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Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy Ch. 07

by baranbrat©

In order to keep the series together I kept it under the same title. There is some group sex, but not much of an orgy per say. Thank you all for your comments and your requests for more on this subject.

This segment contains cheating and retaliation, if this bothers you and you do not like this in a story, please exit now!

Penny, Bernadette and Amy were dressed to kill, Penny in her form fitting tiny black dress showing off her 36C breasts, her ample hips and gorgeous bare thighs.

Bernadette was wearing an even tighter red dress, her huge breasts threatened to burst free, her gorgeous ass caught the eye of nearly every guy in Leonard and Sheldon's apartment. Her bare back led their eyes to her ass and her tiny waist which was even tinier now seeing her diet was successful.

Amy, normally in polyester and wool was dressed in a dress similar to Penny's, she felt very uncomfortable and felt like a whore, even though she was dressed the most conservative of the group.

Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard were all dressed casually, but in their suitcases, they all had their costumes packed and ready to wear once they checked in at their hotels at the comic-con convention in Bakersfield.

Penny was pissed; again she had to spend the entire week-end with her girlfriends instead of with her fiancé Leonard. She was sexually frustrated, after the group let loose and the sex was fast and loose. She had become accustomed to it, but after Leonard and Sheldon's mothers left, they both pulled back on the amount of sex in the two apartments, but Penny wanted and needed more than she was getting. Now with the guys in Bakersfield, she was relegated to Bernie, Amy and her vibrator.

"Leonard I know you had this week-end planned for a long time, but I can't see why we can't go to Bakersfield with you. We could take in some sites and get busy, if you get my drift!"

Sheldon crossed his arms and shook his head; "Don't you worry Penny, we'll be very, very busy without you!"

Penny planted her hands on her hips and looked extremely sexy; "MY GOD SHELDON, READ THE BOOK WE GAVE YOU!"

"I read that book and it gave me nightmares!"

Leonard came over to Penny and gave her a kiss; "Penny, please understand, I would like nothing better than to have you there with me, but you know how he gets at Comic-Con and if we don't attend every show and see every exhibit, I'll never hear the end of it!"

She got pissed and before she turned away she spat out; "Well Leonard, just remember who you're disappointing and look at how I'm dressed, maybe I'll find someone to pay attention to me, a lot more that you have been doing lately!" She stormed out of the room and Amy turned to Sheldon; "Have fun Sheldon, but I have to follow my Bestie, see you on Monday!"

Penny, Bernadette and Amy headed to the local pub and Penny immediately started drinking heavily.

Leonard and the guys drove to Bakersfield and once getting there headed to the hotel. Leonard was unaware that Sheldon had booked a room next to theirs for Alex Jensen, his assistant who was there to assist Sheldon with his project about interstellar aliens who were supposed to be here for the convention.

Leonard was pleasantly surprised to see her there and Alex immediately cozied up to him; "Hello Dr. Hofstadter, knowing you are here this week-end will make the time more bearable knowing you are in the next room."

"Well Hello Alex, if I knew you were here, you could have driven here with us. I hope to spend some time showing you the best exhibits at the convention."

"Sorry Leonard, but Ms. Jensen will be too busy going over my notes to spend time with you!" He leans over and whispers to Leonard; "You shouldn't give her any hope, she's not in our station Leonard, you should keep it professional! Okay Alex, on your way now!"

She turned dejected and slipped quietly into her room. Leonard turned to Sheldon; "Why are you being such as ass Sheldon. The lovely lady had feelings you know!"

He shook his head; "Not my problem Leonard, now let's get into out room and change into our costumes, we're already missing the opening ceremony!"

Back in Pasadena, in the pub on the campus where Penny went to college, she was already two sheets to the wind and was ogling every guy who entered the pub. She let out a shriek when she saw Kurt enter.

He immediately came over to her and giving her a big hug, he planted a hot kiss on her mouth.

She let out a groan and instantly opened her mouth and darted her tongue in and out of his mouth, she broke the kiss and her eyes were trying to focus on her surroundings. She closed her eyes and let out a loud gasp when she felt his hands slide down her trim back and cupped her tight ass cheeks.

Bernadette cleared her throat and this caused Penny to break the embrace and placing her hands on his muscular chest, reluctantly pushed his away. Bernadette tried making small talk with Kurt, she was failing miserably.

