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A Lazy Day By The Pool

by harryfloyd©

So there I stood, wondering exactly how I had come to be there, in the bathroom of the hotel room of the young man who stood behind me, my bikini top and bottom lying on the bathroom floor and me bent over the washbasin holding onto the taps, naked, well apart from my high heeled sandals. I was shaking slightly and wet from where he had just made me nearly pass out from the tongue lashing cunnilingus he had given me and my eyes still watering from when he had pushed his ridiculously big cock deep down my throat. The huge, rock hard, throbbing, cock that was now positioned just behind my soaking wet pussy, rubbing and caressing my labia. Wondering how I had come to be there, but very glad that I was. But wait, let me rewind this a few hours to a time when I was not the milf, slut, and sex toy of this young stud.

Another lazy day by the swimming pool with just a book for company. Today Eddie, my husband, had elected to play golf and I had kissed him goodbye at 9.15am. He told me he would not be back until at least 6.00pm, so I took the opportunity to grab a sunbed next to the pool and bring my latest novel with me. The book was quite boring and so currently I was just resting my eyes behind my sunglasses and underneath my wide brimmed sun hat and enjoying the warm sun on my body.

It was early October and Eddie had suggested an impromptu holiday as he had quite a few days holiday still to take before the end of the year. I was "between jobs" at the moment and my sister had offered to look after the kids for the whole week, as it was during school term time. As Alison did not have any children of her own and enjoyed their company, as they enjoyed hers, it had been agreed.

I knew it was just an excuse for Eddie to "Get a few rounds of golf in," but I thought, why not go to a resort in the south of Spain, out of holiday season and enjoy some mild weather, do some shopping and sightseeing and generally recharge my batteries. The weather had in fact been a lot better than mild. It had very warm for October and today was no different with the weatherman suggesting a high of 27 C, warm and sunny all day.

I had brought two bikinis with me, more out of optimism than anything else, but the weather was perfect for bikini wearing and I had been brave and worn one or the other on each of the days I had been at the pool. At 43 I had thought I was a bit old for them but I did enjoy the sun on my bare skin and Eddie had encouraged me to wear them, saying "I still think you have the best body of any 43 year old woman I've ever known," and then spoiling it a bit by saying, "Well the best of any woman I've ever slept with."

I was however still proud of my body, and although I had two children, I thought my body was a lot better than many of my friends,' even those quite a bit younger than me. I have auburn hair, am 5' 5" and 9 stone. My measurements are 34-24-40 and I am still in trim, probably due to going to the gym three times a week and swimming twice a week. My legs are toned, my tummy is flat, my boobs are still pert(ish) and Eddie constantly tells me that I have the perfect measurements for him. He is "Not a big tit man" and "What you can't get into your mouth is wasted anyway." He also loves my hip to waist ratio and says "It always gets him hard when I bend over in front of him" and "He loves putting his hands around my waist, just above my hips and pulling me onto his cock until he is balls deep inside me." He's such a sweet talker. He also says he loves my "Cock sucking lips," as I have Angelina Jolie type lips. Unfortunately for him I don't really enjoy fellatio, so he only gets it on rare occasions, after much cunnilingus and he never gets to cum in my mouth as I really don't like the taste (well actually more the consistency than the taste) of sperm.

Anyway I digress, I had the skimpier and strappier of the two bikini's on today, a little red and black number and I had covered my face, shoulders, boobs, tummy and front of legs with sun tan cream. My sarong, which I had worn down from the apartment to the pool was on the table beside me, as was a coke with ice, which I had been sipping on for most of the morning. In addition to my skimpier, strappier, black and red bikini, I had also worn my high heeled sandals, which were now under my sunbed. Not the most practical for around the pool but there was a reason for this. On a couple of the previous days there had been some young guys, 5 or 6 of them in their early to mid-twenties and 2 of them in particular were quite handsome. Although I was not really interested I did like the idea of them looking at me and so wanted to do as much as I could to encourage this.

