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A Gift From His Father Ch. 16

by Absolutelywickedthoughts©

Elizabeth turned to look behind her and saw a small Asian woman standing nearby in wrinkled baggy clothing that were at least three sizes too big and obviously not her own. She looked sheepishly at John, waiting to be acknowledged.

Ignoring the girl, John returned his attention to Elizabeth and filled her in on what she had missed while she had been taking care of the details of their trip. When he had completed the tale he called the petite Asian woman over to join them.

"Denise, this is Elizabeth, my right hand, you should consider anything she says to you as coming from me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master." Denise said. "I should obey Elizabeth as if she were my mistress. She speaks for you when you are not around."

"That is correct. We will talk more about this later." John said. He turned back to Elizabeth and asked. "How many does the jet seat?"

Understanding what John was asking, she replied that there is plenty of space for one more.

"Looks like you are going with us on a little trip, Denise."

She looked up at John and Elizabeth, and they could see the woman was uncomfortable, so they waited and finally she spoke.

"All the people are leaving; does that mean the party is over? She looked at John and then Elizabeth and said, "Cause, I really need a cock in my pussy and in my ass."


After stopping on the way to the airport at Cynthia's boutique to pickup clothing for Denise, they arrived at Hayward Executive Airport exactly on time. John had never been on a private jet before, he walked around the Gulfstream g200 smiling, and here he was chartering a private jet headed for the Bahamas. The staff assisted them with their bags and made sure they were comfortable. When they were ready the pilot gained permission to takeoff and they were in the air headed for the Caribbean and the Bahamas.


This morning waking up in the Smith Family Mansion some things were a little different although they had yet to reveal themselves.

Heather was up early, which was unlike her, normally preferring to sleep late, sometimes until 11AM. But not today, she was up at 6AM, she donned a black single piece bathing suit, which with her new body dimensions it fit her like a second skin and she headed down to her mother's gym. There she did almost an hour's worth of stretches, sit-ups and a variety of other calisthenics, she didn't know she knew. When she was done she went out to the pool and began swimming laps. She didn't swim that often, and surprised herself when she found herself perfectly doing the breast stroke, butterfly, and backstroke. It was only then that she realized the extent of her brother's gift when she amazed herself further by completing two laps underwater on a single breath. She tired after about an hour and simply floated on her back while she rested her tired muscles. It was almost 9AM when she heard the gate to the pool open and close, Miguel the pool man had arrived. Heather did a quick calculation and realized that it was indeed Thursday, his day to clean the pool.

As she continued to float, she found herself thinking about Miguel. He was nice enough on the eyes as she recalled, but she had never before thought of him in the sexual manner that was now invading her thoughts. She found herself wondering how well endowed he was and her mouth began to water as she imagined taking his cock deep into her throat. With her eyes closed as she continued to float while in her mind she found herself extremely turned on and imagined Miguel fucking her in her ass and pussy. Her nipples harden and pushed hard against her bathing suit and she almost forgot that Miguel was really there until he spoke.

"Miss Heather, excuse me. It is time to clean the pool, but if you aren't done with your swim I can come back later." Miguel had been admiring her body for a minute trying to decide if he should interrupt her. He was very cautious as he spoke to the woman; he'd heard stories and knew firsthand how harsh she was with the servants and hired help. His business was just starting to take off. The California drought made it necessary for pool maintenance to be more precise, even the wealthy didn't want to pay the fines for wasting water. So, business was good and he didn't want to lose a single customer.

Startled from her mindless drifting, her feet came down in water just over her shoulders and she stared at the Latin man like she'd never seen him before. He definitely wasn't her type, yet there was something about him. She realized it was this undeniable needed to have his cock inside her in the worst way. She smiled at him, she was beyond asking why, and her lust was growing by the minute.

"Uh, oh Miguel, you surprised me." She lied as she tried to cover for the need to feel him coming inside her. She was all worked up and close to cumming and it was all in her mind. "I was just about to get out." She took a few strokes, glided to the ladder in the six feet depth and grabbing the rail pulled herself up her feet finding the steps and climbed out of the pool.

