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Into the Heart of Darkness

by Scheherazade88©

They call me Zainab Al-Jafaari and I have a wondrous tale of intrigue, betrayal, lust and power worthy of the thousand and one nights, only without the Caliph Harun Rashid to hear it. I am from the city of Al-Nasiriyah, a city in Southern Iraq, which is famous for two things. Our city gave birth to both the Iraqi Ba'ath party and the Iraqi Communist Party, and perhaps rather more infamously, in 1991 after the Americans withdraw, the Shia rose up against Saddam Hussein, but the Iraqi army crushed it and our city was destroyed. But this is not the story I want to tell, my story is about a group of wives, daughters and mothers, who developed relations with American soldiers after the 2003 invasion.

Like many Iraqis, my family is from a tribal confederation called the Al-Muntafiq, but I cannot state which part of the confederation I come from. Talking about this is so dangerous, but I, like the women in the story think it's important to tell the tale of the women liberated by the Americans. In earnest, it all began just after the Iraqi Republican Guard withdraws from the city and the Americans entered. I was a 21-year old college student, but our story begins with one woman, who we'll call Mimi. Mimi was 28 and married with one child, her husband had worked in City Hall, but when the Americans entered he was detained by them. Many local governmental officials were, and like many of the first girls to take part, sleeping with the Americans was about protecting or releasing their men from American custody.

Mimi was a very beautiful girl, with light olive skin and she became the leader of our group. We turned from a group of concerned wives and daughters into an American cock appreciation society. Her first encounter with an American soldier happened when she visited the city hall and met with a Capitan Ryan. In her own words she told us,

"I walked into the city hall and there were all these big muscular guys, some were black, others were brown and the rest were white European looking. I knew, I should feel afraid, and that the Americans were meant to be our enemy. But I couldn't help but feel, really turned on. My husband has a small penis and is a terrible lover. I see all these young, fit and strong men, walking around and my nipples started to go hard.

Pretty soon, I was face to face with the beautiful Capitan Ryan, with his ripping muscle, blonde short hair and piercing blue eyes. If I had to be conquered by anyone, I wanted it to be him. He gave me a firm hand shake and I knew, I wanted his big strong arms wrapped around me. Watching his lips move and fantasying about what he could be doing to me, I kept fidgeting in my seat and crossing and re-crossing my legs, biting my lips and sweating.

He told me, that there was no way, he could release my husband. I don't know why I did it, but I started asking about his personal life. He seemed a little unsettled, and it was then, that I decided to turn on the female charm. I told him, that he looked like a big strong man, who knew how to please a woman. Before he could say anything, I got off my chair, and walked over to him and I placed my lips onto his lips.

He quickly to command of the situation, and slid his tongue into my mouth, which I began sucking on. He then withdrew his tongue, and pushed my head down, he made me unzip his pants. As soon as, I unzipped him and rolled down his underwear, his huge cock flopped out. It was so big, I'd never seen one that huge before, I was frightened and turned on. I spent a moment admiring it, and then slowly I started poking it. It was so unusual looking, it appeared to have extra skin that I had never seen before.

He looked down at me, and I, up at him. He encouraged me to try it and so, I began stroking, rubbing and pulling on it. Like a savage he began to growl, but even then he was considerate and would stop his growling to ask, if I liked it? I responded that if this Is what the American-occupation is going to be about, then I look forward to it.

The strange extra skin became appetizing to me, I stretched fourth my tongue and upon making contact, a new world of hidden delight revealed itself. I wondered why, I had never encountered such a skin, among our men? Ryan then asked me how his foreskin tasted? It took me a minute before I understood, what he was talking about. This delicate object, which is the cause of so much mutual pleasure, which is a sensitive part of a big man, is the dreaded and cultural forbidden foreskin. Muslim boys have it removed by the age of 6, but these foreigners don't, how can that be?

