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My Wife as a Bar Slut

by ttor 50©

It took six weeks for my wife’s body six weeks to recover from her adventure as a streetwalker.

She had to wear a very tight bra for the first month in order for her large breast to return close to their previous shape. They once again had the shape of nice size melons. All of her bruises had disappeared and her pussy and ass had tightened back up. She compared it to recovering from the birth of one of her babies. My birthday was coming in a few weeks and she promised me another evening performing as a slut. We had a theme all picked out. She would dress as a slut and see if she could get lucky in a bar catering to businessmen.

The big night came and we decided to drive into Omaha because we knew of a bar that filled our requirements and had an adjoining hotel so we wouldn’t have to drive home that night. After checking into our room, my wife took a shower while I went down to check out the bar. When I returned to the room the most beautiful sight greeted me. She had changed into her call girl outfit. It was a black cocktail dress that consisted of two-inch wide straps coming over her shoulders and slowly widened as they came together just above her belly button. As she turned nervously from side to side I could see the bottom of her breasts from both the open sides and deep v cut in the center. The dress was cut very tight around her hips and ended about mid thigh. It also had a slit up the front of her right leg ending slightly above her crotch. She then turned around to display her lovely backside to me. The dress was open -backed except where it tied around her neck. It was cut so low you could see the top of her butt crack. A pair of high heals completed her outfit.

She began walking back and forth in the room to practice her walk in her slut outfit. At first every time she took a step one of her swinging breasts would invariably slide out of her dress. She was eventually able to alter her gate in order to stop the side to side swinging. The result was her tits bounced straight up and down in a very lewd manner. The constant rubbing caused her nipple to stay at full arousal, protruding out through the thin material. When she passed by me in the right direction the split would open up for just an instant revealing her cleanly shaved mound. Her light pink pussy lips showed in sharp contrast to the black dress. It was all I could do not to rape her before anyone else had a chance, but I knew it would be much more exciting after her night as a working girl.

I let her wear my coat in order to walk to the bar without drawing too much attention. When we reached the sidewalk outside the bar she gave me my coat and I went in a few minutes ahead of her in order to get a good vantage point to watch her entrance. Upon entering I noticed the bar was fairly empty. There was one middle aged balding man and two younger men sitting at the bar. I also notice a group of businessmen huddled around a table watching a game on the television. I found a table in the corner where I could see the whole room. As soon as I was seated my wife made her entrance. All her assets were on prominent display as she glided across the room towards the bar. Her breasts were bouncing and her large soft ass was jiggling in a most provocative manner. The whole place came to a complete halt as every head turned to watch wiggle her shapely ass onto one of the barstools. She picked a spot between the old guy and the two younger men. The bald guy started hitting on her first, but she was giving looks to the two young guys. They soon took the hint and moved closer to her. After a short conversation the three of them moved to a secluded booth and the guys bought her a very tall drink. After about fifteen minutes of animated conversation, I notice the guys started taking liberties with their hands. The one on her right took advantage of the split in her dress to finger her bare pussy. The guy on her left slid his hand into the open side of her dress and cupped her breast, giving it a squeeze. She brazenly spread her legs and raised her arms giving them better access.

Soon the bartender came over to their table said something to them. After he walked away she gave me the sign to meet her at the restrooms. I got up before so as not to arouse suspicion and went around the corner to wait for her. When she arrived she informed me that the bartender told them they needed to get a room, this wasn’t the kind of bar that let working girls hang around very long. We agreed that she would take them back to our room and I would wait in the bar for her call when they had left. I took my time in the bathroom too make sure they would be gone before returning to my table. When the bartender came to check on me I asker him what happened to the beautiful woman that was with the two guys. He replied “I ran the slut off. We don’t let whores like her hang around too long. It gives the place a bad reputation.” He walked away as I started to watch the game and tried to imagine what the two studs were going to do too my wife. What follows is her word for word account of the orgy.