Just then Cole, Penny's history study partner came into the pub. She just loved his English accent and when he approached, Penny threw her arms around his neck and planted a warm, wet kiss on his lips. She plastered her lush pliant body against his and he instinctively slid his hands around her waist and as the kiss continued, his hands dropped to her gorgeous ass and squeezed lightly.

Penny let out a yelp, followed by a tiny moan and when she parted, she knew without a doubt she was going to get fucked tonight, if not by Kurt, then by Cole.

The five of them laughed and jokes for the next half hour or so. Bernadette ordered a few appetizers hoping they would soak up some of the alcohol in Penny's system. It worked to an extent, but as Kurt and Cole continued to ply Penny with more drinks, she was fighting a losing battle. To make matters even worse, they all turned when the large and very stupid Zak came lumbering up to their little group.

When Amy saw Zak she let out a long and loud "Whoooo!" and with every movement he made she blurted out another; "Whoooo!" Her entire body was electrified and she felt her pussy beginning to leak seriously and she reached out placed her hand on his forearm and before he could react, she turned him towards her and wrapping her arms around his neck, she planted a wet kiss on his unsuspecting and large wet lips.

Zak reacted by gripping her by the shoulders and after he realized what was happening, he kissed her back and he felt her melt into his arms. Pulling back he looked over at Penny; "Hey Penny, who is this and why is she kissing me?"

"Don't you remember Zak, we were having lunch and you brought in the new menus for the bar and I introduced Bernadette and Amy to you and all she could say was whoooo!"

He chuckled; "Oh yeah, I saw her a couple of days later and she wanted to grab a hold of my gluteus maximus. I had to go home and google to see what it meant!" Looking over at Amy he smiled; "So, tell me Amy, so you still want to grab a hold of my gluteus maximus?"

She looked up at him' "Whooooo!" She leaned into him and latching onto his ass, she pulled his firm, well-muscled body against hers and when she felt his thick bulge, repeated her annoying reply; "Whooooo!" She then planted another kiss on his parted lips and he responded by kissing her back and planted his hands on her ample ass and pulled her even tighter to his body.

When they broke the kiss, they parted and the six of them resumed drinking heavily.

Back in Bakersfield all four of them met at the entrance to comic-con. Leonard was dressed as Picard; Sheldon was Data, Raj dressed as a Klingon, while Howard resembled a part of the Borg collective.

They were like kids in a candy store and moved from exhibit to exhibit. They stopped dead when they came upon one where the family was dressed as Lost in Space, what made it special wasn't the two children, but the mother. She was Mrs. Janine Davis, the head of human resources at the university they all worked. She looked gorgeous in a form fitting spandex uniform and Raj, who already had a thing for her, slithered up to her and after taking a sip of his beer spoke up; "Well hello there Janine, don't you look lovely this evening!"

She smiled weakly; "Hello Dr. Koothrappali, it's a surprise to see you here!"

"No, not really, where else would a geek be when comic-con is in town?"

"Point taken, I have to take my children to the opening act now, maybe we can talk more later!" She was gone before he could reply.

As they moved around they picked up every free sample and signed up for every contest and drawing. When they turned the corner Leonard stopped dead in his tracks. Standing beside a life size Chewbacca was Alice and she looked even better than he remember. He suddenly wanted to run, but before he could turn and run he heard her yell out; "Leonard, is that you Leonard? I nearly didn't recognize you dressed as Picard!' she approached him and in a lower voice said; "Can we talk? I have something I've wanted to say to you ever since I threw you out of my apartment!"

He looked down at his hands; "I think you made it very clear Alice, you didn't want anything to do with me."

"I'm sorry about that Leonard; please let me say my peace, please?" She rested her slim dainty hand on his arm and he nearly melted.

"Okay Alice, let's go out into the lobby where it isn't so noisy. We better get our hands stamped so we can get back in."

They headed for the door and after getting their hands stamped; Leonard found a vacant bench and motioned for Alice to sit first. He stood there and took in her lovely figure. She, like always was dressed in black her top and tights were very, very tight and every gorgeous curve of hers was visible. Lace surrounded the edging of her top and tights and make her look somewhat more feminine. The extremely spiked heels made her legs look even shapelier and he noticed her tight, tiny ass just before she took a seat. Her long chestnut brown was pulled back severely and it hung down her back in a long, tightly wound braid.

