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In The Woods

by Frank Noir©

"Well, it's a good thing you got rid of him," Mia said.

Ellen didn't answer. They walked in silence for a minute, following the path among the tall trees. Summer had finally come - they could both see and smell it. It was a hot day, but pleasantly cool here in the woods.

"What I don't get," Ellen said, brushing aside her long blonde hair, "is how you can stand being single?"

"Hey," Mia laughed, "just because I'm single, it doesn't mean I don't go out with guys. I do - and you should, too."

"Yeah," Ellen muttered. "I know."

They were two beautiful women in their late twenties - Ellen the tall blonde, and Mia slightly shorter with a black pageboy hairdo. Even in their walking boots, they managed to look pretty sexy. Ellen wore a short summer dress; Mia had a short black skirt on and a t-shirt, revealing her shapely breasts.

"What was that?" Mia suddenly said.

"Where?" Ellen looked around.

"Oh - it's gone now. But I swear a saw... a man."

Ellen laughed.

"Yeah, you're always seeing men, aren't you?"

"I'm serious," Mia protested. "He was right there."

They walked on, the dead leaves rustling beneath their feet. And suddenly, they both saw something moving behind the trees.

"There," Ellen exclaimed. "You were right. It was like someone saw us coming, and ran away."

They stood quietly, listening for footsteps. But the only sounds were the wind in the trees and the birds singing in the distance.

"Let's go," Mia said and ran into the woods. "Let's find him."

"Wait," Ellen said, running after her. "It could be... dangerous."

Mia didn't answer. She just kept on running, way from the footpath, into the dark woods. Ellen ran after her. And there, in the dark, between the trees, they saw him and froze.

The man stood stark naked in front of them, stroking his erect cock. Mia and Ellen stared at him in amazement.

"My god," Mia whispered.

He was a welt-built man in his thirties, smiling as he shamelessly presented his growing erection to the two women. His cock was long and hard, and he masturbated in a slow, sensuous rhythm.

Ellen had turned her head and wanted to run away, but Mia seemed transfixed by this stranger's cock, couldn't take her eyes off it.

"Do you like what you see?" the man asked teasingly.

"Oh god, yes," Mia answered.

The man stared at Mia, still stroking his cock.

"Then come and get it," he said.

Ellen watched Mia as she stepped forward and fell to her knees in front of the naked man.

"No," Ellen said.

But Mia opened her mouth to him and let the tip of her tongue lick the underside of his stiff cock. His hand was forcing his powerful erection down to let it receive Mia's treatment. He pulled back his foreskin and she licked around the swelling, bluish head, wetting it with saliva.

Grunting, the man thrust his hips forward, letting his cock slide into Mia's mouth. She sucked it greedily, feeling the strength of his erection as he started pumping it in and out of her mouth. Slowly, carefully, the naked man fucked her mouth, as Mia tasted the clear liquid oozing out of the tip of his cock.

Ellen stepped closer, fascinated by the sight of her friend kneeling down on the ground, giving a naked man a blowjob in the middle of the woods. Ellen saw his hard cock glisten as it slid in and out of Mia's wet, sucking mouth.

Mia was touching herself now, her right hand massaging her clit under the short skirt, and Ellen heard her moaning as she sucked the man's cock.

The naked man looked at Ellen.

"Do you like to watch that?" he asked her. "Watch your lovely friend suck my cock?"

Ellen just stared at him, but she had to admit to herself that it did in fact turn her on.

"Do me a favor," he said. "Lick her pussy."

Then he pulled out of Mia's mouth, placed her on her back on the ground and pulled up her skirt.

"No," Ellen said.

"Yes, please," Mia moaned. "Do it. I want to feel your tongue in my pussy."

"Down on your knees," the man commanded.

And hesitantly, Ellen knelt down between Mia's legs.

"Pull off her panties," the man said, stroking his long, hard cock.

Ellen pulled Mia's black silk panties down over her hiking boots and threw them aside, exposing her shaven slit. Mia panted with excitement.

"Now lick that pussy," then man hissed.