I loved all of the attention the bar patrons paid to me. I was especially attracted to the two young men at the bar. They paid me lots of compliments and seamed genially interested in me. They couldn’t believe I was the mother of two teenage kids. When we went to the booth they started rubbing me under the table. They became increasingly more aggressive when I didn't protest their advances. Eventually the bartender came over and was very rude. He told the boys to take the slut somewhere else After conferring with my husband I suggested we go back to my room. They couldn’t believe their luck. They were only in town for a couple of days for a convention. They complained it had been a very boring trip until I walked into the bar.

As we walked back to the hotel room, I had trouble keeping my swing breast from falling out of my flimsy dress. Twice I had to stop and slide one of my big boobs back under my dress. Upon entering the room my two lovers sat on the chairs around the table and asked me to give them a show. I did a slow dance and wiggled out of my dress. There wasn’t of a show because I had so little on. My large breasts and bare pussy fascinated them. I moved over between them and offered each one of my large breasts to suckle. It was a wonderful feeling as they gently kissed and licked my swollen nipples in a very loving manner. I walked over to the bed, lay down, and started to stroke my pussy. They took the hint and started towards me removing their clothes along the way. One came up to my face and offered me his dick to suck. The other got between my legs and began to eat my pussy. I was in heaven. Usually when I am out acting like a slut my partners don’t worry about pleasing me. After a short time and one big orgasm the guys switched places and I was able to pay back my pussy eater with the best blowjob I could give him. Meanwhile his friend had mounted me missionary style and began slow fucking motion.

After about fifteen minutes of pure bliss, I could feel the guy in my pussy pump harder and shoot his sperm deep inside me. He immediately pulled out and headed to the bathroom. My other lover asked to roll over and let him enter me from behind. I immediately complied, wanting to give him a very special reward for his the orgasm he had given me. I got on my knees at the bottom edge of the bed. This allowed him to stand on the floor and enter me quite deep. He reached under my chest and grabbed my swing tits to gain a little leverage as he slowly pounded into my big soft pussy. His hands felt wonderful as they lightly squeezed and pulled on my soft breasts. After a time he started lightly spanking my ass. This is also something I really love. I then lay my chest on the bed and reached between my legs to caress his balls. This allowed him total access to my spread pussy. His dick began hitting the very bottom of my tunnel giving me a second orgasm. This was too much for him and he came all too soon, filling my overheated orifice.

When my lover pulled out of my pussy I made a dash to the bathroom to clean up. I must have looked like a total tramp as I waddled with one hand cupping my crotch to keep from soiling the carpet. As I was returning one of them was on his cell phone. I approached each guy and gave their dicks a good wet kiss and thanked them for a wonderful night. They thanked me and suggested my night wasn’t over yet. It seems they invited their supervisors to share me. They begged me to show them a good time in order for them to score points with management. This initially upset me but after a few minutes of considering it I became excited. Obviously they thought I was good enough to satisfy their bosses.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I wet over and lay on the bed as three rough looking men, carrying a grocery sack, were let in. They looked at me and told the two guys they did well. I saw one of the new men hands one of first guys an envelope. Obviously it contained a finders fee. I wondered what the going price of a slut was. I suddenly felt like a cheap piece of meat. At the same time it was exciting to know men would be willing to pay to use my body. It is very satisfying to know at my age guys will pay money and wait in line to fuck me.

The two young men left leaving me alone with the new bunch. I immediately realized they were going to be much harder on me. The contents of the sack were put on the table for me to see. There was two six packs of beer, a bottle of vegetable oil and a spool of nylon string. I could understand the beer, but the other items worried me. They started talking as if I wasn’t in the room. I heard comments like “ The boys did good this time. She’s got enormous tits. Look at the sluts shaved pussy. I’m glad they found an old one. They tend to be more accommodating. They all opened beers and started drinking. One of them brought me a beer and told me to drink, it would make it easier on me. I thanked him and quickly gulped it down. After a little conversation they approached me. I was spun over on my stomach and lifted into the doggie position. The first guy got behind me and quickly entered my pussy. He commented how slick the boys left me. The second guy got on the bed in front of me and stuck his dick into my waiting mouth. As I was being pounded front and back the third guy came to the side of the bed and started playing with my swing tits. He was really rough, first milking, then slapping them. He seemed to like to watch them flop back and forth banging against my body. Soon I detected the familiar sensation of a dick in my pussy swell up and dump its load in my pussy. That is the best reward of my slut activity. It makes me fell that I am still sexually attractive when a man shares his semen with me. I wasn't allowed to enjoy the feeling very long, because the guy in my mouth started cumming deep in my throat. It took all of my concentration to swallow the huge load without gagging.

