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Jake and Lauren's Secret Ch. 02

by Tyzmartar©

Author's Note: I'd like to thank everyone who left feedback for me from the first part of this story. Also, I have to add that you really need to read the first part before you read this chapter; it does not stand on its own. Thanks.


Jake was in the living room folding some clothes that had just come from the dryer. He was in high spirits. The last few nights with his sister had been nothing short of bliss. True to her word, Lindsey had taken Lauren to the Planned Parenthood Clinic to procure birth control. Lauren had said that it was an injection of some kind and they had to wait two days for it to take effect for sure. So even though they hadn't had intercourse, they had found a variety of ways to please each other. The only problem that they had now that the two days were up was that their father was home for the weekend. They wouldn't have the house to themselves until Monday night. Jake had went eighteen years without having sex, but these last two days were going to hurt.

Lauren came in from the kitchen and smiled at him, furthering the impossibility that he could push the thought of sex to the back of his mind.

"Do you think you'll survive, sweetie?" she asked in a low voice. Her father was still in the kitchen.

"I hope so. How about you?"

"It's going to be tough, but I think that I can make it. I'm going to go take a bath, so don't come barging in. I wouldn't want you to see me all naked and wet," she said.

"Don't be evil," he replied, but with a smile. Lauren just chuckled and went off toward the bathroom.

Jake put the clothes away that he had been folding and went out to join his father for some coffee. His dad was holding the paper with his reading glasses sitting low on his nose. He peered over the top of them at his son when Jake sat down to the table.

"I want to talk to you about your sister, Jake," he said. Jake swallowed hard, not quite choking, but close. Oh no.


"Her birthday is coming up here on Monday, and I have to tell you I'm stumped. You have any ideas? It's not as easy as grabbing her a Barbie doll anymore. What do you think we should do?" he asked. Jake immediately relaxed, having feared the worst for a brief moment.

"Oh man, I haven't even thought about it, Dad. Maybe you could get her one of those zero-turn mowers? She'd probably like that," Jake replied.

"You're hilarious, kid. But seriously, you know her better than anybody. Help me out here."

Jake sat in thought for a little while, trying to come up with something. His sister didn't go out and do a lot of things for fun, nor did she have any special interests other than reading. She wasn't a sports fan, and he couldn't think of a single hobby. Man, she was boring. Suddenly, he came up with a thought.

"How about a computer? I bet if we looked around we could find a decent laptop that wouldn't cost a fortune. She hasn't said anything about wanting one, but you know, she could use it for school and stuff. I could help buy it," he suggested.

"That's a good idea, but I wouldn't expect you to pay for any of it. If we can find one that won't break the bank, that would be great," his father replied.

At best, Jake knew very little about computers. He could use one in a limited capacity, but he had never gone shopping for one. He didn't want to get his sister a piece of junk, that was for sure. He would have to phone a friend. Most of his buddies would probably be of no help. Sadly the most they knew of computers were that they made a wonderful porn funnel. He did know one nerd that he could count on for advice in such matters, so that's what he did.

He got lucky and was able to catch his friend at home. He got the name and the general location of a place on the other side of town that had what they were looking for. Jake told his dad about how much it would cost and where to go to get it. His father cringed a little at the price, but decided to get it anyway. He had a couple of other errands to run, so he thought he would add the laptop to his list. He'd stash it in the trunk of his car until Lauren's birthday.

Jake wished his father luck as he headed out the door and thought that he would go and try to catch Lauren while she was still in the bath. He was in luck for the second time that morning.

"Hey!" Lauren cried, startled. "What are you doing?"

"Dad had some stuff to do, he'll be gone for a little bit," he informed her.

"Oh, you scared me for a second. We have to be careful, you know?"

"Patience is a virtue and all that, I know. I thought that I would have enough time to at least get a glimpse at what's been driving me crazy here lately."

"You did, did you? You have pretty good timing then, because I was just about to get out," she replied.

