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Sam and Lindsay

by VixxieMars©

Lindsay was not looking forward to her shift at the department store where she worked. At 21, every night seemed like the perfect opportunity to get into some trouble, but tonight, she wasn't scheduled to be off until midnight. She looked at her watch as she put her things into her locker and made her way to her area. 7:16 P.M. It was going to be a long night.

Lindsay was gorgeous and she knew it. She had rich, brown hair that fell just below her round 38C breasts. She was the perfect frame for her height, at just 5'2" and 115 pounds. She had glowing olive skin and hazel eyes. All the men at work stared at her perfect, round ass when she walked. She knew they wanted to fuck her and sometimes, she got off on watching them watch her. She purposely wore low cut V-neck shirts to show off her tits. She wore tight pants and cheeky, boy-short underwear so when people looked, they could just barely make out a panty line over her smooth ass.

Even though there was no shortage of men who would happily be with her, she was bored of the usual guys. There weren't many attractive guys where she worked. Except one. Sam. He was the right-hand man of the store director and he was her boss. He was 28, tall at about 6 foot, light brown hair. He had biceps that drove her crazy and was in great shape. He was nervous and a bit socially awkward, but had a dark sexiness to him. His nervousness made him fun to play with. He was an easy target for Lindsay, and even though she was the one toying with him, she nursed a serious crush. She'd lain awake many nights in her bed, wanting him, imagining his lean, muscular body on top of her, filling her up. She'd cum so many times thinking of how bad she wanted him to kiss her skin, bite her neck, to slowly make his way down to her pussy, where he could kiss and lick and tease her clit until she came. She wanted him inside her, fucking her hard, dominating her and using her body for his own pleasure. She wanted to be used by him.

She thought about this as her hands kept busy, straightening up her area and putting things away. Her panties were already wet when Sam snuck up behind her and teased, "Wow, you're actually working." She whirled around to find him standing about 4 feet away from her. He was wearing a nice grey button-up shirt that outlined his chest nicely and black slacks. She was surprised. She didn't even know he was working tonight. He had caught her off-guard and she realized her face was flushed. Her heart was racing and she suddenly felt very self-conscious. "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

"You didn't. I'm fine."

"Oh, I just thought because you seemed a little-"

"Nope, I'm good!"

There was an awkward pause, as they both decided what to say next. She took a step closer and looked over his body and he tensed a little. Sam looked so good. Lindsay couldn't help but smile when he looked at her. He tilted his head back and straightened up, trying to look serious. "Well, get back to it. I want this place looking spotless before you leave." She smiled at him flirtatiously and replied, "Anything you want." She turned to walk away, then turned her head to look directly into his eyes. "That shirt looks really good on you, by the way." She took one more look at his chest, doing it obviously so he would know she was checking him out. She heard him clear his throat nervously behind her and walk away.

Fuck, she wanted him more and more every time she saw him. So badly, it made her stomach hurt. She couldn't take it anymore, she had to do something. What if he didn't want the same thing? What if Sam didn't want to get involved with an employee and he turned her down? She weighed the pros and the cons for the next hour. Suddenly, it hit her. She was young. She knew he was sending her signals. She couldn't be imagining it. He flirted with her and so what if he turned her down? She'd just have to forget about it and move on. Finally, a wave of courage fueled by her growing desire overcame her and she found herself walking to the office where he usually sat dong paperwork.

The door was closed. Lindsay stood in front of it, taking one last moment to back out. No. If she didn't make it happen now, she might never get this amount of courage ever again. She lightly knocked on the door. This was it. Her stomach felt like it had a million butterflies in it and she felt her nipples get hard underneath her thin t-shirt.

The handle began to turn and Sam's face emerged. He looked confused for a moment and then opened the door wider. "Oh, what's up?" he said.

She felt her face go red, but she was already here and she had to follow through with her plan. "Can I talk to you in private for a minute?"

"...Sure, come in."

He opened the door all the way and she walked into his small office. It was kind of boring with light blue walls, grey itchy-looking carpet, and a black metal desk in the center. He sat down behind the desk and said, "So, what did you wanna talk about?"

"Oh, nothing. Um, so are you the only manager here tonight?"

"Yeah... Is that what you wanted to talk about?'

"I was just curious." She gave a flirty smile.

