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A Gift From His Father Ch. 17

by Absolutelywickedthoughts©

(Authors Note: At the end of this installment is a list of the characters and a brief description. I have included this because many of you have asked.)


Slowly opening his eyes John found he was unable to focus, there was a ringing in his ears that quickly vanished and was replaced with a squishing sounds and the slapping of flesh and soon the unmistakable scent of sex waffled into his olfaction. That seemed to help, at least it was familiar. He was able to focus his eyes now but something was off and then he realized that it was his perception, he was suspended high on the wall in what must have been the bungalow's main room. He was attached securely by some unseen and unknown force.

As looked down he witnessed the powerful giant Chance Goodwin pounding his massive tool into the naked Elizabeth from behind, each thrust causing her magnificent tits to bounce violently as she grunted enjoying each stroke. As he looked on marveling at the man's dark brown physique, each muscle rippled and it seemed as if every one had been fully developed. Standing nervously a short distance away was the petit Denise Sour, the shape-shifter John had captured, made loyal to him and forced shifted her into a female; she too was naked and stood uncomfortably holding a tray of refreshments.

"Husband," Elizabeth yelled, "It has been too long! "Ahhhhheeeee!" She was panting now as she came again. He never failed to bring her off quickly and she knew he was just getting started; Chance had incredible stamina matched only by the size of his cock, which was close to a foot long and several inches thick. Nevertheless, he had exhausted her. They had been at it for nearly forty five minutes now.

Chance gently let Elizabeth go allowing her to fall forward and lay on the plush soft rug. It had been years since he had been able to fuck like this and he wanted to make up for lost time. He would let Elizabeth rest for a while he thought looking around the room until his gaze fell upon Denise still holding the tray of refreshments. She was tiny as he looked her over more closely admiring her plump tits pointing upward, her flat belly and cute little ass and long legs. Her sex appeared to be visible as he focused on the spot where her legs met. She was turned on by what she had witnessed. This would keep him happy until Elizabeth was ready for more. If not then there was always room service.

"Set that tray down on the table little one and come here. Let me get a closer look at you."


Waiting in the lobby of the attorney's office was something that April Martin didn't think she would find herself doing so early in life. The Law Firm of Basil, Shorr & Brown has been providing legal counsel to nonprofits, social enterprises and commercial businesses since 1955. April's research led her to the undeniable conclusion that this was the best firm in the region experienced for what she had in mind, creating the best safety net for the homeless and poor. She contacted the firm and proposed her ideas and after a d reasonable time for the legal team to vet John Smith, they agreed to meet.

April still considered herself John Smith's girlfriend although he was often busy with all his new projects since inheriting over $2 million dollars from a father that he hardly knew. She was so excited when he asked her to take the lead on this newest project and meeting with the homeless shelter's administrator Mike Simpson and one of the firm's partners, Dinah Cohen meant that she was truly in charge. She arrived early and although fully prepared was anxious about the meeting. Unknown to her, John had given her the confidence and intelligence to handle this project and to act on his behalf. Nevertheless she was eager to get this first meeting underway.

In his best blue jeans and sports coat Mike Simpson entered the lobby sporting a fresh haircut and quickly spotted April pacing near the elevator. He greeted her professionally and told her how excited the shelter's owners had been to hear about John's offer. They were willing to everything imaginable to help including outright selling the property. This was good news, April thought, since her plan would definitely deal with the rights of ownership.

They entered the office together and were greeted by a pleasant receptionist who took them to a large conference room and brought them the beverage of their choice.

The receptionist hadn't been out of the conference room more than 45 seconds when Dinah Cohen entered all smiles and greeting both of them with a firm handshake. She was a thin woman dressed in a grey business suite and appeared to be somewhere in her forties. Her long blonde hair was tied up in a bun looking a lot like Portia de Rossi in her role as Nelle Porter in the old television series Ally McBeal. She was all business and unimpressed by John's wealth or philanthropic intentions.

