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Aunt Anne and Her Friends Ch. 04

by nortythorts©

Please note:

1 Previous chapters have been in "Mature" -- subsequent ones may be in "Group" or "Taboo/incest" sections. At least Ch 01 should be read before this one.

2 My disclaimer at the beginning of Ch 02 regarding the voyeur/exhibitionist facility bears repeating:

"There are several possible explanations of the 'room with a view' came to be set up but I considered it preferable not to describe how. Suffice to say that in the story it is envisaged as (a) for consensual use only (b) with the knowledge and control of all parties involved and (c) for use with over-18s only."

3 All characters are over the age of 18.


Caroline sat on the bed and crossed her leg. Her dress reached to her knees, but the diagonal line of her hem revealed a small amount of pale, inviting, slightly plump thigh. I just stood there, unsure what to expect, nervous, and without the faintest idea what to say or do. I became aware of a sweet smell and noticed the aerosol can of air freshener on a chest of drawers. It was a reminder that my Aunt Anne and Caroline's partner Jack had had sex in this room -- and on this very bed -- less than an hour ago.

Jack sat next to Caroline on the bed and motioned me to sit on the small armchair that faced it. He smiled. He was average build and height, a little overweight but not massively so, and his dark hair was flecked with grey.

"You seem to appreciate my partner's tits, James..." he said in a matter-of fact way. I felt myself blush again.

"Oh don't be embarrassed. I'm just enquiring. I mean -- you WERE having a good look at them under her dress, weren't you?"

I nodded.

"I don't blame you, mate," he added cheerfully. "They are nice. Nice and big! Ripe and soft, aren't they..."

I watched as he cupped one of her breasts and kneaded it through the tight-fitting blue jersey fabric.

"Were you trying to make out my nipples?" Caroline asked.

I nodded.

"Make them go hard so he can see them, Jack," she said softly.

I watched his fingertip trace over her large orb, then in little spiral movements. He made gentle little scratching movements through the dress.

"I'VE seen you looking at my boobs through my dress, too, you naughty boy!" she said to me in a mock-scolding tone "Do you like them?" she asked more gently, sighing with pleasure as Jack stimulated her. I could make out the tip of her nipple beginning to press against the blue jersey material.

"Yes," I replied, not knowing what else to say.

I longed to do something, but they were strangers, and man and partner, too, of course, and I felt intimidated, an intruder on their intimacy. This was the whole point, of course, but I was way out of my comfort zone.

"You must like them, to have been looking at them so openly right under everyone else's nose!" Caroline pretended to chide, then added, "including the nose of my own partner -- and your aunt!"

Both she and Jack seemed to relish my embarrassment.

"Yes, I do, Caroline. I... I think they're gorgeous," I added, trying to regain my composure.

"And I suppose that while we were all sitting talking you were undressing me in your mind, trying to imagine my big boobies naked -- what they would look like, what they would FEEL like?"

"Yes, I did," I replied, becoming more confident.

"I KNOW you did. I saw your prick go hard through your trousers!" she continued. I held her gaze then my gaze strayed to her partner's fingers as he stroked and caressed her big orbs. "You tried to hide it, but I saw it. I bet your aunt did, too. I know Lucy did, too. I saw her staring at the bulge in your jeans. I expect she thought it was her that was making it grow, and she was partly right. But I saw your prick give a little twitch as you glanced across at my juicy boobs."

"Why don't you do what I'm doing, mate?" Jack asked. "Come over here if you like, and make her other nipple go big and hard!"

I sat on the other side of Caroline. The bedsprings creaked. The bed had an open pine frame and springs, rather than a divan. I gazed at her partner's hand as he teased her nipple. Sure enough it began to jut more firmly against the soft fabric of her dress.

I mimicked his actions, thrilling at the feel of her nipple hardening under my fingertip, and I found my gaze alternating between my hand and his. It felt very illicit to be invited to touch Caroline's breasts by her partner and to be doing so at the same time as him. I was acutely conscious, too, that his hand had just half an hour or so earlier been exploring, and pleasuring, my Aunt Anne. The realisation made distaste and lust arise in my mind.

Caroline whimpered and, like me, her eyes went from one hand and breast to the other.

"That's nice, James. You have a nice touch. I like to share my boobs with other men. I like to bare them to strangers and invite them to touch them -- and, if I like them, maybe invite them to kiss them and suck them, too!"

