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Doing Rebecca

by fuzzyb2©

More than a week passed before I was finally able to follow up with Rebecca's invitation from the CFNM party at Anna's home. I had tucked her card away in my wallet and did not even look at it until that time. I was surprised.

The card read: Rebecca McLeish, PhD and gave me her contact info. The fact that she was a 'Doctor' was an interesting bit of news, but it helped motivate me to get back with this woman; she certainly had been exciting at the party and we'd hit it off wonderfully. I called her number.

I reintroduced myself very tentatively as I had no idea if she was still interested or if the invitation had been a drunken effort to hit on me (then again, I had fucked her by then so...)

"I am so happy you called me. Finally!" she said when she realized who I was.

"I have been looking forward to seeing you again so I am happy we've reconnected. Did you want to get together one of these days? Maybe a coffee or something?"

"Something would be best for me. Can you come up to the house?"

That was quick. I knew I had the right woman after all. We agreed that I would visit the next day in mid-afternoon. She gave me her address and some odd instructions: "when you get her, I want you to just walk in, the front door will be unlocked."

"Ummm, okay."

"Take the staircase on the left and go all the way down the hall to the last room on the right. I will be waiting for you there."

I was completely unprepared for this turn of events, but I was pretty adventuresome; I was game and I told her so, "I'll be there at 2pm."

That whole evening was a difficult one for me. First, I had a paper to write and more class reading that I could manage. I would normally handle all that by working later into the night, but every time my mind wandered, I was caught up by what Rebecca had asked me for. What in the hell did she have in mind? Just walk in?

Eventually, I was exhausted enough to fall asleep.

I had three classes in the morning and I am pretty sure they were wasted time. All I could think of was Rebecca's hot body, to say nothing of the building anticipation. Fortunately, the situation in class was enough to keep me under control (you know, that thing in my pants).

I headed out to for my 'date' with Rebecca. She'd given me good directions and I made it with some time to spare. Not wanting to look too anxious, I rode around the neighbourhood a couple times to kill some time; it was a gorgeous spring day and perfect for motorcycling. When the time came, I made the last turn to enter her driveway — it was quite a road about 100 yards to the house and winding through landscaped rocky outcrops and trees. I didn't see the house until I was almost there. This was even more spectacular than Anna's mansion where I had met Rebecca.

The home was massive with plenty of natural hemlock for beams, posts and trim, in other words, a perfect West coast that fit perfectly in its location.

I headed towards the back door across an expansive wood deck. The door was slightly ajar, as promised. Curious, I had a look around outside before walking in to the entrance hall. This, too, was built with the most beautiful wood beams and ceilings. There was a hint of rustic, but overall, this was total class, and it was a big house.

I called out as I made my way towards the staircase I was supposed to use. Nothing. No one. This was strange because I had at least expected a housekeeper if Rebecca did not greet me personally. 'Interesting,' I said aloud to myself as I climbed the stairs. There were a lot of them and each step gave me a better view of the lower floor. I was in love with this house, and a very hot woman was waiting for me: could this get any better?

Reaching the top of the stairs I faced a long hallway with several doors on either side. It was well-lit with massive skylights built in all down the hallway. I had stopped calling out because it was clear I would just need to follow instructions; no one was coming to greet me. 'Very interesting.'

I reached the last door on the right. Like all the others it was a wide and heavy cedar door with heritage hardware. I considered knocking then decided not to; it wasn't the prescribed protocol. I carefully turned the doorknob almost as if I was breaking in. The door swung easily on well-oiled hinges, silently.

The room was pitch black except for the small square of light coming from the skylights in the hallway. Somehow, I knew to step in and close the door behind me. Rebecca clearly had a plan. I hoped it was a good as I was anticipating, but it was so dark.

My eyes were starting to get accustomed to the low light, but even so, I could only make out a couple of very, very dim shapes. I stood there, waiting.

Slowly, a tiny bit of light came up. It was a mini spotlight and was focussed on a big wooden chair, kind of like a bar stool with of far superior quality. I was to sit, I figured out. The chair was high but well-built and comfortable.

