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My Best Friend’s Girl

by Wildfire427©

It was Saturday morning and I had drove over to my best friend’s house. Billy not only got a new car for graduation, he got a fully loaded Trans Am. We were going to make plans to do some work to the stereo so it would really thump.

I had been hanging around Billy since I started going to his school in my freshman year in high school. It wasn’t hard for me to tag along with him, since his parents had money and Billy always sprang for everything. My folks didn’t have a whole lot of money, but we had what we needed and we got by. I was also a bit insecure and shy, and Billy never made me feel that way. I was just his best friend.

I climbed the stairs a little before eight, having called ahead and knowing Billy would be up. Billy had his own apartment built over the garage of his folk’s house. Actually, garage is an understatement. It was a four bay automotive and work facility. Billy’s Dad was cool too and we would either help him on one of his project cars or he would help us with one of ours.

“So what do you think? Maybe a couple of subwoofers in the back and a big ass amp?” I asked Billy while we sat in his eat in kitchen.

“I don’t know, Chad. As much fun as it would be to try and put it all together, I was thinking maybe of taking it to one of the shops and having them do it.”

“That could be expensive,” I said.

“I have a feeling that I may be able to get Mom to pay for it all,” he said with a grin that seemed to hide more than what he was telling me.

I had gotten used to that grin as just part of Billy. He had it now for several months along with a slight personality change. He dropped his steady girlfriend and still dated, but no one regular. He also didn’t want to go out on the weekends as much as we used to. I had thought he was getting tired of me hanging around, but Billy always assured me that I was his best friend.

We were still chatting about his new car when Billy’s Mom walked in. At forty something, she could still turn heads, including mine. Her blonde hair was straight and hung down past her shoulders. Her body. God, her body. His folks had a mini gym in the basement of the house and apparently Mrs. Stevens spent a fair amount of time there. She was trim and fit and was very well endowed in the tit area. Something that caused me to have to spend a lot of time in the water whenever she would come out and sit by their pool when Billy and I were out horsing around in it.

“Billy?” she called before rounding the corner to the kitchen. “Oh, Hi, Chad. I didn’t now you were here.”

“Hi, Mrs. Stevens. I just came over to help Billy with his car.”

At least I think that is what I said. I never remember much of what I say when she’s around. She was in a robe and I just sort of assumed she was getting Billy’s’ laundry or something.

“Billy, didn’t you know your Dad was playing golf this morning?” she asked.

“Oh, sorry Mom. I guess I forgot. Give me a few minutes and I’ll give you a call,” he told her.

She didn’t look angry, but I had a feeling my presence was suddenly unwelcome as she walked back out. My suspicions were correct when Billy told me I would have to leave but should come back over about eleven. He told me he was helping his Mom with a surprise for his Dad. No problem I thought and went down to my car.

I got about five blocks away when I remembered a CD I had left at Billy’s. I turned around and went back. I didn’t want to bother Billy so I just went up to his place and would grab the disc and take off again.

When I got in the living room, I heard Billy in his bedroom. I was going to tell him I came back for the CD and would see him later but what I saw and heard when I got to the doorway to his room stopped me cold.

Mrs. Stevens was on her hands and knees, naked. Billy was naked too. However, he was standing. Standing with his cock in his Mom’s mouth.

“That’s it slut. Suck my cock. I haven’t cum since I fucked your ass two nights ago,” Billy said.

He was slightly turned away from me and I had good view as his Mom worked her mouth up and down on his cock, her eyes closed as. Billy held her head in his hands to keep her moving the way he wanted her too. I realized I should get out of there and was about to turn when Mrs. Stevens opened her eyes. She looked up at Billy, and then her eyes turned and she saw me.

Despite Billy’s hands on her head, she stopped sucking on him. When he looked down at her to see what was going on, he noticed her glance and looked over his shoulder at me. He took a step back, pulling his cock from his Mom’s mouth along with a thin string of saliva.

“I guess you would have found out sooner or later anyway,” he tells me with that knowing grin that soon broke into a huge smile.

Mrs. Stevens remained on her knees, but was obviously very embarrassed about being caught, her head hanging down.

“A few months back I found out Mom here was chatting on the Internet to guys. She was role playing that she was their Mom. I started to chat with her, but she didn’t know it was me. Remember that program I had you help me with I told you was for class, the one where you could see what someone was doing on the Internet?”

I nod my remembrance, unable to not glance back at Billy’s Mom.

“Well after a week of chatting with her I confronted her with it and told her I would tell Dad if she didn’t do what I wanted. Not that it matters that much,” Billy says with a laugh, “She’s a total slut and would have done it without me blackmailing her. Isn’t that right, slut?”

“Yes, sir,” Mrs. Stevens responds lifting her head and looking at Billy again.

“So, you up to taking care of my buddy too?” Billy asks his Mom.

“If that’s what you want me to do,” she replies.

“It is. Crawl over to Chad and see what your new toy looks like.”