With two of them satisfied I was left with one to go. He released my breast and told me to sit on the edge of the bed. When I complied he again started mauling my melons. He grabbed them in his big hands roughly grabbing and pulling on them. When he seamed satisfied that my breasts were properly stretched he started pinching my nipples. They started tightening from the rough treatment. He then retrieved a cold bottle of beer and two lengths of string from the table. The strings and slipknots already tied one end. I started worrying and asked him what he had in mind. He said he was into tit-fucking, and I was the best subject he’d ever seen. He really liked the exceptional length of my breasts. He was going to make a nice soft pussy out of them. He began rubbing the cold beer bottle on my nipple until it was so hard it hurt. Next the knot in the first string was place over it and tightened. He pulled it so tight it caused me to let out a loud yelp. He then repeated the procedure on the other breast. I was then instructed to lay back and cup my breast together. He then pulled my poor distended nipples with the strings and tied them together. He then produces a bottle of vegetable oil from the sack and greased my upper chest. He put a large puddle in his hand and forced it between my breasts rubbing all around as though he was fist fucking me. This stretched my nipple so far the felt like the strings were going to cut them off. To complete my preparation, he placed two pillows under my head so I was looking right between my greased orbs.

He climbed onto the bed straddling my torso. Suddenly I felt my breast being separated by His shaft. He slowly pushed it through my tits until it reached my lips. He continued forward until the head of his penis was fully in my mouth. He then started a slow back and forth motion, first pulling his dick from between my globes and then pushing all the way back until it was in my mouth again. After a few strokes, he reached above me and grabbed the headboard to gain leverage. He then started fucking my tits much harder. In order to protect my nipples, I used my hands to tightly push my soft breasts together. This created a lot more friction for him. He responded by pounding my tits even harder as he thrust forward. My poor breasts were hitting my face so hard they made a slapping sound. This also drove his dick deeper into my throat. Thankfully he came after a few strokes or my tits would have been crushed. I tried to swallow as much of his cum as possible, but I started choking. Upon seeing my problem his friends told him to pull his dick out before he drowned me. He seemed content to spray my face with the remainder. He then slid off of me and went into the bathroom to clean up.

As soon as my tit-fucker was out of the bathroom, he and his buddies thanked me and left. I called my husband at the bar and told him if he was ready for sloppy seconds to hurry over. I purposely didn’t clean up to add to the depravity of the situation. My husband really gets off seeing my body when it has been sexually abused. He loves me to play the slut and I am only too happy to comply. He asked me if I would mind if he brought someone he met at the bar to share me. I told him the more the merrier. I assumed a doggie position on the bed with my well-fucked cunt facing the door, and patiently waited for my next fuck.

I had spent he time waiting for my wife’s call by talking to a guy at the bar. We became friendly and a little drunk. I shared with him what my wife and I was up to. He was fascinated with my story and couldn’t believe how lucky I was. His wife would never do such a thing. He begged to meet my wife and have a turn. He always wanted to get in on a gangbang. I promised to ask my wife when she called. I thought he was going to cum in his pants when I told him my wife had agreed. We quickly made our way to the room.

Upon opening the door we were greeted by a very erotic sight. There was my slut wife in a very provocative position. She was kneeling on the edge of the bed with her beautiful ass completely exposed and inviting. Her chest was completely mashed into bed. My new friend and I approached her and feasted on the sight of her used cunt. It was very red and swollen. Her pussy lips were stretched and had cum dripping off of them. She was slowly wiggling her ass back and forth trying to temp her next lover. She didn’t even look back to see who was going to fuck her. Being a good host, I motioned for my friend to go first. He unzipped his pants and immediately plunged his dick in her sloppy hole. He was so excited he didn’t even take the time to get undressed. He started pounding her so hard his body made a slapping noise when it hit her ass.