So, as I said, currently I was just resting my eyes behind my sunglasses and enjoying the warm sun on my body. I heard one of the sunbeds near to me scrape on the ground as someone pulled it round to better face towards the sun. I opened my eyes behind my sunglasses and saw one of the young guys. He sat down towards the end of the sunbed and took a few large gulps on a glass of something, rubbed the back of his neck and groaned, "Oh my head."

"Too much to drink last night?" I came out with, surprising myself about as much as it surprised him.

He cocked his head on one side and turned it to face me, "Yes," was his monosyllabic reply. My bravery after my initial question had subsided and I remained silent behind my sunglasses, looking at him from an acute angle.

He was one of the two handsome ones, although not quite the best looking of the bunch but almost certainly the second best. He did though have some striking features, such as his jet black hair, cut severely at the back and sides and long and floppy on the top and piercing blue eyes. He also had easily the fittest body of the bunch. He was possibly the shortest of the group, or at least not one of the taller ones and I estimated his height to be about 5'7" or 5'8" although it was not possible to tell with any degree of accuracy whilst he was sitting down. At this point he suddenly stood up and faced towards me and stretched and yawned and took another couple of gulps on his drink, which looked like milk or perhaps a smoothie. He was lean but beautifully proportioned and although did not quite have a perfect 6-pack his lower abdomen was fantastically toned and defined. He did have a slight taper up to a broader V of his chest which again was toned and defined. His arms were bigger and even more defined than his torso and his shoulders, biceps and forearms seemed to bulge, as though they were used to carrying heavy weight on a regular basis. The muscles between his shoulders and neck were also quite prominent, and yet in spite of all of this definition and muscle on his body he was relatively slight with a small waist and narrow hips. If anything, I would have said he was a bit under-weight. However that was a tiny criticism of this gorgeous specimen of a young man that was standing before me. His face was quite nice looking and looked quite young but again like his body was a bit thin and drawn like he needed to eat a bit more food.

"The rest of them, left me in bed with my hangover," he complained. "They're off to some water park or other about 40 miles away. Two bus rides apparently."

"Oh dear," I said, "Maybe you shouldn't have drunk so much then."

"But I like drinking," he smiled. "Are you hear on your own then? I thought I saw you with that fat lad with the loud shirt and Panama hat."

"That fat lad with the loud shirt and Panama hat is my husband," I said in a sing song tone. He smiled, turned away and dived into the pool.

He swam a few lengths of the pool, front-crawl, whilst I watched him silently from behind my sunglasses sipping my coke through a straw. He came back to the side of the pool where his towel was lying on a sunbed a couple of sunbeds from mine and effortlessly pushed himself up onto the edge of the pool and onto his feet and stood looking at me for a few seconds. I looked away and he moved over to his sunbed and dried himself down with his towel before replacing the towel on the sunbed and lying face down looking in the opposite direction from me. I looked around the pool area at the few people that were around. It was sparsely populated. There was a few middle-aged couples and an old couple and an older large, single woman. He was the only young person around and there were no children, it was school time after all. I went back to reading my book after a minute and it was quiet for a few minutes apart from a gentle, warm breeze and a low volume sound of some music coming from the pool bar area, quite distant from where he and I were lying. There was no-one else within about 15 yards of where we lay about 3 yards apart.

After about 5 minutes I heard him speak again. "You couldn't do me a favour could you?"

I looked up and said "What would you like?"

"Would you put some sun cream on my back? I wouldn't want to burn" I looked up at him, he was looking at me from his prone position, smiling sweetly. I looked around, where nothing had changed with the other sunbed loungers quietly sitting or reading or just soaking up the sun, minding their own business.

"OK," I smiled and I stood up and walked over to him. I was conscious of just being bikini clad but no one took any notice of me. He continued to smile sweetly and held up his sun lotion for me to take. I took the bottle and poured some onto my hand and put the bottle back on the ground. I started to rub the lotion onto his back and he grunted softly and put his face into the sunbed. His body was fantastic, close up I could see and now feel the definition of his muscles and I felt them tensing and relaxing under my hands as I rubbed his shoulders and down his back and on his sides. I felt my breathing become a little ragged as I was doing this and I felt a little self-conscious but also I was starting to get a little turned-on and I could feel my nipples hardening slightly and between my legs start to get a little moist as I rubbed over his body with my hands.

