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Her Panties and a Wet Spot

by daves40004©

She pulled the thong up tighter and immediately felt the pressure against her clitoris. Warmth started spreading through her groin again and she couldn't help it. She turned to watch herself from the front masturbate again in the mirror. With one hand she kept the thong pulled up tight between her pussy lips and with the other hand, she gently but persistently rubbed her clitoris.

She felt the orgasm coming on and opened her mouth wide but tried to remain silent. She kept her eyes open, watching her fingers work over her pussy as several pulses of pure pleasure emanated through her groin and out through her body.

She relaxed, letting go of the thong and feeling sexually spent. Carefully she pushed the panties down. Her legs felt weak and she still felt tingly. She smiled at the crotch of the panties as she stepped out of them and lifted them up. They were completely soaked with her arousal.

Her mind went into a miniature fantasy. What would Joe do if she walked into his office, angry at the conversation she'd overheard, and said something like, "See, I do wear thong panties. I'm young, hot and sexy and this is the closest you'll ever get to my pussy." And then she put the wet, masturbated-in panties on his desk, followed with an "I quit and am going to sue." He'd beg her to stay and not tell anybody. She'd demand that the only way she'd let it go is if he first, smelled her wet panties and then second, stripped completely nude and put her panties on while she watched. Of course, that would be exactly what he'd want. He'd have a red face and be embarrassed as he got up, closed his office door and locked it. Then he'd take the little wet panties in his fingers and lift them to his face, gently taking in the sweet musk of her arousal. Finally, he'd strip completely nude. As he pulled his pants off, his huge stiff erection would spring free giving away his sexual attraction to her and he'd ridiculously try to put the little feminine thong on his big masculine body. The triangle front would barely contain his flowing balls and wouldn't even begin to cover his long cock. And then she would tell him to sit in his office chair, she would take her pants off and parade around in front of him wearing another pair of thong panties before stripping those off and climbing onto his desk, completely naked from the waist down, thrusting her groin forward to show off her sexy pussy. He would stare with a dazed look on his face as she climbed onto his lap and slid her pussy down the length of his cock, all the way down until she felt his balls press up to her, and he wouldn't even last one more stroke. His head would snap back, his hips would buck, and she'd feel his penis pulsing inside her tight vagina while he ejaculated into her.

Jennifer shook her head free of the ridiculous fantasy and laughed quietly. She put the wet panties back into the bag and took out a simple, white thong made of the same material at the black one. She slowly pulled it up her legs and her mind went back to the fantasy again. She imagined Joe's big penis filling her little pussy and the feel of his expansive, soft and warm balls squished up against her bum as she sat down on him. She imagined the feel of his penis pumping semen into her. As she tugged the thong over her pussy her fingers went down between her crotch, involuntarily, again, and she sighed as yet another orgasm came on. This time she couldn't quite keep herself from squealing out load as she imagined Joe's cock pumping into her pussy.

Exhausted, she sighed and pulled the white thong off seeing how wet it had become with yet another orgasm. She giggled, never having thought early this morning as she headed into work that she'd be having three amazing orgasms before the day was over.

She put the wet white panties in the shopping bag and took some bath tissue to her pussy in an effort to blot up all the moisture. Her pussy was still incredibly sensitive and rubbing it with the tissue paper was just feeling more and more arousing. She gave up and took the final thong from the bag. It was a cute, lacey red thong with the stretchy back and crotch. She figured this one would be the least comfortable but it turned out to feel just as good as the rest. As she snugged it between her cheeks and over her pussy she tried to focus elsewhere. Her pussy still felt tingly and she knew she could have another orgasm if she played with herself. Multiple orgasms weren't hard to achieve once she'd masturbated long enough but they'd come on so fast and uncontrollably today that she was unsure if she could even walk back to her desk and carry out the rest of her plan without having another.

Quickly, so as not to be distracted by her slowly throbbing genitals, she pulled her pants on and stepped into her heels. She washed her hands and looked at her face in the mirror. She was flushed. She tried to calm down and took some deep breaths. She wanted to finish her plan.