This allowed me a rare treat. I was able to step back and watch my wife being fucked. The first thing I noticed was how her soft ass jiggled when it is being pounded. I loved the way she pushed back to meet him instead of just taking the assault. She was also making soft moans when he went especially deep. You could also see her clench her cunt just a little to give a little milking action on his dick. She finally looked back to see who was fucking her. My friend introduced himself as Bill in between stokes. She said. “Nice to meet you Bill”.” This is the first time I have had someone introduce himself with his dick already inside me.” She looked over my direction and motioned for me to come around the other side of the bed.

When I got over there she raised up and showed me her bound breasts. She said to slide under her because she had another place for me to fuck while her pussy was occupied. I slid feet first under her until my dick lined up with the hole between her breasts. She then slid her soft tits over my shaft without even using her hands. I was in heaven. Her tits felt so soft that I couldn’t believe it. This was one of the reasons we love her slut activities. We enjoy fresh ideas to keep sex interesting. My friend resumed his fucking motion which drover her tits up and down over my dick. She also added a slight shaking action to further add to my pleasure. Next she bent her head down in order to allow my dick access to her mouth. She started flicking her tongue around the head of my penis every time my friend drove into her pussy. Upon seeing the treatment I was getting, he asked to change places. My wife declined saying “ This treat is only for my husband, You will have to make do with my pussy”. She did promise to lick his dick clean after he came in her to make up for it. I was secretly hoping he would finish quickly. My dick felt so good in between her soft jelly-like orbs that I didn’t think I could hold out much longer. I really wanted a shot at her pussy. That is the best part of our adventures. There is nothing like fucking her after a gangbang.

Mercifully, he came just as I was about to give up. Upon feeling him cum she raised up and let me out from under her. She spun around and presented her over flowing pussy for my inspection. She began licking and sucking Bill’s shrinking dick, giving it a through cleaning. I stuck two fingers in her to feel the condition of her pussy. She was completely full of sperm. Her pussy was very hot and soft. I couldn’t wait any longer. I grabbed her hips and plunged my dick towards her pussy from a foot away. That was another benefit from all the activity in her pussy, I didn’t have act like her husband. I enjoy using her like everyone else, as a common slut. As my dick made contact with her pubic area, I felt a slight resistance as I hit the side of her pussy for just an instant before her gaping hole welcomed me in. This caused her to make a loud moan as the contents of her pussy came flooding out, running over my balls and down her legs. I began pounding her in long hard stokes. Even after all the activity in her pussy I could still feel it milking my cock. Her over worked orifice started making a smacking sound as I pounded her for all I was worth. I love the feel of her sloppy pussy as it rapped around my dick. It has been softened up so much that it felt like warm velvet. As I got close to cumming, I started pulling my dick all the way out and then jammed it back in. It was so stretched I didn’t have to worry about missing the target if I pull out too far. It so big and slick you can’t miss it.. After a few strokes her pussy filled with air and started farting loudly. This brought her over the edge and she had a screaming orgasm. I slapped her ass and called her a fucked-out slut. I love seeing handprints on her ass after a hard night out. I finally came in her, adding my seed to that of who knows how many others she had been with that night..

AS I dismounted from her, Bill headed for the bathroom. My wife insisted I let her lick my dick clean. I sure wasn’t going to argue. She spun around on her knees and took my semi-hard penis in her mouth, lovingly sucking the contents of her pussy off my shaft. She then completed my cleaning by taking each one of my balls in her mouth and giving them a tongue bath. I was suddenly over whelmed and told her how I loved her. She said she loved me too and was glad she had pleased me. Bill came out of the bathroom and helped me untie her tits. I took quite a while as the knots was very tight and her nipple had swelled from all the abuse. Luckily he had a very sharp knife and was able to cut the string. We exchanged numbers with him and he gave us some ideas next time we were it town. He thanked my wife for the best night of his night, and me for sharing her with him. He then walked out the door. I thanked my wife for a memorable evening She replied “I’m glad you liked it. What have you got in mind for Valentines Day?”

Written by: ttor 50

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