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Dickgirls Everywhere!

by lfullback©


Matt slowly made his way down the hallway. His hand trembled, betraying the sense of calm he had tried so desperately to hold onto. His entire body had been clenched tight since he left the saferoom. He felt completely exposed now. If any of them saw him, he was right and truly fucked.

Everything had gone to hell about twenty days before. That's when the outbreak happened. It was a Saturday, so no one should have even been in the school. However, it was also the day of the senior trip. The entire senior class (conveniently all over the age of 18) along with several teachers had gathered in the morning in preparation for the trip. Several girls began to behave strangely, so the departure for the trip was delayed. Within a few hours, all of the girls experienced the change. Their genitals were somehow being altered. A quarantine was established by the government. They were quick to the scene. Almost too quick to not have been involved. Anyone in the school at the time was trapped. No one could leave or enter until the situation was resolved.

Within two days of the initial change, all of the girls had completed their transformation. There wasn't a single vagina left in Jefferson High. The population of dickgirls, however, had risen greatly. None of their other physical features had been altered, save for the new cock between their legs. At first, the boys were a little relieved. The virus, or whatever it was, didn't affect them. All they had to do was ride out the quarantine, right? So wrong.

The girls' transformation wasn't limited to a new dick. They also gained new strength, as well as a new overwhelming sex drive. The dickgirls fell on the boys like lions on gazelles. They overpowered them and forced them into submission. With ravenous vigor, they had their way with whoever they pleased. They couldn't control themselves. Like newly-turned vampires, they took what they needed, and what they needed was sex, lots of it.

Many of the boys, seeing that the dickgirls could overpower even the strongest of them, fled and barricaded themselves in classrooms behind strong doors. Many weren't as lucky. The first couple of hours saw an incredible orgy fill the school, centered around the cafeteria. The cafeteria was filled with the sounds of violent sex. Boys had girl-dicks forced down their throats and stuffed up their asses. The girls bent them over tables and had their way with them, lost in ecstasy. Sometimes two or three girls would share one boy, either taking turns on him or going at him all at once.

Cliques and social statuses meant nothing from then on. Popular, plastic girls were seen pounding away at band geeks, and shy, glasses wearing girls were seen dragging jocks into an open classroom for a private moment.

At first, some of the more adventurous boys seemed to actually enjoy it. A few got into it, begging for more and sucking the dickgirls passionately. They did enjoy themselves, up to a point. That point was when they realized that it didn't stop. The girls never seemed to tire. They could go on and on, always wanting more. They barely even needed time between orgasms to recuperate. That's when the adventurous boys realized they were in trouble. Many died that first day. Most from sheer exhaustion. Some choked to death on cock and cum. More than a few were found with cum filling their lungs. Some had been killed in more violent ways. Those that resisted, or those with the misfortune of being taken by one of the more sadistic girls sometimes met more grisly ends.

Matt, however, was one of the boys who managed to make it to a saferoom. There were about fifteen of them in his room. They had started with twenty, of course. But, over time they had lost five who had left in search of food and supplies. They drew straws for the job every day, because they knew they wouldn't always make it back. On this day, Matt drew the short straw. So, he ventured out into the school. If he could sneak into the cafeteria, he could get some food for everyone.

Matt was terrified as he snuck through the halls. He clung to the walls and slowly made his way towards the cafeteria. But, he had a long way to go. As he approached a classroom, he heard voices coming from inside. He froze for a few seconds, not even able to move. When he realized that nobody was coming out of the room, he continued forward. As he passed the doorway, he risked a look in through the window. Inside, he saw two girls he recognized, Melina and Gemma. He used to have history class with both of them. They were on opposite ends of some hipster-looking boy, skewering him like a roast pig. He could hear the sound of Melina's hips slapping against the boy's ass, as he gargled on Gemma's thick cock.

Luckily, the boy wasn't in danger of being killed. After their initial breakout, the girls had learned more control. Well, not enough control to not rape, but enough to not accidentally kill. Besides, if all the boys died, who would they have sex with? Boys who were caught were mostly kept as pets, still pleasing the girls whenever it suited them, but, other than that, well cared for.