And Ellen went down on all fours, her trembling fingers stroking Mia's labia.

"Oh, god," Mia screamed at her friend's touch.

Facing Ellen, the man now straddled Mia's face. His erect cock was pointing straight up, but forcing it down with both hands he managed to guide it into Mia's open mouth.

The man felt Mia's wet mouth sucking his cock, as he watched the blushing Ellen play with her friend's pussy. She gently massaged Mia's clit, making her quiver with pleasure. Then, slowly, she inserted a finger into Mia's pussy, sliding it back and forth. Ellen's finger was dripping wet with Mia's love juices, as she moved it in and out of her soft crevice.

"Taste it," the man whispered, pumping his cock in and out of Mia's mouth.

And looking him straight in the eye, Ellen licked her finger.

"Like the taste?" he said. "Now lick that pussy."

Ellen spread Mia's legs apart and thrust her wet tongue deep into her pussy. Mia arched her back in ecstasy, letting out a cry muffled by the huge cock in her mouth. The man cursed, almost knocked off balance by Mia's violent movements. Grabbing her arms, he held her body firmly on the ground, letting his cock slide in and out of her mouth.

Ellen started licking Mia's pussy, savoring the spicy taste of her friend's juices. And watching the blonde girl's tongue servicing Mia's hairless snatch made the man even more excited. His stiff cock was throbbing wildly in Mia's mouth.

Mia was shaking all over. The man could feel her climax approaching and pulled out of her mouth. Masturbating, he watched Ellen lick her out. He longed to hear her cry out in ecstasy.

"Oh God," Mia moaned, "Oh yes, it's so good."

"Make her come," the man commanded, stroking his long, hard cock. "Lick that pussy."

Again, Ellen thrust her tongue deep into Mia's moist slit, pushing it in and out in a hard, relentless rhythm, finally bringing Mia over the edge.

"Aaah," Mia screamed, grabbing Ellen's hair and pressing her face against her pussy. "Yeeeaah."

As the orgasm hit her, she threw herself around on the ground, rubbing her back and her naked ass against the earth and the dead leaves, her cries of lust echoing among the trees.

Gasping loudly, Ellen pulled her head back and knelt between Mia's legs, watching her. The man stood above them, loving every minute. His stiff cock twitched involuntarily, as he masturbated at the sight.

"Take off your dress," he told Ellen.

And without a word the blonde stood up and pulled the dress over her head. Then she pulled down her panties and stood naked in front of the man, showing off her body to him.

Ellen had beautiful, firm breasts, and the blonde bush on her pussy was neatly trimmed. Still stroking his rigid cock, the man grunted at the sight of her nakedness. Then he lay down on his back on the ground, his stiff cock pointing straight up at the treetops.

"Come here," he said. "I want to fuck you."

Ellen stood over him, her feet on either side of his hips. Using both hands, she parted her labia, letting the man glimpse the wet, pink insides of her love muscle.

"Do you want this pussy?" she asked him. "Do you?"

The man was breathing hard, the clear liquid running down the sides of his stiff, twitching cock. Slowly, Ellen lowered her pelvis, only letting the swollen tip of his penis slide in between her pussy lips, teasing him. She felt him throbbing inside her, as she rocked gently back and forth.

"Oooh," she purred.

Then she looked at him. His eyes were wide open and he was drooling, almost mad with desire.

Ellen placed her hands on his hairy chest and sat down on his cock, letting the long, hard shaft penetrate her pussy. She gasped as she felt the length and stiffness of the man's erection. Then she started moving up and down, making his cock slide in and out of her juicy snatch. The man watched her lovely breasts bouncing, as her moist pussy rode up and down on his cock.

Mia was standing beside them, watching the man's long cock entering Ellen's pussy again and again, getting wetter with each thrust.

"You," the man said. "Come here. I want to taste your pussy."

Mia had removed her skirt, and facing Ellen, she straddled the man's face. She felt his fat tongue probing her flesh and she groaned with pleasure. Grabbing her thighs, the man eagerly started licking her, his tongue lapping greedily against her labia. Moaning with desire, Mia rubbed her slit against his mouth, as he swallowed the hot juices flowing from her pussy.

