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"Pet Mommy": My Daughter Submits

by silkstockingslover©

Summary: Slut Mommy assists in making her daughter submit to her son.

Recap: This is actually part four. Obviously, you should read parts 1, 2 and 3 first, as they will help you understand how the mother ended up where she is now; if you have already read the first three parts and can't remember the basic plot, or just want to start here on part is a very brief summary of the story so far.

"Pet Mommy": Creating a Mommy-Slut Summary: A mother learns her son fantasizes about fucking her and, realizing just how much he resembles her deceased dominant husband, decides to make his fantasy a the end seducing her son and becoming his submissive pet mommy.

"Pet Mommy": DP Mommy Slut!-Summary: A mother's dominant son makes another fantasy come true...her first double penetration.

"Pet Mommy": Fucking with Mommy-Slut Summary: A mother's task is to seduce her daughter and give her to her son as a present at his graduation...alas, things go terribly astray when the daughter takes the mother for herself.

Notes: Thanks as always to my editors MAB7991, Robert, Leann and Goamz for the laborious amount of time they spend in helping to make this sequel better.


Crystal and I got home pretty late that night and, thankfully, Crystal didn't insist we sleep together or anything...each of us headed to our own bedrooms.

I was startled when I entered mine to find Michael there in my bed on his laptop.

He asked, without looking up from his computer, "So how did it go?"

"Not as anticipated," I answered, suddenly nervous at the consequences of yet another sexual weakness on my part.

"Explain," he said, closing his laptop and moving it to the side table.

I retold the whole story, including my own lesbian sexual submission to her. He seemed slightly shocked at first, but then listened intently.

Once I was done, I finished with, "I'm sorry, Master, I just wasn't strong enough to stand up to her and I didn't want to tell her about you."

He snapped his fingers and pointed to his crotch. I crawled onto the bed, tugged down the sheets and blanket and found a very stiff cock waiting for me. I bent down and took it in my mouth as he talked.

"Well, tomorrow we will have to put her in her place," he said, as I devoured his whole cock with my mouth.

"How?" I asked, a moment later.

As he grabbed my head and guided it back onto his cock he said, rather vaguely, "Psychological warfare."

I bobbed on his cock, enjoying being back in my comfortable submission position pleasuring my son. I bobbed up and down on his stiff rod, enjoying it in my mouth. A few minutes later I was swallowing Michael's seed. Once he was done, I climbed up into his arms and fell asleep in his warm embrace.

The next morning, I was alone in bed. I got up, grabbed a robe, and headed to the kitchen. I was surprised to see Michael already in his tux. He greeted me, "Good morning Mom."

"Good morning," I yawned.

He smiled, "Don't be yawning already, it's going to be a long day."

"Just need coffee," I said robotically, going to the coffee machine.

"Not cock?" he quipped.

"Oh that too," I smiled, always ready to feed his aggressive sexual behaviour and my insatiable appetite for his cum.

"Knees, Mom," he ordered.

"But Crystal could come down any second," I fretted.

"She already knows you're a submissive slut," Michael shrugged.

"Michael please," I pleaded, usually liking his dirty talk, but thinking it seemed out of place with Crystal upstairs, even after she dommed me last night.

"Please shove my cock in your mouth or please shove your dick in my cunt or please sodomize me with your massive rod?" Michael asked, moving towards me.

My cunt dampened at his nasty words and as usual I shifted from mother to slut, consequences be damned. I answered, ready for whatever he wanted to do to me, "My body is yours to use as you please, Master."

"Get me hard, Mommy-pet," he ordered, his hands going to my shoulders and guiding me to my knees.

"Aren't you already?" I pouted as I looked up at him.

"Find out for yourself," he smirked, looking down at me.

I fished out his cock and discovered it was already hard and ready for action, but I took it between my lips anyways.

I bobbed back and forth on his gorgeous cock in my own kitchen with my dominant daughter, my Mistress, upstairs. It was nerve-wracking, yet equally exhilarating.

As I continued to deep throat his iron hard rod, I pondered how I had a son as a Master and a daughter as a Mistress, and how it could all fall apart in seconds.

"Pussy or ass, Mommy-slut?" he asked.

"Your choice, baby, but my cunt is on fire right now," I answered, taking his cock out of my mouth, the risk of being caught somehow turning me on.

"Drop your robe and bend over the table," he instructed.

"If Crystal comes?" I asked, already obeying by removing my robe.

"It isn't about her coming, it's about me coming," Michael answered, playing on my words.

