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Naked Exploits and Caught

by Nudels©

The village I was brought up in was at the top of a hill, at the foot of which flowed the local salmon river and this was to present me many opportunities in my quest for naked freedom and fun. The river valley had high rising woodland sides near the village and on the opposite bank open flat agricultural land and managed forest estates. I would often go for walks down by the river in the summer, wearing only singlet and tiny shorts. After walking out of the village I would cut across the fields to the edge of the wooded escarpment which bordered the river; at the top I would remove my clothes and carefully make my way down through the trees to the river's edge. Not many people ventured down here apart from a few salmon fishermen and horse riders who could often be seen on the opposite bank. The attraction of the river was to swim naked to the opposite side leaving my clothes behind on the other bank, this form of forced nudity gave me such a thrill of excitement and exhilaration.

On one particular day I had descended naked down the wooded escarpment but instead of bringing my clothing with me I had left them in a small hut at the top of the ridge. I and a few friends had used this hut when we were younger for illicit drinking and storing a few of the tame pornographic magazines of the day, 'Parade' was a favourite as I recall. I scrambled down to the river's edge realising as I did so that to get to my clothes in a hurry would involve climbing back up this 100 ft steep escarpment and was not something I would be able to do easily and quickly. So the resulting feeling of remoteness from my clothing and my total nudity made me feel even more stimulated and excited than usual, possibly a little apprehensive too.

I walked nude along the wooded river bank for about half a mile feeling at one with nature and not really caring if anyone saw me or not, I was relaxed and enjoying being in my natural state, my initial nervousness at being so far from clothes had gone. At the end of the wooded area, the river bank opened up into a large open field bordered by a small ridge which ran along the side of the local railway line. The open farmland bordering the river looked very inviting and throwing caution to the wind I walked out from the cover of the trees into the open green pasture, totally exposed to both sides of the river and anyone who might be watching, as well as any passing trains.

Further along the river bank about 100 yards away I could see a couple of fishermen in the middle of the river. Their presence didn't worry me and I doubted whether they would notice me anyway. I was at peace with the world and decided to go for a swim so I walked to a shallow gravelly area of the river and cautiously paddled out into the middle. The fishermen didn't appear to notice me so I kept on and waded deeper into the river; I swam across a deep pool and emerged on the opposite bank. The sun was warm on my body so I decided to lie out on the grass and dry off; I felt so exhilarated and relaxed.

I lay naked in the sunshine for about 10 minutes and then in the distance from the opposite bank I heard the sound of a tractor and as I looked up I saw it enter the field on the opposite side heading towards the river edge. This wasn't unusual as local farmers often used the river water to top up the troughs in the remoter fields and this appeared to be what was happening here. I reckoned that if I just stay where I was I wouldn't be noticed and he would be gone in a few minutes. I lay back in the grass and slowly stroked my erect penis enjoying the warmth of the sun and the feeling of being naked. I must have lay there for about 5 minutes gently stroking, oblivious when suddenly I heard a shout. I lifted my head and looked over to where the farmer was standing on the other bank; he had seen me, quite a lot of me I think.

The farmer was shouting and waving at me and was now striding out into the river towards me, I got the impression he was upset, and how right I was. I have always found that angry people lose all sense of control and awareness and this man who was striding out into the river towards me was no exception. He reached the middle of the river and was about 20 yards away, the water at that point was only about ankle deep and he was heading towards me at some speed. Suddenly there was an almighty splash and he disappeared straight into the deep salmon pool I had recently swum across. I sat there on the grass and watched with some amusement as he reappeared angrier than before. The pool was deep and I wanted to make sure he could swim before I made my escape.

The farmer spluttered and splashed about as he swam towards me, it was time for me to get out of here, but where to go, in one direction was a farm about half a mile away and in the other the fishermen who had noticed the commotion and were also heading my way. I ran off along the bank toward the farm, luckily the fishermen were more concerned about the farmer than chasing me and I managed to get clear but I was still in view as there was no cover. After a few minutes I flopped down on the grass to catch breath and assess the situation, my pursuers had given up and were standing with the farmer watching me. I glanced around to make sure no-one else was nearby when I noticed a horse and rider heading my way following a well worn bridle path which passed just yards away from where I was sitting naked.