But I continued, I swallowed him whole and he held my head down. His monster managed to reach passed my mouth and down my throat, where it produced an Adam's apple like lump. I cough, I chock, but I still want more. His precum goes down in is huge gulps, every time, a new batch goes down and he withdraws, I swipe my mouth and give a satisfyingly refreshed sound, Haaaaaa.

But this is not enough to satisfy me. My taste buds have been aroused and I wish for big boy to open my pussy up. I begged him to fuck me good. Using his muscular arms, he lifts me up, lays me down and spreads me across his desk.

My legs are forced open, he holds his weapon of mass destruction, and directs it to my outer lips. There, he teases the border to my inner sanctum, the cultural red line that keeps foreign invades at bay. My outer lips are sensitive and when teases send my body into a state of arousal. My nipples become hard and erect outwards.

But, while others are deterred, or have failed. He succeeds, gradually pushing past my defenses, and into my inner core. He is so large and my pussy so tight, I wail, as my pussy is opening up to leaves not experienced before. Being a red-blooded stud, he pays no heed, and continues. By some miracle he finds himself in my inner sanctum.

No elite Republican guards units can push him back. He looks at me and asks, if I am ready? I nod and he kisses me. Suddenly, the ferocious assault began, in and out in rapid succession. I tried to contain myself, but I couldn't. Screams, cries and wails rang out, alongside bouts of pleasure and ecstasy.

My pussy going red and with no end in sight. His heavy breath, sweaty body and meaty torso, indicate the power relations between us. Sweat consumes us both, as does intense groans and grunts, the air is thick with the smell of sex and cum. Despite some pain, his cock is the best my pussy has ever felt. The desk shakes violently and is close to collapse. He does not tire down and keeps going. As well as precum, I can feel my own internal juices oozing out and they are ready to flow. He screams louder and louder and complains his cock is burning. Still, white-thick-creamy cum leaves his manhood and mixes with my internal juices.

Hot Jizz, filled me up, and soon my own juices are flowing. Climax reaches both of us. He helped clean me off, but still told me, my husband had to remain in U.S. custody. After that, I continued to sleep with him, eventually my husband was released, but I carried on seeing him. And now, I have found this club."

This story inspired all of us. Before joining the circle, I had always been a horny teenager with an abnormal sex drive. In our culture, women are not meant to be horny, and lustful females are seen as dirty. But, despite this, I would masturbate 4 to 5 times a day. It was my dirty little secret.

I was introduced to the circle by Fatima, a 30-year old curly haired interrupter, who was a friend of my family. She worked with U.S. forces interrupter from English to Arabic and vice versa. Fatima is my best friend and I tell her everything. It was her who told me about wild orgies on U.S. bases and about the women who serve the soldiers every need. I was a little hesitant at first and going to the circle was a way for me to build up some Dutch courage.

I would visit the circle frequently, and hear wondrous tales of love and adultery. There was Noor, who was sleeping with three soldiers and playing them off against one another. There was Alia, who was having a lesbian relationship with an American female officer. And many other girls, all with their own tales and adventures.

One comment that really sticks in my mind from that period came from Fatima. She told me, "You know what I find really attractive about the Americans? It's the sense of power they hold, they are invisible, and power and invisibility is erotic. Defeat, is a sign of weakness, backwardness, inferiority and as weak women, we wish to be strong, and thus want the sperm of the winner. Some would say my mind has been colonized, but I say, my mind has been opened to survival of the fittest."

Her application of social-Darwinism convinced me of the necessity for me to get laid. After months of listening to other girls stories, I wanted my own. Fatima, took me to a party on the base and as we entered, the first scene that greeted us was of Iraqi girls engaged in orgies with American servicemen.

I never understood what the term, the air was thick with the smell of cum meant, until that evening. There were girls engaged in every sex act imaginable, it was quite an education for me. Everyone seemed to be having a good time and some soldiers were leering at me. I was shy and didn't know what to do.

It was then, that Fatima introduced me to Private First Class Joshua Daniels, a big Texan fellow with broad biceps. Short hair with green eyes and a muscular face, but with a wide and warm smile. We greeted one another, he leaned in to kiss each of my cheeks and we got talking.