The meeting lasted about ninety minutes, but the time went by quickly. Dinah Cohen was impressed by April Martin's grasp on the situation and scope of the plan she envisioned for the facility. Rather than handing it off to one of her 4th year associates, Dinah decided to hang on to this case and track its progress. The firm's research didn't bring up much on John Smith, only that he had inherited a small fortune from the late Dr. Zachary Smith, and that he'd made several wise investments more than doubling his original inheritance. She had asked to meet with Mr. Smith, April informed her that he was traveling outside the country and didn't know when he would be returning. She further assured the attorney that Mr. Smith had complete confidence in her.

"Gutsy!" Dinah thought, "I like gusty!"


Denise swallowed hard. She was visibly worried as she set the tray down and moved towards the giant. She tried to walk as feminine as possible, but knowing that she was about to get the fucking of her short female life made it seem silly.

Just a few days ago she was a male, not a bad looking guy, too, she thought. But that had all changed. Her new master wanted her to be a female and best of all she was craving cock in both her holes. It was supposed to be a punishment, but she couldn't find the downside, unless she got pregnant she was pretty sure that she couldn't but she wasn't certain. Nevertheless, her master would take care of it. Wouldn't he?

But her master was unconscious, captured and hanging from the wall. She would rely on Elizabeth for instructions or countermands to her standing instructions. Since Elizabeth said nothing, so she would obey until told otherwise.

Elizabeth was reclining nearby, pulling her erect nipples with one hand while running her fingers through her wet pussy with the other. She watched as Chance kissed the petite Asian girl. She wondered what she must be thinking. Denise had been a female for a short time; all of her female parts seemed to be working. As she watched she could see that despite herself Denise was very aroused. Her nipples were hard like little bullets poking from her tits and her pussy, her brand new pussy was watering. John made her horny, craving cock, but she was still a man inside, it must be very confusing for her.

Chance was about to mount the girl when his thoughts returned to his capture of the so called "Master of the Ring of Power". He turned to Elizabeth and asked. "So this boy had only recently become master of the ring, how many slaves has he converted, ten, twelve?" He shifted his weight as he brought his huge tool forward lining it up with Denise's tiny hole.

"Oh no, he's a lazy one this boy," Elizabeth said falling back into her more natural island dialect and shuttering as she touched her clit and pleasure exploded throughout her body. "He's only converted two or three slaves. I have been trying to get him to convert more, but he is too lazy and says that there will be plenty of time for that."

Chance grabbed the small woman and pushed forward hard as he pulled her back forcing his massive cock into her pussy and roared loudly as he conquered the first of the boy's slaves. Denise cried out loudly as all but two inches were crammed into her tiny hole stretching it to a new size. The pleasure/pain was more than she'd ever known. She was seeing stars. Before she could become used to the fullness he began to pull it out slowly. She didn't think it could get better but it did, and when he pushed it back in she thought she'd die from the pleasure and screamed again.

"Johnny did you hear the exchange between Chance and Elizabeth? She lied to Chance about the number of agents you have converted! She knows that you've twenty agents, but she told him you only have four. Do you realize what that means?" Dr. Smith asked John telepathically from the realm within the ring.

"Yeah, it means the traitor can't count." John said as he hung from the wall, he wasn't in much pain, but it was tiring and very uncomfortable.

"No son, it means that she hasn't betrayed you after all. She is setting a trap for the big guy. You have to play along and not reveal that your strength has returned. Despite underestimating your true power, the giant will still be formable foe. He can't just take the ring from you; he has to kill you to possess it. You'll maintain only defensive strength until we can figure a way to beat him. I am looking through the records; he must have a weakness, everyone does."


It had been a long day, so with their shift over and the evening still young, Candace and Rachel went to their usual watering hole about a mile from the hospital. Typically, Candace would make Rachel pay for their drinks, since she earned more money and since Candace was now housing and feeding the bimbo. Candace ordered her usual drink and Alabama Slammer while Rachel enjoyed her standard Cherry Hooker. As they sipped the first tastes of their drinks Candace unusually smiled and engaged Rachel in a conversation, small talk at first and then she said.

"Rachel, I want to talk to you about something serious for a moment. Do you think you can concentrate long enough for me to do that?"

Since they were no longer in the hospital Rachel was quickly reverting into her bimbo state and would be completely within her alter ego once the drink was consumed.

