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Encounters on the Erotic Side

by onwardbob©

Dana, no longer the coolly aloof young woman from our previous hook-ups, squealed a definitely excited "Oh fuck yes," and climbed on to the bed. She straddled Brian, pausing, poised above his upward jutting cock as she checked on her audience. All of us, including Sarah were gathered around the foot of the bed. So, we had a pretty much awesome view of Dana as she slowly slid downward, her pussy swallowing Brian's cock. She even leaned forward, maximizing the view as she breathed out guttural sounds of pleasure.

Brian's hands shot out and captured Dana's ass. And with her customary "Ooh yeah, fuck me, she leaned back, panting oohs as he rode her up and down his wet, and steadily growing wetter cock. Dana vamped it up, using one hand to spread herself open, a solitary fingertip flicking over that always puffed out clit of hers.

Sarah watched as her uninhibitedly brazen girlfriend made like a potty-mouth porn actress, loudly hamming it up as she indulged in a lightening quick pair of orgasms. Then, Sarah pushed her head down, and handed Phil a bottle of lube I hadn't even noticed she was holding. She pointed to Dana's ass, where there was only one unoccupied target, and cheerily ordered "Fuck her!"

I assumed Sarah chose Phil, because she had enjoyed watching the way he had unrestrainedly fucked Dana's mouth downstairs. Whatever, he was the one under orders to invade Dana's ass. And the best thing I can say about that is, at least he lasted long enough for Dana to go air-tight. And surprisingly it was Steve, who on his own initiative did the honors. He clambered up, and knelt above Brian's head, his lucky cock back in Dana's talented mouth. Poor Steve, he definitely didn't have any trouble getting it up, he just couldn't last. So, while Phil pounded her ass with fully penetrating thrusts, and Brian tried valiantly to drive thrusts up in to her pussy, Steve was blowing another load of cum down her throat.

Mike actually told Phil "Hurry it up dude; because, oh man, I wanna fuck that ass bad!"

Mike had replaced Steve and was lazily sliding his cock in and out of Dana's mouth. Phil was still banging hard rhythmic, fully penetrating thrusts in to her ass. He began to grunt and groan; and then, suddenly he was letting everyone know he was cuming. Jabbing a frenzied flurry of half jabs in to her ass, shrill as a girl, he screamed "Oh God, oh God, oh god," as he added a second helping of cum to an air-tight Dana's ass.

Panting like a dog, Phil crawled away. Brian lifted Dana, and slithered out from under her. Deprived of his big cock, she squawked "hey, no fair!"

Taking Brian's place, I slid beneath Dana. I pulled her down entering her as I kissed her. And in the middle of that kiss, I felt her breath whoosh out. And that would have been because; Mike had just buried himself balls deep, having penetrated her asshole with one wickedly delivered thrust. My cock was buried fully in Dana, and I could feel the head of Mike's fat cock running along and pressing against mine as he powered thrusts in and out of her. It sure wasn't necessary, but with no one's cock gagging her, Dana encouraged her hard fucking, anal plundering lover with a loud "Harder Mike, yeah come on guy...ooh God, do it, fuck me hard!"

By the time Mike's cum was mingling with Phil's, Brian was swinging in to place, and I was looking up at his hairy balls. But he hadn't plugged in, and not being air-tight, Dana wanted to know "So OK, whose next?"

I figured, seeing as how Brian had only technically been a recipient of one of Dana's killer blowjobs that just maybe He would stay put and give me a shot at her ass. Except, I had forgotten all about Woody. So, when I heard Brian's "Go for it Woody", I knew I was third in line. But Dana wasn't going to run out of ass; so, while Woody plowed her ass, and Brian maintained her air-tight status, I played with her always responsive nipples. Dana's tits are erotic perfection, and it occurred to me that sadly, we had been neglecting those surgically augmented beauties. And wanting to make up for it, and making sure to be deliberately rough, I gave her generous nipples a good working over. I knew she would like it, and besides, Brian had her efficiently gagged. And what the Hell, it kept me busy while Woody steadily worked his way towards orgasmic bliss. Sure enough, before long his staccato burst of frenzied thrusting resulted in a croaked "Yeah, hat trick!" And I could feel it, woody's cock jerking as he deposited a third load of the white stuff way deep in Dana's ass.

Woody didn't waste any time getting out of the way. I wanted to take his place; but then, I would have needed to be a contortionist to wriggle out from under Dana and Brian. And seeing as how he was chuckling, I figured Brian deliberately dragged his balls across my face as he swung away, headed for a turn at Dana's waiting ass. So, I could have done without having to listen to his booming voice shamelessly declare "Well baby, hard cock is good, but big hard cock is better!"

