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by SlaveMasterUK©

Rhiana could barely remember how long she had been enslaved now. Somewhere in the back of her mind were some distant memories, long forgotten scenes almost viewed through someone else’s eyes. Images of playing with her sisters on a family vacation aged only six years; classroom lessons at high school; collecting glasses in the Three Brooks, trying to catch the eye of Steele, then feeling herself flush when he finally looked back at her; masturbating in her bed in Bliss’s capital city, Minerva.

Those images replayed themselves from time to time, mostly when she tried to sleep, sometimes as she went about her daily routine of preparing meals for her and Mistress, tidying the apartment, shopping for groceries, all of which seemed to pass in a daze as if she wasn’t really awake.

The only real thing that Rhiana could truly feel any more was the constant burning between her legs, deep inside where she could not scratch, echoed constantly by the itching of her nipples inside their fabric prison. Mistress had enslaved her as a naïve and innocent girl only 18 years old, by taking away her freedom to the one thing that made her truly human, the one escape she had ever had from the pathetic waste of a planet that was Bliss.

Rhiana could not remember at all now the day that Mistress had enslaved her. Somewhere, deep in her subconscious, images still existed of a warm summer’s day when the bailiffs had arrived to repossess her father’s family home and a gunfight had ensued, leaving her parents killed and her, at 17, legally an orphan. And on Bliss, unless one was quick and smart, that meant Illegal Slave.


Bliss’s long, scorching summer was coming to a close as Rhiana’s Levnet implants were fitted. This was something Rhiana had usually assumed happened only to wealthy individuals who wanted to interface directly with Levnet – the computer network that spanned all of Colonisatia and beyond, to the Frontier worlds, to the Sparse Regions, even to the distant mining colonies beyond. But when Rhiana awoke in the slave-house’s dorm, her head sore and mind dizzy, she realised how easily the computer uplink to her cerebral cortex could be used in reverse: computer to control brain, instead of brain to control computer.

There were limits to what could be inflicted by the Levnet terminal. It could not, for example, take control of her body physically: she was still free to do as she pleased with her muscles. It could, however, replace the nerve signals from her body with synthetic ones: touch, taste, smell, sight, sound – all could be transmitted directly to her brain as if she was really experiencing them. In return, the terminal could transmit everything that she experienced back to the computer, allowing a slaver to see exactly where she was through her own eyes, experience her senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, sound.

Rhiana did retain some memories of the slave-house. She recalled lying awake early one morning, listening to the soft breathing of the other girls in the dorm. She recalled the almost immediate sexy feeling flowing through her petite body as she turned under the thick blanket, feeling her stiff nipples brush against the duvet and the moisture between her legs. She remembered stroking herself as gently and as quietly as she could, biting down on a mouthful of her wavy red-blonde hair as her fingers spread her moisture over her engorged clit. She could still feel the tears tracing slowly down the side of her face as she fought to hold back her voice over her excitement as her body gave in to the first orgasm she had experienced in the slave-house, almost two months after she had been taken into slavery.

Even in those early days of her enslavement life had been bearable. True, she was worked most of every day, but it was not overly strenuous, she was never beaten or punished as long as she worked, and throughout the day she had access to fresh, clean water and toilet facilities. The food was not great but edible and nutritious, and was served at regular intervals, as was high-class education in a variety of menial tasks such as cookery, cleaning, massage techniques, interior decorating, basic mechanics – in fact just about anything a slave might be expected to do for the average household owner. In the evenings when the doors were locked and the lights were turned out, Rhiana was free to have her own dreams, her own thoughts, her own fantasies; and late at night, when there was only the sound of her roommates gentles snores, she could reward herself for a days work with as many quiet orgasms as she cared to administer before she could no longer keep her eyes open. Often, as she lay drifting off to sleep, she would smile at the sound of one of her roommates sighing quietly, and think with a warm feeling that she was probably not the only slave who played with herself after lights out.

Rhiana had turned 18 shortly after arriving in slavery and was quite soon up for sale on the black market. Several months after her birthday (which she had remembered but not celebrated) Rhiana had been purchased by Mistress, who seemed to take quite a liking to her petite body and her girlish face. Hidden somewhere among the churning nightmare of Rhiana’s mind was a memory of the small white room, the slave-master and junior slaver, and the woman she would come to call Mistress.