She seemed so prim and proper I doubted whether this was really the case, but it didn't matter. It was fun to imagine her doing so.

"Give that tit a little squeeze, mate -- feel the size, the weight..." Jack encouraged.

Her breast felt firm, well restrained by her bra, and her dress was warm and soft to touch. My eye wandered from her subtly palpating orb to the top of her cleft. Above and to each side of it her skin was slightly lined, but to me she was enormously sexy. I had long fantasised about having sex with an older woman, and enjoyed porn of women over forty. For the second time that very evening it was happening; my hand was once more touching the breast of a mature, sexually experienced woman. And I was doing so while her partner played with her other one!

"I think you should have a look down my dress, James," she crooned. I was almost trembling with suppressed desire as she leaned forward and tugged her neckline away from her. Its tight fight only allowed it to move an inch or so, but it allowed me to see her lacy bra, of a shade of blue that almost matched her dress. Her cleft was deep. Her orbs were big and round in her bra and one nipple stood out against it.

"Unzip her dress and she can show you her tits in just her bra," Jack said. His eyes were bright as he took in my desire for his partner.

I knelt on the bed and unzipped the back of her dress. I could see the broad back panel of her substantial bra and the wide straps.

Jack was smiling. I held his gaze, though nervously, as I leaned forward. He said nothing but I saw him rub his crotch through his trousers. I kissed his partner's back. He made no objection. I planted several more light kisses on her back. Her skin was soft and warm. She sighed. I cupped her breast and rocked it up and down through her dress and bra.

"Mmmm, James, you know how to please a woman -- even an older woman!" Caroline sighed. "I... I hope I'm not too old for you!" she added.

"Of course you're not!" I said reassuringly, and I meant it. "I... I think you're really sexy... really attractive, too..."

"Slide my dress down off my shoulders -- but no taking my bra off, you bad boy -- not till I give you permission. I'll tell your auntie if you do!"

Her mention of my aunt made a bead of perspiration break out on my back. I found myself wondering whether she was watching me right now. It beaded more as I wondered, as I had earlier, what else she was doing right then. With Bill, Lucy's husband. And with Lucy. The thought of her and Lucy together was even more illicit than the thought of her with Jack. I recalled a few minutes earlier when Lucy had rested her hand on Aunt Anne's knee. Were the two of them together pleasuring Bill, I wondered? Or even each other?

Thankfully I had plenty to break such thoughts. My hands trembled as I slid the blue jersey fabric of her dress off Caroline's shoulders. I looked over her shoulder and watched as her dress rested on her ample breasts.

"It's no good leaving it there, honey!" she murmured. I gently held the neckline and eased it down over her lace-covered breasts. Jack was watching me intently. Caroline stood up and stepped away. Jack shuffled back to make room as she sat on the bed again, upright near the headboard this time. Her powder-blue lacy bra looked very full, and above it her skin looked pale and smooth.

I fleetingly debated whether to cover the spy holes by removing my shirt and hanging it up on the clothes hook, but I was too preoccupied. In any case, none of us was on display naked or doing anything explicit for any watchers to see -- including my aunt -- in the next room.

"Do you like big boobs?" Caroline asked, smiling at me and cupping my hand harder against her lovely orb. I loved the way it gave way slightly through the scratchy lace.

"Yes. Yes I do."

"And you don't mind OLDER big boobs," she prompted.

"I... I... I've never had the pleasure. But I... I often wish I had..." I replied. My coyness was genuine, given that she and I were discussing her breasts in the presence of her common-law husband.

"Have a good feel of her tit, then... like this..." Jack encouraged. He cupped one of her breasts and pressed it down a little, then rolled it round. I copied his actions. Caroline was watching my hand and her partner's alternately and cooing and grunting her approval.

"What do you think, Jack?" she asked. Her voice sounded slightly hoarse. "Shall I give him a glimpse of my big, BARE boobs?"

"If you want to, love!" he replied.

"I do, Jack. I really do. You don't mind, do you?" she pleaded.

"No. I know you want to, love," he answered.

"Even though he's a stranger and we've never met him till tonight?" she persisted.

No, I don't mind. Really. Go ahead..." Jack reassured.

"Thank you, Jack!" she replied, beaming. "I want to see his sweet, half-may-age face as they appear naked before him..."

"Do it then, love. Be my guest!" her partner insisted.