"Isn't that the truth," I playfully smiled, bending over the table, leaving both my cunt and ass available for his beautiful fuck stick.

I wasn't surprised when he slid his cock in my ass. It had been his favourite hole of late and the one that usually got me the most animated. "Oooooh, you are such a bad boy, Michael, fucking Mommy's ass," I moaned as his cock filled my back door.

"Just how you love it," Michael smirked.

"Sooo true," I moaned as he began sliding his big cock in and out of me.

I forgot all about the risk of getting caught by Crystal and just enjoyed the sensation of being ass fucked.

For a few minutes he fucked my ass, eventually pounding me so hard the table began to move. I moaned, "Oh yes, baby, fuck Mommy hard."

"On your knees, Mom," Michael ordered, as he pulled out of my ass.

I quickly spun around, dropped to my knees, and opened my mouth just in time to feel the first spray of his cum hit my face. A second and third rope of cum hit my face and mouth before I leaned forward and took his still pulsating cock in my mouth.

After only a few seconds, he pulled out and said, "Sorry, but Crystal will be home any minute now."

"She's not here?" I asked, surprised.

"She went for a jog," Michael revealed.

"So what is the plan now?" I asked, standing up.

"I don't know yet, but make sure she is home and dressed sexy when I get home from the grad party," he instructed.

"That won't be easy," I said.

"Just make sure she is here," Michael said. "I will take care of the rest."

"I Iove a confident man," I purred.

"And no coming until Crystal is mine," Michael ordered.

"Okay," I sighed, my pussy burning at the moment, unsure how I would refuse if Crystal tried to make me.

"I'm going to shower," Michael said, leaving me alone in the kitchen.

I quickly washed the cum off my face and made myself presentable just in time as Crystal came in all sweaty from her run.

"Hi, my dear," I greeted, not sure what our relationship would be after yesterday.

"Hi, Mom," she smiled back, looking around for Michael.

"He is in the shower, I think," I said.

"So we have time?" She smiled.

"For what?" I asked.

"For you to have some breakfast," Crystal said, tugging down her shorts.

"Not here, Crystal," I firmly said.

"Are you disobeying me?" She asked, raising her eyebrow.

"Yesterday was a mistake," I said.

"Is that what you think?" Crystal asked.

"Yes," I said. "I am your mother."

"And my pet," she added, emphasis on the 'my'.

"No," I said. "Plus, you are going back home in a couple of days."

"All the more reason to enjoy the weekend," she smiled, moving towards me.

Suddenly realizing I had an opportunity, I said, "Tell you what. We can continue our mommy-daughter time after we return from Michael's graduation."

"Hmmmmm," she said, staring me in the eye.

"I'll be your complete mommy-slave fuck-toy," I offered, talking crudely in hopes of drawing her back into the original seduction plan.

"I don't know, my cunt is calling your name," she said.

"Please, wait till then," I said, adding, "I will obey anything you order me to do then."

"Anything?" She asked, such words being rather extreme.

"My body is your canvas," I replied, sounding corny as hell.

"Okay, Mommy, I'll behave until after the graduation. But then you are fucking mine," Crystal said, slapping my ass and leaving me in the kitchen alone.

I shook my head, wondering what I had gotten myself into.


The graduation was boring, like they always are, and both Crystal and I got a few extra looks because of our gowns, which were rather extravagant for a high school graduation...both of us truthfully outshining many of the teenage girl graduates. I liked getting looks and, although nervous, I was really excited to see how Michael planned to deal with Crystal.

Michael found us after the ceremony and said, "Wow, you two. This is a graduation, not a wedding."

I quipped, "We just wanted to make you look good."

Crystal added sharply, "Especially because you can't do it yourself."

"Love you too," Michael replied, trading shots like they always did. "But seriously, Crystal, you look super hot."

"Yuck...I'm your sister," she said, her face scrunching up like a dried raisin.

"I didn't say I wanted to fuck you," Michael said, shocking her.

"Michael!" She gasped.

"I need a picture of my big man," I said, trying to change the subject, the innuendo transparent to Crystal, but not to Michael.

I took a couple of pictures of Michael just as Frederick arrived.

Frederick repeated Michael's words, "Holy cow, Ms. Lodge and Crystal, you two are the hottest ones here."

Crystal glared, "And you look just as nerdy as you always have."

Frederick quipped back, "I know you love me, Crystal. One day you will accept it."

