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A Journey to Desire Ch. 05

by swingerjoe©

Author's note: This is Part Five of a five-part series. In order to better appreciate this story, I encourage you to first read Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Part Four.


After experiencing such a frenzy of sexual activity over the first three days of our vacation, Michelle and I decided to step back a little, enjoy each other's company, and reconnect as a couple. We mostly spent those days lounging on a beach bed and listening to the ocean waves gently roll onto the shore. It was a public beach with "vanilla" resorts on either side, and it was always amusing to watch the reactions from guests of those resorts as they attempted to casually stroll past our bed.

Our evening routine continued as usual, with a delicious dinner followed by the evening's entertainment and dancing in the disco. We enjoyed flirting a little with some of the friends we had met throughout the week, but there was no sexual contact. We decided to save that for ourselves when we returned to our room.

Our one-on-one time was as exciting and passionate as it had been in the weeks prior to our vacation. Michelle was always open to try new things, and we were eager to practice all the "tricks and tips" we had learned from others throughout the week. Talking about everything we had done throughout the week made us both incredibly horny, and it seemed as though our sexual appetites could never be satisfied.

On the morning of our last day at the resort, a "sex clinic" was held in the disco. These clinics had been held daily throughout the week, but we were always too distracted to attend. The topic of that day's clinic was pussy-licking, and I convinced Michelle to attend.

We arrived at the disco and were surprised to see that it was nearly filled to capacity. In addition to the beds, couches and loveseats that normally filled the room, several mats had been placed on the floor. We worked our way through the crowd and found an empty seat on a padded bench.

The instructor introduced herself, and then asked all the ladies to undress. There was something incredibly sexy about seeing naked women in a room of fully-clothed men. The men were instructed to position themselves at the women's feet, and were led through a series of step-by-step instructions. The first fifteen minutes or so consisted of light massaging and kissing the neck, breasts, legs and inner thighs.

Finally, instructions were given for the men to begin gently kissing, licking and sucking the outer labia of the vagina. The nervous giggles that filled the room when the instruction began were soon replaced with heavy breathing and low moaning. Within minutes, the sound of dozens of women moaning in unison filled the room. By the time the men were instructed to insert a couple of fingers into the vaginal entrance, the combined moaning had become so intense, it became difficult to hear the instructor.

After Michelle experienced what appeared to be a tremendous orgasm, we slipped out of the room, past dozens of women experiencing their own orgasms, and made our way toward the hot tub. We were both so turned on by the experience of being in a room full of women having simultaneous orgasms, and we were anxious to see what kind of naughtiness we could find to cap off our week of debauchery.

We waded over toward our usual two seats at the end of the "swim-up" bar, and Carlos greeted us with a warm and friendly smile, along with a couple of tropical concoctions. We enjoyed a few more drinks while chatting and flirting with the couples surrounding the bar. At one point, Michelle became engrossed in conversation with a bald guy named Stefan, who was visiting from Montreal. Knowing her fondness for bald guys, I wasn't surprised that she was becoming very flirty.

While having a conversation with a man to my right, I noticed that he kept glancing over my shoulder. When I finally turned to see what he found so interesting, I saw Michelle and Stefan making out like a couple of horny teenagers. Their mouths were wide open, their tongues were probing each other, and their hands were all over one another. Michelle's left hand was below the water line, and her frantic stroking created splashes and waves.

I didn't want to stare at them, but I also couldn't ignore what was happening. I tried to be as casual as possible and continue my conversation with the man to my right, but my dick had become so hard so quickly that it was bobbing above the water line and had become impossible to conceal.

I waited a few moments before I glanced back over my shoulder. When I did, their hands were still all over each other, but Michelle's eyes were now open, and she looked at me and smiled. I decided it was safe to approach.

"So...I see you've made a new friend," I said to Michelle.

"Yes I have!" she said excitedly. "And he's bald, too!"

"Is he? I hadn't noticed," I said sarcastically.

"Stefan wants to move over to one of those beds," she continued, motioning toward one of the empty beds surrounding the hot tub area. "Do you want to join us?"

When we discussed our fantasy bucket list prior to our vacation, seeing Michelle please two guys at the same time was near the top of my list. The thought of having both her mouth and pussy filled at the same time was incredibly exciting, and she seemed equally excited by that scenario. On our final day at the resort, this was our opportunity to check off a major item on that list.

"What about his wife?" I asked.

"She is sleeping back in my room," Stefan responded in a French-Canadian accent. "It's okay," he added, noting the look of concern on my face. "We have an open marriage. She's okay with me having fun on my own."