Miguel saw her towel and figured he could hand it to her and speed things up a bit, he had a long day ahead of him and the sooner this princess left the pool the quicker he could begin his work.

He handed her the towel, as she just finished wringing out her long blonde hair. She smile and accepted the towel, but grabbing his hand pulled him towards her and pressed her lips to his surprised mouth.

It didn't take him long to respond and he opened his mouth she thrust her tongue in and they began to swirl their tongues together exploring each other's mouths.

Heather was trembling, and swooned as she came. Miguel caught her and carried her into the cabaña where there were several plush chaise lounges. He placed her carefully in one and patted her hand trying to revive her. She finally came to and just stared at Miguel as he asked if she was alright. She didn't seem to comprehend a word he was saying, as if he were speaking Spanish. Miguel was now pretty worried and pulled his cell from his cargo shorts about to dial 9-1-1 when Heather leaned forward and in one motion, pulled down his shorts and boxers allowing his semi hard cock to spring forward and into her waiting mouth. Before he could react the sensation of Heather's oral ministrations convinced him that she was fine, maybe in heat, but not ill. So he just relaxed and enjoyed it.


Isabel loved sleeping more than anything else. Since she didn't have any where to be, she didn't have to work, and so she stayed up late and slept even later. Their maids had gotten used to her habits and adjusted their cleaning schedules accordingly. Ana had been in the service of the Smith household for almost six years. Most of her tenure had been part time, but after Carmen and Maria left, she reluctantly agreed to work full time. She didn't particularly like the Smith's but the money was much better than all the other offers she had, so she continued. She liked Isabel the least, because she seemed to think of the servant staff as beneath her treating them more like slaves than servants and seemed to go out of her way to make their jobs more difficult.

Isabel had gotten out of bed, to use the bathroom; it was almost 9:30 AM. This was unusual. Isabel wasn't never up this early, but nature was calling and wouldn't be ignored. Ana was just beginning to clean her bathroom, knowing that she could easily finish it before the lazy girl woke. Ana was quietly working in the large bathroom's shower when unnoticed Isabel slipped into the water closet to pee. Having completed the shower Ana worked on the bathroom's double sinks humming softly as she cleaned.

Isabel heard the humming and realized that Ana was outside cleaning. She hated the sound of the woman happily working, why was she always so happy. After all what did she have to be happy about anyway, she thought. As the humming continued Isabel imagined Ana cleaning and mopping completely naked. Where did that come from, she thought and it caused a shiver to run through her. She imagined Ana's large breast swaying back and forth as she mopped the floor, and her ample ass jiggling. Then she imagined herself between Ana's meaty legs feasting on her scrumptious pussy. She didn't realize that her hands had no wandered north and south. Her right hand had slipped into her pajama top and was pulling her left nipple the way she loved it while her left hand found its way to her pussy and she was touching it the way she wanted to be licking Ana.

The humming was getting louder and Isabel realized how much she loved the sound and stood up leaving her pajama bottoms on the floor, just as Ana opened the door.

Ana was stunned to see Isabel half naked standing there, not more than a foot apart. She expected the woman to begin screaming at her. She had gone off on the staff for infractions much less than this. But instead she just stood there with a silly grin on her face and her hands on her chest pulling her nipples. She had interrupted Isabel as she was masturbating, she was really screwed now.

She cursed in Spanish and then in her best English attempted to apologize. Isabel seemed to come to her senses and shushed the woman as she took a step forward putting her index finger to Ana's mouth. Isabel finger was damp and smelled of her pussy; it wasn't missed by Ana, who had smelled her share of pussies. In the brief time that she'd seen Isabel naked she noticed how cute she looked with her closely cropped brown landing strip and her swollen lips. She licked her lips as she imagined what Isabel would taste like and how it would feel to have her tongue inside the spoiled young woman. She wanted to take the finger into her mouth and lick it clean. But wasn't sure if she was reading things clearly.

