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Office Girl Submits to her Boss

by edelweiss14©

I was running late again. But this wasn't just five minutes on a normal day, this was ten minutes on a day that he was in the office. Everything was to be perfect for him, and here I was, screwing things up.

All eyes were on me as I nervously entered the conference room. I scanned the room for a friendly face, but saw none. I was late. Time to face the consequences.

"Miss Kate," boomed a voice from the head of the table. His authoritative voice let you know this was no one to be trifled with. He expected perfection the first and every time, and would accept no excuses.

"Yes, sir..." I stammered.

"My coffee." He held out his hand for it. Everything was fine until I looked into his eyes.

I froze. I could see many things in his eyes: amusement, exasperation, a strange knowing look, some underlying strength, and something else I couldn't identify. Why did I look into his eyes? They always made me catch my breath and stop what I was doing. This time, however, I dropped his coffee.

Nobody moved or spoke. I watched an overpriced Starbuck's concoction hit the floor and knew I was in for it.

"Pick that up," he said. I bent over to grab the cup when he suddenly stood up. He stood close to me, very close to me. The front of his Hugo Boss dress pants blocked my vision. I realized I could see the outline of his cock through his pants, and drew in my breath with a gasp.

"Wait." I stopped moving. "This isn't the first time you've made a mess, Kate."

"Now you have to be made an example of." I looked around at my coworkers, and saw no sympathy. In fact, they watched me with strangely hungry eyes.

"To your knees. Now" My stocking-clad knees hit the floor, and my arms hung limply by my sides.

"Open my pants." It was not a request. But here, in front of the whole office? I knew better than to keep him waiting. I unzipped his pants with trembling fingers. "Young Kate here has nothing better to do than cost my company money. Now she must show her commitment to the company with an oral examination." As he was speaking, I was thinking about what was going to happen next. I knew, but to skip a step would be disrespectful. I had to wait for orders.

"Take it out."

He meant his cock. It was long and thick, with impressive girth. Even half-flaccid, it was bigger than the ones I had played with with my boyfriends. I pulled that beast out of his pants and held it expectantly, giving it a tiny squeeze.

"Very good."

"Staff, observe the results you can expect if you are a bad, scatter-brained, whorish employee." Then to me, he said "Suck."

I knew this was going to happen. I opened my mouth and pulled his cock to me. Or I tried to. He wouldn't allow himself to be pulled. I had to bring my mouth to him, letting his huge cockhead fill my mouth.


Of course I forgot. I had to keep eye contact with him, but I was too ashamed to do it. Everyone was watching me; I was mortified. I had never done anything like this before. But he gave his command. I raised my eyes to his, not stopping the bobbing motion I had started, sucking on his engorged cock.

"That's better." He placed a hand on the top of my head, but didn't push. It felt reassuring, the weight of his hand on me. Between that and staring into his eyes, I could almost imagine this wasn't happening in a full conference room. I could feel the stares of my coworkers, even if I couldn't see them. All I could see was him.

"Let this be an example. It isn't even the coffee, Kate. It's the open blouse buttons, the tight skirts, the missing panties." My mind reeled. How did he know about those things?

"Suck harder." I did, clutching his shaft and working it back and forth lovingly. The locked gaze of our eyes hadn't been broken. I sped up, swirling my tongue around his cockhead, humming softly as I worked. One hand reached out and gripped his balls, tugging gently, massaging them.

"Pull up your skirt."

Without losing eye contact or letting loose his balls, I reached behind me and pulled the hem of my skirt up, exposing my white, naked ass. How did he know I skipped panties today? It didn't matter. All that mattered was his eyes, the loving suck and bob of my head, and the fact that the entire office staff could see my ass.

"Touch yourself"

From the corner of my eyes I could see the guy from accounting jacking himself off under the desk. I guess the office liked the show. I paid him no mind, he wasn't my boss. My fingers spread my pretty pink pussy lips easily, as I was wetter than I had ever been before. First flicking my clit, I then started pumping my fingers inside me: first one, then two.

My boss was in front of and inside me. His cock filled my mouth, tapping the back of my throat with each stroke. He stood still, not pumping and fucking my face, but just stood unmoving, hopefully enjoying it. And I did want him to enjoy it. Despite his harsh nature, I felt a need to please him, and gave myself up to this need completely. I worked harder, moaning around his member, working the shaft and balls, and furiously fingering myself.

There were tears running down my face from me holding eye contact as my jaw felt split open by his throbbing rod. I responded to his subtle cues, speeding up, slowing down, squeezing. At one point he pulled out of my mouth, leaving strings of saliva and precum hanging from his dick to my mouth. He slapped my cheeks with his cock, disappointed that I wasn't worshipping it enough. So I rubbed it lovingly all over my face: my cheeks, mouth, forehead, my neck.

"You've paid for your transgressions." Already? I didn't want to stop.

"Now make me cum." Yes! Finally I could repay my boss and master for everything he did for me. I could make him feel good. I let go of his cock and my inhibitions, and staring into his eyes, I deep-throated his pendulous cock slowly. I couldn't believe I was doing it without gagging, so I went faster. And faster. And when he finally clutched my hair in both hands and grunted loudly as he started to cum, I felt as if I finally knew what I was and what I was for. I was not just a slut, I was his slut. And as wave after wave of hot semen blasted into my mouth, my throat, even trickling out of the corner of my mouth, I knew I was his.

Written by: edelweiss14

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