I knew it was a script -- or a variation of one -- that they had used before, but I found it as arousing as they did: the supposedly desperate, mature woman craving the attention of a stranger and begging her husband's permission, (I know they weren't technically married, but they were as good as) and him agreeing and savouring his wife's cheating before his very eyes.

"Kneel up on the bed, then, honey," Caroline said to me.

I did, to the sound of a further creak and groan form the springs. My eyes fastened on her blue lacy bra, and on the rise and fall of her big, pale breasts inside and above it.

She slid her hands behind her back and I saw the tension of her bra slacken. I longed to reach out for her but I awaited her -- or Jack's -- prompting.

She held one hand across her breasts to keep her bra in place but slid one strap off her shoulder. It flopped down her arm, which struck me as quite slender for a woman of her age, though her inner arms were slightly flabby. She reversed the position of her hands in order to slip down the other bra strap. It was an erotic slow tease.

"Would you like to see my big squashy boobies, then, James?" Her voice was strained with excitement.

"Yes. Yes, Caroline. If... if Jack doesn't mind, I'd love to. I'd REALLY love to," I replied, trying to enter into the spirit of their role-play.

"But they're not as firm as they used to be, honey," she teased, and as she spoke she moved her arm so that her bra shifted a little between it and her breasts. The tops of her breasts quivered and rippled above her arm, too. "They're a bit floppy and saggy, I'm afraid. Are you sure you'd still like to see them?"

"Absolutely sure. Please show me. PLEASE, Caroline, you sexy lady..." I responded.

And she did. Jack's eyes went from my eager expression to her breasts and back to my face again as she slowly lowered her bra.

Her breasts flopped forward and down a little. Although they sagged somewhat, they were natural, and mature -- and they were being bared for my benefit and just inches from me. Her nipples were pale, large, and half-hard. I for my part went fully hard at the enthralling sight. She knelt up on the bed. It creaked again.

"Are they okay, honey? Are Caroline's boobs good enough for a hot young stud like you?" she pleaded.

"I nodded.

"They're fabulous."

"You mean that?" she urged.

"Yes. I most certainly do."

"Only... I was thinking... if you really liked them I would expect you to squeeze them and fondle them -- and to kiss and suck them..."

I looked at Jack.

"Well, don't be shy, mate -- do as the lady says... like this..."

He knelt up before her slightly saggy left breast and stooped. He scooped her flaccid breast to his mouth in his hand and began to kiss and to lick it. She whimpered and cradled his head. I did the same with the right breast, watching her ample flesh overlapping my palm as I compacted it, raised it, and leaned to nuzzle and kiss it. I stared at the rippling of her flesh as I ran my lips and tongue over it, and watched Jack doing the same beside me. I felt her other hand caress my scalp and the back of my neck.

I withdrew my mouth and gently rocked and bounced her breast up and down with my over-full hand, spellbound by the sight and feel of its surging and swaying. She sighed with delight, and Jack copied my palpating action. His presence was an acute embarrassment and a naughty delight at one and the same time.

I found my eyes drawn to the wall that separated us from Bill, his wife Lucy, and my Aunt Anne. I stared brashly for a few moments at where I reckoned the spy holes were in case any of them was looking, then I looked away, blushing, and back to the absorbing spectacle before me.

Jack rubbed her nipple gently between his finger and thumb, and I did the same, relishing its stiffening to my touch. I held her nipple and gently tugged on it, stretching it away from her, and shaking her flaccid breast by it. I saw Jack do the same. Caroline murmured softly, "Mmmm, yes, that's nice, boys, that's nice!" We both grunted our agreement.

We resumed licking a nipple each, teasing around it, pressing it flat and letting it rise back, hard and stiff. Jack pushed her breast, compressed by his hand, a bit higher and I watched her lower her face. I thought she was going to kiss him but instead she poked out her tongue and rubbed it against his, then against her own nipple. The sight of her tongue working with his on the rubbery point and flickering against his tongue was very wanton.

The mattress creaked intermittently and I was relieved that nobody was in the room below. Then with a sudden surge of arousal, I wondered whether this had been the very reason that Caroline and Bill had chosen to have sex in the dining room earlier, beneath this bedroom, rather than in the more comfortable lounge.

Whether that was the reason or not, it dawned on me that their sexual liaison may well have been accompanied by the sound of Caroline's partner Jack having sex with Aunt Anne. I was startled by the naughty probability, and both relieved and disappointed that I had not heard it.