I waited. The one light went off completely and I was in the dark again — in more than the literal way.

Very quiet music started to play, equivalent to the soft light that had shown me the chair. I sensed someone else in the room but could not prove it, not at first. Then a soft sound reached my ears. It was the sound of an electric toothbrush, but why?

Another very low light focussed on the other end of the room started coming up ever so slowly. The intensity only reached the level of one small candle, but I was starting to make out a shape about 10 feet in front of me.

The toothbrush should grew enough that I realized it was not what I had thought. It really sounded like a vibrator now. This was getting better and better, but I still had no idea what was going to happen. So I just sat there staring into the small spot of light, squinting to try to see more.

The light must have gone up a bit, or I was getting used to it because I was finally able to make out what was at the other end of the room.

A woman I presumed to be Rebecca was sprawled back in a harness of some sort that hung from the ceiling. It consisted of multiple straps, all leather, buckles and a seat into which the woman was sitting. In that position she was completely free of any other support and was swinging in place slightly.

And it was a vibrator that was making the sounds. And what a vibrator: it was one of the oversized units sold supposedly for massaging sore backs, but was well-known as the ultimate in female masturbatory tools. The handle was about 10 inches long and led to an electrical cord for plugging it in. The business end was ball-shaped, about two inches in diameter on a short neck.

The light grew in intensity until it was full on but tightly focussed on the woman's pubic area. Her legs were spread wide and appeared to be locked into stirrups. Her thighs were glowing in the hard light, but I could see all of the details. She had muscular and taught thighs that helped guide my eyes to the vee where they met. I could tell she had the area mostly shaved but there was a small 'goatee' at the top of her pubic area. Beyond that I could make out an equally fit tummy and the underside of her breasts. It was obvious that they were a pretty good size.

Without a word or other sound, the head of the big vibrator came into view again, sliding down her tummy towards the goatee. Her hand held it very steadily and started making small circles below the hair. Each circle got a little lower until the knob was circulating her clitoris, dipping down occasionally to slip along her labia, then it would go right back up to its prime target.

This was a very hot show, but I wasn't too engaged as nothing else was happening. Then a quiet voice I took to be Rebecca whispered, "Take your clothes off, Paul."

I slipped off the chair and promptly kicked off my shoes and socks, dropped my pants, slung off my shirt and hopped back on the chair as I knew she would demand. This was getting better.

For at least 15 minutes, all that happened was me watching her masturbate. Rebecca had her first orgasm, a small one, after I had gotten naked — that was when I realized the spotlight was now on my crotch. I got a kick out of that. My cock was only half hard for now, but it was going to be ready if anything was going to happen.

"Can I come closer, Rebecca?" I asked.

"Ssssshhhhhhhhh...," was all she gave me back.

Instead, I reached down to fondle my cock in preparation for whatever would be demanded of it.

Still using the big vibrator, but now at full speed, Rebecca whispered to me, "Make yourself hard. Really hard."

It didn't take much and I was soon as hard as she could want. It was time to get into that hot pussy.

Before I could move, she whispered to me over the sound of the vibrator, "I need you to jack off."

Odd, and very erotic.

I slowly played with my cock, holding on to it and making it wave at her. I grasped the glans and slowly let it peek out to her as my hand glided down towards my balls. When I got there, I held on tightly to my shaft with one hand and jiggled my testicles so she could see their size and fullness.

"There's lube on the shelf under that seat. Use it." He voice always at a whisper.

I reached down and pulled out a huge tube of flavoured K-Y jelly. I then squeezed a dollop into my hand, dropped the tube back on the shelf and rubbed my hands together to spread out the greasy jelly. I then took both my hands and slid them up and down my shaft a few times until every spot was liberally coated with K-Y.

I heard a small gasp and a mumble of appreciation, so I did it again. This time I held my cock hard at the base and used the other hand to stroke it from tip to root. I did this slowly enough not to get myself to orgasm, but fast enough to feel fantastic, and to please my lover.

"Keep that going, but tell me what you're thinking about."

"Sure, but it's all very dirty, Rebecca. You sure I should tell you those things?"