While I nibbled and taste tested a lovely and definitely ripe pair of nipples, my cock wrapped up tight in a nice bit of warm, wet pussy, Brian proceeded to prove his point. And I didn't even try to buck up and maybe add a bit to Dana's pleasure. I just held her, while Brian's big body power slammed thrusts eight and a half inches deep in to her ass with the regularity of a ticking clock. And then, I was holding her as she climaxed, obviously caught in the throes of an intensely powerful, and very sneaky orgasm. I was almost sure she hadn't seen that one coming. Who cared; me and my happy cock were discovering the joys of being inside Dana as she rode an orgasmic wave. And in that case, a freaking tsunami! Feeling her vagina spasm, and ripple around my cock, I figured Brian was enjoying some of the same. Except, my buddy was thrusting in to those rippling spasms, and that pushed him over the top. And knowing Brian, lots sooner than he liked! But I didn't mind; and not just because I could feel his big cum spewing cock's spasms as his frantic jack hammering thrusts plunged in and out of a "Yeah, yeah, yeah," whooping Dana's ass. And by my count that made number four, which just happened to be the same number who had ganged up on Dana downstairs!

Dana was sitting upright, my cock cocooned in her still lightly convulsing, and absolutely molten vagina. Glaring down at me, she thumped my chest, giggling as she asked "'re going to fuck me aren't you?" And when I began to buck, bouncing my hips up in to her she didn't ask, but ordered "No silly...ooh yeah, fuck my ass!" So I did! And while taking her while no one else was inside her added a nice touch, driving hard in to an asshole leaking my buddies cum was a total turn-on!! But then, so was listening to the clamor of those buddies, when I upped Dana's score to five; doing it while splashing most of my pent-up load across her ass!

It was a while later, and only Brian was still hanging in, the only one left from my quintet of gangbanging buddies. So there were four of us getting ready to hit the Jacuzzi, when Jodi called. And there was mirth in her sarcastic "Well lover, the game was a dud! What about the gangbang?" What she really wanted to know was whether or not it was safe for her to come home.

I suppose I should have checked with Sarah, but I didn't. Instead I told my temporarily evicted, and slightly put out wife "Sure, we'll be out in the Jacuzzi!" And when she wanted to know who I meant by us, and I told her "Brian and the girls," she whooped!

I knew it was the possibility of getting to stir up a little trouble that prompted her excited "Ooh, well don't let the party start without me!" Anxious, who Jodi? Well, she didn't even bother with a, good-by!

Jodi walked on to the patio naked, waving as she approached the Jacuzzi. And there she stood, legs daringly parted, ignoring Dana as she returned Sarah's frosty glare. I made introductions, ignoring the chilly hellos Sarah and Jodi exchanged. Apparently equally unconcerned, Jodi slipped in to the hot bubbly water. And right away, Dana slid off Sarah's lap and slithered on to Jodi's. The heated kiss they shared should have melted any lingering frost. Jodi pushed Dana off her lap, laughing as she scolded "Enough darling, you just might want to get back to your girlfriend," pausing a beat, before adding a breathy "That's, while you still can!"

Dana showed her a pouty lip; and then, made a minor production out of pausing to get groped and kissed, first by Brian and then by me. Then she was back on Sarah's lap; who, thank you Jesus, was smiling!

Jodi's a charmer, and by the time Dana had recapped the juicier parts of her gangbang, Jodi was sitting beside Sarah, and Dana was perched up on the edge of the Jacuzzi. Dana was braced back on her elbows; with of course her legs splayed apart, flagrantly showing off the exotic beauty of what, as far as I was concerned anyway, looked like one stunningly erotic and seriously well fucked pussy. By the time she was winding up her vividly detailed recap, I sort of thought she looked ready to do it all over again, and right then too! Maybe she was too; because, while staring straight in to Jodi's eyes, she ended her wicked tale with a definite, and deliberately added, but! "So Ok, for sure it was a total ball," she admitted. "Only, well shit, I sort of wish there could have been someone with one seriously big, and oh God, I'm talking really, really big cock...ooh!" Then, still staring down at Jodi, her mischievous intent obvious, she growled a purry Still "Ooh yeah, I would have loved that alright!"

I don't know, maybe they had bonded; whatever, Jodi stood up, and asked Sarah "Would you mind darling?"

Sarah nodded, and Jodi turned to face a smirking Dana. "You want big", Jodi asked, a nasty edge to her throaty purr. "Well, I believe I can deliver big," she added, already sliding her hands up the tan skin of Dana's muscular thighs. Leaning in she flicked the tip of her tongue over Dana's visibly protruding clit, pulling back to tease "Would you like that?"