Mistress had paced around her several times when she came to inspect her new purchase, taking in her small frame and little face, her dark eyes framed by rosy cheeks and flowing red-blonde curls. Then Mistress had asked that her garments be removed, and the slaver had pulled off her robe leaving Rhiana totally naked as Mistress inspected her small, round breasts and her tight round buttocks that Rhiana herself had loved to stroke and squeeze when she played in the dorm.

Rhiana remembered taking as close a look as she could at Mistress – a woman not much older than herself, she decided, although quite obviously very wealthy. She was taller than Rhiana although not exceptionally so; she looked about average height, maybe two inches or so over Rhiana’s petite size. Her hair was a little over shoulder length, blonde and very straight around her sharp, elegant features. Rhiana saw in her eyes that she was not someone who would take kindly to not getting her own way – perhaps someone who was used to using those sharp eyes to order people around as much as to attract people.

Rhiana did not have an instant dislike of her Mistress; little did Rhiana know the harsh love/hate relationship she would come to have with the woman. But then, Rhiana would have remembered, had her mind not been in constant turmoil, those were the last of the days when she thought things would work out all right. That day marked the start of her slide into somewhere deeper, darker and colder than she had ever been before, both physically and mentally.

In the small white room words were said that were blocked from Rhiana’s ears by the slave-box on her Levnet terminal, folded documents exchanged, and Rhiana was dressed once again in her long white robe. Slowly Mistress extended a hand, which Rhiana nervously took, and was led out of the slave-house and, for the first time since she was enslaved, into the fresh autumn air.

The true horror of Rhiana’s slavery did not become apparent until a few days after she had left the slave-house. Mistress had taken her in a new open-topped sports car to a clean, well-kept apartment in the suburbs and had shown her around. Mistress had only moved in a few days previously and the house was still full of stacked boxes, as yet unpacked. Mistress had been very friendly, even welcoming towards Rhiana as she went through the house, explaining where everything would be stored once it was unpacked.

Rhiana was given a small room with a wardrobe filled with various garments in her size – summer slacks and blouses, warm trouser suits for winter, hard-wearing jeans and plain shirts and several pairs of shoes, each for a different purpose. It seemed strange that there was no underwear at all in her wardrobe, but she decided that a slave should not raise the point.

The bed looked small and firm but comfortable; she was to sleep naked but the soft duvet was thick enough to keep out Minerva’s mild winters. At each corner of the bed was a metal O-ring attached firmly to a bracket. A brief jolt of anxiety hit Rhiana as she imagined that they might be used to tie her down should she misbehave.

Rhiana was told to dress in one of the warmer suits as the autumn was already showing signs of giving in to winter. She was then shown the kitchen and told to make two cups of Southern Blend, a Bliss speciality, which they sipped slowly while Mistress went about some common rules. Essentially these involved obeying Mistress’s commands, not touching or doing anything unless ordered, and never under any circumstances entering the study. Mistress explained that punishments would be administered if Slave did not complete tasks by a given time, did not obey commands, damaged property (including herself, for she was now property of Mistress) or disobeyed any of the basic rules.

Rhiana listened in anxious silence, slowly relaxing into her new surroundings, before a list of chores was handed to her and she was left on her own to work, unpacking boxes and tidying crockery and tools and clothes away into cupboards around the house.

It was Rhiana’s third night in the house when she began to feel comfortable in her surroundings, and late that night, after she had been dismissed to sleep, she began to feel a familiar buzz in her body. Feeling somewhat naughty she turned onto her back and let her hands wander over her body under the blanket, tracing the subtle lines of her belly and breasts with her fingers. Her hands moved slowly until they found her nipples, already standing proud into the soft fabric over her; she took the erect buds between her fingers and began to stroke them, grip them, tease them gently as excitement began to build in her.