"When hell freezes over," Crystal snapped back.

"With global warming that could be sooner than you think," Michael quipped, clearly foreshadowing his full intentions, which Crystal was oblivious to.

"Why don't I take a picture of the whole family," Frederick said, ignoring the insult.

I agreed, "Thanks, Frederick, that would be great. I don't get my two babies together often anymore and never dressed so...maturely."

I got Michael in the middle of Crystal and I and Frederick took a few pictures.

Once done, Michael slyly pinched my ass and I yelped.

Crystal looked at me and asked, "You okay, Mom?"

"Oh fine, I just stumbled a bit," I said, blushing.

"So what are you two studs up to now?" I asked.

Crystal laughed, "An all-night marathon of dungeons and dragons."

"That was last weekend," Frederick countered, missing the sarcasm completely.

Michael said, staring directly at Crystal, "Oh, I plan to have a very eventful evening."

Crystal, not catching on at all to her brother's implications, laughed, "Oh, I am sure you do."

I said, "Well Michael. You have fun."

"Oh, I plan to," Michael smiled, leaning in and giving me a kiss on the cheek.

Once the boys were gone, Crystal asked, "Ready to go home and play?"

"Oh Crystal, let's go and get a bite to eat first," I said, trying to delay it as long as possible.

"Sure," Crystal said, "Although my play time does have you eating a fair amount."

"Crystal!" I gasped playfully, enjoying the sexual word play.

"Let's go," Crystal said. "I can't handle all these teenagers staring at me."

"Well, you look good enough to eat," I quipped, unable to not take advantage of the set-up.

"Mother!" Crystal mocked shock.

I laughed, "Look what you have done to me."

"Oh, it is only the beginning," Crystal purred, as we headed to the car.

At the restaurant, I decided it was time to begin planting seeds in Crystal's mind that she wasn't as dominant as she thought she was. As we waited for the bill, after a dinner dripping with sexual innuendo, I announced out of nowhere, "Crystal, I have something I need to tell you."

"What?" Crystal asked, her impatience one of her biggest flaws.

"I have a Master," I bluntly announced, trying to shock her.

"Excuse me?" she gasped.

I repeated, "I have a Master."

"Who?" she asked clearly annoyed.

"I can't say," I answered.

"Tell me!" she demanded.

"I can't," I repeated.

"I'm your Mistress," she pointed out.

"But I had a master first, and I obey him without hesitation," I stated, before adding, "It was actually his idea to seduce you."

"I can't believe this," Crystal said, clearly frustrated, as the waitress showed up with the bill.

I took the bill and stood up.

Crystal said, "This conversation isn't over."

"Of course," I nodded, before adding, "but I won't reveal who he is. He will reveal himself if he chooses to."

"Fuck," Crystal cursed, as she walked away.

I paid the bill and went to the car.

On the drive home Crystal stewed, clearly pissed off and giving me the silent treatment until she suddenly announced, "I think we need some new toys for tonight," And instructed me to pull into an adult store we were passing by.

"You going to fuck mommy?" I asked, unable to turn off my insatiable desire to submit and be a complete slut as well as to continue stirring the pot.

"Or vice versa," she shrugged, leading me into the store.

I learned, in case it wasn't already obvious, that my daughter was as sick, twisted and kinky as her mother. She made me buy a double ended dildo, two different sizes of strap-ons, handcuffs, a blindfold, a vibrating butt plug, and a choker, which she put on me right in front of the older man at the checkout.

"This is to be worn at all times as a constant reminder of who owns your cunt," Crystal said, before adding for dramatic effect, and to humiliate me even further, clearly trying to establish her dominance, "and who owns your cunt?"

"You do, Mistress," I replied, playing the role of submissive as best I could.

"What else am I to you, slut?" She asked, putting the collar on me.

"My daughter," I answered.

"Pay for our sex toys, Mommy-slut," she ordered, before asking the older man, "is there a glory hole in this establishment?"

"No, ma'am," the older man replied, as she shocked me once being seemingly willing to have me suck a stranger's cock...which was oddly a turn on.

"Too bad," Crystal shrugged.

I couldn't help myself as I added, "I really could use a load or two."

The man's face was one of utter shock which is really saying something because you would have to assume he saw a lot of crazy shit in that establishment.

"Pay the man, Mommy-slut," Crystal ordered.

"Yes, Mistress," I replied, enjoying getting this stranger horny.

Once outside, Crystal ordered, "Put the vibrating butt plug in your ass, Mother."