She smiled up at him when she noticed him scanning her body. She licked her lips and patted the seat beside her. When Leonard sat down, she turned towards him and once again placed her hand on his arm. "I wanted to call you after I threw you out of my apartment, but I didn't have the nerve. After you left, I ran through my head what you said and I realized you were right. You never made the move to kiss me, it was all initiated by me and who could resist kissing a woman who was so aggressive. Even when you came to my place, I think you were apprehensive and again, I was the one who made the first move. You were the one who stopped it and I realize you were conflicted. When you left I ran through what you said and you were right. You put your cards on the table, but I was blinded by hurt and I just wanted to say I was sorry, please accept my apology!"

Leonard smiled and taking her hands in his spoke up; "Well thank you for that. Everything you say was correct, but I could have stopped it sooner, but I didn't because in the back of my mind I realized, I wanted to do it as much as you did, probably even more. When I got back home I video chatted with my girlfriend in India and told her what I did. She then confessed she messed up too. She told me she slept with her ex-boyfriend and said she messed up too. I told her I messed up a little and she won. We broke up then and that was the end of it!"

She looked at Leonard with tears welling up and whispered; "I knew you were a good guy and I should have listened to you!" She leaned in to hug him and kiss him, but Leonard stopped her by planting his hand stiffly on her upper chest.

"No, stop Alice, we still can't do this! After Priya, I was alone for a long time. After months of sulking I gathered enough nerve to ask my ex-girlfriend and neighbor out again. After months of going back and forth, we're now engaged and I don't want to string you along!"

Her smile instantly turned to a frown and she sat back and nodded slowly; "I guess I really fucked up didn't I? I knew from the first time I saw you, you were a good guy. I shouldn't have let my pride and anger get the better of me. Thank you Leonard for being honest with me. I know being here, in a strange town and with me so vulnerable; you could have said nothing and taken advantage of me." She leaned in and kissed him lightly on the cheek and whispered into his ear; "If for any reason things don't work out for me, please look me up!" Leaning back she took his hand and pulling out a pen, jotted down her cell number on his palm of his hand. She got up and looked down at him; "Thank you Leonard, you gave me hope again for this whole dating shit!" She turned and re-entered the conference.

Leonard smiled to himself thinking he once again did the right thing and thought about Penny. Fishing his cell from his uniform, he called her and it went to voicemail; "Hi Penny, I was missing you and wanted to call and tell you how much I loved you. I'll try again later, bye!" He put his phone away and slipped back into the conference. He searched for Sheldon, but once again stopped dead in his tracks as he slid to one side of the aisle as he watched Alex walk around the conference taping the festivities from a list Sheldon had given her. She looked absolutely gorgeous and suddenly he wondered if he was really ready to marry Penny. He knew he loved her, but seemed whenever he was in a relationship, he must have been giving out a scent to attract women to him. He knew he wasn't tall he didn't have a well-muscled body and he lacked a lot of social skills Penny brought to the table, but he knew Alice was attracted to him and knew Alex was interested also. Shaking his head, he once again took in Alex. Her long deep auburn hair hung down halfway down her back and when she turned he watched it sweep back and forth across her pert, firm B cupped breasts. What made her exceptionally attractive tonight was that she was wearing an extremely tight red Lt. Uhura uniform. It barely covered her tight ass and her slim legs were covered in sheer, black hosiery and knee-hi, black patent leather boots. Her eyes were done up perfect showcasing her bright, large blue eyes and her full lips were painted to match her uniform.

Leonard was shaken from his fog as he heard her speak; "Good evening Dr. Hofstadter, are you enjoying the conference?"

He stared blankly at her for a few moments and shaking his head replied; "No, not really Alex and please call me Leonard. I'm feeling a little out of place here and I shouldn't have left Penny this week-end. I just have a feeling something isn't right."

"I'm sorry to hear that Leonard, if you want to talk about it later, you know I'm only an adjoining door away!" She smiled at him and turning slowly walked away, making sure she put extra swing in her step.

Leonard once again shook the fog from his head and tried Penny again, getting no answer; he hung up without leaning a message.