She unlocked the bathroom door and walked slowly back to her desk, still feeling the tingling sensation in her pussy with each step she took. She opened a drawer on her desk and put the shopping bag full of worn and wet panties away. She she picked up the envelop she'd prepared.

She took a deep breath and walked across the office space toward Joe's office. She knocked on the frame and he looked up from his computer. He still looked a little distracted but he managed to smile at her. "Hey." He said.

She tried to keep a straight face, "Hi. I have this report for Susan." She waved the envelop. "Do you want to see it before I pass it on up?" She figured he didn't. He never did.

"No, it'll be fine. Thanks!" He was staring at her, hands poised awkwardly over his keyboard.

"Sure." Jennifer turned and walked toward the distribution boxes exactly as she had done before. She had to take deep breaths while she was doing it to keep herself calm and steady. She slid the envelop into Susan's distribution box and then slowly bent at the waist again to check her box. She knew Joe's eyes would be on her ass again but this time, unlike just a few minutes ago, there would be no panty lines and she would leave it to Joe's imagination to figure out what that meant.

She stood and walked out of his view, not even bothering to look back, she felt so confident that he was looking.

Her pussy was still feeling very warm and tingly and as she sat down in her chair, the pressure against her pussy and the feeling of the thong sent her dangerously close to yet another orgasm. She closed her eyes and laid her hands flat on her desk, sitting straight, trying to hold as still as possible. "Not another orgasm, not another, not now. I don't have any more panties." She thought to herself.

She was breathing deeply, slowly, for a couple of minutes when she was startled by her phone ringing. She jerked up and the pressure and movement sent even more tingles through her genitals. The phone rang again and she grabbed it quickly, "Jennifer, can I help you?" She said into the receiver.

"Hey, Jennifer," It was Joe's voice, "Can you come into my office for just a minute? Susan's here and she'd like to go over the report."

"You're kidding." She replied, her mind spinning.

"Ironic, huh. No, she just walked in and pulled it out of her distribution box. She just has a couple of questions." Joe said.

"Um...sure, I'll be right over." Jennifer replied.

"Thanks." Joe hung up.

Jennifer stood immediately, still taking big breaths. She could feel how wet her panties were and was afraid it would start soaking through. She looked at the seat of her office chair. Nothing. She sighed and walked stiffly toward Joe's office.

She rounded the door frame and Susan was standing next the the white board, Jennifer's report in her hand, while drawing something on the board. Joe looked over at her and smiled, pointing at a chair near his desk.

Jennifer walked to the chair and sat down carefully.

Susan turned and smiled at Jennifer, "Oh, there you are. I can't tell you how helpful these reports are, Jennifer."

"Thanks!" Jennifer smiled warmly back.

"Serious, they've brought some very important issues to light. Take for example these figures..." Susan pointed at the white board.

Jennifer tried to focus but she swore she could feel the thong slowly, every so slowly sliding across her outer labia and in between her lips. She stared at the white board as Susan's voice turned into a sort of background drone. Her thong couldn't possibly be moving, sliding up into her pussy...impossible. And yet she could feel it. She must be imagining.

Jennifer was jerked out of her thoughts when Susan said, "Joe, come show us how these facts correlate." And in a daze, Jennifer watched Joe awkwardly stand up from behind his desk and walk toward the white board taking the marker from Susan's outstretched hand.

Jennifer's eyes went wide with a brief glance at Joe's crotch. Had she seen what she thought she saw? A rather long bulge off to one side? Joe turned and faced the board, keeping his back to the two women. His voice went on like Susan's and yet at a lower pitch.

Jennifer was sure of it. Her thong was sliding up between the lips of her pussy, a pussy that was feeling distinctly more and more wet by the second. Her mind went back to her fantasy, to Joe smelling her wet panties, to Joe's long, throbbing penis sliding into her wet pussy and the feel of his soft, warm balls pressed up against her bottom.