Lauren used the stainless steel bars mounted on the walls to pull herself up and onto the edge of the tub and over to a built in seat of sorts. She grabbed a towel off the rack beside her and tied it around her hair in a loose bun. Jake watched with a broad smile on his face. When his sister had her arms raised and was messing with her towel it caused her back to arch and her chest to jut out. There was a trail of little soap bubbles sliding down her body between her breasts and a tantalizing few trickles of water slithering from her nipples to her tummy. When she put her arms down, Jake let out a disappointed sigh.

"What?" she asked, amused.

"Put your hands behind your head," Jake ordered. Lauren did what she was told, but was wondering where her brother was headed with this.

"Am I under arrest?" she asked.

"More like on display. You're just incredible, baby. Seeing you naked is one of the most wonderful things in the world."

Lauren had come to love Jake's sweet talk. Sure, some of what he said was cliche or corny, but it all conveyed the genuine love that he felt for her. They were more than just words; she could almost feel them every time he said something of the sort. She didn't really see herself as being all that appealing, but by the look of her brother's shorts, he thought that she was. Being able to turn him on made her feel ever so sexy for once in her life. She loved every minute of it.

"Come over here, sweetie," she said. Jake walked the few steps over to his sister. She kept her hands behind her head.

"Maybe you could help dry me off. It's such a hassle, especially with me having to keep this pose and all."

Jake grabbed a towel and began to dry his sister. He went about it slowly with soft strokes, getting on his knees after he got passed her neck and upper back. He dried every spot that he could reach, spending a fair amount of time between her legs. He used his thumb to rub long circles around he entrance to her vagina through the towel. He then switched his rubbing to where he thought her clit was probably hiding behind the towel and took one of her tender nipples into his mouth.

"Oh Jake, I think that's dry enough," Lauren said, breaking her pose. She used one hand to pull the towel out from between Jake's hand and her body, she used the other to press his head tighter to her breast. She realized that sitting the way that she was did not allow the best of angles for Jake to get to her fun spots, so to speak. She released Jake's head and reached behind her with both hands to grab the bar that ran behind the tub. It was a bit of a stretch but allowed her to lift her bottom up so that her brother now had fabulous access to her pussy.

Jake realized that his sister probably would not be able to keep this position forever so he got right to work. He dipped down to get Lauren's legs up over his shoulders and placed his mouth over her tiny mound. He shifted his tongue into overdrive, parting the soft lips and feasting on her. Lauren squirmed with pleasure as she felt his tongue whipping around inside of her. He used his lips to tease and pull on her clitoris until it was puffy and swollen, then switched back to his thumb. He continued to stimulate with his thumb while lapping madly at the rest of her pussy. Lauren could take only a few minutes of this before she began the now familiar chant.

"Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake!"

There was a fair amount of hot liquid that met Jake's greedy lips when he brought her to climax. It wasn't overwhelming like he had seen before, but they were working on a tight schedule and there wasn't a lot of time for a build up. It was the quickest that he had brought his sister to orgasm to date, not that they had a long track record.

When he felt Lauren relax and her breathing slow a bit, Jake finished his licking, got out from underneath her legs and cradled an arm under her back to help her sit upright again. She draped her arms over Jake's back and kissed in a long, tongue-twisting embrace with Lauren's scent filling both their nostrils.Lauren spoke when they finally broke their kiss.

"You're getting pretty good at that," she said.

"I think I'm going to need a lot more practice," Jake replied in a low voice, his lips nibbling down the side of her neck.

"Mmmm. Let's go to my room to take care of you, this isn't the most comfortable place to sit."

Jake wholeheartedly agreed and carried Lauren to her bed. Just in case they were interrupted he ran back into the bathroom and gathered up her clothes that she had prepared to change into, and her wheelchair. He stripped off his clothing and slid into bed next to his sister in one swift motion. Lauren chuckled at Jake's haste and removed the towel from her head to get that out of the way.

"I just don't want to waste any time," he said in his defense.

Lauren did her best to placate his fear of lack of time. She put a hand to his chest and pushed him back, encouraging him to lay flat. If he was truly afraid, it certainly didn't seem to have an effect on his state of arousal. His cock was throbbing and hard, stimulated and ready for something to happen. She started by nibbling around its base and working her way up to the head as though she was eating an ear of corn. Jake loved the feel of her teeth munching softly on the sensitive skin of his manhood. It sent a shiver of excitement through his body, bringing a smile to Lauren's face.

