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Marlee - The Making Of A Slut Ch. 02

by MrDeep©

Hello again. If we haven't been introduced, I am C.C. I don't use my real name or where I work for security reasons.

What do I do, you ask? I am an executive for a large investment bank. I manipulate stock and gold prices. I turn stocks into gold. I hoard gold. I also manipulate woman. I turn women into sluts. I prefer married women. I hoard sluts. I sell the best ones on the "market" to the highest bidder.

My current project at work is to drain a hedge fund until the investors are bled dry. My second project is Marlee and her daughter, Sindi. Marlee works here. I'm not her boss. I'm her boss' boss. Relax! This is not sexual harassment. Marlee was curious about men like me. She wanted what I could give her. She relished being submissive to a powerful man. She willingly became my sexual slave. In fact, she willingly signed a consent form.

Sindi works as an exotic dancer in a live sex act. I got her that job. When she's not dancing, she's turning tricks for me. She has been a very lucrative investment.

"I heard from Fred today," Marlee sent me a text. She sends text messages while at work. Fred is her husband. He is doing hard time for drunk driving. It's a long story.

"Oh! What's up with him?" I worded the text "like I didn't know". Actually, I manipulated his jail sentence like I manipulate stocks.

"He's wants me to visit him," Marlee texted.

"Are you going?"


"How long he been in jail?" I had lost count of how long he had on his six-month sentence for drunken driving. Marlee and daughter, Sindi, have been living with me.

"Six months."

"Too bad. Is he adjusting?" I was lying. I knew Fred would never adjust. He could accommodate, but never adjust.

"He said they are turning him into a male hoe."

"LOL," I texted. I knew that would happen.

"LOL See you later."

"How calloused can she be toward him," I thought. In just a few months, Marlee had started as a demure wife and mom, working for a banking firm, to become a slut and a whore with no compassion for her dumb-ass husband.

After five, I met Marlee in the parking garage. It was our usual dark corner where I parked my Mercedes. She looked hot! On my suggestions, Marlee had made a number of changes. For one thing, I got the company to allow shorter skirts. Her miniskirt was totally "policy" and was just barely covering her hot pink thong. Her hair was almost platinum on the left side and red streaked on the right side. It was long and fell over her shoulder on the right and cascaded down her back on the left. Her eye shadow was a multi-tonal blue and green. Her eye-liner was thick and black, enhancing her wide, blue eyes. Her lips were full, pouty, and inviting, and they were enhanced with collagen that I paid for. She had a nose ring with a chain that hung from her nose across her face to her left ear. Her face was clear and smooth. Her makeup gave her face a post-orgasm glow.

I wanted her to not only be a slut; I wanted her to look like one, too.

We fell into each other's arms and began kissing passionately. I could feel my cock hardening. Every time I kissed Marlee, I thought about Sindi. Every time I thought about Sindi my cock stood up. I wanted to badly to get home to fuck Sindi.

I reached into Marlee's top and took her breast in my hand. I felt her nipples. They had bar bells holding gold shields. I broke off. I opened the door for her and watched how sexy her thighs looked as she sat down in my Mercedes. She worked out two hours each day and her thighs and legs were slim and athletic.

On the way home, visions of me fucking Sindi kept running through my mind.

Sindi had finished her work out and was lying across a massage table getting fucked. She had worked out hard for two hours. I hired a personal trainer. She paid him in hot cunt. Sindi was buff. Her legs were long and slender. She was five-foot tall, with wide blue eyes and blonde hair which cascaded down her back. I paid for a set of Double D breasts which looked beautiful on her. Her lips were enhanced with collagen giving her a sensual pouty look. I paid for that too.

Sindi's pelvis was rising and falling to provide more pleasure to her "trainer". She was too much for him. She squeezed his black shaft and caused him to prematurely ejaculate in her cunt.

I rolled my eyes. She was a pro!

In the back of my mind, I wanted to get Marlee out of the house. I wanted Sindi all for myself. Marlee had come a long way. My training had given her a lot of confidence. She could suck cock with the best of the hoes. Her ass was tight. Her asshole was slack. Her cunt was "tuned" with Kegals, but she was not in the class with Sindi's tight cunt and ass. I had to have that young hoe's tight white pleasure pits squeezing my shaft.

Sindi finished her work out and ran up to me. I embraced her and our lips met. Her lips – or rather the lips that I paid for – were soft and sensual. My cock began to rise immediately. Sindi reached down and felt my manhood only to make it go wild in her tiny hand. She knew what to do.