"Right, Jennifer?" Susan and Joe looked at her.

Jennifer blinked. She had no idea what they'd just asked. "Sure." She said.

"That's what I thought." Susan said and turned back to the figures. Susan took the white board marker from Joe and started working on the board. Joe stepped back slightly, focused on the numbers.

Jennifer looked at Joe's now visible crotch. She could clearly see the length and shape outline of his penis stiffly held off to his right side by his pants. His penis looked amazing and her fantasy came back into her mind. She stared and even imagined that there was a small wet spot on the front of his pants toward the tip of his fat, rounded penis head. "Wow!" Jennifer thought. "Would that even fit in my little pussy?"

"Yes." Jennifer said out loud. Her face went immediately red as Joe and Susan turned to her, surprised expressions on their faces.

"Exactly. Yes. That's what I thought." Susan replied and went back to the numbers.

Without looking up at Joe's face, Jennifer's eyes went back to the visible bulge of his penis. Joe turned aside, obscuring the view, and Jennifer looked up at his face. He was looking at her and his face was now bright red.

"What in the hell is happening?" Jennifer wondered. My pussy is on the verge of another orgasm, I've already had three of them, I'm sure that by now I'm making a wet spot at the very minimum on my pants and most likely on Joe's office chair, I changed into thong panties and showed my ass off to my boss and now he has a big erection in front of his boss.

Jennifer watched in almost slow motion as Joe self consciously adjusted the front of his pants. It didn't help much. Now his heavy, thick cock was hanging downward but the ridge of his penis head was still clearly visible along one side of his pants.

Jennifer wondered what his penis looked like, bare. And then before she could stop it, she felt the orgasm coming on with the thong sliding up between her soaked pussy lips. She closed her eyes and tried to hold her breath as the orgasm surged through her body. She gripped the arms of the office chair. Susan's droning voice was distant. The pleasure was almost unbearable and then finally, it began to subside and a small "Oh..." escaped from her lips.

"Are you OK?" Joe's voice was filled with concern? Jennifer's eyes snapped open. He had taken a step closer. Susan was turned, looking down at her in concern.

Jennifer felt her face flame up in embarrassment. Her mind raced and she spoke, "Um...sorry, cramps."

Susan's face softened, "Oh, I hate that. I'm sorry. Do you need to go home?"

"What's wrong? Are you OK?" Joe asked again.

Susan looked at Joe with an expression that spoke to his obtuse question, "Joe, do you mind? This is woman stuff."

"What?" Joe looked confused.

Jennifer spoke quickly, "No, uh, you know how it is. It's gone now. It happens almost every time."

"You're sure?" Susan asked.

"Yeah. Sorry." Jennifer felt embarrassed but glad that her excuse for having an orgasm in front of her bosses in the middle of the day seemed to ring true.

"No problem at all. Do you need to go get some ibuprofen or something?" Susan asked.

"No. I'm fine. Go on." Jennifer said.

Susan and Joe turned back to the white board. Jennifer glanced at Joe's crotch again. Finally his erection had died down to the point where only a soft bulge remained. Still, Jennifer was certain of the wet spot where the tip of his erect penis had been. She smiled to herself and listened to the rest of the meeting.

Eventually, Susan left the office and Joe turned to Jennifer, "So you're really OK? You looked like you were in pain for a moment there."

"I'm sorry. I feel so stupid. I'm just fine." Jennifer replied.

"You're definitely not stupid. That's a better word for me today." He paused, looking into her eyes. He had deep brown eyes that were really quite beautiful, Jennifer thought warmly. "I know, sorry for what happened earlier today."

"Don't worry about it." Jennifer replied. As she started to stand up she felt just how wet her pussy was. She prayed silently that it wasn't showing.

Joe was speaking, "I just want you to know that we, I mean I, well, all of us really appreciate the work you're doing here. You're terrific. At work I mean." Joe's face was growing red again, "I mean, in every way. Well, you know...." His voice trailed off as he looked down.