Matt knew he shouldn't watch. He was in danger of ending up like that poor hipster. However, he shamefully found himself becoming aroused. This had happened to him many times before. On one hand, these girls were raping everything in sight. On the other hand, Matt was an eighteen year old virgin and these were the same girls who he had fantasized about sexually for years. Even with cocks, seeing them naked and engaging in depraved sex acts turned him on greatly. He had always wanted to see both Melina's and Gemma's big tits for himself. Now, there they were, bouncing with every thrust. Matt's gaze feel to the hipster boy impaled at both ends, and he knew it was time to leave.

He turned down another hallway and quickly made his way down it. Along the way, he heard the heavy panting and moaning of girls dominating boys inside the classrooms. A few of them had their doors wedged open and he got full views of girls pinning boys up against walls, bending them over desks, or mounting them right there on the ground. As he neared the end of the hallway, he came to an abrupt halt as he saw shadows around the corner. He heard steps coming closer, headed right for him. There was nowhere to hide in the hallway so he ran back and silently slipped into a classroom that appeared to be empty. He pressed himself up against a wall just inside the door.

The footsteps continued to come closer. Matt bit his lip and did his best not to so much as breathe. Two girls walked past the doorway and continued on down the hall. Neither even glanced in his direction. Matt exhaled in relief and his body relaxed for a bit. That didn't last very long though. Matt heard a soft, "Ungh, ungh," coming from somewhere very near. His eyes shot open as he realized he was not alone in the room. He turned his head to look at the opposite side of the room. There in the corner were two girls he recognized, Emily and Claire.

Matt became utterly confused just then, because Emily was down on all fours as Claire gave it to her from behind. He had never seen two dickgirls fuck each other. They were facing away from him, and it appeared as though they hadn't heard him come in. Matt stared in awe as Claire continued to slowly fuck Emily's ass, and he felt himself getting aroused again. Both girls were very beautiful and Matt had fantasized about both of them at one time or another. Emily had always been known for being a bit of a whore. She had long, dirty blonde hair with nice, large tits and a thick, jiggly ass. Claire was an athlete. She had a slim, tight body with short, dark hair. Her ass and tits weren't as large as Emily's, but they fit nicely with her body and were nearly perfectly shaped.

He watched Claire's buttcheeks clench as she thrust into Emily. Emily's asshole stretched around the thick cock, taking it all the way to the balls. Claire's thrusts sent ripples through Emily's ass and both girls moaned as they continued to quietly fuck in the corner.

Matt was completely hard inside his pants and he couldn't look away. What really surprised him was that their cocks didn't bother him in the slightest. In fact, he found his eyes wandering towards Emily's cock. He stared at it and felt desire burning through him. Only semi erect and hanging down between her legs, Emily's cock swung back and forth as the two beauties continued their humping. Matt was so engrossed in what was happening in front of him, that he didn't hear more footsteps approaching from the hallway. Suddenly, from the doorway, there came a voice,

"Well well, what do we have here," it said. Matt snapped his head to the doorway and saw two girls standing completely naked, their large cocks swinging down between their legs. The first one was a tall girl with black hair named Ashley. The other was a petite girl with short, dyed hair named Danni. Danni had a punk rock tattoo on her hip and a monster of a cock. Matt saw it jump a little as she looked at him and he realized what she meant to do with it. He sprang to his feet and made to slip past them into the hallway. Ashley caught him and pushed him back into the room. Matt tripped and fell on his back in the middle of the classroom.

Claire and Emily both turned to look at what was going on. They stopped their fucking. Claire pulled out of Emily, and Matt stared wide-eyed at the size of her long dick. It left Emily's ass gaping wide open.

"Looks like somebody was being a little peeping Tom," said Ashley in a teasing tone. "What were you doing in here? Were you going to start jacking it to Claire's big dick?" All the girls laughed. Claire stood with a prideful look on her face as she looked down at Matt on the ground.

"Do you know what's going to happen to you now?" said Danni. All of the girls stood in a circle around Matt. There was no way he was escaping this. He nodded in response.

"Good," said Danni with a sly smile. "I would hate for it to come as a surprise." The other girls all laughed.

"You have two options," said Ashley. "Either you bend over that desk over there, or we do it for you." They weren't exactly the choices Matt had hoped for, but he knew there would only be one way for this to end. No use fighting it. There were more of them than him, and they were a hell of a lot stronger than him. He stood up and slowly walked over to the desk. The girls all found this quite amusing. When Matt reached the desk, he hesitated a little, knowing what was about to happen to him. He felt Emily's hand gently press against his back and push him down until his chest rested on the school desk.