I agreed to their arrangement, and they both smiled widely. Michelle excused herself to visit the ladies room, and Stefan did as well, leaving me standing alone near the bar, still trying to conceal my raging hard-on.

A long time passed, and I began to wonder if they had started without me. When I scanned the beds, however, they were nowhere to be found. I then saw Michelle talking to a woman at the "dry bar" on the other side of the hot tub. Stefan was also with her. As soon as Michelle saw me, she motioned for me to join them.

I was introduced to Stefan's wife, Brigitte, who evidently had awoken from her nap. She was very thin, with short, black hair, and I guessed that she was in her late 40's or early 50's. She seemed like a nice woman, but I wasn't particularly attracted to her, and hoped that I wasn't put in an awkward position of being led into a foursome with this couple.

As we continued chatting, it became clear that our original plan of sharing Michelle on one of the beds had been foiled. It wasn't even clear to me whether Stefan or Michelle had even mentioned the plan to Brigitte. Arrangements were made for the four of us to have dinner together, and we parted ways to get changed in our rooms.

"What happened there?" I asked Michelle, once we had escaped earshot.

"I don't know," she responded. "It just got weird when she showed up."

I was disappointed, but I decided not to dwell upon it. The four of us enjoyed a good conversation over dinner, and plans were made to meet them at the lobby bar to watch the evening's entertainment. I had been looking forward to this night since we booked the trip. The theme for the night was "Schoolgirl Night," and Michelle had bought the tiniest, sexiest schoolgirl outfit I had ever seen. I couldn't wait to see her wear it again.

I couldn't keep my hands off her as she dressed, and insisted upon snapping several photos in our room before we left. Her outfit was a one-piece plaid dress similar to what you would see a Catholic schoolgirl wear, except that her skirt barely covered her ass. Of course, she chose not to wear panties, so any time she bent over, crossed her legs or moved a certain way, she would give a brief glimpse of her delicious, naked ass and shaved pussy. She topped off this ensemble with white, mid-thigh leggings and thick, six-inch black heels that looked like "saddle shoes."

As we walked to the lobby bar, all heads turned in her direction, and my chest swelled with pride. We ordered a drink, and a short time later we were joined by Stefan and Brigitte. Brigitte elected not to dress in theme, but wore a short white dress instead. Perhaps it was the dress, or maybe the lighting, but she looked a bit more attractive to me than she had upon first impression.

The evening entertainment -- an acrobatic act -- began, and I watched while embracing Michelle from behind. I kissed her neck softly, and she leaned her head back and cooed. She was moving her hips to the music and grinding into my crotch, which made me instantly erect. I kissed, licked and bit her neck and ears, and she seemed to melt in my arms.

I felt a strange presence, and when I opened my eyes, I noticed that Stefan was also making out with her. He was kissing her deeply, working on her front half while I was kissing her from behind. We had formed a "Michelle sandwich" and she loved every minute of it.

The show had barely begun when Stefan grabbed Michelle's hand and practically pulled her toward the disco. I looked at Brigitte, and she took me by the hand as we tried to keep up with them. The four of us raced up the stairs and into the disco. We made a beeline toward the playroom behind the bar. We were the first people in the disco, and the playroom was empty.

I had barely had a chance to remove my shoes, and Michelle already had Stefan's dick out of his pants and in her mouth. He was still fully clothed, and sitting upright against a wall. Michelle was on all fours in front of him, hungrily devouring his cock. I felt the zipper of my pants being tugged down, and Brigitte was on her knees in front of me, desperately trying to free my dick as quickly as possible.

With one fluid motion she took my cock out and stuffed it in her mouth. I could not keep my eyes off of Michelle. She looked so amazing in her schoolgirl costume, and her bare ass was pointed in my direction. My prick swelled to full length in no time. Brigitte wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and furiously stroked my shaft with one of her hands.

She stopped and began to strip out of her dress, and I took that opportunity to strip out of my clothes as well. She lay naked on the mat next to Stefan and Michelle, and reached over to grasp her husband's hand. Although she was thinner than I prefer, she had good muscle tone, and it was obvious she worked to keep in shape. I crawled between her legs and decided to test out some of the pussy-licking techniques I had learned that morning. By the time I inserted two fingers inside her and began twisting them in and out while flicking my tongue around her clit, she was moaning and squirming all over the mat. Her body tensed and shook, and I maintained my steady pace until her spasms subsided.