Sindi's eyes stayed affixed to my face as she sank down to her knees and took out my cock. Her mouth just barely fit around my cock head. She sucked and then started laving my cock with her tongue starting at the base. Then she put her mouth over my velvety balls and gently sucked on them.

I was going over the edge quickly. I strained to hold on.

Sindi stood up and we kissed passionately. I wanted to be inside her voluptuous body. I was highly aroused.


I pulled into the parking lot at the exclusive trendy strip club, the Booty Club, where Cindy worked. Both hoes were in the front with me. I had Sindi to wear a hot red chemise that consisted of two, two-inch wide strips of lacy material that crisscrossed at her cunt, leaving a gorgeous camel toe. The remainder of the lace barely covered her nipples. Then it went over her shoulder and gathered in the back.

For shoes, she wore patent leather pumps with five-inch elevator soles and 10-inch micro stiletto heels. Before we got out of the car, I gave her a hit of molly rolled up in a hundred dollar bill.

She was talking fast and giggling when she walked in the club. All eyes were on Sindi as she walked right up to the stage door and entered. She lost her way. I helped her "find" the dressing room. I lit a joint and handed it to her.

Marlee helped her dress and get ready for her first act.

Marlee's ass was hot. She was wearing a black low-slung skin-tight micro mini skirt that stopped just below her slick, bare cunt. The Club Booty clientele knew her and how she could perform. I collected the money and directed them to Marlee's "payoff pit". Her specially trained ass had the greatest return on investment (ROI).

I saw Sindi finish her act. I knew where she would be. I walked behind the stage and found the little hot hoe in a stall in the ladies room. I pulled my cock out. She took it while sitting on the toilet. I had to go too. So I released a stream of hot yellow liquid which she drank eagerly. Then the stream shut off when she got me really hard and aroused. Sindi let the cock slip down her throat and tightened her muscles.

"Oh! Momma! You are so fucking hot," I moaned.

I pulled out and stood her up. She was nude. I pushed her over the bathroom sink and aimed my black cock at her cunt. It entered easily. I almost lost it right there. I gasped!

"Yeah daddy! Fuck me, daddy! Make me your baby momma," she said. I pushed in until I hit the bottom. I knew if I shoved further, it would open her cervix and slide into her momma womb. I wanted that so bad! Once I get those swimmers in her womb, the sky is the limit!

I grabbed a fist full of her blonde tresses and jerked her head back.

"That's right, daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me like a hoe! Cum in me and make me your baby momma," she said.

"Take it bitch! Take this black snake packed full of venom!" I screamed. I wanted more. I pulled out and aimed my black snake at her ass. I pushed and felt it release. I love that tight asshole feeling on my serpant. It was only slightly tighter than her cunt. That little bit of difference made anal sex the most pleasurable sexual experience of all. The only drawback: only the swimmers in a womb would put baby bump on hot Sindi.

I pushed and pulled my cock in her ass gaining a rhythm that slowly picked up speed. Then I pulled out and placed it in cunt. It was ready for me. I quickened the rhythm. I wanted to explode. I pulled again. Her ass was still gaping. I aimed my cock at that gap and pushed. Almost at the same time, my cock flooded her ass with my hot seed! I pinched off and pulled. Then I pushed back in her hot cunt and released a flood of hot black baby seed!

I kissed Sindi

"I love you, momma." Then I rushed back into the club to keep the money flow moving through Marlee's hot cunt.


Fred's last two months in jail passed far too quickly for me. However, the old white boy was now useful to me in another way. The day Marlee brought him to my home, I interviewed him.

"Congratulation on serving your time," I said to Fred.

Fred had lost a lot of weight. He was different. My sources said he was turned out into a male hoe. Depending on his training, I thought, Fred may of some value to me. Before Fred arrived I made an appointment to find out how his training went.

"How do you feel about living here with Marlee, Sindi, and me," I said. "Of course you will have work for me," I warned.

Fred nodded.

"I understand you had been turned out."


"I can use you, if you learned your lessons well and if you do as I say," I said.

"I want to be of value to you, C.C.," Fred said meekly.

"I want you to give head right now," I said. Fred got down on his knees and took out my cock. He was not in Sindi's or Marlee's class, but he had learned something. Just before he brought me to a peak, I pulled out and sprayed him in the face. He passed the test.

I had one other test for Fred. I invited him take off his clothes to sit with Marlee and I and watch some hot videos. It was Marlee, Sindi, and me in a three-way fuck. I dumped a deep load in both hoes. I looked at the white boy, and he was more than interested. His cock was standing straight up.