"Okay." She said, surprised that Candace wanted to talk to her at all. They never really talked. Rachel was serving out her punishment for being such a bitch to Candace all those years ago. That much Rachel understood, but it wasn't such a tough punishment, all things considered. She was given back her youth and was made more beautiful than before. She got to have sex all the time with as many people as she could find. She learned to love eating pussy and sucking cock as well as being fucked in the ass and her pussy. Best of all she had no worries. She figured that if this was a punishment, she could do twenty years standing on her head.

Rachel took another sip of her drink and her eyes followed a cute guy ordering two drinks, one for his girlfriend, she thought. "You'd better hurry up sweetie, 'cause you know who is on her way out," She giggled.

Candace pulled Rachel by her hands and actually turned the woman on her seat to look into her eyes.

"I think we need to take a leave from nursing for a while. As much as we both love it, it is hard for me to do my job properly." Candace said softly and without emotion.

Rachel looked at Candace and asked, "Which job is that? Nursing or being whatever it is that John has turned you into?"

Candace was stunned. Rachel was making sense, something that she didn't expect of the bimbo, having forgotten that behind her bimbo exterior there was a bright woman trapped inside.

"Honestly," She sighed, "both. I can't be the best nurse I can be with having to look for my next fuck or be in the vicinity of enough fucking to meet my quota. That's the real reason John is unhappy with me. I am not carrying my load and he is depending on all of us to help keep him strong. For me it has been one big joke."

She took a long swig of her drink and said, "And for the record, I am sorry that I have treated you so badly. You deserve your freedom back. You've more than paid me back for the way you treated me all those years ago. As soon as John returns I am going to ask him to turn you back and let you resume your life. He can wipe your memory and change your body back. It would be like none of this ever happened."

"What!" Rachel said almost spilling what remained of her drink. She was getting used to the routine and although she didn't remember everything very well she didn't want to be returned to her former life and as far as losing her youth and this body, she definitely didn't want that.

Candace misread Rachel's reaction. "That's it," Candace said. "I've made up my mind. You will be able to return to the hospital and continue nursing. I will find other things to do, more suitable to the commitment I made to John."

Rachel swallowed the rest of her drink, her days as a bimbo may be numbered but she certainly was feeling it now. She began to picture images of large hard cocks of all sizes, shapes and colors in her mind. Returning to the boring life of a fat housewife and nurse wasn't what she wanted. She would miss the sex and this fabulous body that was always ready for sex with others or alone.

"Candy," the bimbo said referring to Candace, "There are several cute guys out there and few girls. I don't want to return to that other life. I love fucking and sucking, it is sooo much fun, like I could do it all the time. Please don't send me away." She pleaded and then pouted. Just as a guy sat next to her an ordered a Bud Light and turned to his left and right into the doe like eyes of Rachel and smiled. As Rachel looked into his eyes and said.

"Hi ya sweetie, come here often?"

And just like that the bimbo had been released. In the back of her mind Rachel thought that if the bimbo would be banished she might as well go out in a blaze of glory. Before the night was over Rachel had sucked six cocks, been fucked four times, once in the ass and licked two pussies to climax. Candace wasn't to be left out but didn't score nearly as high as Rachel. When it was all over, it was early in the morning, the bar was closing and she found herself in the back storage room; Rachel couldn't find her bra or scrub pants. Candace wasn't in much better shape; she could drive, but she had lost her bra and panties, likely someone's trophy and her top was nowhere to be found, either. Since she couldn't drive topless, she took one of the guys shirts and made due. It was too small, but she tied it at the bottom and allowed her some semblance of modesty.


Work in the adult entertainment industry was harder than one might think, nevertheless Jeremy Fox turned out to be a director's dream. He seemed to be able to achieve an erection on demand, stay hard indefinitely and ejaculate a countless number of times before needing a break. They had nicknamed him Clark Kent, because he was so easy to get alone with and willing to take advice from almost anyone, but beneath that mild mannered exterior he was the man of steel.