Across the hall Howard and Raj were getting into shit, neck deep. They happened to come across the heavy Sailor Moon girl from their earlier encounter a couple years ago at the major Comic-con in Vegas. Unfortunately what happened that week in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas. She wrapped her huge body around the two Star Trek characters and enveloped their bodies with her overweight body.

Raj was getting into it, but Howard was panicking. He figured one way or another Bernie would get wind of it and she would cut off his head, maybe both of them. To make matters worse Raj had someone nearby take a couple of pictures with his phone and Howard was worried that the socially ignorant Raj would post these pictures.

Sheldon finally caught up with Leonard and the two of them saw the Sailor Moon woman embracing Raj and Howard and both Sheldon and Leonard whipped out their cell phones to capture the disgusting sight. Unfortunately for Howard, Sheldon went and posted it on his Facebook page.

Back in Pasadena the five stumbled out of the pub and Bernadette, who had very little to drink was the designated driver. Amy slid into the front seat and was followed by Zak. In the back seat was Kurt and Cole, with Penny sandwiched between the two.

Once Bernadette pulled out of the parking lot, Zak pulled Amy to his firm body and turning her face to his, he covered her lips with his own. She tried to pull away, but she didn't for two reasons. She had way too much to drink and because she really didn't want to. He wormed his tongue into her mouth and his hand slid up her bare thighs and came in contact with her damp panties.

She let out a gasp into his mouth and this allowed him easier access to her mouth and now their two tongues darted back and forth. She moaned even louder when his finger entered her bare pussy. She giggled, thinking it was a good thing Penny convinced her to wax her nether region.

In the back seat it was really getting steamy. Penny was leaning on one hip. She was plastered against Cole, their mouths were locked together and they were playing tonsil hockey.

Behind Penny, Kurt was running his hands up and down her exposed thighs which were bare. Her tiny black dress had ridden up and was nearly up to her waist.

Penny was moaning louder and louder and Cole slid his hands to her shoulders and pulled at the tiny straps holding her dress up. Tugging at them the dress dropped to the top of the swell of her gorgeous tits. When Cole pulled harder, her nipples popped free and one hand captured one stiff nipple and he had her gasping into his mouth. Tearing his mouth from hers, he dropped down and wrapped his lips around the other nipple. Sucking hard he felt her shutter as Kurt's fingers dipped between her spread thighs and entered her dripping cunt.

Kurt leaned into Penny and running his fingers into her long, silky blonde hair, he twisted her head around and just before he kissed her he whispered; "Oh fuck Penny, just like old days huh? Remember when we had that other threesome? We fucked all night and into the morning. You want it again, don't you Penny? You don't want that little loser Leonard now do you?"

"Oh fuck Kurt, yes I do, I want Leonard!"

Cole sucked harder on her stiff nipples and Kurt shoved his fingers in and out of her pussy faster, harder and deeper and he heard her let out a loud groan; "Come on Penny, you know you want it, tell me! We're not doing any more until you tell us! Cole stop sucking on those gorgeous tits. Now tell us Penny, tell us how you want us to take you up into your apartment and fuck the hell out of you and fuck you till you forget about that loser!"

In a low whisper Penny looked into Kurt's eyes' "No, no please don't make me say it; I don't want to do this!"

Kurt unzipped his pants and pulling his large stiff cock out, he gripped Penny by the wrist and planted his cock in the palm of her hand and closed her fingers around it. Nodding to Cole, Cole whipped out his smaller, but thicker cock from his pants. Grabbing her other hand, he planted it on his cock.

Penny struggled to remove her hands, but they kept them firmly on their cock. She felt them slide her hands up and down on their cocks and she let out a loud moan and slowly closing her hands on them, she began to slide her hands up and down on them; "Oh god help me, but I want this. I want it so fucking bad! I hate you Kurt, I hate you for making me want both of you so bad. Yes, yes, I want you both to take me to my bed and fuck me! I want to take one in my mouth and the other deep in my cunt! I need you to fuck me so fucking bad, I need to feel you shoot your hot cum down my throat and fill my belly!"

Kurt chuckled; "Not yet Penny! I need to hear you say you want us to fuck you and you don't want Leonard, but our cocks, maybe we'll add Zak in your ass and make you air tight!"

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