Jennifer said, "Thanks..." and followed his eyes. She looked down at the office chair where she'd just been sitting. The chair had a clear wet spot right in the middle where she'd been sitting.

There was an awkward pause. Jennifer tried to think of something to say and couldn't think of anything. Finally Joe looked back to the white board, "Well, hey, I've got to focus this afternoon so...."

Jennifer said, "Right. I'll let you go."

"Thanks...." Joe said.

Jennifer rolled her eyes as she walked out, "Oh my gosh," She thought, "I just created a wet sex spot on my boss' office chair." She felt unbelievably embarrassed and wondered if he could possibly have any interest in her any more after what happened today. As she crossed the office space toward her cubicle she glanced back to see Joe closing his office door, something he rarely did. Jennifer sighed again.

That night she headed home with a mixture of feelings about what had happened. On the bad side, she felt humiliated to have made that wet spot on his chair and felt mildly embarrassed by how sexual she'd been showing off her ass by bending over in front of him twice and changing panties in between to show that she was wearing a thong. On the good side, she'd had four amazing orgasms, had discovered that she loved the way thong panties felt, and even better, learned that her boss was interested in her. There wasn't much she could do about it now. That evening, before going to bed, she settled into her regular routine of a nice masturbation session but this time with fantasies of Joe's penis getting hard because of her thong panties.


After Joe closed his office door he locked it. He knew it was awkward but it had to be done. He immediately walked over to the blinds, closed them and then back to the chair where Jennifer had been sitting. He looked down at the wet spot. He now understood what she said about cramps and presumably, the way she and Susan talked, it was her period, but the wet spot wasn't blood.

He carefully knelt down and put his hand on the chair next to the spot. It was surprisingly warm and Joe felt his penis start to swell as he thought about Jennifer's amazing, round ass sitting here, warming the chair.

He lifted his hand and placed a finger on the wet spot. It was slick. He ran his finger across the spot and then looked at his finger, rubbing his thumb and finger together. Very slippery. "Oh my...." Joe sighed. He gently lifted his finger to his face and took in the sweet, musky fragrance of Jennifer's sexual arousal. With this discovery confirmed, his penis quickly surged into a full erection.

He knew something was going on between he and Jennifer today. She not only heard his discussion with Mark about panties, she'd admitted that, but she also heard him confess his interest in her. And then that show, twice, at the distribution boxes. She had the most amazing rear he'd ever seen and she showed it off profoundly effectively...twice.

The first time, he wasn't sure. She'd never bent that way before, and he had seen her panty lines, and it seemed too much of a coincidence following the panty discussion to be anything else, but still, he wasn't sure.

Then the second time, "Oh my..." he whispered again, that had been crystal clear, the way she walked from his office to the distribution boxes, the way she moved her hips back and forth, her amazing ass moving with each step, and then bending, bending, bending forever it seemed until her legs, slightly spread, pants pulled tight over her ass on perfect display....

The door was locked. He undid his pants and freed his raging erection. "Oh!" he moaned, picturing Jennifer's beautiful ass; full, round, feminine, perfect in every way. No panty lines. What did that mean? She had that little pink bag. Did she buy a thong and wear it for him? What did it mean?

He imagined her bare bottom covered only by a little thong and his penis, hard and long, started twitching as he stroked it. What was she trying to say to him? It felt like she was saying, "Come fuck me!" But that couldn't possibly be what she meant. But then, there she had done it, shown off her ass, put on a thong, her legs slightly spread, and his eyes had been drawn to the soft, subtle bulge right at the top of her thighs, between her legs, between her round ass cheeks, the bulge of her pussy. The orgasm rocked over him and his cock started spurting semen. It shot up onto the desk and he tried to catch it but some of it ran from his hand onto the floor.

He shook his head and tried to clean up, pulling his pants up. He had to get to know Jennifer better. Maybe it was time to quit his job.

Written by: daves40004

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