It was not long before Rhiana was breathing heavily. Her right hand descended deftly to her thighs, feeling the moisture on the inner-most part of her legs, stroking it slowly until her fingers touched her lips and a gasp escaped her mouth. Her slender middle finger traced a wet line up her lips and down again, parting them slowly in search of pleasure, drawing wetness out from inside her and onto her clit. There her finger stopped to rub gently the swelling bud until it became dry, then she dipped her finger lower again to wet it with more strokes between her outer lips. Rhiana kept this routine until gentle moans forced their way through her slightly opened lips, confident that at last she could play with herself without other girls in the room.

Rhiana’s hips rocked as her fingers dipped inside her pussy, her left hand pulled a length of her locks into her mouth for comfort before moving downwards to pamper her swollen clit. She pulled wetness from her cleft and rubbed it over her bud as the fingers of her right hand pushed gently inside her and stroked her from within, increasing in speed slowly until she could feel her insides tightening. After a build that seemed to last forever Rhiana shuddered & sucked hard on her lock of hair as her pussy contracted around her fingers, covering them in sweet slick honey. A few seconds later she opened her eyes and relaxed her hips, pulling her fingers slowly from her pussy with a sigh while her other hand gently smoothed the wetness over her clit & outer lips. She turned onto her side and sucked on her fingers until they were almost dry, then fell sound asleep.


Mistress was reclining on the leather sofa, gazing distantly into a small handheld console as Rhiana entered the large living room to receive her list of tasks. Mistress looked up as she entered the room and set the console down on the table so that it’s screen faced Rhiana.

“Aah, Slave.” She said distantly.

“Good morning, Mistress. Your breakfast is ready in the dining room. Would you like it served here?” Rhiana replied, feeling somewhat uncertain about interrupting Mistress’s work.

“No, no, I will eat shortly.” Mistress said, sitting herself upright and pointing to the console. “This is a recorder linked to your slave-box.” She said, touching a panel, which started a replay. On the small screen a crude wire-image of a female was displayed in a reclining position; Rhiana became hot inside as she realised it was a recording of her body movements of the previous night replayed through a 3D model on the small screen. There was her left hand cupping her breast – there was her middle finger running up and down her slit, stopping infrequently to rub on her clit. She gulped as she saw her left hand bring a lock of hair to her mouth, then move to rub her clit as she deeply fingered herself with her other hand. Rhiana felt her chest burn and her stomach become tight as she saw the wire-frame hips rocking harder and harder against the line-drawn fingers, eventually the hips rocked one last time as the back arched and the scene became still. “I perhaps did not make myself clear when I explained that I now own you and everything about you.”

“Um, no Mistress.” Rhiana replied, uncertain what to say. She could feel herself burning with embarrassment, but now she felt another feeling inside her, something similar to dread.

“You were sent to bed last night to sleep, not to play.” Mistress spoke slowly and firmly, like a mother chastising a child who has broken a rule for the first time. “You are here to obey my commands, and that you will do. You will be rewarded with sexual stimulation when I feel you have shown that you deserve it. If I do not feel that you are not worthy of such enjoyment, I will not permit you to have it. Do you understand me?”

Rhiana felt her mind fill with a kind of dread she had never before experienced; she was acutely aware that her throat was tight and her hands were shaking. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. Now I shan’t punish you because perhaps you did not realise you were doing wrong. I have something that will prevent you from making that mistake again. Go to the bathroom and shower, then wait for me in your room.”

Rhiana sat on her bed, staring blankly at the wall ahead. Never before had she been asked, let alone ordered, not to touch herself. It was something that she had done regularly since she had first discovered, almost by accident, what an orgasm was like. The longest period of abstinence had been a few months previously in the period of mourning in the slave-house after her parents were killed. That thought alone caused her current feeling of bizarre sexual excitement to ease for a moment but did nothing to calm the storm of dread that buzzed in her mind.

How could she be expected not to play with herself? How would Mistress punish her if she caught her again? How often would Mistress ‘reward’ her? Surely Mistress wouldn’t watch her recorder every single night, surely she must be allowed to play with herself from time to time? Questions buzzed through Rhiana’s head as she sat and waited on the bed, hands shaking atop knees that had turned to jelly as she clamped them together in anxiety.