"The backs of my legs too please," he said without turning his head and I without hesitation moved down to his legs below his medium length, snug but not tight swimming shorts. His legs felt as good as his back and torso, toned and hard and fairly hairy under the touch of my hands. He made another small grunt and at this I involuntarily bit my bottom lip and shuddered slightly. When I had finished I gave his bum a tiny slap, at which he immediately tensed his buttocks really hard so they looked big and powerful underneath his swimming trunks.

"All done," I smiled as I turned away and walked to the edge of the pool. I dived into the pool, which was nice and cooling, as I felt as though I was going to overheat if I did not cool down pretty soon. I swam a few lengths of breast stroke until I felt sufficiently cooled, calm and collected and then I went to the steps of the pool and hauled myself out and walked around back to my sunbed. He was lying on his back when I returned, propped up on his elbows, his eyes not leaving me as I walked. I felt his eyes on me still whilst I dried my hair shoulders and then legs on the towel and then laid it flat and lay back down, this time on my front. He was still looking at me and I turned to face in the other direction, now a bit self-conscious.

After about another 5 minutes I heard him speak again, "What's your name, by the way?"

"Caroline," I replied, "What's yours?"

"Dave," he said. "How about I return the favour, Caroline?"

"I think I'm ok," I said, "I'm mostly under the shade of this palm tree here now."

"Not completely, you're not," he responded and before I could object he had stood and walked to me and was pouring my sun cream onto my back.

"Oh, go on then," I said, smiling to myself as I lay face down on the sunbed. He had put on far more sun cream than was necessary and was now massaging it into my shoulders and back. I felt him pull loose the string on my bikini top and I smiled to myself again as he firmly massaged my back from my neck down my back and around and over my hips. It was much more of a massage than rubbing in sun cream but I was enjoying it and I thought I bet he is as well. I felt him step over the sun bed, so he was now straddling me and continuing to massage my back, then he stopped and applied more sun cream to his hands. I took this opportunity to put my sun glasses back on and fold my arms above my head and lie with my head on one side on top of my arms.

He now started to massage my legs, he started briefly at the tops of my legs before moving quite quickly to my calves and then started to work his way slowly, very slowly back up. I opened my eyes and managed to watch him out of the corner of my eye, this fantastic young stud with a chiseled body slowly massaging up my legs. Then I saw it.

His swimming trunks were still damp and had not quite dried in the heat of the sun and the material was clinging to his cock, and what a cock. I almost gasped as I noticed. His cock was huge. At least the bulge was huge. I craned my neck a bit to get a better look, it completely filled the front of his swimming costume and I could see the head almost bulging out of the bottom of the material. He was not looking at me he was completely focused on what he was doing and was now up past my knees on the back of my thighs. I closed my eyes again as he tried to pull my thighs apart. I resisted but his strong hands and arms were quite insistent and I thought, ok I'll go with this but stop him if it gets too much. He was now right at the top of my thighs pulling them apart slightly as he massaged round the tops of my legs and letting a finger or two slide between the gap at the tops of my legs and underneath the material of my bikini bottom.

My breathing was becoming ragged again and I felt myself bite my lip and my eyes roll backwards. I was enjoying this too much and had to stop it soon, it was getting really erotic and he was starting to make me wet. He finally let a solitary finger slide over my pussy lips and penetrate my slit ever so slightly. That was it, it has to stop, I was just about to sit up and roll over and ask him to stop when he slapped my bum and grabbed and crushed one of my buttocks in his powerful fingers and said "All done," before he leapt from over my sunbed and started walking coolly back to his own.

I was about to sit up when I remembered the straps on my bikini were undone. I put my hands behind my back and tied the traps in a bow before I sat up. He was now standing next to his sun bed facing away from me when he said, "I think I need to go and relieve myself." I took him to mean he needed to go and use the toilet and he turned towards me but started walking away, smiling all the while. I again noticed the huge bulge in his shorts and another thought entered my head about what he meant by relieve himself.

