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Touching Mom

by Mikelh©

Before returning the big cock to her mouth she said, “It’s so good to have you home again…where I can taste you…and love you.” Her tongue massaged the hard flesh as her lips ran up and back along the length of her son’s shaft. She was moaning softly as her desire pictured her son in all her holes. She wanted it in her pussy…she wanted it in her ass…as much as she’d ever wanted anything. So did he.

Billy pulled back and lifting his mother’s legs put her on her back. He looked at the beautiful pussy and asshole as he spread her legs and couldn’t imagine how he had ever left. It seemed like forever to her since her son had been inside her pussy. Sinking the length of his cock into her wet opening felt new to both of them. It had been so long. And as good as it had felt before, it now felt better. With long even strokes his cock explored the sheath of his mother’s channel, from the pussy lips he pushed apart to the depths of her belly. After stroking her for a long time, Billy looked into Megan’s loving eyes as he fucked her. She said, “Angel…love mommy they way you used to…do it Billy…do it…”

“Mom, I love you…do you really want me to?”

She said, “Yes baby, yes…yes” She laid back and pulled her knees to her breasts exposing more of the asshole he so much wanted to fuck. She smiled as her son brought his hard cock to the opening. He could see that his cock was covered with her juices and cum. The big tip stretched his mother’s hole wide but got past the tight ring smoothly. With his first full insertion she said, “Oh Billy…yes…do it in my ass…in my asshole…yes…oh fuck me…fuck me…fuck your momma. Oh honey…I missed your big cock in me like this…Billy…Billy…let’s never fight like that again…what we have is too good…this is too good…isn’t it baby…isn’t it?”

He felt a passion for his mother as strong as he had ever felt. The months he had spent away from her had matured him by years. “Yes mom…it’s better than anything…please forgive me …I was so stupid…please mom.” Each insertion into the depths of his mother’s ass was done with as much love as with desire, and she felt it.

“Yes Billy, none of that matters anymore…this is what I need…your cock…your love…filling me…I never want you out of me…oh fuck…fuck…fuck…” His mother felt her pussy spasm and begin to spurt. She clutched at him and with a high pitched moan she came. She kept coming and he kept pumping the full length of his cock into the depths of his mother’s ass. He enjoyed watching her come as he gave her all he had; he only hoped he could hold on until she came again.

As Billy slowly pulled back, his mother’s ring made a perfect circle at the back of his blood-swollen helmet. He pulled out completely to keep himself from coming and looked at the pink of her slightly opened hole. That and the wetness of her pussy inflamed him. As Megan whimpered to her young son, “Oh Billy, be in me…be in me,” he put his cock back into her ass. This time he knew he couldn’t keep from coming. He was where they both wanted him to be. No one could make her come like him. No one could love him like her.

The first blast of cum set Megan off again as she felt the warm buttery fluid releasing into her ass. The synchronous movements of his mother’s hips met Billy’s fast hard thrusts. Every entry of her son into her body said, “Yes” and her every response echoed it. “Yes Billy…yes love…yes…yes…yes…”

Their bodies meshed as their moans and essences mingled. The sounds of flesh on flesh filled the room. They kissed and clutched and touched each other’s heart. Her wounds began to heal as he filled and fulfilled her with soothing cum. He kissed his mother slowly and lovingly many times after they finished and she sighed. She knew they would be okay. His life and her life again became their life.

Written by: Mikelh

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