Again, an agreeable moan, so I was to give her some hot talk.

"I love how you're sitting there in that fuck chair. It leaves your hands free to fuck yourself and all I can think of is how well I could fuck you if I was closer. I would touch you with the tip of my big cock and tease you until you begged me to put it in. but I would not do that right away. I might squat down and lick your pussy, nibble on that great clit of yours. Would you like that?"

No answer, but she was not stopping either. I continued, telling her how fantastic she looked and how turned on I was. That I was ready to come was certain and she see me shoot my load onto her body.

Still no reply, but the big vibrator was now sharing the work with her other hand as she was getting so much closer to her own climax.

Silence, but for the little motor. Then I heard her say, "Would you like to fuck her?"

What?! Her? I was pretty confused and wondered what she meant. We were only the two of us after all.

Then a quiet voice at my ear repeated the question, "Don't you want to fuck that hot redhead?"

I jumped, right off the chair, exclaiming, "What's going on?"

The lights were still very low, but I got a look at the woman who'd surprised me so: it was Rebecca. But who was the exhibitionist up front?

"What? Who? How?" was the best I could do standing there still holding on to my boner?

"Did you enjoy our little show, Paul?" It was definitely Rebecca who'd whispered at me.

"Yes, of course, but you're here. Who's that?"

"You told me you were adventurous and open to new experiences, and so are we."

"Who's we?"

From the front of the room came a long, low moan. "Not-Rebecca" was in full orgasm while the two of us just stood where we were looking on.

"Paul, I'd like invite you to go fuck my sister, Veronica."

My cock, as usual, did the thinking for me and took me right to the front of the room where Veronica was still in the throes of a massive orgasm. I pushed the vibrator aside and pushed right into her cunt. She was very tight, and very wet so it was a simple thing to bury my full eight inches down to my balls. I didn't hesitate and just went hard at it, thrusting hard against her body, each time diving deep with real passion.

Veronica was perfectly suspended in the fuck chair which made every movement we made so easy and so rewarding. I was fucking her hard when I felt a hand grasp my balls gently from behind. Rebecca had joined us. That's all it took to push me over the edge. After one more hard thrust, I pulled out and shot my cum all over Veronica. It went all the way up to her chin, leaving a trail of sperm along her belly down to the small patch of red pubic hair below my balls.

As we finished our climaxes, the lights came up so that I could now see the whole room, dimly lit but clear. In addition to Veronica's sex swing and my jack-off chair, there was a small leather recliner off in one back corner. That had been Rebecca's station as she controlled lighting and music.

Initially, I just stood there between Veronica's thighs, my cum dripping off her body. She was much more quick-thinking than me: "Hello Paul. I'm Veronica and very pleased to meet you."

This was almost too bizarre for words, but I caught up right away and replied, "Great fuck, Veronica — we should all be so lucky to meet beautiful women this way."

By then, Rebecca had joined us and suggested we join her downstairs for coffee and a bite, and she headed out a side door.

I was almost nervous, but so was Veronica. We might have just been extremely intimate, but did not know anything about each other. Or so I thought.

"Help me down, would you?" she asked.

I stood at her side and held her as she disentangled from the various straps. Then she was free, but seemed to enjoy my embrace. She leaned her face in to mine and gave me a very hot kiss, tongue and all.

When she was standing in front of me, I realized that she was as tall as Rebecca, only about an inch shorter than me. She pulled a robe out from behind a screen and slipped it over her shoulders but did not put anything else on. She's stay nude for coffee, I figured.

I was about to ask when she handed me a robe as well. It didn't make sense for me to get dressed either, but I did grab the edge of my robe to wipe off my cock, and then her belly and breasts.

She appreciated the move, "No need to show up all covered in sperm, is there?"

We made our way downstairs along a well-lit staircase that put us right into the kitchen where Rebecca was just pouring coffees.

"Welcome to my home, Paul. I am so glad you decided to follow up on my invitation for the party."

"Glad to be here," I said, hesitantly. I did not understand what was going on, especially because these two redheaded goddesses seemed to know much more about me than I would had expected.