"Here?" I asked, a few people within viewing distance of us.

"Yes," Crystal said, pointing to a side alley that probably would hide my public act. "We need to get that ass of yours trained."

I replied, partly to shock her again, partly to avoid having to put it in, but mostly to remind her she wasn't really in charge, "Master pounds my ass regularly."

"You really are a nasty slut, aren't you mother?" She asked, although the question was rather rhetorical.

"Master has opened up my inner slut," I replied, rather matter-of-factly, before adding with a chuckle, "literally."

"Go plug your ass, Mother," Crystal again instructed.

"Okay," I said, for the first time tentative about obeying an act.

I moved to the concealment of the alley and was just lifting up my dress when Crystal added, "Be sure to turn it on vibrate."

I turned it on and awkwardly, (if anyone was watching it would have been hilarious to see, I imagine) put the vibrating plug in my ass.

I returned to Crystal who quipped, "Ready to buzz off?"

"I'd rather just get ass fucked," I answered, which, although I was trying to shock her, was the truth.

Back in the car, as Crystal drove, it was impossible to not be distracted by the constant vibrations. Although Michael had pounded me there many times, including earlier today, the vibrations caused a different pleasure. Also, because it just sat lodged inside me and not slamming into me, it was much more of a frustrating tease...making me want to get fucked...hard. Thinking of Michael's big cock plugging my ass, I moaned.

Crystal said, "Already thinking of getting ass fucked, Mother?"

"God, yes," I moaned, although it was Michael's cock in my mind and not her strap-on.

Crystal pulled into a 7-11 and said, "I'll be back in a minute."

I quickly texted Michael

Crystal bought strap-ons, double-ended dildo's, handcuffs and blindfolds. We will be home in twenty minutes.

Michael texted back almost immediately:

Delicious...I will text you later...make sure you have your phone with you at all times.

I quickly texted:

Of course, Master.

Just before Crystal returned to the car, I erased our conversation in case Crystal somehow got my phone.

She returned and drove in silence.

Once in the driveway, Crystal asked, "Who is your Master?"

"I can't tell you," I answered.

"Do I know him?" She asked.

"Yes, but you would never in a million years think of him in such a way," I answered, loving that I was giving so many hints and yet she was oblivious.

"I am going to find out," she said.

"If you do, you will end up on your knees serving him," I said, praying I was foreshadowing the truth.

"Unlikely," she scoffed.

"He is a very powerful young man," I answered.

"How young?" She asked.

"Michael's age," I answered, barely able to not laugh at the knowledge that I had just given her the name of my Master.

"Holy shit, mother, you really are a slut." Crystal declared. "Is he a friend of Michael's?"

"No," I answered, which was the truth.

"Let's get inside, this conversation is only frustrating me," Crystal said.

"Yes, Mistress," I replied, secretly enjoying driving her crazy, as she had me throughout her teen years.

She sighed, "If I was really your Mistress, you would obey me without conditions."

"But I had a Master first," I replied, before adding, "and he is very powerful."

"Fuck!" she snapped, getting out of the car and slamming the door.

I grabbed my purchases, and followed her in.

Once inside, she ordered, already out of her dress, "Get out of your dress."

I obeyed, wondering when Michael planned to arrive home.

"On all fours," she ordered, as I stood in front of her in only my thigh highs and the butt plug still lodged in my ass.

I again obeyed as she went to the bag of new toys and pulled out a strap-on.

I watched her put it on her thin figure and walk over to me.

"I'm going to fuck the shit out of you, Mommy-slut," she said, her tone still brimming with frustration and anger.

"Master already did that today," I said, again giving a major hint as to who my Master was.

"What!?!" Crystal said stunned.

"Yes, while you were jogging," I answered, enjoying the obvious hints I was giving her.

"You got ass fucked just before I came in from my run?" She asked, incredulous.

"And got my face covered with cum," I added, really enjoying the confused, frustrated looks on Crystal's face.

"Where was Michael?" Crystal asked.

"Upstairs getting ready," I lied.

"You got ass-fucked while your son was upstairs," Crystal asked, still skeptical.

"I obey Master without hesitation," I answered, before adding, "He owns me."

"So what if he came in here right now?" Crystal asked, looking down at me.

"You'd probably see a whole new side of your mother if master choose to let you," I answered, before adding, "although more than likely you would join me on your knees serving him."

Just then my cell buzzed.

Crystal grabbed my phone and looked at the message. "Well speak of the devil."

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