Isabel removed her finger and replaced it with her mouth and before Ana could process another thought, she and Isabel were engaged in a passionate kiss. Breaking the kiss, Isabel slid down the larger woman and reaching under her maid's uniform and pulled her large panties down and began lapping at Ana's quickly moistening pussy. As soon as her tongue reached between the folds of Ana's pussy, Isabel came and hard, but continued to lap at the maid's pussy until Ana also came. As they both laying panting on the bathroom floor, Isabel got up and reached out to Ana, helping her to her feet and taking her into her bed.


The house was quiet, as Samantha enjoyed her morning coffee still in her brief night gown while watching Fox News 9AM morning show. It wasn't a real news program, Samantha admitted to herself, they always got so many things wrong, but she liked the rest of Fox's programs so she tolerated the often wrong news programming. She didn't realize how it dulled her sense of right and wrong and how it made her views more conservative.

Something caught her eye from the left and she saw that José the gardener had just pulled up and was unloading his truck. She got up from her comfortable chair and walked over to the window and watched as José adjusted his mower, the "top of the line" Toro TimeCutter, climbed on and began the work of cutting the grass on the five acre mansion. Samantha watched him drive by and imagined it was she the gardener was riding. She quickly found herself getting wet and her hands slipped into her ebony baby doll night gown, pulling on her nipples and fingering her pussy. As she watched José made stripes back and forth on the massive front lawn, and she imagined that he was stroking his large cock in an out of her pussy. As he moved farther away, she realized that she had to have his cock in her right now. She ran out the room, down the hall, through the kitchen and out the back door. She heard the lawn mower engine growing louder; she turned the corner just as José and his mower were just a few feet away. José had to swerve to miss the near naked woman standing in his path.

He stopped the mower and climbed off to see if the woman had been injured, she was laying in the uncut grass. Reaching her José checked to see if there were any cuts or abrasions, her auburn hair spread out behind her like a halo. She was breathing. As José bent down over her, she opened her eyes and reached up and pulled his face to hers and kissed him passionately. José didn't know what to do, but Samantha did. After a minute of kissing she began to loosen José's belt and before he could suggest they go somewhere secluded she pulled him into her wet pussy and flipped him over and began humping the poor gardener as if her life depended on it.


It was a beautiful morning, Mary thought as she pulled open the curtains on her bedroom windows allowing the early morning sunlight into the large room. She felt no fatigue or soreness from the orgy and was hungry for more sex. She smiled realizing that she had completely adapted to her new life. She planned on dropping by to see Jackie and pick up where they left off. Her rival proved to be a quick learner and she was eager to see where her limits lay. If she collected enough sexual energy today, she could skip a night of hanging out in Silicon Valley's Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay. Not only was the sex good and plentiful, but Mary found the conversation interesting and stimulating. But a night off would be nice.

The coffee in her automatic coffee makers was ready and the smell of fresh brewed coffee filled the house. She grabbed a cup and sipped it while her bathtub filled with hot water and bubbles. She added her favorite bubble bath soap, "cinnamon buns", which smelled almost like the real thing. As the tub filled she shrugged off her robe and looked at her body in the bathroom's full length mirror. Although in her forties, she looked more like she was in her early thirties. Her flat belly and small waist made her large tits look even bigger than they really were. Her pussy was almost bald except for the narrow strip of closely cropped hair. The diamond jewel piercing her labia was now twice the size as it had been before being activated and sparkled brightly with sexual energy waiting to be transferred to her son John.

Admiring how beautiful her body was, she allowed her hands to caress her abundant curves and still found it amazing how her tits still defied gravity as big as they are, she chuckled to herself, realizing this was John's doing.

As she slid into the water, she emptied her mind of any and all thoughts, and as she did she heard John's voice in her mind wishing her a good morning and telling her they had just landed in at Grand Bahamas International Airport. She smile and responded in thoughts, wishing him well and looked forward to seeing him upon his return, and the connection ended. She realized that she was unconsciously fingering her pussy, masturbating was something she rarely had time for with all the sex she was getting, the thought of her son obviously triggered it.

Most people would think their relationship was wrong and evil, but he was more than her son, he was the Master of the Ring of Power and normal social rules of behavior no longer applied. She quickly had a surprisingly satisfying orgasm, much stronger than she thought possible, and then she realized that John must be responsible for that too. So relaxed, she barely wanted to leave the tub, but she had a busy day planned.