In the short time that they had been there his reputation had flourished and all the girls were eager to work with him. It seemed that once they finished a film the cast and production crew would unwind with a few drinks and of course it turned into little harmless sex. One of the actors gave Jeremy some good advice, which he was later able to confirm with one of the other guys. "If you want to last in this industry, don't volunteer or do the extra stuff until you've been around for awhile. It will increase the money they pay you and extend your longevity in the business." Taking that advice to heart, Jeremy decided to not let on that he was bisexual. Not that money was going to be an issue; he found the advice solid and wanted to please John, this was a marathon not a sprint.

Tammy, too, was having the time of her life and living out one fantasy after another. When John first met her she was grossly overweight, until John worked his charms on her, and she really appreciated this opportunity. So like Jeremy she was a joy to work, she was always perky and in a good mood. Despite being willing and able to do everything you could imagine in front of the camera, she agreed to follow the advice he shared. For now she limited herself to guy/girl, and girl/girl. She was proficient at fellatio and seemed to be able to deep throat the largest cocks they could find. Despite being willing she turned down all opportunities to do anal and double penetration. Rumor had it that despite being so new she was easily going to win a nomination for best new starlet.

Both collected sexual energy quickly and easily. They would prove John correct and surpass their quotas and transferred their packages on their regular schedules. Nevertheless, Jeremy wasn't satisfied. John was hoping to hit the mother lode of sexual energy, and Jeremy agreed that this was the place to find it. Both he and Tammy needed to find a way to double normal quotas, and Jeremy was determined to find a way to do it.

Fortunately Jeremy's determination led to a conversation with their producer Mel Katz who quickly gave them access to other sets while in production to "watch and learn". If that wasn't enough, Jeremy and Tammy planned on hosting weekly workshops to improve on their skills and help others who were interested in breaking into the biz. Of course these workshops would eventually become mini orgies as they all practiced their craft. Jeremy and Tammy agreed that this would give them a good start to reaching their goal.

Despite living across the hall from one another, Tammy spent a lot of time with Jeremy in his apartment. She was certainly getting to know him better she thought as she leisurely ran her fingers up and down his enormous cock as it laid semi erect on his stomach. Jeremy affectionately played with the nipple of her left tit while watching "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon. They were of course attracted to one another and having just finished a very satisfying fuck was basking in the afterglow when the show came on, they were becoming very comfortable with one another. This wasn't love, was it? Tammy thought. Sure they cared for each other, but that was simply being a good teammate.

"Are you ready to go shopping for a car, yet?" Tammy asked as a Cadillac commercial came on and her actions caused Jeremy's cock continued to expand in her tiny hand. They both seemed ready to go at it again.

"Mmmmm..." Jeremy said as he smiled while reaching forward grabbing Tammy's wet pussy and dipping his middle finger inside. "Yeah, I think it is about time. Still haven't decided what to get. Lean towards a Beemer, I like the style."

"Ohhhhhh...mmmm..." Tammy said as she reacted to the magic Jeremy's finger was working in her pussy, "Hardtop or convertible, new or preowned?"

Jeremy tried to laugh as he watched her. Tammy had put emphasis on the question just before taking his hard cock down her throat. Tammy was amazing, she could barely open her mouth wide enough to accommodate him and yet she was able to swallow him completely. The feeling was amazing and his mind was no longer able to think about cars. He pulled her body to him and they began to concentrate on pleasuring each other again.


Regaining consciousness John was surprised to find the room quiet, he'd lost track of time. Discretely scanning his surroundings he observed no changes, he continued to hang from the wall as his entire body ached. Despite there being no one around he knew he was being watched and he accepted his father's advice and continued to play possum. Chance was a very powerful being and had the advantage of many decades of experience; speculation was that he over two hundred years old. That alone gave him an edge. John could beat him as long as wasn't rash and thought through his actions. The Ring of Power couldn't be taken from him, nor could he simply hand it over. The only way that Chance could get the ring was if he were able to kill him. John still felt very strong, he had enough energy reserves stored up to last a while, unless he had to expend a lot of energy for a long period of time. And since his energy is constantly being replenished by his agents in the field, there shouldn't be any need to worry. So short of destroying the resort by fighting like titans, John needed a better way to overcome the giant. The element of surprise would be the best way, so for now he'd wait.

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