"You are a lucky lady," Brigitte said with a French accent to Michelle. "Your husband has a magical tongue!"

We all laughed. It was a phrase that Michelle and I would laugh about for weeks afterward.

I rose to my knees, reached over to my crumpled pants and fumbled through my pockets in search of a condom.

"Can I have one?" Michelle asked sweetly. She was holding Stefan's wet cock in her hand.

I handed her a condom, and as she unrolled it over Stefan's cock as I unrolled one over mine. I decided I wanted to take Brigitte from behind, so I flipped her over. As I entered her, Michelle was climbing on top of Stefan's lap and positioning herself. Both couples seemed to reach the moment of penetration at the exact same moment, as evidenced by the simultaneous gasp elicited by the women.

Brigitte was gushing all over my cock, which created a delicious noise as I thrust into her from behind. Her ass was firm and round, and provided me with a nice view as my dick slid in and out of her. With each thrust, my balls smacked against her clit. To my right, Michelle was grinding and thrusting on top of Stefan, and they both moaned loudly.

It occurred to me that both Michelle and Stefan were still fully dressed. Michelle had managed to pull Stefan's pants down to his knees, but he was still wearing his shirt and even his shoes. And Michelle was still completely dressed in her schoolgirl outfit. They were too excited to even both getting undressed.

Brigitte's moans grew louder and louder, and out of nowhere I felt her pussy contract, and her body tensed and shook once again. She practically collapsed beneath me, and I realized that she was likely done for the night. I withdrew my hard cock from her, and removed the condom.

To my right, Michelle was still grinding and pumping on top of Stefan, and had picked up the pace a bit. She gave a loud moan and held herself in place, with his cock buried deep inside her, and I recognized that moan as an orgasm. She remained still for a moment, and then climbed off of him, removed his condom and put his cock back in her mouth. She was on a mission to get him off one way or another.

My dick was still hard, but Brigitte appeared as though she had been drained of every ounce of energy in her body. I looked over at Michelle's perfectly-shaped ass peeking out from her short plaid skirt, and I couldn't resist the temptation. It was time to check off another item from our fantasy bucket list.

I moved behind her, lifted her little skirt, and pushed my cock into her soaking-wet hole, eliciting a muffled groan. She now had one hard cock in her mouth and another in her pussy. Another fantasy fulfilled. Unfortunately, this fantasy would not last long. The thrill of seeing my wife in this position put me over the edge quickly. I thrust into her faster and harder, and within moments felt a powerful stream of cum fill her from within. Seconds later, Stefan groaned loudly and Michelle's muffled moan indicated that she was letting him finish in her mouth. Evidently, this little adventure had reawakened her taste for cum.

All three of us collapsed in sweat and exhaustion. We gathered our clothes and sneaked back into the disco to spend the rest of the night dancing, drinking and laughing. When the disco closed for the night, Michelle and I visited the lobby bar for a little midnight snack. Sitting under the stars and feeling the warm Caribbean breeze upon our bodies, pizza never tasted so good.

On the morning of our departure, we sat on the porch together and enjoyed a cup of coffee as we gazed at the bright blue Caribbean Sea. This vacation had exceeded our wildest imaginations, and it was difficult to pry ourselves away from this magical place. In just one short week, we had shared so many incredibly erotic sexual experiences, and had fulfilled most of the sexual fantasies we ever had.

In many ways, this vacation was a life-changing experience. It wasn't only about sex. More importantly, we learned that our experiences had brought us closer together than ever before. We learned that we trusted each other so implicitly that nothing could ever come between us. If our relationship could survive witnessing each other being intimate with others, it could survive anything.

Not only did our relationship improve, but we each experienced a significant personal improvement as well. After spending so many years defining herself as a wife and mother, Michelle seemed to realize that she was also a woman. She was happier, more outgoing, friendlier, flirtier, and more confident than I had ever seen her before. She seemed to have broken free from her shell and fully embraced life. Not only was I madly in love with her; I was proud of her.

After seventeen years of commitment and monogamy, an exciting new realm filled with titillating possibilities had been opened for both of us. We had given each other the ultimate gift: the freedom to explore all our wildest fantasies and act upon all the feelings and urges that we had bottled up and denied for so long. We learned that trust is the greatest gift that one can give in any relationship. We learned to let go of our insecurities and embrace the faith we had in our profound love for each other.

Over the coming years, we would have many more erotic adventures as a result of this experience. But there is nothing quite like your first time, and this first experience we had in Cancun was one that we will cherish forever.

Written by: swingerjoe

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