Veronica joined it, "I am very glad Rebecca invited you, too, and I'm glad I made the drive."

"Veronica lives about two hours away but I knew she would enjoy a little party with just the three of us so I convinced her to visit for a few days," explained Rebecca.

"And it was worth every minute of the drive, I must say."

That set off a friendly conversation that told me everything I needed to know about these women, and today's friendly activities.

Rebecca was married to Kenneth H Richardson. That caught me short, "Not the Kenneth Richardson from the university surely?"

"The very one," replied Rebecca. She was married to the president of my university and not only had I fucked her in all three holes, I had fucked her sister as well, and was now in his home about to do it all again!

I was not ready for that bit of news. "What if he comes home? I can't hide — my bike's in the driveway." I must have sounded panicked because both women reached out to pat on of my hands reassuringly.

"Kenneth is in California this week so we're completely free to party as we wish. Besides, he has his own dalliances — we have a bit of an understanding," said Rebecca.

"They do. She even let me give him a blowjob one night," said Veronica, nodding towards her sister.

"I'm not sure he knew it because he was pretty drunk and we swapped places in our bed. My bet is he still doesn't realize it."

That's when we got on to their differences. Somehow I had never noticed that Veronica's hair was quite long. And since I knew Rebecca to have very short hair from the party, it was odd that I had not noticed in the first place. Then again, I did say my cock did a lot of the thinking, didn't I?

"I wondered if you would see that," mentioned Rebecca. "And did you notice our pussy hair?"

"This is embarrassing, you guys, but I can't say I did."

Veronica was quick to offer, "Have a look so you'll know for the next time."

Next time? I was liking where this was going, plus I would see their two pussies right now.

They both stood up and did a little modelling turn... to show off their hairstyles. The two women had very similar hair colour, but Rebecca's was cut very short in the back while Veronica's flowed down her back luxuriously.

Facing me again, they gave me the chance to see how similar they looked from the front. Both had high cheekbones and lovely blue eyes. Their tasty-looking lips were almost identical but Rebecca's seemed fuller, probably because she still had her lipstick on.

The two of them were about the same height though Rebecca wore heels so appeared taller. I had given up on comparisons of more personal areas but that was no problem. I could do it later when I was with Rebecca alone.

I complimented them again, telling them they were the most beautiful pair of sisters I could ever have wanted to share time with.

"Really?" said Rebecca seemingly incredulous.

"Definitely. You are the very image of my fantasies, ladies."

Veronica was curious: "What do you like about us?"

This was easy because I really did have their image in my fantasies.

"First, I really have a thing for redheads, and I mean a THING. Your hair colour is so perfect and matches your skin and other features just as I imagine it."

"Just as you imagine it? When?"

I wasn't about to get shy now, "When I need to conjure up a beautiful woman so that I can jack off and get a big cum."

"Oooooh..." they said together.

"I also love your overall body shape and proportions. You're each tall enough so I can hold you in my arms to make you feel safe and loved, and so I can feel your breasts against my chest — especially when it's bare."

I would see that I was getting to them as they squirmed in their seats, but tried to hide it.

"Both of you have amazing legs. I love how they look in heels, especially that fuchsia pair you wore at the party, Rebecca. Those were perfect to feature your legs. I especially like your firm and proportional thighs and how they squeeze me when I am between them."

Veronica was becoming more obvious as she moved around while Rebecca had undone two buttons of her blouse in an effort to show me a little more, I thought.

"What else?" asked Rebecca.

"No. It's your turn now. I want you to tell me about who you are. Are you really sisters? Why are you doing this to me today?"

"Got it," said Veronica.

"Okay, then," replied Rebecca. "We are certainly sisters and you had to know that from everything you have seen and done — I bet we even fuck the same."

"If you mean really, really well, then yes you do."

"Many people have confused us as twins and we have been able to pull off some little tricks because of it ('remember high school math?' she said to her sister conspiratorially) and the time Veronica did my husband of course. In fact, we are one year apart; Veronica is one year older than I am."

"That is really cool," I replied, not sure what to say but knowing 'can I fuck you together now' was not likely to be the right thing.

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