"Aaah, yes," she cried out. "It's so fucking good. Lick that pussy. Yes!"

Breathing heavily, Ellen rode the man's cock, opening her wet sex to his powerful rod. It was hard as steel now, making her tremble with pleasure as it probed the inner surfaces of her tender pussy.

The women looked at each other, both of them gasping, flushed with animal lust. The man's stiff cock and thirsty mouth drove them ever closer to their climax. Ellen leaned forwards and kissed Mia. The women parted their lips, letting their tongues meet and play lovingly with each other. The women moaned. Mia could taste her own pussy on Ellen's tongue.

Their kiss seemed to excite the man even more. His cock swelled to an incredible stiffness, as he started pounding it in and out of Ellen's pussy. Mia felt him sucking hard at her clit, drinking her love juices, even biting gently into her labia.

"Aaah," the women cried out in unison.

A few more of his brutal thrusts, and Ellen felt the orgasm washing over her. She held still, feeling his cock stretching the tender flesh of her pussy as Mia grabbed her naked breasts, caressing them. Then, arching her back and throwing her head back, she let out a loud scream of pleasure.

As Ellen clenched her hot love muscle around the man's swollen cock, Mia felt him grunting loudly between her thighs. Driven over the edge by Ellen's orgasm, he finally gave in. With a wild yell, he started pumping his thick semen into Ellen's pussy. Powerful jets of hot spunk kept shooting out of his jerking cock, as he threw himself about on the ground, kicking his heels in ecstasy.

The women kissed again, Ellen moaning quietly as her orgasm subsided. Then the man pulled out of Ellen and pushed them both away. The women sat down on the ground, Ellen naked except for her walking boots, Mia still wearing her t-shirt.

The man stood up, his cock dripping wet with his and Ellen's juices, and still as hard as a bone. He grabbed it with both hands and started masturbating, as the two women stared at him in amazement.

"But..." Mia said. "How can you...? You just..."

The man laughed. He massaged his cock harder, jerking off wildly in front of the two women.

"Control," he said, panting. "Watch... this... aaah..."

With a few more strokes, the man drove himself to another orgasm. Pointing his stiff cock straight at Mia, he started ejaculating again. He grunted like a beast, as jet after jet of hot, white semen burst out of his twitching cock, spattering Mia's t-shirt with globs of sticky come.

"Aaah," he groaned, clenching his dripping cock in one hand.

Still, his erection hadn't subsided.

Fascinated, Ellen stared at his hard, twitching cock, still glistening wet from her love juice. Mia looked down at her t-shirt, amazed at the amount of sperm the man had produced the second time around.

"Take that off," he whispered to her, and she removed the wet t-shirt, revealing her large, shapely breasts.

The man stared at them, stroking his cock again.

Ellen stood up and pushed Mia onto the ground. She made her lie face down, naked except for her walking boots and her legs spread.

"Come here," Ellen said, and the man came over, holding his stiff cock, and squatted down right above Mia's ass.

His cock stood straight out, and he had to grab it with both hands to force it downwards, pointing it towards Mia's ass.

"Now get ready for this," he snarled, placing the tip of his cock against her rectum.

"Nooo," Mia pleaded, but Ellen stifled her whimpering with a passionate kiss.

Mia held onto Ellen as the man's hips thrust forward, burying his hard cock inside her ass.

"Aaah," she screamed.

The man slowly let his cock slide almost all the way out of her ass, then slowly back in again, stretching the tender muscles of her rectum. Over and over he slid his cock out and then in. Ellen watched closely, as the rigid shaft exposed itself, only to force itself back deep into her friend's tight ass. Mia whimpered and gasped for air, digging her fingers into the earth.

"Yeah," Ellen whispered. "Fuck her ass."

Her fingers stroked her pussy, making her writhe with pleasure as she watched.

Drops of sweat formed on the man's body, ran down his torso and dripped like salty rain onto Mia's naked back. His hands grabbed her ass-cheeks, spreading them apart. Closing his eyes in concentration, he drove his stiff tool into her ass again and again.