When she first took Jake totally into her mouth, Lauren moved slowly, adjusting the angle of her attack to swallow his entire length. In the spirit of the moment she increased the speed that she sucked her brother off. Up until now they had basically had all the time in the world to do whatever it was that they wanted to do. Everything that they had done had been more spiritual than carnal. This was carnal, spur of the moment. Lauren liked it, it was certainly different. She was barely finding her rhythm when Jake began to buck underneath her and hiss.

"Fuck, baby..."

Jake's seed sprayed inside of Lauren on one of her down strokes. She tightened her lips around his shaft and coaxed the second and third much smaller bursts out of him. Without a wayward drop, Lauren released her brother's cock from her mouth and gently rubbed his thighs. Jake sighed with the pleasure of his release and ran a hand through his sister's damp hair.

"It's amazing how you can do that to me. When we get to make love, I'm going to please you more than you ever have been before," he promised.

"I know you will, sweetie. You do every time."

It turned out that the two had more than enough time to get done what they needed to before their father came back home. Jake met him out in the driveway to see how he made out. They stood in front of the open car trunk looking at the box that contained the laptop.

"Well, what do you think?" his father asked.

Jake shrugged his shoulders.

"I think you got it. Looks good to me. I need to get her something, too. I have no idea what. If you hadn't brought up her birthday this morning, I probably would have forgotten it," Jake confessed.

"You still have a couple of days. I have to work on Monday, but I thought I could put together a little cookout in the afternoon. Why don't you tell Lauren and see if she has anyone the she wants to invite? She's still friends with that freaky-haired girl and the other two, right?" His father was as bad with names as Jake was with dates.

Jake had to chuckle to himself as he went back into the house to find Lauren. She was in the living room, watching some nonsense on TV. Two insane, fat women were running around kitchens placed side by side on a stage. It looked as though they were trying to see who could make the best meal out of a slimy sea-creature and a bunch of kelp.

"I used to have such respect for you. Now I catch you watching this crap," he said.

"Watch it bucko, or I'll cook something like that and make you eat it," she replied.

"Heh, oh God. Anyway, speaking of cooking, Dad wants to have a little cookout Monday afternoon for your birthday. He wants to know if you want to invite the freaky-haired girl and the other two."

"That definitely sounds like Dad. I'll give them a call. You guys could have given me a little more notice," she said.

"I know, I'm sorry. I'm going to town to pick up a few things here in a little bit, can I get you anything?" he asked.

"How about a calendar? Then I could mark my birthday on it so you don't forget, you dork."

"I said I was sorry. Besides, I didn't forget. It's not your birthday yet. You know I love you, right?" he asked, looking worried.

"You're fine sweetie, and no, I don't need anything from town. I love you, too," she responded.

She didn't want to make her brother feel too bad. He most certainly deserved a little needling, she knew him well enough that she could tell that he clearly forgot her birthday. They had a lot of other things on their minds lately, so she cut him some slack.

Jake's worry quickly faded. He took a quick shower then hopped in his truck in search of something to get for his sister. The only idea that he could come up with was for books, so he headed to a used book store that he had taken Lauren to in the past. He found a couple of first edition Stephen King hardcovers that he could afford. He was pretty sure that she didn't have them, so he picked them up. Pleased with himself, he was standing at the counter to pay when he spotted something that was even more intriguing.

He paid for the books and grabbed a pamphlet from the counter. It showed a picture of some hippy-looking poet leaning up against a tree at Millerton State Park. The dude was going to read a bunch of his work on Tuesday night, the day after Lauren's party. The pamphlet said that there were cabins available to rent and a boat that gave a tour of the lake. It all looked affordable, and if there was still a cabin available, he thought that he could take his sister up there to spend the night. He decided that he would call as soon as he got home. It seemed like a good idea, Lauren would be able to get out of the house, and she was bound to want to listen to the hippy spew his drivel. He'd make sure that his Dad would approve and give it a shot.