"Good boy," said Emily. "Now, you ruined Claire's fun. She was having a great time inside me before you came along. I think you should make it up to her." Claire circled around the desk until she was standing directly in front of Matt. Her huge, erect cock stared him in the face. He looked up at her and she smirked down at him.

"Open your mouth, slut" she said. The thought of being forced to suck her cock made Matt shiver. He couldn't believe this was actually happening to him. Deep down though, underneath layers and layers of suppression, something about the idea seemed right to him. Reluctantly he slowly began to part his lips. Claire though, never the patient one, shoved her cock into Matt's mouth before he was ready to accept it. His eyes widened and he choked as the head of Claire's cock drove itself back against his throat. Claire pulled out and Matt coughed. After a short reprieve, she forced her way back in.

Her cock was steaming hot inside of Matt's mouth. He got a thorough taste of it, the cock that had just recently been shoving itself far up Emily's butt. Claire fucked Matt's face, thrusting in and out of his hot mouth. His lips and tongue ran over every bulging vein in her long shaft as it pushed its way inside, hitting the back of his throat over and over. Claire pushed into Matt's mouth once more, but changed the angle of her thrust, forcing her cock to slide down his throat.

Matt thought she might choke him to death on her cock even though she still had several more inches remaining. Claire held her cock there, with both her hands holding Matt's head still. Matt then realized that one of the girls, Ashely the tall one, was standing behind Claire with a hand reached down between her legs and was tickling Claire's balls.

"Oh, fuck yeah," said Claire. "You were out looking for food, right? Don't worry, I'll feed you. UUUUUUNNGH," she cried. Claire forced as much of her cock as she could manage down Matt's throat and started to cum. The first few spurts of cum went straight down Matt's throat. But, Claire pulled out of his throat, keeping her cock in his mouth. By reflex, his throat closed itself off and the remaining cum pooled up, filling his mouth.

Dickgirls don't cum like normal people. They shoot incredible loads that no other human can match. They may have dicks, but they cum just as long as they did when they were all female. And, they shoot cum for that entire time. Matt's cheeks bulged as Claire's hot cum filled him up. It didn't show any sign of stopping, so Matt tried to swallow some in a big gulp. The semen kept coming though and it was soon flowing out of his mouth in torrents. Claire continued to moan in ecstasy as her cum flowed from Matt's lips over the shaft of her cock.

Finally, Claire's water hose stopped spraying and she slid out from between Matt's lips. He coughed up a bit of cum and gasped for air. With reddened eyes from straining, he looked up at Claire. There was a big smile across her face.

"Oh yeah, girls. We're going to have fun with this one," she said. She gave Matt's face a playful little slap and walked back into the semicircle that had formed around him.

Matt then felt two hands on his bare ass. He didn't even remember his pants being taken off. Someone must have done it while he was getting his face fucked. The hands spread his cheeks apart, exposing his vulnerable hole. He turned his head to see what was happening. It was Emily with her hands spreading him wide. She smiled wickedly at him and lowered her face into his crack. Matt felt something wet and warm. Emily was licking his asshole, and doing a thorough job of it. Matt had never felt anything like it before and almost moaned out loud in pleasure.

Emily stopped licking and spit a good amount of saliva onto Matt's asshole. Then she penetrated his waiting asshole with her index finger, working the spit inside. She did this several times until Matt was thoroughly lubricated. Then she stood up, spit into her own hand, and worked it over her shaft. Emily had an average sized cock, but Matt was still scared stiff of it entering him. Yet, there was a sense of curiosity too that he could not deny.

Emily lined up her cock with Matt's asshole and slowly began prodding. After a few pokes, Matt could feel the tip just barely slip inside. He gasped at the sensation, but it was quickly gone. Emily kept prodding, easing the way for her cock. Eventually she slipped the whole head inside with a deep moan of pleasure and a groan of slight discomfort, but not pain, from Matt. Slowly but surely, she slid the rest of herself into him until she was completely inside. Then she leaned forward, resting her upper body against Matt's back and hugged his body close to hers.