I lay there for a while on my back propped up by my elbows trying to compose myself and reduce the rapidity of my breathing. Presently I looked up to the hotel building and balconies of the rooms which overlooked the swimming pool. Dave was there on one of the larger balconies of the larger rooms looking down at me. I noticed it was on the third floor, a couple of rooms along from the smaller balcony of my and Eddie's room. The balconies surrounded a small veranda and were about 4' high composed of brick which had a few gaps filled with metal railings. The balcony outside the patio doors of my and Eddie's room was only about 5' by 12' and had a plastic table with a couple of plastic chairs but I could tell the balcony outside Dave's room was bigger, I estimated about 12 or 15' square and has the same table but more chairs.

Dave gave me a small salute with a finger against his brow and I smiled back at him but then looked away towards the bar area. It was still quiet, nothing much had changed. When I looked back up towards the balcony I first thought he had gone but then I realized he must have been sitting on one of the chairs, as I could just make out his jet black hair and part of his shoulder and body through a gap where the railings were. He seemed to be moving slightly and his head was bobbing back and forward in time with a part of his arm which I could make out. I caught him glimpse down towards me every now and again but he would not have known I was looking at him because I had my sunglasses on and my hat and my head was pointing in the direction of the other side of the pool but I was looking up from the top and side of my eyes.

I took a sharp intake of breath as I realized what he was doing. I swiftly sat bolt upright and pulled my knees up to my body and wrapped my arms around my legs. He was watching me and having a wank. I was not sure how to feel, I felt a bit violated at first but as the initial shock subsided and the realization of what he was doing and who it was that was doing it sank in, I felt less uncomfortable. Gradually I realized that I liked this idea and I went back to the position I was in before I comprehended what he was doing. In fact I decided I would put on a bit of a show. Even though I was well covered in cream I put some lotion on the tops of my breasts and rubbed it into first the areas that were exposed to the sun and then a bit more underneath the material and towards my nipples. Still there bobbing back and forward. Then I turned over onto my hands and knees with my bum pointing generally in the direction of his balcony and rubbed my lower back to just under the material of my bikini bottom and then the tops of the back of my thighs to just under the material of my bikini bottom. I slowed and slid a finger or two underneath the material and over my labia which I fingered gently. Still there bobbing back and forward. I smiled to myself and just happened to glance over to the other side of the pool.

To my horror a man from one of the older couples across the pool was staring at me, smiling to himself. I looked away and as quickly as I could sat back upright over the side of the sunbed, grabbed my hat, sarong and sandals, stood up and walked as slowly as I could manage, trying to keep my composure, towards the door of the apartment block where the sanctity of my room lay.

Once I was inside the building I let out a big sigh and shook my head. I did though see the funny side and smiled to myself as I walked to the lift and then ultimately to the safety of my room. When I was out of the lift and walking down the corridor towards my room I passed the door of what I realized must be Dave's room and my thoughts moved back to him. He was the one who had caused this, he was the one who had got me and himself all turned on and then left to go to his balcony and spy on me whilst he "Relieved" himself. I felt a little angry towards him and wanted to get him back for what he had instigated to make me feel shame and embarrassment. I wondered if he had finished his masturbatory session and how annoying he might find it if he was interrupted. That was it, I decided I would knock on his door under some pretext or other and make him frustrated that he could not finish what he had started. I put on my sandals and sarong and carrying my hat, sunglasses and book I went to the door, composed myself and pressed the buzzer for his apartment.

No answer, so I pressed it again. This time I heard some noise from behind the door and I smiled at the spy hole where I was sure he would now be watching. He opened the door. He was standing there with just a towel wrapped around his waist, his face looked a little red with sweat on his forehead and the veins in his arms and across his chest and shoulders seemed to be standing out more than previously.

"Hi Davy," I said, "I have run out of coffee and I just wondered if you could lend me some?"

He looked at me quizzically and smiled, "Sure, no problem, I'll make you one, how do you take it?"

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