He brought me a drink and we went to an office, which was quite and began talking.

Daniels: "So, I hear you're a virgin, but that you're quite horny. I also heard you attend the circle. I hope, I'm not being too presumptuous, but I really like Iraqi girls. And I like the way you look and would love to help you take care of your needs and desires. I promise you'll not regret it."

He leaned forward and started stroking my leg, I then blurted out "Kiss me..Hold me..Take me away."

In a very American military fashion he responded, "Yes Ma'am."

My lips and his lips met, as he leaned in, slowly and gently our tongues entered into a forbidden dance. His breath smelled of mint, his salvia also had a taste, that I still cannot place. Exchanging mouth fluids, we entered into a passionate exchange and my body began to warm up and my nipples hardened.

Sucking each other tongues, he pulled me towards him. I was on the desk and he stood near the edge of the desk. He licked around my ears and neck, kissed down to my chest area, before removing my top. Laid bare, my sweaty nipples and the humid air that made contact with it, seemed to excite him.

His tongue made love too my sensitive nipples and all I could do was lay back and enjoy. He bite, swallowed and sucked and I screamed for more. My nipples began to erect and were stiff, while in his mouth. I placed my hand onto the back of his head and pushed it into my breasts. I let him run out of air, before releasing his head, but he still went back in for more.

He licked under my breasts and then all the way down to my bellybutton. Once he reached my bellybutton, he licked and teased it, and kept saying "Imagine your pussy."

A few minutes of laying waste to my bellybutton, before he moved down further. Using his Sparta like strengthen, he pulled down my jeans and panties and started poking my outer lips. He rubbed around it with his finger and kissed it a few times.

He placed his whole mouth on it and I felt a tingling sensation. I giggled, before some serious licking started. He concentrated his tongue around my outer lips and then underneath them. His tongue went in further and further and I closed my eyes and started groaning. His tongue was long and managed to get quite far in, then he tongue fucked me.

In and out and in and out. My pussy became moist and cum started to dripping out, which he swallowed. He then withdraw his tongue and stood up-right. He pulled down his pants and his enormous manhood swung from left to right.

There it was, his cock, all the stories, fantasies and mythologies appear before me in a singular moment. I reached out and poked it, before my hand grabbed it and I started rubbing it. He immediate started groaning, I spat and drooled onto his cock and rubbed it in. My tongue reached out and brushed his cock.

My licked him from top to bottom and even sucked and swallowed under his nuts. He pulled on my hair and I finally ingested his cock. It was large and reached down my throat, causing lumps in my throat. I sucked, swallowed, gulped, burped and spat out on loop. He was meaty and tasty.

I loved the way he tasted. He withdraw his cock and I knew it was time. He pulled his cock towards my tight pussy and shoved it in, despite my screams, he did it quickly. My body wanted to jump, but I forced myself to stay. My pussy was being mutilated and I was loving it. Once in, his pelvic movements started and he went in and out.

He held me tight and went at high speed and my tight pussy was opening up. Sweat ran down my body and the room temperature was soaring. He was becoming more aggressive and shouted to the top of his lungs. Back and forth, back and forth, our bodies swayed and it seemed never ending.

I could hear tears and rips, but I didn't care, it was for my own good. My pussy felt ready, and cum started trickling out, within moments I was cum infested. But he kept fucking, then when he felt ready to cum, he withdraw his cock and began jerking himself off near my tits and face. Cum flew out and hit me in the eye, which went red. More came out and my face, tongue, hair and tits were covered in hot cream. White and thick, I didn't waste a drop. Swallowed every bit.

Me and Joshua became a couple on that day. I heard later that Fatima had a gangbang with 7 guys, but I was only interested in what I did. We kept seeing and screwing each other. I eventually fell pregnant and he arranged for me to come to the United States. I now live with him in Texas.

Written by: Scheherazade88

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