This was it. She didn't say a word. She walked around to where he was sitting, looked into his eyes and planted a deep kiss on his lips. They were soft and warm. She kept going. Their tongues met between each kiss and he surprised her when he held her face in both of his strong hands. She worked quickly. While still kissing him, Lindsay lowered herself to her knees. Her hands wandered down to his pants, where she slowly unbuttoned and unzipped them. She could already feel his hard cock brush against her hand through his boxer-briefs. They traveled up his body and unbuttoned his shirt. She removed it from his shoulders and then started to push up his white under shirt. He stopped her by grabbing both her wrists. He stared into her eyes for a moment, trying to catch his breath. "You know how wrong this is, right?"

"Shhhh......" she whispered. "I need you so bad, I don't care."

He leaned into her for another kiss and his tongue explored her mouth. His desire became more obvious as she lifted the shirt over his head and she saw the huge tent in his underwear. Slowly, teasingly, she pulled her mouth away from his and began to kiss down his cheek to the side of his neck. She reached his collarbone and slid her tongue back up to his ear, where she lingered, softly biting his earlobe. Her small kisses continued on back down his neck and softly down his strong, sexy chest. He moaned as she moved closer to his stomach, alternating between kissing and licking his abs. Finally, she reached his throbbing dick. She bit the elastic lining of his underwear and sexily pulled it over his boner with her teeth. He looked hypnotized and she made eye contact with him and smiled maliciously. She focused again on his hard, nine-inch cock. He was thick, and harder than anyone she'd ever been with. The head of his dick was huge and throbbing and for a second she considered fucking his brains out until they both came over and over again.

No, no. That would have to wait. Her hand wrapped around his shaft and she slowly began to pump. She looked straight into his eyes and dragged her tongue from the bottom of his balls to the very tip of the head, where she flicked the little hole with her tongue. She gave it a small, wet kiss and moved back down to his balls, where she swirled her tongue around, occasionally popping one into her mouth and sucking for a few seconds.

He looked so fucking hot watching her suck his balls that she had to make him want more. She removed her shirt and her delicious, soft tits bounced. She took one of his hands and moved it to her breast. He took all of it in his hand and caressed it, turning her on more. Then he pinched her nipple, teasing it and making it stand at attention. Her pussy was soaked. She licked up his dick like an ice cream cone, pausing at the tip again. She looked into his eyes one more time, and then, finally, shoved all of him into her mouth. He moaned and made the hottest noises she had ever heard. He tilted his head back and his grasp on her nipple became stronger as he pinched down hard.

She bobbed up and down on his cock, sliding her tongue down the underside of him as he entered her mouth, deeper and deeper each time. She gagged as he started to fuck her throat. He grabbed the back of her head and pumped, forcing her tits to bounce. She choked and gagged and, when he allowed her to pull away, a long trail of saliva ran from the tip of his cock to her mouth. She couldn't get enough. She loved sucking his dick and she loved him taking control of her like that. "Oh, fuck, your mouth feels so fucking good. Ahhhhh...." She went deeper each time he moaned. She took her hand and pumped his thick cock as her throat contracted around the head, making sure to gag so he could feel it.

She went down to his balls again and took them in her mouth as she pumped his cock harder and harder. He started breathing really hard and his balls tightened. Looking into his eyes, she whispered, "Tell me when you're going to cum, ok?" He nodded and she wrapped her velvet mouth around him again and deep-throated him. She swirled her tongue around his dick while he penetrated her mouth.

He grabbed both of her bouncing tits at once and said "Lindsay, I'm gonna cum. Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum so hard." She kept pumping him into her throat when she felt a thick stream of hot cum shoot into her mouth. She stuck her tongue out while she blew him. He tilted his head back once more and began to pump on his own. He shot stream after stream of delicious, hot cum into her throat. She collected it all in her mouth until he had finished then she swallowed his entire load. He stared with his mouth open, in complete awe, as she drank all of his cum. She leaned down toward his cock again, and licked up everything that she hadn't already swallowed. She planted one final kiss on the thick head of his cock, stood up, put on her shirt and turned toward the door.

As she grabbed the handle to go back out to her boring job, she looked back at him. He sat there with his pants undone, revealing his semi-hard dick still wet from her mouth, with a cute, but confused expression on his face. She giggled then walked out, closing the door behind her. She wanted to fuck him so badly, but tonight was just a little taste. She wanted to wait to feel him inside of her, tease him and make him chase her. She'd get exactly what she wanted soon enough. Lindsay had Sam right where she wanted him.

Written by: VixxieMars

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