Matt loved the feeling of her large tits pressing against his back. Her soft body was warm on his skin and he felt a strange sense of caring between himself and the luscious dickgirl. The sense of feminine caring was shattered as Emily pulled out a ways and thrust back hard into Matt's ass. He grunted as he experienced the first of what he was sure was going to be many, many thrusts.

Emily kept her body pressed against Matt's as she commenced fucking him. She wasn't rough with him, but kept a smooth pace. She moaned with pleasure right into his ear. Matt wasn't exactly in ecstasy, but he had to admit that it wasn't as bad as he had expected. Emily continued for several minutes until her breathing became stronger and her orgasm neared. With a few final harder thrusts, Emily cried out as she started to cum. She buried her cock as deep as it would go, dug her fingernails into Matt's ass, and unleashed a powerful orgasm.

A flood of cum shot into Matt, and he could feel it as the warm fluid filled him up; an unbelievable amount of cum. When Emily finished cumming, she pulled out of Matt's ass and a good amount of cum burst free from his asshole and ran down the back of his leg and onto the floor.

Matt looked back at Emily standing behind him, her cock slick with her own cum. 'That wasn't so bad,' thought Matt. Actually, he could see how he might actually enjoy it. It helped that Emily was very attractive and he had thought about fucking her for years. Matt's pleasant moment was cut short when Danni pushed Emily out of the way. Matt's eyes widened in fear as he saw her fully erect cock in her hand. It was enormous. She had been stroking it on the sidelines and was now good and ready.

Danni quickly positioned herself behind Matt and forced herself inside. Matt yelped and began to rise up. Danni's hand was quickly on the back of his head, forcing him back down.

"Oh, fuck yeah, bitch," said Danni. "That's a tight hole."

He felt more hands on him, holding him down so that Danni could concentrate on fucking him. Danni's donkey dick split him open relentlessly, reminding him that yes, in fact, he was getting gang raped.

Danni was quite unlike Emily had been. She had been gentle where Danni was quite forceful. Luckily, Emily had coated his asshole with cum which was now acting as lubricant for Danni's monster. Danni had her feet spread in a wide stance and clung onto Matt's hips to give her more leverage.

The first couple of minutes were painful for Matt, but, to his surprise, his ass seemed to be adjusting rather quickly considering. He stopped whimpering as Danni filled him completely, plunging over and over into his now well fucked ass. Then he began to feel the pleasure he had experienced with Emily earlier, only it took a different form now. Just as he was finally starting to adjust, Ashley moved in front of him and rested her semi erect cock against his cheek. Matt tilted his head up towards her, and she gave him an expecting look that said "I'm waiting."

Slowly, Matt took her into his mouth. She didn't fuck his mouth as much as Claire had done earlier, preferring to let him suck from time to time. Ashley wasn't as large as Claire or Danni, and Matt was finding it easier to handle her cock. Also, he was delighted to discover that Ashley's cock had a particularly pleasant taste to it. He was surprised to find himself sucking her rather enthusiastically.

Matt couldn't believe his situation, and he definitely couldn't believe how he was reacting to it. He thought back to the hipster boy he had seen earlier. It seemed that Matt was now the one being skewered like a roast pig. He wondered whether the hipster boy was at least lucky enough to enjoy it as he was beginning to now.

Above him, Ashley had leaned over Matt and pulled Danni in to kiss her. The two of them locked lips passionately while they continued to fuck Matt below them. It was strange how giving all the girls dicks had brought them closer together. Ashley was a cheerleader and Danni was a more alternative/punky girl. But, seeing tall, curvy Ashley rolling her tongue over the shorter, narrow-hipped Danni's, you would have thought they had been lovers for years.

Both girls fucked Matt for several more minutes, each taking their pleasure from him, depositing giant loads inside of him then returning to the group surrounding him. The group had grown since Matt had last looked at it. Other girls had arrived, forming a line to fuck him. First, there was Annie, a small Asian girl with thick thighs who gave him a good pounding. Then came a rather tall and plain girl named Molly. She had a very small cock that Matt took easily into his mouth. In fact, she was so small, that she had room to stuff both of her balls into Matt's mouth as well. Her whole body shook violently as she came. Her cock slipped out of Matt's mouth and she sprayed his face and everyone near it with her hot cum.

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