It was a mild 75 degrees on the Island and a limousine was waiting for them as the jet came to a stop. They deplaned and walked the short distance getting into the plush limo while the driver and flight attendant loaded their limited baggage into the trunk.

"So, where do we find this guy?" John asked as he settled into his seat and poured himself a glass of orange juice. He thought about it and offered Elizabeth and Denise a glass.

Elizabeth declined, while Denise accepted. John handed her the first glass, and Denise beamed. Her master offered her what was to be his own. That was a great honor, she thought.

Waiting for John to complete his task, Elizabeth looked Denise over again and could see in her eyes her devotion to her master, and thinking been there done that.

"Well, perhaps not where you'd expect to find him," Elizabeth replied, "at the Grand Lucayan Resort."

Having stored the luggage in the spacious trunk the driver started the engine and head out to the resort.


Tammy Bowen and Jerome Fox flew to Los Angeles together in first class seating. They were excited to be given the chance to become stars of the adult film industry. They considered driving down, but decided they would sell their cars and buy new ones once they settled in. You can't get around the LA area without a car but selecting the right vehicle was equally important, so they would rent for a time. They managed to get apartments in the same building in Sherman Oaks area which is a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of the city of Los Angeles; it's a bit more upscale and yet close to I-405 to make getting around pretty easy.

Choosing a production company seemed to be harder than they thought, there were nearly a hundred of them. But after a little research Tammy and Jerome decided that since they were guaranteed the job, because of their mind control abilities and their physical assets, they could choose the film company they preferred, so they narrowed it down to three, Diabolical, Smash & Absolutely Wicked Productions. Since Absolutely Wicked Productions was the closest they decided to start there.

Arriving at the studio they were asked to wait by the receptionist that looked as if she had done her share of time in front of the cameras, but was now better suited to office work. She appeared to be in her forties but may have been older. She popped her gum as she informed both Jerome and Tammy that they couldn't see a casting director without an appointment.

"We don't need an appointment," Jerome said.

"You don't need an appointment," the receptionist repeated.

"You know talent when you see." He said. "You should interrupt your boss before we go elsewhere."

"I can see you have what we are looking for, give me a minute. My boss is in a meeting, but he'll want to meet you. Don't go anywhere, I be right back." And she quickly rushed from behind her desk and ran down the hall jiggling her ample breasts and attempting to pull down her much too short skirt.

Tammy and Jerome looked at one another and smiled.

After a few minutes, a tall thin man with thick glasses came out stopped in front of them and stared. He spent almost a full minute and then decided he was intrigued enough to interview them and asked the two into his office.

"My name is Mel Katz, and I am always looking for fresh faces." He went on to talk about the industry and asked why they came to him. He asked the obvious, since they had come in together, were related or in a relationship. He already knew that unless they were scarred badly or were burn victims he'd probably find something for them.

When he seemed to have exhausted his rehearsed speech he paused and looked at them and said. If you kids are serious, then let's see what you've got.

Both Jerome and Tammy blinked and looked at him, before understanding that he wanted them to undress and show him their bodies.

Tammy asked to go first. She lifted her pink sweater top over head, taking her bra with it in one smooth motion allowing her magnificent tits to plop back on her chest one by one and as she shook her medium length light brown hair back into place. Standing she unbuttoned her gypsy bohemian skirt and let it fall to the floor. Mel Katz gasped, as he looked upon Tammy's pussy and belly. For Mel it was hypnotic, as if seeing a partially shaved pussy for the very first time. As he stared, looking for flaws as his eyes seemed to focus more closely at her naked lips parting slightly as if a tongue was just beginning to push through. The diamond stud that pierced her labia was a nice touch he thought as recovered. He was smiling as he looked at her again, finding her face and slowly moving down her from her eyes to her nose to her mouth, to her chin and down her neck to her magnificent tits, where he paused, trying to guess their size and if they were natural. She was a real beauty, he thought, her body had no real fat, she was lean, but healthy lean. You could see her ribs and then her slightly muscular abs. He ass would wait as he moved slowly back to her pussy and down her shapely legs.

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