Mrs. Stevens crawled on her hands and knees to where I was standing. When she got to me she sat back on her legs and looked at the growing bulge in my jeans. I was very self-conscious about what was happening but there was no way that I was going to stop it either. I wasn’t a virgin, but far from experienced and only in my wildest, jerk-off fantasies did I ever think I would be with someone like Mrs. Stevens.

She cupped my crotch through my jeans and then began to unbutton my pants and slowly lower the zipper. She then carefully lowered my pants. I thought I heard her catch her breath when she looked at my over tight white briefs. I was hard and the top of my cock was pushing out over the elastic band. Mrs. Stevens lowered my underwear and I know I heard a gasp this time.

“Is something wrong?” I worried.

Mrs. Stevens’ hands went to my cock, held it, and slowly stroked it causing it to jump in her hands.

“My God, Chad. You’re huge!” she exclaimed.

“I am?” I questioned, not really knowing. I was always shy around the other guys and had only saw a few porn pictures with the guys in there so I thought I was just normal.

“How big is it?” she asked.

“I…I don’t know.”

“Oh, Billy, sweetie. Please get me a ruler, I have to know just how big this is.”

Billy came back with the ruler and handed it to his Mom. For the first time I got a good look at Billy’s dick too. It was smaller than mine was, for sure, but just as thick. Mrs. Stevens stroked me a few times and then put the ruler to me.

“Fuck. Just over eight inches,” she said before finally looking up at me. “If I had known you had this, I would have begged Billy to let me have you.”

It was the last words she spoke for awhile as she soon slid her lips over the end of my cock. She would slowly suck me and then pull it out and lick up and down, holding me with one hand. Her other hand found my ball sack and began to play with them too.

“She really loves sucking cock, dude,” Billy said to me. “Put your hands on her head, help her to take more of that big cock of yours, man.”

I followed Billy’s advice and when I rested my hands on Mrs. Stevens’ head, she moaned around my cock. Billy, who had been watching her, moved back behind her. He tapped her ass and she spread her legs. Billy moved in behind her and I knew from the action of Mrs. Stevens’ mouth when he entered her pussy.

“You like having two cocks, slut?” Billy asked his Mom.

All she could do was nod her head as my hands kept her mouth on my cock, working it in and out of her hot mouth.

I could feel my cum boiling in my balls and all of a sudden I began to worry.

“Billy, what do I do when I get ready to…well…you know,” I asked.

“Just hang on, man, and let it happen. The slut will take good care of you. Just do it when you are ready.”

I could feel Billy’s efforts fucking his Mom. Every time he rammed forward into her pussy, my cock would slide into the back of her throat. When he pulled back, so did she. This lasted for a couple of minutes before I knew it was time. I don’t know what hit me, maybe my own fantasies about Mrs. Stevens. But at that moment, I went from a shy 18 year old to a worldly man.

“That’s it, bitch. Suck my cock. Play with my balls and milk all my hot cum out of them. I’m gonna cum down your slutty throat and all over your fucking face. Suck it, slut!” I screamed.

Billy was ramming her hard and fast and had his hands up under his Mom pinching and pulling on her nipples. I reached down to play with the other and when I did, he pulled his hand back. What he did next sent me over the edge.

As Billy started slapping his Mom’s ass, he spoke some of the hottest, filthiest things.

“Suck my buddy’s cock, you fucking whore. Do it good and I may let him fuck this slutty ass of yours,” he said still slapping her ass and fucking her wet hole. “Treat him good, slut or he may never, ever let you have that big cock of his again. And I know you want it don’t you bitch? You want his hot cum in your slutty mouth and on your big tits, don’t you cunt?

When she enthusiastically began to nod her head, I began to shoot. My cock was harder than it had ever been. It almost hurt I came so hard. I could feel Mrs. Stevens struggle to swallow what I was giving her so I released her head and she pulled back and kept jerking me, letting the last of my cum shoot into her mouth and onto her face.

I still had her tit in my hand and pinch the nipple as Billy started ramming her again.

“Turn your head,” he told her, ‘ Let me see it.”

She turned her head with a smile. An open mouth smile showing her son my cum all in her mouth and covering her face.

“God damn,” Billy said before shoving twice more and shooting his own load.

Mrs. Stevens began making loud noises and Billy shoved her mouth back over my cock. I knew he was making her cum. She was cumming with her face covered with my slime and her pussy full of her son’s.

When I saw Billy pull out and move to the bed, I backed away too. Mrs. Stevens whimpered and tried to get my cock back, but I needed to sit down. She curled up on the floor, breathing heavy as I laid back next to Billy.

“You know, I never knew you were that well hung, dude. I know Mom really likes it too. Maybe you can spend next weekend over here. Dad’s gonna be out of town.”

I looked over at Mrs. Stevens on the floor. She was looking at me and slowly nodded her head. I sat up sitting on the edge of the bed, staring back at Mrs. Stevens. No she wasn’t that to me anymore. She was a hot cum slut.

“Sounds like fun. But what time does your Dad get back this morning?” I asked with my own newfound grin on my face.

Written by: Wildfire427

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