My previous experience with a horse and rider had been good, but today I felt a bit too exposed and the anger from the aggressive farmer made me nervous and uncertain, I needed to move on, I needed cover, but where? The only cover was on the opposite bank but the river at this point was like a swirling cauldron and too dangerous to attempt a crossing. The nearest shallow point was towards the oncoming horse and rider.

I had no choice; I got up and walked along the bank towards the shallow area of the river. As we approached each other I could see that the rider was a girl, she had stopped exactly where I wanted to cross and was watching me intently as my penis started to stiffen and become erect. I either turned back to the farmer and the fishermen who were watching in the distance or I had to continue towards the young woman on the horse.

As I got closer she was grinning, my obvious predicament seemed to be amusing her and looking down at me from the horse.

"Are they chasing you?" she asked pointing towards the farmer and the fishermen.

"Yes," I replied, "I was only sunbathing."

"Well nice way to sunbathe but shouldn't you carry some shorts just in case?" she said as she grinned at me and looked me up and down appreciatively.

I blushed and looking a little sheepish I nodded in agreement and then realising that my penis was fully erect I looked up to see her staring directly at it. She looked so very pretty sitting there staring at me and all the time my penis just got harder and harder.

"I think maybe you need to go get your clothes before something happens to you," she said.

I stood there motionless not knowing what to do and without thinking or even realising it I was stroking my penis as she watched. I couldn't believe what I was doing and as I looked up at her she gave me a gentle smile, it didn't take long for me to ejaculate and as the last of the cum dripped from my foreskin I looked up at her apologetically.

"Sorry," I said.

"That's Ok," she replied softly, "I think you had better be going now," and as she drew her eyes from my penis she smiled at me.

I turned and walked down to the river edge, and as I looked back, I saw she was watching me intently, staring at my young firm bum.

I waded knee deep across the river, and when I reached the other side I turned to face her and waved. My penis was still slightly hard, she waved back and smiled then rode off following the bridle path to where the farmer was standing and watching. I couldn't believe what had just happened and I got the urge to masturbate again as I watched her, I ejaculated very quickly and realising the farmer was still watching in the distance I decided it was time to get out of there. I scrambled back up the escarpment and after recovering my clothes from the hut; I quickly dressed and made my way back home, a little dishevelled but very happy and very excited, I had just wanked in front of a young woman.

Over the next few weeks I made many visits down to the river banks and always left my clothing in the hut, I don't recall seeing the farmer again but I did see many horse riders from a distance. I would regularly swim naked in the river but I never stayed on the other bank away from my clothes again. Sometimes I would walk naked up to the nearby railway track and stand there as passenger trains went past, I don't know if anyone ever saw me but it was fun. As for the fishermen I think they were too interested in the salmon than worried about me running around the countryside stark naked, they led such boring lives.

I had soon become very bold about nudity and inevitably it was no longer a secret amongst my friends. Our village had an outdoor swimming pool and during the summer months it was popular but never too busy. I would go there often and if no-one else was around I would enter the pool naked, leaving my clothes in the changing room.

One afternoon I was at the swimming pool, I was the only one there and I was swimming naked, the pool had recently been cleaned and the water was very clear which added to my exposure and excitement. At the opposite end of the pool from the changing rooms were the diving steps and behind that tennis courts and gardens which were the main access to the pool area. I was swimming on my back away from the changing room end towards the diving steps and as I approached the end of the pool the steps came into my field of view and there sitting on the top staring down at me was a young woman.

She could see everything, I was floating on my back totally exposed to her view, as I reached the edge I rolled over and looked up at her.

"Hello," I said, and gave her a big grin.

"Hello," she replied with a smile.

"Why aren't you wearing any swimming trunks?" she asked.

"I don't like to wear them," I replied, and as she looked down at me I felt my penis stir, soon I was fully erect.