To my delight Caroline turned her head, and her tongue met mine on her right nipple. Our tongues massaged each other and her hard, saliva-moistened nipple. We carried on like this for several minutes, each of us watching as tongue teased tongue and nipple, and watching her hard pink tongue self-pleasuring her nipples. My confidence was growing and I glanced at Jack. He smiled and flickered his eyebrows, then resumed pleasuring his partner. I smirked with relief and excitement.

He drew the tip of her big, juicy orb into his mouth and began to suck gently on it, massaging the surrounding flesh with his hand at the same time. I did the same, then began to suck more eagerly, thrilling in the feel of her yielding flesh in my mouth.

Jack, too, sucked harder, and the sound seemed very loud, especially as we were out of synch, and very rude. Caroline cooed and whimpered her pleasure, and caressed the backs of our heads as she suckled us both.

I withdrew my face and stared again at her lovely, mature, as-good-as-married breast. I still held it in my hand, compacting it a little, and kneaded it gently, watching its alluring pumping, pulsing action in response. As I knelt gazing she lowered her mouth again. Then she took her own breast into her mouth and began to suck it, slowly and gently, then more greedily and louder.

My erection was pressing almost painfully against my boxers at the lewd sight and sound. Her orb palpated in time with her sucking, and her cheeks puckered and relaxed alternately. Jack likewise released her breast from his mouth, and she switched her mouth to suck the saliva-coated breast he had been attending to. This went on for several minutes -- though for me it was so intense that it seemed to last much longer -- Caroline alternately sucking one breast and licking one nipple while Jack or I pleasured the other.

She looked up and grinned at Jack.

"He wasn't kidding -- he really DOES like my big juicy jugs, doesn't he!"

I blushed. Then I lay on my side before her, propping myself on one elbow. I kissed and nuzzled her stomach through her warm, bunched-up dress. Although she was not obese, her stomach yielded delightfully through the soft jersey material. I cupped her big breast that hung above my face and kneaded it. I brushed the ridges and creases of her tight, soft dress with my lips and fingertips.

My threesome fantasies until now had always involved myself and two women, and in some ways Jack's presence was a distraction and an embarrassment. I felt in some ways it was cramping my style.

But in other respects it was very enthralling. I felt like a voyeur, an exhibitionist, and a joint participant all at the same time. Obviously his relationship with Caroline was an extra dimension to it, and he was clearly relishing watching me take my pleasure with his common-law wife. I propped myself higher and pushed my face under her breast, staring at its sensual movement and at Jack's stimulation of her left breast. Caroline whimpered with pleasure and gazed down at us alternately.

She pulled back and swung her legs off the bed. Her gorgeous breasts swayed and the bed groaned as she stood up.

"I think this dress needs to come right off..." she crooned.

She tugged it up from where it lay bunched around her waist, and eased it up and over her breasts, then off her head. She draped it on a chest of drawers. She was wearing only a pale blue lacy pair of panties. She struck a couple of poses, with her hands on her hips and her mouth pouting, her shoulder-length blond hair framing her saucy face, for my benefit and Jack's.

She tugged the gusset of her panties into her slit, stretching it tight so that her labia pressed against the blue lace. She dragged them aside and bared her shaved swollen mound and lips. Then she took hold of them in both hands and dragged them down.

Her mound was almost completely shaved, but above her hood there was a small tuft of fine, uncropped blond hair. It somehow emphasised her crotch more than if she was completely hairless, like a punctuation mark on a page of writing or a hat on a woman's head. Her eyes were bright and intense as she fed off my hungry stare. She grinned and kicked her panties off, then her shoes.

"Lie down, both of you -- across the bed, with your heads just hanging over the edge," she said.

I followed her instructions, and so did Jack.

She took a few steps past us both, then returned to stand in front of me. Her hips swayed enticingly, and so did her ample breasts. I looked up at her pale nipples. They were hard and erect.

She leaned over me.

"Poke out your tongue, James. Don't move it. No licking. Just poke it out and keep it as still as you can..."

She swung her fleshy thigh over my neck so that she was straddling me but facing me. Slowly she bent her knees and lowered her pussy towards my face, then raised it again teasingly without quite allowing it to touch me. She repeated this several times, sometimes keeping it just above my face for a few moments, sometimes raising it almost immediately. I stared longingly at the pale, swollen lips and hood, and at the jaunty crest of hair above it.

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