Dana nodded, then nodded again even more enthusiastically. Actually, she was still nodding, when Jodi's flicking tongue led her lips down on to Dana's exquisitely exposed pussy.

Dana bit her lip, obviously determined to remain mum, and actually managed to take a first orgasm silently. But, she was blowing hard as she settled her feet on Jodi's shoulders, giggling as she teased "Ooh yeah, that was you can't do it again!" And then, while still braced up on her elbows, and somehow managing to sound pouty, she added a less than convincing "None of those guys seemed interested in eating pussy," and if she hadn't been giggling when she added "Really selfish, huh," Jodi might even have bought it! Instead, she stared up at her mischief making young playmate, until Dana confessed "Well Ok, Brian and Bob did...ooh, but only one other guy, and maybe it was Mike went down on me!" And it doesn't count anyway; because, he wasn't nearly as good as Brian or bob!"

I'm sure Dana had more to say, but Jodi cut her off with a mockingly sarcastic "Uh-huh, and I'm sure you somehow managed to cum all over his face anyway, right darling?"

Dana actually blushed; but, I don't think Jodi noticed, or saw her nod either. She was busy pushing a pair of fingers in to Dana's well exposed vagina. Sarah got up then, and splashed her way across the Jacuzzi. She stopped right behind Jodi. And if either Brian or I had been thinking clearly, we would already have been standing there, happily driving hard cock in to my pussy munching wife's well positioned and nicely exposed pussy. But it was Sarah standing there, and all she did was reach over Jodi and push Dana's knees apart, seriously splaying her open; and just coincidentally, really improving the view!

Playing to her audience, Jodi pulled back, exposing the tongue flicking over the engorged tip of Dana's protruding clitoris. Her fingers were twisting as she spiraled them in and out, only they weren't moving anywhere near as fast as the wickedly flicking tip of her tongue. Dana was staring at Sarah, who was staring right back, her eyes only occasionally dropping down for a quick look at what Jodi was doing to her girlfriend's pussy. Sarah leaned forward; her large breasts pressing against Jodi's back, still eyeing Dana, whose eyes had slammed shut as her head whipped from side to side. In a hushed whisper, Sarah said "Take her!"

Jodi's fingers stopped pistoning, and she sucked Dana's rigidly jutting clitoris between her lips.

There's enough clit available between Dana's thighs to get your lips wrapped around. And Jodi's were, her cheeks visibly hollowing as she sucked. It didn't take long, Dana's screams ramped-up and she began to belt out yet another orgasmic tune. Her back was bowed, her body was shuddering, and those screams were alerting the neighborhood to her orgasmic plight. I didn't expect Jodi to stop, and she didn't. So, of course Dana went right on cuming, her juices drenching Jodi's G-spot tickling fingers. And being practically insatiable, while she did, she somehow managed to gasp out "Oh you bitch, yes, more, oh it, yes, more!" She even managed a much more animated, siren like "Fuck me, yes, fuck me...oh God, just fuck me!"

The neighborhood dogs had stopped barking, and Dana had sheepishly murmured "Wow!" Jodi had slapped a high-five with Dana's grinning girlfriend, and then suggested we move the party upstairs. So, we showered off and headed in.

Upstairs, Jodi, with Sarah in tow headed straight for the dresser with the drawer of sex toys. Sarah waved Dana back, and returned her attention to Jodi's treasure chest of sexual hardware. There was some hushed whispering, and an excited "No...ooh, yeah that one!" And then Jodi's distinctive snicker asking "Really, you're sure...ooh, like wow!"

Sarah giggled, her "Uh-huh" clearly audible. And I thought that maybe Dana should have been looking a little bit nervous. Instead, she had this little shit eating grin playing across her lips. And she was still grinning when Sarah walked up and blindfolded her.

Jodi took over, positioning Dana on her knees in the middle of the bed. And then, while Brian and I looked on agog, she snapped leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles. Brian mumbled an appropriate "Oh fuck," as Jodi pulled Dana's arms back between her legs, and quickly connected her wrists to her ankles. And after my merrily snickering wife gave her a helpful push, Dana was left face down, her ass in the air, and her legs jacked wide apart.

Jodi Cracked a truly nasty swat off Dana's ass, commanded "Not a word," cocked her head coquettishly, paused, and then gave her an even harder one. Then, leaving Dana's ass splotched with crimson, she rolled off the bed. She aimed a dismissive glance at Brian and me, and then rejoined Sarah.

Jodi reached in to her toy drawer and brought out a leather dildo harness, the one she used for serious occasions. Sarah handed her what I recognized as Jodi's brand spanking new, realistic twelve inch hot pink rubber dildo. Brian muttered a strangled "You've got to be kidding!" That earned him a pair of annoyed scowls. I heard Dana giggle, but I kept my mouth shut.