Mistress entered the room thirty minutes after Rhiana had showered, carrying a rigid leather case, which she set down on the floor. She then commanded that Rhiana lay down on the bed with her arms above her head and her feet apart. Rhiana did as she was told and felt cold fear welling inside her as Mistress fastened to her wrists and ankles a set of tough leather cuffs. They were pulled tight around her skin, although not so tight as to be painful, then locked with a minute key. Mistress then clipped Rhiana’s cuffs onto the o-rings on the bedposts with tiny little auto-clips set into the backs of the cuffs.

Rhiana shut her eyes as Mistress stood up, waiting at any moment for a whip or firm hand to meet her flesh; instead she flinched as a blindfold was pulled over her eyes and tied firmly but gently behind her head. “Now just relax, this is how Mistress will reward you when you have done well.” She heard Mistress say softly.

Pangs of burning shot into Rhiana’s mind as Mistress trailed a long-nailed index finger slowly down Rhiana’s abdomen. She realised that the pain was in her mind because she was expecting it, not because it was actually being administered. Still the trail left by the slowly moving finger burned her skin as she tried to anticipate its course.

Rhiana writhed under Mistress’s fingernail as it moved up and down her belly, across her breasts, into her neat triangle of pubic hair, back up her body and over her breasts again, up to her neck, down across her belly and onto her thighs, tracing round and round in circles that Rhiana could not predict. She felt with growing humiliation as her nipples began to reach forth; she hoped in vain that Mistress would not notice but she did – and took them between her fingers and began to tease them.

Slowly, Rhiana felt one finger trace a gentle line across her belly, through her pubic hair and onto her lips as the other hand played with her aching nipple. She felt the finger probe the cleft of her pussy but she was rigid with fear. Mistress moved her finger upwards slowly until it found Rhiana’s clit, and began to push it around in slow, slow circles.

Rhiana felt the burning desire grow within her with a weak horror. She knew that this was not right, what Mistress was doing was technically rape, but the feeling of that slender finger on her clit and the light pinching on her nipple was driving her wild. Mistress had proved she knew exactly how to turn Rhiana on, even when she was afraid and humiliated at the thought. She tried to remain fully still but her hips betrayed her and began to rock as Mistress kept up the gentle playing on her clit.

“Oh, I almost forgot…” Mistress said soothingly, stopping her gentle strokes for a moment. “You like this, don’t you?” She said as she took a lock of Rhiana’s red-blonde hair and tucked it gingerly into her mouth. Rhiana felt herself burn bright red with shame as Mistress’s hand returned south and continued their playing on her clit as Rhiana sucked on her locks and squeaked as quietly as she could.

Mistress seemed to keep on teasing her clit for what at first felt like ten, fifteen minutes. Then the time seemed to double again, so that Rhiana’s hips were rolling slowly but so strongly and her insides burned for more vigorous attention.

“Is that nice, Slave?” Mistress asked gently, her voice close above Rhiana’s face.

“Yes, Mistress.” Rhiana replied with a gentle gasp.

“Would you like me to do something even nicer?”

“Yes, Mistress, please,” Rhiana heard herself say before she even had time to think. It became clear that despite her teased, humiliated mind that she could not take much more of this teasing – soon she would be begging Mistress for an orgasm.

“Okay, Slave.” Her fingers left Rhiana’s clit and nipple for a moment.

Rhiana let out a gasp when she felt something warm and wet on her body; it made a long, slow stroke of her sex, probing her ever so gently as it ran over her moist lips to her clit. With growing excitement and horror she realised it was Mistress’s tongue; again the tongue made a long slow stroke that drew another gasp, before she felt Mistress’s mouth close over her clit and suck on it hard, pulling Rhiana’s throbbing bud deep into her and making it burn with sensitivity.

“Oh…” Rhiana heard herself say as Mistress sucked on her bud, gasping gently as she felt a warm tongue dart gently across her clit from inside Mistress’s mouth. She felt two fingers probing gently into her now relaxed pussy, stroking her insides gently and overcoming any last feeling of fear inside her.

Rhiana felt the sucking stop for a moment as Mistress spoke. “Oh Slave, you sound like you are ready to come.”

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