"Play with your pussy," he gasped.

The man pulled back a few inches, allowing Mia to lift her pelvis off the ground and slide her hand in beneath her pussy. He watched as she gently slid her fingers across her labia - and as she started masturbating, he resumed fucking her ass. He started pounding her harder and faster, burying the entire length of his stiff weapon in her tight ass with each powerful thrust.

Ellen was masturbating, two, watching her friend helpless at the mercy of this wild man's erection. But listening to Mia whimper quietly, eyes closed - and watching her as she eagerly massaged her hardened, pink clit -- Ellen realized that Mia's climax was approaching.

Naked, face down on the soft earth, Mia was being driven towards orgasm by a stranger, fucking her ass with his long, stiff cock. Moaning loud, she forced two fingers into her soaking wet slit and started sliding them in and out of her pussy, in time with the man relentlessly fucking her ass.

"Ohmigod, Ohmigod," she gasped, finger-fucking herself faster and faster.

Her juice trickled from her glistening fingers, dripping onto the earth below her.

"Yeahhh," the man roared, as he drove his bone-hard cock into Mia's ass again and again, "I want you to come with my cock up your ass!"

As Mia masturbated herself into a sexual frenzy, the man pulled back and suddenly froze, leaving only the tip of his cock stretching her rectum. Then suddenly he thrust forward, burying the entire length of his rigid shaft in her ass.

"Like that!" he shouted.

"Aaah" Mia screamed, from pain and surprise.

Ellen fingered the folds of her juicy flesh. This was hot.

Slowly the man pulled back again, waited a few seconds, sweating and breathing hard, Mia still stroking her pussy. Again he thrust forward, impaling her tender ass with his stiff cock.

"And that!" he yelled.

"Ohhh," she sobbed, masturbating, her pretty face pressed against the soft earth.

The man kept on repeating the procedure: Pulling back, a few seconds of unbearable hesitation, then the powerful thrust, forcing his bone-hard cock all the way into her ass, punctuated by his angry shouts of "Yeah!" - "Again!" -- "Had enough?" -- "Like that?"

One more brutal stroke of the man's cock, and suddenly Ellen saw Mia's entire body tremble with ecstasy.

"Oooh," she whimpered, burying her fingers in her overflowing crevice.

"Yeah," the man grunted, keeping his cock buried in Mia's ass, savoring her orgasm as she collapsed on the earth, panting and moaning quietly.

Then, finally, he pulled his erect cock out of her ass. He turned to Ellen, showing off his long, twitching tool to her as he began jerking off.

Quickly he grabbed both women by their hair and pulled them towards him. He made them kneel down, as he stood above them, masturbating his hard, swollen cock.

Ellen had one hand between her legs, the other massaged her breast hard, as she, too, drove herself to her climax.

"Ahhh," she whispered, as the orgasm hit her.

Shivering, she held onto the man's muscular thigh to steady herself. And through misty eyes, she saw him start to ejaculate again.

"Ohhh," he roared, throwing his head back in ecstasy.

He let go of his cock, and the women watched it twitching wildly, as long, hard jets of semen shot from its bulging head.

Ellen and Mia both opened their mouths, trying to catch some of the sperm, spurting from the man's jerking love tool. Some they licked up, but long sprays of spicy come shot several feet into the air, spattering onto the dead leaves.

Finally it was all over. The man's cock got softer, until it hung long, thick and still wet between his thighs.

"That was wonderful," Ellen said.

"Yeah," Mia agreed. "I came harder than ever."

The naked man looked at them, like he'd never seen them before. Then he turned around and ran into the woods again, his big, glistening cock dangling between his legs. The women watched him, until he suddenly disappeared among the trees.

Slowly, they put their clothes back on. Then they walked back the way they had come, again listening to the birdsong and the rustling of the leaves above them. They walked in silence for several minutes, shaking their heads, not knowing what to make of it all.

Finally, Ellen broke the silence.

"Men!" she said.

Written by: Frank Noir

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