Sarah help Jodi buckle on her favorite dildo harness, that twelve-inch rubber penis already slipped in to place. Actually, and not that I was really all that disappointed, but I had been looking forward to watching Jodi use that over-sized thing on herself. Instead, there I was watching Jodi strut around the room, showing off in front of Brian and me. She stroked a fist slowly up and down her new cock's full length, growling softly as she signed for us to zip our lips.

Sarah, who was already breathing hard, squirted a generous amount of lube on to a palm. Reaching around, she began to run her lube loaded fist along Jodi's over-sized phallus. Jodi leaned back against her, her enormous cock jutting out, and well, I thought she sort of looked hot enough to maybe go orgasmic!

Stepping away from Dana's girlfriend, Jodi crawled on to the bed. So, there were three of us watching, when she settled between Dana's jacked open legs. She didn't hesitate, just nosed that giant cock's enormous head in to position.

Looking supremely confident, Jodi clasped her hands behind her back, using jabbing hip thrusts to gently probe Dana's vaginal opening. Dana was maybe on her third panted "Ooh,", when Jodi's third, and definitely more forceful hip thrust popped her rubber cock's fat hot pink head in past her bound playmate's hot pink labia. Jodi eased inch after inch of thick rubber past those stretched open labia, while a wordless Dana gasped out oohs! There was maybe half that Porn Star sized cock buried in pussy, When Jodi stopped the jabs that had been steadily driving it deeper. She began to rotate her hips, slowly spiraling that six inches back out, all the way out. The second time she penetrated Dana, it was with another gentle thrust; only, that one drove the entire twelve thick inches in, and at least momentarily out of sight. Dana couldn't hold back; only, her "Oh fuck me", wasn't a sentence, it was three separate, breathily drawn out words!

Jodi leaned forward, her enormous strap-on buried deep as she chuckled, then purred "Big, huh? So...aah, would you like to be fucked by my big dick?"

I looked over at Brian, and he was shaking his head. But our ballsy, already well-fucked playmate responded with a challenging "Well yeah!" Only, maybe she shouldn't have added that snotty "So fuck me bitch...that's if you're game!"

That afternoon, Jodi demonstrated the art of a hard, seriously hard, as in pedal to the metal, balls to the wall fuck. Whooping Jodi powered in thrust after hard driving thrust, most of them driving her big strap-on twelve inches deep, before a backward flip of her hips ripped it right back out, another wicked thrust slamming it right back in. And to be fair, Dana took it, unable to do anything more than to blow out oohs, and one heartfelt "oh Gods, I'm so full!"

Later, with Dana still bound in the middle of the bed, Jodi removed, and then buckled that hot pink dildo sporting harness around Sarah's waist. And suddenly it dawned on me just why my normally well-mannered wife had gone first. Anyway, after spending a lot of time adjusting the straps running between Sarah's legs, she announced "Your turn darling," and stepped back. Admiring her handiwork, she declared "Oops, wait, wait", picked up and tossed the bottle of lube to Brian

Brian caught it, looking positively eager as, sotto voce Jodi ordered "You do it!" And I'm pretty sure that was the first time Brian ever reached for a twelve inch cock; but then, who knows!

Sarah went right after it, and had six-inches of that XXX-rated rubber cock buried in her girlfriends ass, before her rolling hip thrusts stopped driving it deeper. After letting out a slow breath, she asked "More?"

Hearing the quaver in Dana's questioning "There's more," was priceless!

Sarah, her voice husky, replied simply "Uh-huh!"

Shaking her head as Dana giggled, Sarah slowly slid the remaining six wickedly thick inches of hot pink rubber cock home. And then, she fucked that curvaceous bit of ass, taking her girlfriend with the same wild abandon Jodi had demonstrated. Except of course, unlike Jodi, she was pistoning that hot pink behemoth in and out of Dana's asshole! And somewhere in the middle of that damn near over the top fuck, while I was busy gawking, I almost missed Jodi getting in to the act.

Maneuvering in to position, Jodi leaned back, Propped up on one elbow, her legs open, and with Dana's head resting between her thighs. With a handful of hair, she pulled Dana's head up, snickering nastily as she told her "We both know I've waited way, way to long for this, now don't we darling?" She had, and I was amazed Dana had escaped the Jacuzzi without spending some time between Jodi's thighs, at least partially balancing their orgasmic scores. But, not getting an immediate response, Jodi added "Come on now, everyone here knows you're pretty good at sucking cock, even while you're getting your ass fucked...ooh! So, let's see how you do with pussy!"

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