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Bookstore She-Male Whore

by Anal Slave©

I love dressing up like a she male slut and going into an adult bookstore with movie booths. A lot of them have holes in the wall where you can watch and be watched. I love lifting my short leather mini skirt up and letting men see my cock pushing up against my black leather g-string panties.

Sometimes the holes are big enough that I can back my ass up against them and get fucked through the hole. Sometimes I get to suck a cock through the glory holes. Other times I get a craving for cock, and I want to suck one after the other until my mouth’s so sore I can’t get it around a cock anymore. My favorite bookstore has a special room you can rent that is big enough for six to twelve men. It has a small table in it, and I lay down on my back with my head hanging over the edge.

So I can have a cock sliding into my mouth while another man gets up on the table and slides my skirt up and pulls my panties to the side and lifts my legs over his shoulders, and fucks my ass at the same time I am sucking off other men. I love to have men lined up waiting to fuck my ass as I suck everyone good and hard to get them ready.

I love to leave with cum dripping out of my ass and all over my lipstick-smeared face. Sometimes, women even fuck me with strap-on dildos after the men have stretched my tight hot ass. One time I rented the room for a husband and wife team they wanted to film both of them fucking and sucking me. I was all dolled up and looked like a cheap whore with my fuck me pumps on and my mini skirt so short my cock was hanging out the bottom of it.

The man started filming first while his wife had loosened my ass up with her huge strap-on dildo. After she had fucked me real good and pulled the monster dildo out of my ass, she walked around and placed the end of her dildo to my lips and made me taste my asshole off of the dildo, lucky I had a enema before she started fucking me. After that her husband moved around to the back of me and started rubbing his cock on my asshole.

It hurt when he first popped his cock head into my ass, but before long he was in deep and pumping my ass for all he was worth. His wife was doing the filming now as she stood near my face and let me suck and lick her pussy. Her husband finally shot a huge load into my ass. It was squirting out of my ass; there was so much cum it was leaking down my black hose.

Then he held my legs up over my shoulders and jerked my cock off into my mouth. He was an expert at masturbation because his hand felt so good stroking my hard cock I came real fast and hard. He then had me get on my hands and knees, his wife was filming again when he said, I want to suck my cum out of your ass. I replied, I love having my ass licked and tongue fucked, I’m bent over and pushing my ass in his face.

He licked me and put his tongue inside of me and I loved it. He stopped suddenly and before I could straighten up I felt his cock or his finger entering my asshole. From the size I knew it wasn't a finger. He pushed into me and started fucking me, sliding his cock in and out of my ass. My cock got hard and I started stroking it, when he came I cum all over the table. His wife put down the camera long enough to lick my spent cum off of the table. They set the video camera up on a tri-pod and told me that the husband was going to fuck his wife and he wanted me to fuck him in the ass while he fucked her cunt from behind.

His wife had a beautiful pussy and it tasted real sweet, he had her bent over the table while he got behind her and stuck his prick up her cunt. I got behind him and his cock didn’t look that hard so I snaked my tongue up his asshole and started licking around the edge of his asshole and that made his cock swell up real big in her cunt, it also lubed him up for my cock.

Here I am fucking his ass while I’m standing up on four-inch high heels, the angle of my cock going in his ass is pointing down and the friction on my cock was real great. When he felt my cock swell up to cum he unloaded a huge amount of cum into his wife’s pussy and I followed with a massive amount of cum up his ass.

He pulled his cock out of his wife’s cunt and laid down beside her over the edge of the table. I got down on my knees and licked up all the cum out of her cunt and his asshole. We all got dressed after that and when I walked out of the room I had cum all over my skirt and blouse.

We went over to there house and watched the video, it was so good we all got horny again and started fucking and sucking each other. My ass and mouth was sore for a week, they gave me a copy of the movie and I lay back and jack my cock off and eat my cum every time I watch it.

I have been back to the bookstore many times since that episode, one night I didn’t even make it into the bookstore. I pulled up in the parking lot and got out of my car. There was a cute young man yelling for me to come over to his motor-home. I walked over to the door and he opened it. He was buck-naked and had a good twelve-inch cock; rock hard holding it in his right hand.

My mouth started watering and my asshole started to tighten up, I knew I had to have that hard cock He knew I was a she-male and he wanted to have me. His name was Rod and the next thing I knew I was laying on my back, on his bed and I spread my legs for him. I reached up and grabbed my ankles and spread myself as wide as I could so he could see my ass-pussy and my cock and balls, I didn’t have any panties on.

I looked at him and said, come on baby. Stick it in me. Fuck me, I said breathlessly. He stuck the head of his cock into my wide-open ass cunt and let it sink in to the hilt. He felt so fucking good, I could feel his balls resting on my ass. I wrapped my legs around him and we started fucking. He was so hot, he was pounding into me while he stared into my eyes. My cock clit was against my belly and it was leaking pre cum onto me. I was jacking myself off as he fucked me. Then he pulled his massive cock out of my ass pussy and we rubbed the heads of them together. I threw my legs back over my head and told Rod to keep fucking me. He slammed his cock so deep into my ass tears was forming in my eyes and I loved every inch of it. He rode my ass pussy for a good hour his pre-cum was leaking out of my loose asshole. I thought to myself that my asshole would never be the same. When he finally cum he was so deep in my ass I could taste the cum.

He pulled that massive love muscle out of my ass and I took my hand and put it over my asshole to get the cum that was gushing out, I had to taste his love juice. It tasted like sweet thick sperm and I loved it. Rod moved in with me after that night and I fuck him and suck him every night. My ass hole has got so big I can take two John Holmes dildo’s in my ass at the same time. Rod brings his friends over and lets me suck and fuck them to. . I love to suck off groups of guys and have them cum all over me while I’m dressed up as women.

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Written by: Anal Slave

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