I floated on my back as she looked down at me and my erect penis was on full display. I had seen her in the village a couple of times as she often stayed with relatives in the area but I didn't know her name, she was very pretty and probably about my age or a little older. She looked down at me.

"Do you always swim nude?" she asked.

"Yes nearly always, do you?" I replied.

"No never, but aren't you afraid someone might see you?" she asked.

"No not really," I replied.

As I smiled up at her, she smiled back and continued to stare at my erect penis which was poking up out of the water as I floated before her.

I climbed out of the pool and up the dive steps towards her, she watched me intently as I sat next to her on the top step. We didn't say anything and she just kept looking at my naked body, my penis was throbbing with excitement and I so wanted to masturbate in front of her very eyes.

I started stroking my penis gently, and as she watched I pulled back the foreskin to expose the head fully, I heard her give a little gasp as I did this. I watched her as she watched me, her eyes were fixed on my penis as I stroked, it started to twitch and pulsate in my hand and very quickly my hot white semen started to spurt out in long thick jets from my exposed tip. She gasped loudly as I kept on spurting my hot cum into the clear water of the pool below leaving white ribbons of semen floating and then slowly sinking to the bottom. As I finished I let go of my penis and lay back against the step, she looked up into my face.

"Did that feel good?" she asked with a smile.

I just nodded I was enjoying the feeling of having just cum in front of a pretty girl.

"Why don't you join me in the pool?" I said after a while and stood up ready to dive in.

"No I think I'll just sit here and watch you," she replied.

I dived in and swam slowly to the far end of the pool in the knowledge that her eyes were fixed on my naked bum as I deliberately made it break surface; at the other end I turned to swim back but she'd gone.

Not long afterwards, I was swimming in the pool naked as usual when Phillip one of my farming friends arrived, he saw I was naked but didn't say anything and went into the changing room. A short while later he emerged naked and quickly jumped into the pool. We swam and mucked about in the water for a while diving and splashing around. I was getting very horny and as we splashed and fought with each other I began to get an erection, he also had an erection and when he got out and stood on the diving steps he made a big thing of showing it off before he dived in.

After a while we both got out of the pool and sat naked on the edge proudly displaying our erect penises. I lay back with my feet dangling in the pool, I was feeling so horny and desperately wanted to take hold of my penis and masturbate. I was just about to start stroking when another hand grasped hold of me and started to play with me. I looked at Phillip slightly shocked then slowly I took his erect penis in my hand too, it was smaller than mine and in no time at all we were laying back on the edge of the pool wanking each other off.

I had my eyes closed and after a few minutes I felt his penis start to throb and twitch followed by his hot thick cum spurting all over my hand. His grip on my penis suddenly got harder and as I clenched my buttocks tight I felt my hot juices gushing from the tip of my exposed penis spurting onto my face and chest. I shuddered and trembled as he gripped me tighter squeezing every last drop of cum out of me before letting my penis flop softly on to my tummy.

We lay there exhausted covered in cum, and then I heard giggling. I opened my eyes and sat up and standing on the other side of the pool were Carol and Annette, two of my friends from the village, they had never seen me like this before. They were giggling and laughing and had watched the whole thing take place, Phillip sat up and stared at them in total embarrassment and ran into the changing room, followed by cheers from the two girls as his white bum disappeared through the door.

I slipped into the pool and swam over to where the girls stood, we had known each other for all our lives and now this was a new side they had never seen before, they had heard about the farm yard incident but never expected to see me naked in the village pool let alone a mutual wanking session with another friend.

"What are you two up to?" asked Carol.

"Just a bit of skinny dipping," I replied, grinning up at her.

"It looks like it, playing with your little winkles too, eh," said Annette.

They both burst out laughing and made wanking motions with their hands.

"Mutual exploration of our inner feelings," I said when they had both stopped laughing.

"Bollocks," said Carol, "Wanking each other off is what I call it."

I shrugged my shoulders.

"I suppose that's one way of putting it," I replied, as I floated on my back.

Written by: Nudels

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