Marlee began sucking my cock while I was kissing Sindi and fondling her tits. I switched to sucking her nipples. I glanced at Fred. He was slowly jerking off.

I pushed Marlee down on her knees and entered her ass. It didn't take many thrusts in her CC-trained ass before I dumped a load in her. She turned around and sucked and cleaned my cock with her hungry mouth.

Fred was frantically jerking off.

That night I took Fred to the DNA Club. It was his style.

"Don't let me down, white boy," I warned.

Fred was quiet. I gave him a hit of molly and led him inside the all-male club. I gave Fred strict instructions on how much the night's take must be for him to have a home. I ordered a drink at the bar and watched Fred mingle. Someone pushed him down. He immediately started suck a long, thin, pathetic white cock.

"That's right, Fred!" I thought. Fred continued to demonstrate his prowess. Someone approached me.

"I remember him. Is his name, Fred?" he asked. He remembered Fred from the jail. "He was a hot jail hoe," he said and introduced himself as Arnold.

"That's good to know. Put out the word: his asshole is for sale," I said and added, "I'll give you a cut."

That night Fred paid for his keep.


I knew Fred would never leave my apartment. He enjoyed watching me fuck his wife and daughter. He would jerk off watching us live or on video. Marlee felt sorry for him. Sindi treated him indifferently. I learned that Fred had fucked her one night in bed. She resented it.

Arnold came over each night before I took Fred out. Arnold knew the gay scene and instructed Fred has to act, as if the boys in the jail didn't do well enough. I laughed at that.

Fred enjoyed watching Marlee or Sindi and me fucking in front of him. Sindi was irritated by Fred's watching. Upon Arnold's advice, I set Fred up with a video screen in another room where he could watch Marlee and Sindi get black fucked.

I had an idea to get rid of Fred. I picked up the phone and made a call.

"Hi" It was pleasant voice.

"I've got product to sell."

"Let's see the merchandise."

"I can be over tonight. Can you accommodate a trade on this short notice?" I asked.

"Show me the merchandise," he answered.

I kissed Sindi and dropped her off at Club Booty.

"Aren't we going in?" Marlee asked.

"No. Fred and I are going over to Club Dominique."

"That sounds sexy," Marlee cooed.

"It is!" I said. It was actually a market for selling whores.

I left Marlee at Club Booty.

I pulled into the parking lot of a dark warehouse. I gave Fred an extra strong hit of molly and let him into the back door. I strapped a leather cuff around his neck. Then I put his hands and arms together in a black domination apparatus that fastened his arms side-by-side and behind him. I put a short chain around his ankles and led him through the door.

"Oh baby! That hit is really getting to me." Fred cooed. I knew it would. He was holding me and feeling my cock. He hardly noticed that he was manacled and hobbled.

I released Fred to a tall black man with a Jamaican accent. I signed some papers. The last time I saw Fred was when he disappeared through the door.

On the way back to the Booty Club, I got a text message. My eyes widened as I looked at the selling price. That night I gave Sindi a paid night off.

When I got home, I leaned back on the couch. Sindi came to me. We started kissing.

"I love you, daddy," she said looking into my eyes.

"I want to be your daddy," I whispered. I know that was not a good thing to say to improve the profit picture, but I had fallen deeply in love with Sindi. I no longer wanted to share the "wealth" for profit!

"What do you mean?" she asked. She looked puzzled.

"I love you, momma!" I said looking into her baby blue eyes.

"I love you, too, daddy," she said. I saw tears streaming down her face.

"I want to be your baby daddy."

"I want to be your baby momma."

"You know the first thing we must do? "


"We must stop the flow of cum in your body. You got to clean out. Then we can make babies," I explained.


For two weeks Sindi fucked only me. I fucked her early and often, too. After her period, we started getting serious. Then she missed her period and a home pregnancy test showed that she was pregnant. It had to be my baby! I had manipulated her into being my baby momma.

In the ensuing weeks I was more and more excited as her baby bump grew and grew.

As Sindi and I grew closer and closer, Marlee concentrated on her "work" at Club Booty.

Sindi's breasts swelled along with her abdomen. We enjoyed fucking and lying on the couch while she jerked me off, I felt our baby kicking inside. I thought for sure it was a boy. It turned out to be a beautiful mocha girl.

I enjoyed watching her nursing. Marlee was the perfect baby grand momma.

Written by: MrDeep

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