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Your Love

by Wicked_Angel©

Your Love

When your hand touches me I tremble

As your lips get nearer

My knees begin to shake

My whole body goes weak

I surrender to your touch

As your hands slowly caress me

I feel your warm breath against my skin

My body tingles with delight

Your mouth slowly finds its way to my breasts

My nipples harden under the silkiness of your tongue

Hands, so soft and warm

Explore the very soul of my womanhood

My senses heighten

I am trembling at the sound of your raspy breathing

You slowly find your way

To the silken treasure below

I begin to move in rhythm with your tongue

It caresses my very being

My body trembles with the ecstasy

That you are providing to me

Fireworks build inside me

Ready to explode

My body is on fire

Intoxication sets in as the release takes control of me

You rise to meet my eyes

I am overcome with the look of desire in yours

Slowly you enter me

You take me as yours

I rise to meet with your every entrance

Silently begging you to go deeper

To fill me with your soul

And caress me with your love

I feel your heart pounding with mine

The tremendous joy I feel

As you gaze into my eyes

And whisper "I love you"

My body begins to quiver

As I slowly loose control

I see stars

As waves of pleasure overcome me

I feel you growing harder

Inside me, with anticipation

Your release overtakes you

As your soul spills into me

Tears streak down my face

You slowly gather me into your arms

Kissing the tears away

Painful memories begin to vanish

All I can feel now is you

Your soul,

Your being and

Your love.

By: Wicked Angel

June 2002

Written by: Wicked_Angel

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Category: Erotic Poetry Submissions