When he arrived back home Jake found his father in the back yard cleaning and checking the grill. It had been a while since they had used it. He showed him the books and the pamphlet, making sure that it was OK with him if he took Lauren.

"It's fine with me if she wants to go. You better call on that cabin, though. If that poet guy is any good, they'll probably all be taken," he advised.

Jake thought about surprising Lauren and just taking her up there to the park, but decided it would be better to ask her if she wanted to go or not. He didn't want to rent a cabin, get up there and have her be miserable. He went in the back door and found Lauren in the kitchen.

"Hey Laur. Check this out," he said handing her the pamphlet. "Would you be interested in checking this guy out? I was thinking that I could get us a cabin and we could spend the night, if you wanted to go. I already asked Dad, he doesn't care."

She studied the pamphlet for a moment before she replied.

"I've never heard of this guy, but it sounds fun! I want to go on a boat ride, that'll be so cool. Can you afford it?"

"Oh, I can pay for it fine, but don't get too excited yet. I'm going to call and see if we can still get a cabin," Jake replied.

Jake made the call and for the third time that day he got lucky. Either because it was the middle of the week or that the hippy was terrible, there were plenty of cabins available. Amazingly, they even had one with handicap access. He hung up the phone and smiled at his sister from over his shoulder.

"We're in luck. It'll be like a romantic vacation, only really short. And probably not very romantic."

"Close enough for me, sweetie," she said, squeezing him from behind. She was pretty taken with the idea, if only because it was something different. "I'm sure that we can fit some romance in there somewhere."

Sunday passed without much happening. The family caught up on some mundane chores and made sure that they had everything ready for Lauren's cookout. Lindsey would be coming, as well as Amanda and Cassi. Lindsey made Lauren promise not to get too excited if the other two flirted a little with Jake, which was a pretty good possibility. Lauren was able to laugh it off and promised to be good.

Even though it was difficult, Jake and his sister managed to keep their hands off one another for the whole day. Their father was there the whole time, and due to his work schedule, he was up for much of the night. The two were burning up inside. The thought of being alone together the next night weighing heavily on their minds. It was a taxing burden on their senses being so close and not touching, but it made the thought of their coming act that much more exciting.

Jake had to work the next morning. It was the only chance that he had to catch up on his mowing for a couple of days because of the party and the little trip that he had planned. Of all the days for something to go wrong, he ran into a few snags halfway through his second and final yard of the day. He had run out of fuel and upon attempting to restart the mower he broke the pull-rope. He didn't want to leave the lawn half-finished so he had to drive across town to get a new rope. He knew he was running short on time, but there wasn't much he could do. By the time he got the new rope and the mower fired up again he had to practically run behind his mower to even have a chance at not being grossly late.

The girls had already arrived by the time Jake was skidding to a stop in his driveway. He was still dripping with sweat when he ran out back to explain why he was late. He didn't do too bad, his father hadn't begun cooking yet. He quickly said his greetings to the girls. They were sipping lemonade and gathered at the picnic table. Then he went over to his Dad who was carrying some stuff over to the grill.

"I'm sorry I'm late, Dad. Ran into some trouble. What do you want me to do?" he asked. His father just grinned at his sweaty and grimy looking son.

"I think you ought to go clean yourself up if you want to be presentable for these women. I'll try to fend them off the best that I can but don't take too long."

"Heh, OK. I'll be right back," he promised. He ran inside to scrub off the dirt and sweat.

"I'm glad your brother finally made it, Lauren. I was afraid that he was going to miss your party," commented Amanda. She was a petite girl, roughly the same size as Lauren. She was well-tanned and well-toned from playing a lot of tennis.

"Yeah, I was hoping that he would show up, I haven't seen him in a while," added Cassi. She was much taller than the other girls and more full-figured than either Lauren or Amanda, not as much as Lindsey.

"He's been pretty busy this summer with his work. He's been doing some landscaping, mowing mostly. He had some stuff that he had to get done today because he's taking me on a trip to Millerton tomorrow," Lauren went on to talk about the poetry reading.

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