed our panties. Nick told us you were in here getting a blowjob from him and we want to watch. We promise to be quiet."

"Right now, I'm not getting my dick sucked, I'm getting my ass ate out," replied Dante.

"Ooooh! That sounds even hotter! We want to watch," said Linda as she and Brittney along with 3 more girls slipped their way into the room. Two of them were the hot black girls I saw earlier.

Dante replied, "Suit yourself. Just lock the damn door. We don't need the whole world in here."

He walked back over to me as the girls were whispering among themselves. Dante got back on the bed with his knees, twisted around so his ass was facing me once again, and then slid himself back to the edge so that his asshole was now in my face once again. I proceeded to lick and tongue fuck that familiar butthole once again. I was so horny knowing that these girls were watching.

"That is pretty damn hot," said one of the black girls.

Dante buried his head into the bed again and started moaning.

"Look at him go. He eats ass better than my boyfriend eats me," commented a female.

I couldn't tell who was talking anymore with my face buried in Dante's butt. I continued rimming him for quite some time. Dante was stroking his huge cock while I was doing it and I could tell he was doing it because of the vibration it made on his hanging balls.

Dante put his head down and turned it to the side while moaning, "That's it man. Get in there. Oh Shit. Lick that ass. Go ahead, tongue it. Don't stop now. You're getting papa bear all worked up. That's it. Make me feel real good now. Go ahead and stick that tongue all the way in there."

That is when I slid my tongue inside Dante's asshole. I had to spread his ass cheeks even further with my hands so I could go deeper. I darted my tongue in and out of his butthole to enhance maximum pleasure. Dante reached around with one hand and grabbed the back of my head and mashed my face deeper into his ass to force my tongue into the puckered hole just a little more. I had to be careful and tilt my chin down so I could still breathe while having my face buried into this huge man's ass. It was the longest I had ever rimmed someone.

"Now that's what I'm talkin about. Get all the way in there. Girls, this guy knows what he is doing."

When Dante stopped me, and scooted away, I could see the girls. Two were sitting down in chairs and both were playing with their clits. One of the black girls was standing by the door with her hand inside her panties, under her short dress, fingering herself as well. The other two girls were just standing there in amazement looking like they could cum any second. Nobody was saying a word.

Dante ordered me to find some lube. I thought there is no way that baseball bat of his will fit in my ass and I wasn't sure I even wanted to try."

"What are you waiting on? Find me some lube or I'll dry fuck ya. You don't want that with this big bastard," Dante commanded as he jostled and stroked his prick.

I went into the bathroom and found some baby oil under the sink cabinet. I brought it back in and found Dante sitting on the edge of the bed with Candy, I found out her name later, on her knees stroking and sucking his dick. She was one of the black girls who was fingering herself while standing.

"Ok, baby. I got some work to do here. You just stand over there and enjoy the show," said Dante to Candy.

I handed the oil to Dante and squirted a large stream on his pole. He continued to stroke it while spreading the oily lube evenly on himself. He wiped his hand off on my shirt. His magnificent black tool was now shiny and glistened in the light because of the oily coating.

I was definitely worried. I have sucked huge cock but have never taken anything bigger than Bob's nine inch up my ass.

One of the girls chimed, "Can you fuck him from the end of the bed so we can watch it go in?"

"No problem ladies," replied Dante as he led me over to the foot of the bed.

Dante ordered me, "Drop em!" as he was referring to my pants.

I took my pants off and the rest of my clothes. I got on my hands and knees up on the bed. My feet and ass were dangling over the end of it. I was worried and to this day, if I fuck a large cock, I put it in me by sitting on it so I can control the entrance.

One girls commented, "Oh my God. He is really gonna take that. That fucking thing wouldn't even fit in MY front, let alone my back. I gotta see this."

Dante walked up behind me then scooped some of the oil from his cock and rubbed it around my butthole. He even stuck a couple of fingers in me to get it lubed on the inside. He then guided his huge prick to my asshole. Dante had a large mushroom head on his dong and he was trying to work it in me very carefully. He grabbed my hips and was slowly pulling me back on him.

I have no trouble taking Bob's cock up my ass because even though he also has a large cock head, his dick itself is not overly fat. Bob actually has a perfect dick for fucking.

Dante's head finally plopped in my asshole. It hurt like a mother.

"Pull it out! Pull it out! I demanded.

"Ssssshhhhhhh", Dante whispered. "Just hang on for a second until you get used to it. Just take deep breaths dog. Believe me, I have had many women say the same thing and after they got used to it, were screaming in pleasure."

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